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About Swamp Cabbage

Savannah, GA rock

Swamp Cabbage is the stewed heart of a Florida Sabal palm tree. Chosen as a band name to remind listeners of it’s Northeast Florida well source of inspiration, Swamp Cabbage presents one of the most unique trios on the trail today. Walter Parks (longtime sideman to Woodstock legend Richie Havens) on gnarly fingerpicked electric guitar, New Orleans style drummer Jagoda and by Peter Sparacino unorthodoxly covers the bass role on baritone sax. Florida’s Swamp Cabbage is a high-energy southern soundtrack that’s soaked in the grease drippings of Mississippi blues, Memphis soul, Louisiana jazz and even Appalachia.

With 3 albums of original material under their belt -- Honk (2006), Squeal (2008),  Live From New York (2010), and Drum Roll Please (2012), a disc of re-envisioned, re-imagined and re-swamped 70s classics, presented in a way that only the raspy singin' combo of fatback blues and trailer park funk can dish out.

'On Drum Roll Please we foolishly endeavored to translate to a simple guitar, bass and drums format songs that had been originally recorded by orchestras or with tape splicing and sonic trickery of that sort.' Also featured on the disc is an old Gretch drum kit and rare mid-sixties Guild basses and guitars; a nod to Parks' love of vintage instruments.

In 2013 they recorded their newest CD tentatively titled JIVE which will be released in 2014 (date to be determined).

Swamp Cabbage is constantly on tour and their original music can be heard on the Discovery reality show American Guns credits, and on My Big Redneck Wedding, Man Vs. Food, Emeril Green, Extreme Pig Outs, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Roadtrip Nation (PBS), Samantha Brown Passport, Amazing Wedding Cakes and Chasing Classic Cars.