Steve Selby

Steve Selby

 Ringwood, England, GBR

Brutally Honest Rock-Once described as "a refreshing antidote to the exhausted 'bad boy' image of a passing generation, but not without their own intrigue and diversity. " If you like energetic, melodic & thought prevoking rock, presented by a bunch of guys who know how to have fun, book Audio1!


Audio1 understand that a great live performance is not just about an awesome sound. It’s about communication, visualisation, movement, expression and song transition. It’s about passion, emotion and atmosphere. It’s creating a relationship with an audience and giving them something they feel a part of. They also recognise that a band’s biggest asset is not the equipment, repertoire of songs or ‘must have’ merchandise – no, this title firmly belongs to the faithful supporters, without whom the whole live music experience would not exist.

This is why, the band spent much of 2007, studying and implementing the art of live entertainment. Audio1 believe the secret to an unforgettable gig, lies in the whole package, and not just the end product. Whether playing to a crowd of 50 or 50’000 – they always endeavor to make every performance, one to be remembered,

‘Audio1 bleed raw passion… always striving to give their audience something to remember for the journey home.’

Since June 2000 (under a former name) the band have been invited to play at many of the country’s leading music festivals, concerts, bars, clubs and youth events (Newday, Nth Fest, Creation Fest, Guilfest and Greenbelt to name but a few). And now with a new name, new band members, a richer performance and even bigger sound, the guys are working towards making 2010 a breakthrough year.

Audio1 now invite you to be a part of this major thrust forward. Would you like to experience the effervescent, aureal-visual passion of Audio1 at your event or music venue this year?


This Thing

Written By: Steve Selby

It feels a lifetime since I felt your arms around me, I grieve the last time you showed me anything at all.
Now I’m giving you the chance to thaw your heart. You know I’d die for you, but to live with you’s so hard.

This thing between us, it kills me to believe, love sings and thrills us, then brings us to our knees.

It’d mean so much to me, to know you’re thinking of me, yet still I fail to see you even notice me, and all this time I doubt you really care for who we are. I try to stand by you but it’s tearing us apart.

You Move Me

Written By: Steve Selby

Everybody's watching me
Oh I can tell, I know what they're thinking
They don't see what I see.
But I don’t mind, I’m touched by a vision of you.

Are there no words I can use, oh help me to convey.
This love I have for you and show the way.

You move me
You move me
You move me, with your love.

When trouble calls for me,
I close my eyes, and look to the heavens.
Each times I feel so free,
Free in life and all that’s she’s giving me.

Cause there’s nothing she can do, there’s nothing she can say
To sway my love for you or change the way… you move me.

Being Human

Written By: Steve Selby

45 and died alone, beneath a bridge they called his home -
they found him frozen.
A photograph revives a tale, a life of love and living well - it begs the question.
And everyday they'd pass him by, thank the stars and walk the other side.
And all he needed was the love of a friend, someone to lean on, is that a crime?

A mother cries herself to sleep, for a child she couldn't keep - she'll never hold her.
A bitter choice she had to make, when life is never right to take - They never told her.
All round the World, it's all the same, another child without a name - is sent to heaven.
And like a dawn without the Sun, another bird without a song - forever gone.

Is this how it is being human, being human.
or is this how it is without love, without God?

There's a blind man in our street, faced the dark in 43, he fort for freedom.
And there he stands with his reward, clutching medals from the war, he's never seen them.
So many brothers left to die, so many tears, so long the nights, of a fearful soldier.
And as the children pass him by, they don't ask the reason why, they can only wonder.

My Comical Romance

Written By: Steve Selby

It’s like we’ve been together half a century.
I’ve never been too clever and you’re a mystery.
But tonight you’ll be my lover, and I’ll do anything for you my love.

You held me so close that night we broke into the park.
Wine Gums and Dr Pepper - our picnic in the dark.
Well, how was I to know they post a canine with the guard, my love.

In my comical romance, if I take up a slow dance with you.
and I kill the music. It’s just what I do.

I brought you pretty wild flowers. I picked them in the rain.
You lay in bed for hours, how could I explain.
Just one kiss from deadly nightshade, I won’t pick those again, my love

Wild at Heart

Written By: Steve Selby

When we were young we fought with sticks and painted guns,
Forever fighting for a cause we never knew.
Then we get older, and the boy becomes a soldier
In an ancient battle for the cause of you.

There’s something only we know - a woman needs a hero.
It’s hidden it the heart of every man.

Wild at heart, with a mandate to protect you,
In a world that don’t respect you, here I am.
Wild at heart, with an appetite for danger,
Do you really wanna change the way I am.

Got my boxers on a 30, and the place is feeling dirty,
Got a stack of mindless things I haven’t done
Now the closest to adventure, is my struggle with dementia
As I’m wading through the Amazon dot com.

The cause of my frustration’s the silent obligation
To deny the very heart of who I am.

Make it Real

Written By: Steve Selby

You don’t hold me, like you should be and I can see the sun setting in your eyes.
I don’t know you like I used to, reality has played her trick on me.

But I don’t understand how the things that we planned could be washed from the sand in the tides of despair.
When you tell me you love me the feeling is strong, so don’t tell me the magic has gone.

Cause you make it real
And you make me feel that I can fly, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly.

Don’t disturb me, from this reverie
I dream of you and wake up in the night.
Don’t dissert me, don’t abandon me.
You’re mad at me, but don’t let us lose the fight.

I don’t wanna be strong, I don’t wanna hold on to a memory of you and the things that you’d do.
I don’t wanna look back, I don’t wanna move on, I just wanna be where I belong. With You…


I can fly anywhere with you
I can’t lie anymore, it’s true.
Take me by the hand and lets go home again, help me find the man you once believed in and we can fly.


Written By: Steve Selby

Welcome to eutherial analogy
To understand the theory disregard the probability.
Don't rely on what you see, it doesn't matter necessarily.
Believe it, and get to where you wanna be.

Darwin, what have you done. You've made a fool of everyone
and your boys still try to make a monkey out of me.
Darwin, what's going on, they make assumptions by the tonne.
Another load for the road to a town called anarchy.

We sit upon the jury of elected equality.
We’re free to reach a verdict, let me tell you what it's gonna be.
And when the case is done, we'll devise another one.
Cause we know we're gonna win it when there's no one there to disagree.

Darwin, what have you done. You've made a fool of everyone
and your boys still try to make a monkey out of me.
Darwin, what's going on, they make assumptions by the tonne.
I’m suffocating, by the weight in everything that you’ve been tellin me.

Mid 8

so what you saying?

No God – No Love, No Love – No Soul, No Soul – No Music, No Rock n Roll.
No Rock, No Pop, No rap, Hip-Hop
No Trance, No Dance, Jazz Funk or Doo Wop?
No Gospel, Garage, House, R&B
No Reggae, No Opera, Classical or Country.
No SKA, Skiffle, Metal, Techno, Disco, Drum & Bass.

My heart is a garden, where passions explode,
Where Love is a river, refreshing my soul.
So I beg your pardon, but I don’t buy it.

Darwin. you’re something quite incredible.
Darwin, just give me something edible.

Darwin, what have you done. They groom our sons and daughters like there’s nothing wrong.
Darwin, what's going on, you won’t make a monkey of me.

A Work of Art

Written By: Steve Selby

I’ve seen you walking, head hung low,
Jaded spirit, don’t you know
You’re amazing?
No human mirror could expose
The inner beauty you compose
It’s so amazing.

You are, a work of art, an image of the greatest that ever was
You were designed to shine, in honour of the greatest name of all time

I’d walk with you a thousand miles
To steel one moment with your smile
It’s so revealing
Transcendent beauty fills your face
A trait that time could not erase,
What a feeling.

‘Cause you are, a work of art, an image of the greatest that ever was
You are so divine, a tribute to the greatest name of all time

And when your light begins to fade
See the difference that you’ve made
To so many lives now.

You are, a work of art, an image of the greatest that ever was
You were designed to shine, in honour of the greatest name of all time
You are, a work of art, an image of the greatest that ever was
You are just so divine, a tribute to the greatest name of all time

20 Crazy Minutes

Written By: Steve Selby

There she goes again on my TV screen
Everywhere I turn, every magazine
Driving out in my car, she’s on every street
Even after dark, she’s getting down on the beach.

My temperature’s rising, I’m losing control
I’m caught in the conflict of body and soul
I’m too weak to fight and I don’t wanna win
But something tells me not to give in.

Don’t be deceived, don’t be mislead
Consumed by the passion in your head
Her love is cruel, and love won’t be waiting there for you.

I can’t believe my eyes, they destroy my soul
Contemplating roads I don’t need to go.
She don’t know who I am, but she knows what I need
That’s the true girl power, you know what I mean.

She don’t need your money, you pay with your life
You’ll lie to your daughter, walk out on your wife.
Betrayed by the secret of how it begun
With 20 crazy minutes of fun

Mirror Mirror

Written By: Steve Selby

Trapped inside a make-up bag
Without a mask she feels so drab
and there she hides, with the voices of her past.

They crushed her heart at just 13.
Turned to dust but what she'd seen,
and the mirror, failed to elevate her.

Then she had a dream, she became a beauty queen
and no one in the world could mock her now.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I beautiful?
Mirror, mirror on the wall, will I rise or will I fall?
Will they notice me at all?

Now she adorns our magazines.
From feline paths to limousines.
I bet if you asked her, life is a disaster
cause it is never what it seams.

She can't remember how, but beauty was her master now.
The beast inside is never satisfied.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Am I beautiful?
Mirror, mirror hear my call, will I rise or will I fall?
Will they notice me at all?

Then one day she closed her eyes,
She prayed to God above the skies,
and He showed her, how she could be an ogre
and still be beautiful inside.

Words and Music
Steve Selby © Copyright 2011

Silver Lining

Written By: Steve Selby

It only hurts because you feel it.
You only feel, cause you're alive.
The tears you cried will bring you healing.
and take to through the other side.

There's a dawn for every heartache, where the creator picks the stars to make the sun, so hold on.

We're not going down this time, the view from here is blinding... and you're mine.
The future's looking bright, this time. I've found my silver Lining.

You pierced my heart but it's still beating.
The scars will teach us to survive.
You've wounded love, and it still bleeding.
But still the passion hasn't died.

Cause if our promise is forever, and we can hold this thing together. It's all right, it's all right.

We're not going down this time...


2008 - What is Love? (Single - Precarious Records)
2005 - Evilution (Aalbum - Precarious records)
2002 - Intense Expectation (EP - Indie)

Set List

Find Someone
Dear Darwin
You Move Me
This Thing
My Comical Romance
Death Defy
Give me Something
Rock god
Wild at Heart
What is Love? (Cover - H Jones)