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9/28/2012 - Update – “Reflecting His Image”

Posted By Kathleen Carnali from Florida September 28, 2012

It is hard to fully express how amazed, blessed and thankful I feel! Sleep has not been too abundant lately, but I must say it is well worth the depravity! Ha, ha : ) When I think about how much I love this new little person in my life, I find myself at a loss for words and truly overwhelmed with gratitude to our Lord.

There is a song I wrote and often sing called “More of You, Less of me.” This song is about that great day when we finally see our Lord face to face. It expresses my prayer and desire for Jesus to see himself in me. It is just like that, when having your own child. Finally seeing our baby face to face, how he looks like us and the certain traits that he has which are just like ours, is so much fun! Looking into his eyes and knowing that he is completely dependant on us to lead, guide, and take care of him is truly a privilege and a life-changing event. It reveals so much about our relationship with the Lord and how deep our Heavenly Father’s love is for us. It’s amazing! I pray that when I finally see Jesus face to face, he will see himself clearly in me. And all throughout my life, may I be lead, guided and dependant on him. Enjoy this song and video, “More of you, Less of me.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRGR81GXuyk&feature=channel&list=UL

My prayer for all of us is that we would reflect His image, looking more like Jesus than anything else!

You can also download the mp3 of the song here:

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0013R60L2/ref=dm_sp_alb or


…Or get the full CD at: www.KathleenCarnali.com


As you can imagine, we will be ministering more from home while having a newborn. Our out of state events will begin again in January 2013. In the mean time, don’t forget to get your copy of my newest CD, Be Still and Know. Not only will it be a blessing to you, but it will also bless us while we are unable to travel. Thank you for telling others about it too. Testimony is so powerful.

There is another way you can help bless our ministry as well. There is a new cell phone company started by fellow believers that Brett and I recently signed up with. There is no contract and they offer for only 49 a month unlimited talk, text and data. Not only this, but when people sign up through us, they will bless our ministry back. It’s an awesome way to let your cell phone be a blessing. Here is the link to sign up:


Well, I better get back to tending to our little guy. : ) If you’d like to see some pictures of him, there are some posted up on my Facebook music page! Here is the link:


May you continue on strong in the Lord. And always remember, you are more than an overcomer through the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony!

I love you and pray that it is not too long before we see you again soon.

To God be the glory!!!

All love in Christ,



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