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Woodbridge, Va. hardcore band Kysmet signs record deal!

December 20, 2009

Fredericksburg, Virginia October 10, 2009

Kysmet's name is taken from the Chinese proverb of a KISMET DAY, meaning everything in the universe is as it should be. Certainly today the band is living up to it's name, as Kysment has signed with the innovative label No Explanation Records

to release their first full length album.

Based out of Woodbridge, VA, Kysmet has been tearing it up since 2005. After many line-up changes the survivors stand on top and ready to take on the world. When asked about Kysmet label CEO Jay Burton replied, “ Live, the band is incomparable and the energy is liable to start a riot. Even if "metal" or "hardcore" or whatever isn't your thing, you can still connect with the songs and feel what it's all about. I have yet to see this band leave a crowd anything less than exhausted!”

Kysmet has shared the stage with many national and international acts including MUDVAYNE, HED(pe), DEVIL DRIVER, OTEP, GOD FORBID, BELLA MORTE, HANZEL UND GRETYL, M!SS CRAZY, DIECAST, IN THIS MOMENT, NON POINT, WEDNESDAY 13, EYES SET TO KILL, DAATH, THE HAUNTED, THE AGONIST, MERAUDER, THREAT SIGNAL, FLATLINE, THY WILL BE DONE, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, ABYSMAL DAWN, S.W.A.A.T.S, and more, as well as shows across the east coast. Now that the band is signed they are beginning work on the album with Scott Pauley at Sound Design Studios. Local shows will also be a big part of gearing up for the album tour. Keep an eye out for this group of local metal heads as they take their show to fans across the country.