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About Arstidir

Reykjavik acoustic

Árstíðir are a vocal-based acoustic ensemble from Reykjavík with a sound unique to the Icelandic music scene.

Their arresting six-part vocal harmonies and lush instrumentation evoke cinematic landscapes, effusing a warm tide of melismatic strings, virtuosic piano, and resonant acoustic and baritone guitars. The result is an uncommonly wide spectrum of sound, driven by the members’ exceptional vocal range.

Árstíðir’s music is a rare composition of the clear-cut and the complex. Their songs are easy to fall in love with, yet mixed with diverse influences such as progressive rock, indie, classical chamber music, and Icelandic folk music.

All six members are distinguished players known from various bands in the Reykjavík soundscape. Since Árstíðir’s formation, the band has released two records praised by trendsetting music critics, had two number­-one hits on Icelandic radio, made several TV appearances in Iceland, Sweden, Russia, and the Czech Republic, and played sold out venues all over Europe.

In 2011 Árstíðir broadened their musical direction, commencing work on their sophomore album Svefns og vöku skil. The album was recorded in June at the legendary Icelandic studio Hljóðriti with Ólafur Arnalds as producer and mastering by Nils Frahm.