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Big Sur, CA

Big Sur June 25, 2011 - 3:00 pm
Poster: Nacarubi Festival

Big Sur
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Big Sur, CA 93920
United States
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Tickets: $120/ Kids 12 & Under Free, Part of proceeds benefit local Big Sur schools.



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Other Artists Performing


Legendary in the history of American Ska, Rock Fusion and (so-called) Black Rock, Fishbone started their twenty five-year long professional career in Los Angeles's burgeoning, illustrious Alternative Rock music scene of the mid-1980s. Their sound has often been imitated, but never duplicated. Fishbone has been composing, creating, recording, releasing and performing original music for over two decades. They have toured worldwide with such bands as the Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Les Claypool/Primus, Fela Kuti, The Dead Kennedys and many more. The band was formed in 1979 in the ghettos of South Central Los Angeles. From their childhood together in the hardcore South Central Los Angeles wasteland to years of forced school-bused integration, Fishbone's influences were kaleidoscopic and never-ending. Fishbone first gained attention with their unique live concerts, earning a reputation as one of the most original bands in the alternative genre. Their unique stew of different styles, mixed with hectic energy and pounding rhythms, were a huge influence on the funk/rock/metal/rap genre that would become popular in the 1990s. Still a relative secret in the worlds of Pop and Rock music Fishbone has released numerous innovative, clever, genre-bending, cult-classic albums like 'Fishbone', 'Truth and Soul', 'The Reality of My Surroundings' and 'Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx'. Fishbone lives up to their legend as 'THE' group to bridge the gap between the funk of George Clinton and the blare of Rush; a hybrid fusion where Led Zeppelin and Sly Stone dance to a frenetic ska beat that fuel's the alternative thrust of acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction and No Doubt. Live audiences around the world have been surrendering to the band's stage flash and magical rhythms with uninterrupted regularity.

Lagos Roots

What do you get when you put together 17 world-class musicians with resumes that include playing/recording in such historic and seminal Nigerian afrobeat and highlife acts as Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Afrika 70, Sonny Okosun, Koola Lobitos, and Segun Bucknor, among others? You get Lagos Roots!Each member of Lagos Roots is a seasoned artist with reputations worthy of individual praise. And together, they are receiving it, capturing the hearts of world music and funky breakbeat lovers with their ability to draw out an authentic and infectious afrobeat sound. Recalling some of the artists with whom members of Lagos Roots have recorded or shared the stage, reads like a 'who's who' in music: Bob Marley & The Wailers,Jimmy Cliff, Ginger Baker of Cream, Peter Tosh, Toots & the Maytals, Eddy Grant, and many more.

Emerging from a long held dream to put together a band containing original master musicians and members of a new generation of afrobeat musicians, Lagos Roots Afrobeat Ensemble represents an important step in the evolution of the style of Nigerian afrobeat once imagined by Fela Kuti & the Afrika 70.

Lateef the Truthspeaker

Lateef the truthspeaker, alongwith DJ Shadow, Blackalicious and Lyric's Born is one of the founders of the Solesides / Quannum collective. In 2006 he steps out on his own with a definitive collection of new songs complementing his substantial catalogue. Live performance will feature songs form his new album 'Crowd Rocker', music from the mix tape 'Ahead of the Curve' constructed by DJ Z-Trip, and tracks from his Solesides / Quannum recording's including his work with Lyrics Born from the classic 'Latyrx'LP, and the Grammy nominated track 'Wonderful Night' with Fat Boy Slim from their collaborations on the LP 'Palookaville'. You will also be treated to rare performances from his collaboration with Chief Xcel (of Blackalicious) on the definitive underground EP 'Ambush.' Lateef's new work showcases his growth as an MC, singer, songwriter, and for the first time ever- producer! He is previewing this new material in a dazzling live show that combines the traditional MC/DJ format (Lateef & DJ E Da Boss) with live Instrumentation. Add to this the dynamic visual technology of the DVJ and you can expect a sensory treat for the ears and eyes that is truly beautiful and offers a glimpse into the possibilities of music's future.

Takuya Nakamura

An underground New York legend, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer and has been playing trumpet, keyboards, and various electronic instruments for over twenty years throughout the United States and the world with a diverse group of artists such as Quincy Jones, The Streets, George Russell's Living Time Orchestra, Joy Askew, Arto Lindsay, Vernon Reid, Jojo Mayer's Nerve, Brazilian Girls, Organic Grooves, Bob Moses, John Scofield,and many others.


Tornado Rider

Tornado Rider is a powerful bird band of swirling goat god victory, that lurks in the spooky forest regions and yells out over the mountains, glicking the gunt of nairobi into the fortress of norwegian butt-death, and taking the slippers and the coffee and the potato farm earnestness into the NOW. Furthermore, comprised of a cello goblin, a bass plunker, and a drums-tumbler, the instruments bounce your mind away to a nubian fire heaven and the vocals specify the focus of your egyptian paradise. How nice is it? oh glummy glummy glummy glummy glummy glummy'.

TENT   (with Naybob Shineywater, of BrightBlack Morning Light)

N. Shineywater is an American musician from Alabama & founded his music in the late-late 1990's in Humboldt County, California. Best known for the touring band called BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT (with 2 studio releases on Matador Records), Shineywater has worked & lived 5 years in the rural mountains, mesas & canyons of the American SouthWest.



Iasos (pronounced ya' sos) was born in Greece in 1947, and his family moved to America when he was four. He began studying piano at age 8 and flute at age 10. Formal music education lasted until the end of high-school, after which he became self-taught, studying the music from around the world, especially the classical composers.

In 1967, to his surprise, Iasos began spontaneously 'hearing' a new type of music in his mind, which he then referred to as 'paradise music'. After graduating from Cornell in anthropology in 1968, Iasos decided to move to California and to dedicate his life to manifesting this 'heavenly music' he was experiencing internally, since he was convinced it would have an uplifting, healing, spiritually-invigorating and harmonizing effect on many potential listeners. And that in many cases, this music would help people to connect to heavenly realms of existence.

In 1975 Iasos, along with his colleague Steven Halpern, pioneered and began what is now known as 'New Age music' - with both Iasos and Steven each releasing their first album at that time.

Salt Minds (new project by Mariee Souix and crew)

Nevada City-based songwriter Mariee Sioux spits piney rhymes over oaken-tuned acoustic plucking. Her twilight narratives detail encounters with ghosts, myriad woodland creatures, and her mom. But with a voice that bends around the branches with more flexibility than her fellow folk-nymphs, you couldn't pick a better guide for your night-hike.  This year at Nacarubi she'll be joined by Sean Dearest and crew to debut a brand new side project called Salt Minds'


Miller Carr and his band (robin macmillan, jacob silver, & brett eastman)prove their knack for writing catchy, pitch-perfect '60s pop; yet the group is not content to craft an album full of three-minute pop tunes. They instead push instrumental and structural limits to create a sprawling masterpiece marked by wandering guitar lines, weird and wonderful organ riffs and exotic percussion. The record's sound approximates a sonic marriage between straight-ahead '60s pop and Mutations-era Beck, executed to psychedelic perfection.

Nico & Sky Country

An elusive wizard of the western rock scene, Nico Georis' music is simply different than other music you've heard. His unrivaled mojo on an arsenal of vintage keyboards will hit your ears like floods of swampy sunshine. Hearing his music for the first time feels like discovering an unknown land. You'll find Doc Seuss inspired rock from the lonely rainbow deserts. You'll find warm surfy lullabies, geometric space adventure music, unusual western boogies, and love songs. Whatever you choose to call the sounds of Nico's music, it is always VISUAL.
The soundscape qualities of Nico's music represent his adventures to foreign lands and wilderness territories. Or perhaps it's just what happens when a kid from California grows up soaking in roots music from all over the world like a sponge.  This years lineup features Nico's new collaborations with Shaun Elley, Peter Arensdorf, Emily Poile and Matt Baldwin, under the name  Sky Country .

Matt Baldwin

First and foremost, Baldwin is a guitarist. And yes, before I go any further: comparisons to John Faheyand Leo Kottke are often tossed around wayyyyy too liberally to acoustic composers. I'm guilty of it myself. But aside from the fact that Baldwin plays longform acoustic-based compositions, his approach is far more atmospheric, far more restrained than his fingerpicking forebears. This is a rare case where 'atmosphere' is not a compensation for a lack of talent. His virtuosity simmers beneath the surface; his skill is an unspoken subtext in every song. That's not to say that he doesn't let the lions loose to ravage a gazelle once and a while. Sometimes water can only boil so long before it bubbles over the edge of the pot, scalding the hand and sending thoughts racing.


ALLAH-LAS sound like the Old, Weird Los Angeles: Strains of true surfing music, American harmonies, Sunset Strip backbeat, desert ramble filtered through Goldstar Sessioneers; That pre-fuzz pedal 'electrified folk' music and pop groups hitting that California sound with the tambourine on just the right beat.


He's my Brother, She's my Sister

a band from L.A. reminiscent of the old times acts of the past. Tap dancing, singing and bringing merry vibes to audiences far and near.



Practiced over 1000 years by the Japanese and Maori tribes, Poi is a beautiful and intricate art form that fuses dance, music and tools. Building health, happiness and character for both the self and the community, Poi protects us from danger, can be used in celebration, and preserves centuries-old wisdom and knowledge. For over a decade, Rosalia and her troupe BiG SuRCuS have rejuvenated communities with Poi, fusion and belly dance, performing and studying with many exceptional and renown musicians and dancers. BiG SuRCuS has performed world-wide and teaches for local Big Sur schools and outreach programs. BiG SuRCuS is a meeting place for the modern tribe, where the female warriors hold court. The gracious style of BiG SuRCuS captivates audiences and students, bringing out the best in everyone.

Diamondback (Emily Poile)

Emily Poile and her new group 'Diamondback' debuts at nacarubi this year.

Steve Loeb's Living Drums Universal Rhythm Ensemble

Derric Oliver

Adventure pop loopiness, sun-drenched Americana, and tuba funny business. This multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and co-founder of Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective (later called The Los Dos Bros) has been performing his whole life. A Big Sur resident and San Diego native, Derric toured extensively for years, covering much of the United States. Along with monster fiddler, Louis Caverly, they recorded three full-length studio albums (the first of which was distributed by Sony/BMG), including two at the Red Barn Studios in Big Sur, and a live DVD at the Henry Miller Library entitled Greek Gods in the West, about what would happen if the Greek Gods came to the old West. He's opened for the likes of Tom Petty, Hank Williams III, Flogging Molly, Louis XIV, and others. KUSP, KPIG, and stations all over the world have spun his music, and the All Music Guide called the album, Become, one of the best of 2005. Several musical guests joined him on stage last year at his Nacarubi debut performance. Stay tuned to see who'll show up to play with him this year! www.adventurepop.com


curated by DJ Hanif Wondir, and featuring:

DJ Little John

The Green Up Sound DJ's

DJ Britt Govea

DJ Takuya Nakamura

DJ Juice

and friends'