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Brisbane, QLD

Powerhouse theater May 25, 2012 - 8:00 pm
Yunyu - Twisted Tales

Powerhouse theater
119 Lamington Street
Brisbane, QLD
Tickets: $25


Singer/songwriter and Triple j Unearthed winner Yunyu teams up with New York Times #1 Bestseller Manga Artist Queenie Chan and leading animators the Common ist, Hatch Films, Enchanter Productions, Podcasters Coolshite on the Tube, Sand Artist Brett Bowers to produce a multi-media music experience that propels traditional fairytales into a modern paradigm.

Each song is a richly woven tale of a fairytale character transported to a modern context. Pied Piper is a cult leader taking the children away time after time. Dorothy( Wizard of Oz), finds her magic shoes wont return her to earth now she is  a lost Cosmonaut in a failed space flight. NUWA; the (oriental) goddess who is the creator of humankind wonders how she can possibly save us again from the effects of climate change.

This innovative show is brought to life by Yunyu, her six piece band, VJ and designer Imogen Ross.  Merging the age old art of storytelling with cutting edge technology this is one show not to miss.