draska, new band with a "never heard before" fusion of african and modern Singer/songwriter music. Unique instrumentation with n'goni (instead of guit.), calebas (instead of drums), balafon (instead of keys),very powerful dance performance from westafrican vocalist kadidia traoré, lyrics in e/jula


Draska has been founded 2007 by drasta (CH), creative head of the group, and kadidia traoré (burkina faso).All the compositions are made by drasta/kadidia. Their music has a wide spectrum of westafrican beats with a modern approach. Paralell Polyphon singinglines in 2different languages (english/jula) make their music very unique.Instead of playing popular Songs with popular instrument such as guitar, keyboards usw. they've choosen to go into another direction by playing the same kind of music with traditional african instruments, back to the origin!What about a very convincing stage perforance with african dance and energy in a more adapted outfit that european/american culture can understand? This in the same time leads to the important message of draska: "differnt cultures have to unite and to find one global language, music is a key to open this door".
And this is what you hear,see and feel when you go to see draka live: we are one people.


2007: CD draska-lanaja: traditional african roots.
2008: CD draska-along the way: fusion of african and popular music.

Set List

The set list of draska is very much depending on the kind of festival. there is a more traditinal/roots set and a modern sets for more cpommercial gigs.
All compositions by draska.
The set can easily fill a 2hour program