Atlanta, Georgia, USA

SONEN's Rocktronic sound is created by dark and powerful melodies, harmonic vocals, and hypnotic beats. The Band combines elements of indie rock and electronica to create a unique sonic landscape that blurs stylistic boundaries while maintaining accessibility.

Band Press

Critic's Pick: Best Electronic Act 2010 – Creative Loafing- October 2010

No one has done more to foster a sense of community within the electro-rock scene than SONEN. The group's monthly Laserbeam Kitty nights at the Highland Inn Ballroom not only give a platform to such burgeoning dance-pop peers as Attention System, Judi Chicago and Sealions, they also attract a much larger crowd than any of these bands could on their own. The secret lies in making each show a can't-miss event, complete with DJs, photo ops, and live visual artists. The whole thing comes to a head when Sonen's barreling techno/industrial stomp causes everyone in the room to vamp out on the dance floor.

EP Review – The Silver Tongue - August 2010

"There’s a new wave revolution going on in Atlanta. This band, Sonen, along with a few others, are dragging it out into the light. There are a couple of tunes on Sonen’s recently released new EP, Devious Device, that exemplify that revolution, though the synthpop influx is also strong. “Outta Line” is slow and pressing, with lots of stereo panned low-end sounds. The turns are confident and patient. “Wake Up” carries a warm vacancy, with its contrast of empty vocal pockets and pockets of harmonizing color, matched with super reverberating guitar one-noters, the kind of which sprinkle this record entire.

The first track is one of the more fast-paced, but I’m not sure that it necessarily implies the correct vibe for Sonen. “Head Down” is fun, short and sweet, and a part of Sonen’s personality for sure, but having seen them live several times, the second track is really the mood setter for me. The future will tell which of these two directives the band leans toward, or if they continue to teeter.
The dueled male/female vocals on “Vividly Blue” clearly remind me of Berlin. The song steps it up tempo-wise, but keeps those distinct new wave guitars. “Look It Over” has a VNV Nation feel to it – harsher, but still not technically industrial. “Monolith” brings a mash-up of sound experimentation and throws some busy, atypical drums to the mix. Guitars stay super simple and synth gets buzzed out as the song rides, almost erratically from happy to dark, major to minor. Sonen is known for experimenting with that major/minor threshold. As a musician, I find it intriguing and successfully accomplished, but as a listener I prefer the almost predictability of their lulling hooks – they do them so well!

The progression of “The Inside” is one like Crystal Castles might write, except slower, softer and smoother on the electronics – Crystal Castles on Valium, I guess. “Meander” closes the 35 minutes of goodness. It’s a myriad of delayed keys, driven by the somber simplicity of real drums working out of classic, late 80s groove, and a slightly bending synth line that also bends into and out of the foreground. This one is vocal-less, unwinding and strewn with familiar, but slightly indecipherable bits of percussion that are affected and infecting – it’s the way an outro should be.

To get Devious Device for free, visit and use the download code DDTST2010. And, while you’re there, see what’s happening with Laserbeam Kitty. Self-described as a monthly ‘indie-electro-dance-rock-art party’ Laserbeam Kitty is an event brought to us by Sonen the last Friday of every month at the Highland Inn Ballroom. If you like Sonen’s vibe, you’ll probably love everything Laserbeam Kitty."

by J.Criss

EP Review – Indie Rock Cafe - August 2010

"The Atlanta electro-dance-indie band Sonen recently sent their rocking dance track, “Head Down”, and the 80’s new wave meets rock sound of the song, “Vividly Blue” – a bit of B52’s and Devo going on in that. The band’s sound is dark and urgent, brimming with heavy melodies and Joy Division-like harmonies. They count among their influences Crystal Castles, The Pixies, Phantogram, and Orbital. Sonen’s EP is available for free download; just click their MySpace link below. Would love to hear what you all think."

EP Review – The Big Beat- August 2010

"Sonen "Head Down" (self-released) - Electro-dance trio Sonen has been turning the kids in Atlanta into a sweaty mess for the last few years. They recently self-issued the Devious Device EP, yours to download free in exchange for an e-mail address. "Head Down" is guaranteed to slot in perfectly alongside any vintage new wave in your collection."

Best of 2006 – Creative Loafing

Reader's Pick "Best Electronic Artist of Atlanta 2006" Creative Loafing

Best of 2008 – Creative Loafing

Reader's Pick "Best Local Indie-Rock Act of Atlanta 2008" Creative Loafing

Frequency Cover Story – Frequency Magazine - Fall 2009

"...Sonen is poised for a breakout, and soon."

Swine Song Presents... – Swine Song Presents - Nov. 2008

"Recently receiving the Creative Loafing Reader's Choice Award for "Best Local Indie-Rock Act of Atlanta 2008" and previously obtaining the title of "Best Electronic Artist of 2006" for the same publication, Sonen is quickly becoming one of the city's most promising acts."

Sonen at Lenny's – Have You Heard - July 2008

"A rare gem of a band whose electronic presence translated perfectly into a live show.....Analog synths filled my ears and created a sense of elation that was heightened by Holly's vocals, reminiscent of the assured you will know who Sonen is soon enough"

"...their exciting bass-driven electro-punk sound was just what I needed to hear that night."

EP Review – Light and Machine - June 2010

"Gurgling keyboards ebb and flow, coloring the driving, distorted bass. Lilting guitar melodies meander in the cracks over electronic and live beats. Sometimes the blend invokes a bright, noon day as in the song ‘Monolith’. Other times, the elements alchemize into devious, darkness as in the track ‘Look it Over’."

EP Review – Listen Before You Buy - August 2010

"Akin to Handsome Furs meets LCD Soundsystem meets Queens Of The Stone Age, their latest EP is an eight-song strong belter, running through sullen vocals and atmospheric synths, to murky basslines and three-dimensional beats that’ll get you dancing and taking shit easy from one song to the next. The EP in question is called “Devoius Device” and they’ve allowed me to stream a few songs from it for you below, but they’ve also let me offer you the whole thing as a free download."

EP Review – Boom Boom Chik - August 2010

"One thing is for sure, Atlanta, GA based Sonen will keep your bodies moving all night with their electronica dance grooves all while applying the fundamentals of Rock & Roll to their get-down-and-boogy dance-rock sound...."

Sonen began as the solo project of electronic producer Keith Evans in the early 2000s. After releasing two solo albums, Evans decided to incorporate other musicians into the project in an effort to create a collective, creative environment. The product of tshi sonic collaboration was their Devious Device EP, a DYI affair, written, produced all in-house.

After listening to the first few tracks, you can get a feel as to what this trio is all about. The first thing I noticed is that the songs have so much feel and groove to them that it is hard not to like it. Throughout the EP you find a rock and roll vibe surrounded by an array of synthesizers and two part female/male harmonies that compliment each other quite well. I Need not mention the fact that they craft insanely catchy hooks that will be stuck in your head. If you are looking to rock your socks off, then SONEN might be for you.

IF you dig their first single, “Head Down,” below, then you will be pleased to know that the band wants to get the album in as many music fans hands as possible and has released if for FREE. All you have to do is go to their website and enter your email addy and this code: DDboomboomchik2010.