Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

Hinemoa is a dynamic and touching indie/pop/folk band from Iceland influenced by f.x. Angus & Julia Stone, The Staves, Fleetwood Mac, Paper Kites and Bon Iver.
Well known for their powerful stage performance the band will release their debut album mid 2016.

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What exactly do they teach Icelandic school children in music classes? Although I have no actual working knowledge of the syllabus, I'm quietly confident it includes a module in creating new worlds through musical composition. Some element of inducing dream states through the beauty of song may be involved.

Meanwhile, we have The BRIT School.

"Running Amongst The Stars" is a new release by Icelandic band Hinemoa. Formed in 2014, and based in Reykjavik, they rather modestly say in their Facebook profile that "the main focus of Hinemoa are harmonies, acoustics and rhythms that combined make relaxing, enjoyable music", which is, at the very least, rather understating things. Perhaps that's something else covered by the Icelandic curriculum. Or it could just come naturally, like the charm that flows out of "Running Amongst The Stars", an acoustic-folk dream that flits effortlessly between two time signatures, capturing at the intersections the near-silence of the vast and distant night sky.

At the moment Hinemoa are working on songs for their debut album.

Hinemoa are:

Ásta Björg Björgvinsdóttir - vocals, guitar, ukulele
Rakel Pálsdóttir - vocals, guitar
Gísli Páll Karlsson - vocals, drums, percussion
Kristófer Nökkvi Sigurðsson - drums, percussion
Sindri Magnússon - Bass

New Band - 'Hinemoa' – Nordic Music Review

Similarly to ‘Of the Valley, we were tipped off about the existence of ‘Hinemoa’ by a really kind and knowledgeable follower on Twitter a few weeks back, and we’ve had a track of theirs on one of our new music playlists ever since. The Icelandic band were formed last year by Ásta Björg and Rakel Rakel Pálsdóttir, who had been writing material for other projects, but had songs written that didn’t quite fit in, so formed ‘Hinemoa’.

The thing that I like about this Icelandic band is that the music they produce appears to be so pure and simple, it seems to be written straight from the heart, and the instrumentation is so natural, with lovely flowing tunes.

Hinemoa are another Icelandic band with a really bright future, and for those readers in Iceland in particular, please try and get to see this band live if you can, because we’ve had a great report on just how good they sound. Heres some links below if you want to discover more for yourself, and we will definitely be writing more about this band as soon as we have more material to tell you about.