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Salient to Join Foo Fighters

October 5, 2012

Prominent Nashville band, Salient, have announced that they will in fact be joining legendary rockers The Foo Fighters on Hiatus beginning at the end of October. Foo Fighters have long been cited by Salient as one of their principal inspirations for making great melodic Rock and Roll with a delicate balance between adrenaline-fueled riffs and deeply personal lyrics. Much like the Foo, Salient has a fairly open calendar for the foreseeable future prompting Lead Vocalist Mark Duckworth to comment that “the chance to partner with Foo Fighters on Hiatus is something we’ve worked toward throughout our career, and we genuinely hope that it leads to more opportunities like a Reunion Tour and eventually even Retirement.” Guitarist Bobby Reinsch added “I couldn’t believe it at first… I mean, US with the Foo Fighters on Hiatus? But once it all soaked in I really felt like it made sense. Now it just feels right.” According to Bassist Craig Woelber “most of the last year we have been In The Studio instead of playing shows, so I think we’re fully prepared for the changes in life that Hiatus could bring.” None of the recent drummers for Salient could be reached for comment at this time.

This comes hot on the heels of Salient concluding the tracking for a forthcoming EP of rock songs and entering into the perpetual mix phase. Plans to release the project have not been formalized but it is believed that several more months of regular meetings and mid-day conversations over Instant Messenger could lead to a digital-only release on iTunes and a possible “grass roots marketing” effort targeting the Facebook friends of each band member. Fund raising efforts such as a Kickstarter campaign or possible eleventh-hour record deal are being routinely discussed.

October shows in Salem, IN and Old Hickory, TN will wrap up current commitments and allow Salient to join Foo Fighters on November 1st as planned. As of press time Salient have committed to not play every North American show that the Foo Fighters will not be playing on Haitus through the end of 2012 and into 2013. Other hoped-for acts to follow suit and go on Hiatus include Nickelback, One Direction and, with any luck, No Doubt will return to Hiatus in early 2013. Duckworth confidently summarizes “this isn’t the end. It might be the beginning of the end, or even sort of the middle of the end but definitely not the very end.”