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Louisville, KY

Chez Moi: Art Gallery and Artist Community February 2, 2013 - 7:00 pm
Poster: Chez Moi going out in style/fundraiser

Chez Moi: Art Gallery and Artist Community
317 Winkler Avenue
Louisville, KY
United States
Tickets: $5, $10

Going Out In Style Party
Well kids, it's been one hell of a ride but as they say all good things must come to an end. Chez Moi Gallery..... other wise known as The Winkler House..... other wise know as The Castle..... other wise known as The Coolest Place On The Fucking Planet..... is closing it's doors for good. But don't cry for us Argentina we are moving on to big and better things. A kick ass new philosophy with a brand new gallery and a whole new attitude.
So we are inviting all of our friends to come party with us one last time and help us raise a little cash for our new adventure. If you have ever partied with us... or created art with us... or shot a movie here.... or rolled around in paint in our attic.... or danced on our roof top... or passed out in our door way... or painted naked women here..... or made out with a stranger in one of our studios.... our fixed your car in our garage.... or painted naked men here..... or woke up drunk next to one of our artists.... or crashes on our couches... or called one of us to bail you out at five in the morning...or did a photo shot here.....or drank our wine and ate our food …..... Then PLEASE for the love of god come out and show your support. Lets go out with a bang kids.

We have a lot of great entertainment lined up for this party kids. You can dance the night away and be part of an epic "Paint Fight" while some of there area's hottest DJ's cranking out tunes. We will also have an acoustic stage were we will feature local singer songwriters as well as spoken word and performance art. And as always please feel free to bring your guitars, drums, or grand pianos to join in the jam

SUGGESTED DONATIONS: 5 under 21, 10 over 21...we wont say no to any 20's or 50's.....lol

----------------=======DJ LINEUP=======---------------------

10 PM- Zombie Inkorporated ft. ZIDJ
Electronic/Thrash Hop

10:45 PM- Goliad

11:30 PM- Marley Quinn
Drum & Bass/Dubstep

12:15 AM- Inspireme.

1 AM- Soundtrakno (formerly DJ Mudd)