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New Interview

August 9, 2012

Interview with Chain DLK Magazine:

“Here it is a chat with Dutch breakcore musician Jason Kohnen, better known as Bong-Ra, whose original crossover of breakbeat, d’n’b, jungle, gabber,  metal, jazz, reaggae and ragga made him one of the most hip producers ever since his debut release “New Millenium Dreadz” back in 1998 (which also happens to be the first Dutch full-length D’n’B album  ever released).  Now he comes back to the stage with a brand new release, “Monolith”, where he whisks together eggs of metal, dubstep, hip hop and drum’n’bass all while dealing with apocalyptic themes and much more. A concrete meeting point between mythological prediction about mankind’s end and actual obscure reality, whose main explanation seems to be the everlasting conflict between man’s primary instincts of violence, treachery, greed and megalomania on one side and the powerful gift of knowledge, abstract thinking and the perception of emotion on the other. Bong-Ra‘s “Monolith” comes out on PRSPCT Recordings.”

Read the full interview here!