Alli B. & The Shannanigans

Alli B. & The Shannanigans

 Fresno, California, USA

We are all musicians who've been trained extremely well. Singer/Songwriter & Indie Pop genre. Our Recipe: Regina Spektor meets Kate Nash with a hint of Maroon 5 dashed in our live shows.


Based out of Fresno, California, Alli B. & The Shannanegins is lead by singer/song-writer Allison Saleh. Now 24, Allison began writing songs at only 10 years of age. Taking a hiatus from songwriting, she went to Biola University in 2006 to pursue a Bachelor's of Music in Vocal Performance (Graduating Fall '2011). However, when a life-changing event occurred in March or 2010, she was inspired once again to write music and share her soul with whoever would listen.

Originally starting as a solo project, Alli B.'s band was formed in early 2011 by people volunteering. Recently undergoing lots of members changes, the band is comprised completely of female members featuring Katie Steinhauer on percussion and Mollie Steinhauer on guitars. SirenSinging's first EP, "Things I'll Never Say" was released on March 9th, 2011.

Musically speaking, the band's style ranges from pop, rock, indie, and folk. Musical influences include Kate Nash, Maroon 5, Regina Spektor, and Laura Marling. Relationships are a common theme throughout her lyrics, along with spiritual struggle and identity discovery.


When I Saw You

Written By: Allison Saleh

I’ve got something to confess
Your presence makes me feel a mess
My hair’s frizzy
And I’m getting dizzy.
But I think I have found the cure
Instead of being all mature
I’ll go all out
I think it’s time to shout
I think I fell in love
And I can’t get enough
My feelings I can’t hide
You’re the thorn in my side.

Baby (baby)
Just maybe (maybe)
?We could talk for awhile
Darling (darling)
My heartstrings (heartstrings)
Cannot rewind
That moment in
When I saw you.

I can’t get you off my mind
And you’re such an unlikely find
Oh, when you came in,
I started grinin’
And though sir, you may not be mine
You sure gave my heart the sign
To start its thumping,
Can I call you honey?

Oh whoa
You give me quite a kick
Oh whoa
I’ll need some help quick
As long as I’m near him,
Cuz you keep me trippin’

You & I

Written By: Allison Saleh

Who’d have thought that
You and I might
Meet by such strange chance
Who’d have thought that
You & I would
Share in life’s sweet dance
You & I are so alike
I hope we can stay friends
You’re just like a lightning strike
And I cannot pretend anymore that.

You are my new favorite
I want to just savor it
You & I are so fantastic.
How do you go and work that magic?
I don’t want any other
Just want it to be
You & I

I can’t believe
You & I, we
Get along so well
I can’t believe
You & I see
Eye to eye so well
You & I are so in love
I hope it never ends
When it comes to push & shove
I cannot pretend anymore that

Baby, you make my heart sing.
Baby, you are the real thing.
I hope that it never ends.

Wish I Could

Written By: Allison Saleh

Been under the weather
That’s nothing new
Wish we weren’t together
Wish we were through
You think you’re so special
Wish I could too.
I hate your strict rule and
I think you’re cruel.

I wish that I could say this right to your face.
I know that you would hate this and put me in my place.
So I’ll just keep on lying, to keep you on your feet.
And when your words start flying, I’ll claim defeat.

Been one of those days where
you’re just a tool
Roll my eyes, say “there, there,
just keep your cool.”
Say who is the fool when your temper’s loose?
I don’t know who caused this,
frightful abuse.

I know we’re unhealthy, you would disagree.
You never would tell me to just go be happy.
But lately I feel like you’re wasting time
And frankly, you never cease to blow mind la la la…
I know you said you loved me, I have to disagree…
Cuz if you really loved me, you’d stop beating up on me..
I wish that I could say this, but I know I never will
So I thought I’d write this song, tell it to the world.


Written By: Allison Saleh

It's all the same and I'm just the fool.
Believed all your little games and lost my cool.
I'm in a rut...but what the hell?
I know he didn't mean it.
But, why can't I tell?

Why can't you see this is killing me?
This part of me isn't free.
It's so ironic.
I’ve caught you on it.….
I want it.

Well I'm so glad that we're "just friends".
There's no strings attached, "supposedly" no loose ends.
So what did you say the other day when I was turned away?
Well I'm not that blind!
You'll figure out:
Belittling my heart is really kind of hard,
But you've got that down.

Well why can't you see that you're killing me?
This part of me isn't free.
It's so ironic.
And I've caught you on it
I want it.

Don't cry to me if I "throw it all away".
You're just living in yesterday.

But it's ok, I'll be right here.
I'd wait around forever
And that's what I fear.
You're just ironic, the things you say.
And if I can be honest,
You are to blame.

I've Got Music

Written By: Allison Saleh

I’ve got a fire that’s been raging in my soul
And when it burns I cannot control it
Honey, hold me.
Look in my eyes when the flames begin to rise.
Look how they thrive. Honey, take your time
Baby hold me

I got music in my head. I got music in my head.
I got music on my mind and it’s there all the time.
And it thrills my very soul, No I’ll never let it go.
I got music in my head all the time.
All the time.

Rise to the call I head you call my name
I’ll give mey all just to hear you say
Honey hold me.
I can feel the burn climbing up my sides
The way you make me yearn it’s coming from inside.
Honey, hold me.

Sometimes it fades and some time it goes
That’s when I think about all the things I smile about
Sometimes I rains and sometimes it grows
Every way I look at this I can feel….

I Know

Written By: Allison Saleh

Am I a pawn in this game and
Who am I to change my fate? And still
I know
Who’s behind the dark charades and
Who’s behind the blunt displays of will
I know.

Oh, Oh, I know.

Could this freedom be a hoax and
Am I just the brunt of some cruel joke?
I know
That I could be wrong or worse and
I could be the slave to this old curse.
I know.

Oh, Oh, I know.
Oh, Oh, I know.

While I stray, I am drifting away
My mind gets preyed on and starts to fade.
I know.
Face to face, I see you clear.
You’re the one I always held so dear,
I know.
That this freedom has a cost and
What I had was stolen and lost and still…
You know.

Oh, Oh. I know.
Oh, Oh, I know.


Written By: Allison Saleh

Oh my soul is growing weak from the darkness that it seeks
And this pit that I’ve been diggin’s getting’ deep.
Just as I begin to weep, I drift into peaceful sleep,
I dream of a man whose dancing in the streets.

He says I’ll sing to the heavens.
I will sing to the skies.
For on that judgement day
All my sins they will be paid
And I will sing, sing, sing.

As that man’s voice begins to fade
He turns to me to say,
You look awfully lost and I have found the way.
If you would just follow me, I will lead you to the sea
Where you’ll fall and rise and surely be set free.
Then you will sing…

So I dove into the sea weak and trembling at the knees
Oh those waters cleansed me. I can’t NOT believe!
It’s as if the darkness fleed. It’s as if my soul has wings
So I will sing for glory ‘cuz I’m free!


1. When I Saw You--Single

2. Things I'll Never Say--EP

3. "Bands on the Run" DVD Feature
("You & I" featured in this DVD)

4. Streaming On:
Spotify, Jango, Last.FM, 8Tracks, 104.1FM, SoundCloud

Set List

When I Saw You
You & I
Singing The Blues
Wish I Could
No Place To Hide
I Know
Mr. Fearless
I Want You
I've Got Music
Love Thing

Heart of Glass- Blondie
Hey Soul Sister- Train
So What- P!nk
Mean- Taylor Swift
Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
Brokenhearted- Karmin
Lovefool- The Cardigans
Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
Someone Like You-- Adele
The Fear- Lily Allen

New Songs:
Your Name
Song to the Complacent