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Herrick & David Nail to Perform at The Russell County Schools Auditorium Complex October 28th, 2011 Tickets on Sale Now!

October 13, 2011

Nashville, TN ( October 13, 2011) --- Herrick & David Nail to Perform at The Russell County Schools Auditorium Complex in Russell Springs, KY.  October 28th 6:00PM.


Known for their high energy Live shows, phenomenal vocals and award winning Song writing, the Band HERRICK, originally  from Spokane Washington and now calling Nashville Tennessee their home, is set to stop in Russell Springs Kentucky for a performance with David Nail to follow.

Herrick  is comprised of, Donna (Mandolin/Lead vocals), and Kerry Herrick (Bass/ Vocals), with Zach Ballard on Drums/ Percussion and Jeff Rogers on Lead Guitar/ Lap Steel/Acoustic. The band is brimming with showmanship and attitude with tight/strong vocals & harmonies. Herrick's live high energy performance translates seamlessly to the new album. The songs written by Herrick run the gamut of emotions, alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. With Donna's powerful vocals, pummeling Mandolin riffs, and attitude, it sounds a bit like what might have happened had Led Zeppelin been Country and fronted by "a chick."
Herrick's new 14-track album  Co- Produced by Michael Bonagura (Baillie and the Boys) & Herrick along with four bonus tracks Produced by Buddy Cannon (Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson),  showcases the band's new four-piece configuration.

Collaborating with producer Michael Bonagura, Herrick has truly pushed themselves to new heights both as Song writers and as performers. "This is our first full length album. This is the first time it's really been Herrick - the first time we have not been held back musically. We found each other and ourselves," says Donna.  Bassist Kerry Herrick adds, "Donna's voice is astonishing. So many artists these days let their voices be discombobulated by computers. Donna doesn't do that. She doesn't need to. She can walk into a room and kick your butt."

With NEW DANCE being one of the most anticipated albums coming out of Nashville Tennessee in recent years, HERRICK's popularity is spreading like none before. Music Fans, you don't want to miss this!

Learn More about HERRICK at www.HerrickLive.com


Growing up in a small southeastern Missouri town, David Nail might've chosen to follow any of the dreams that drifted by like the riverboats on the mighty Mississippi: but in the end, it was music that called his name. "I was definitely more into sports growing up," says the Midwest native, "I think I was expected to play in college, but as I grew older I became more interested in music. After my senior year, I had a few small college offers to play baseball. My coach came to me and said 'David, you need to decide where you're going to school,' and out of the blue I just said, 'Do you know anybody in Nashville?'"


For singer-songwriter Nail, it was a history-making moment -- small town boy decides to chase a big city dream -- and a theme that has informed his music ever since. On his first album from MCA Nashville, he neatly bridges the divide, laying claim to his hometown roots while keeping a firm grip on the future, and all the deeply emotional territory in between.

"I feel like regardless of where you grew up, city, small town, east coast, west coast or whatever, there's something in this music that you can relate to," he says. "They might not all be exactly the same, but everyone has those moments; the first time you left home, falling in love, losing love. That's what moves me, what I can dig into."

Learn More about David Nail at www.davidnail.com

Russell County Auditorium Complex

2167 South Hwy 127

Russell Springs, KY 42642

Show starts 6:00PM

Tickets $25.00

For Tickets Call 270-866-6300