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Think of Sonicbids as your one-stop shop for creating gig opportunities, discovering talent, reviewing bands through interactive EPK submissions and awarding gigs – all through one seamless platform.

This is How it Works

  1. Post a Gig

    It’s FREE, and you can post as many upcoming gig opportunities as you like.

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    Sonicbids gets the word out to over 450K bands through email, social media, and blog postings.

  3. Review Bands

    Review bio, music, and video from band EPK submissions, and provide ratings.

  4. Book Your Band

    Select the band or bands perfect for your gig and notify them through Sonicbids.

Ready to use Sonicbids? Here’s what’s available to you

Unlimited Listings

You can post an unlimited number of upcoming gigs, festivals and playing opportunities. And each post is free.

Gig Management

Sonicbids provides one seamless platform where you can manage all of your future gigs, rate and review bands, communicate with bands and finalize your bookings.

Amplified Marketing

We’ll create the buzz and reach thousands of bands through placements in our ‘Find Gigs’ search engine, email newsletters, social media and blog posts, and more.

Our Band Network

Discover new talent by gaining access to our network of over 450,000 bands on the rise.

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Sonicbids Success Stories

  • Conference
  • Festival

Booked 5000 artists via Sonicbids Exclusive Member since 2008

  • Festival

Booked 1500+ artists via Sonicbids Selected artists include Quiet Company, Filligar, Walk the Moon

Elbo Room Chicago
Elbo Room Chicago
  • Venue
  • Club

Booked 800+ artists via Sonicbids Selected artists include Black Taxi, Lunic, Bonzie

Roadtrip Productions
Roadtrip Productions
  • Licensing

Selected 250+ artists for national television show Booking Sonicbids artists for licensing opportunities since 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Sonicbids?

Sonicbids is the most efficient and organized booking tool you’ll find. Use Sonicbids to manage your booking business and you’ll spend less time sourcing and tracking down bands.

What does Sonicbids cost?

It’s 100% FREE to post and manage your gigs through Sonicbids.

What band criteria will I need to review after receiving submissions to my gig?

While creating your gig listing, select what elements of a band’s EPK matter most to you. From music and photos to bios and videos, only review what you need to and speed up the decision-making process.

What if I need help using the Sonicbids platform?

If you need a hand navigating our site or have questions about the band submissions you are receiving, we have a support team standing by to ensure you're getting the most out of using Sonicbids.