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Ontario, CA 91761, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Ontario, CA 91761, USA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"60 East x Demrick on BReal TV"

60 East x Demrick - Interview on Heavyweights Radio on BReal TV - BReal TV

"Planet Asia x 60 East on BReal TV"

Planet Asia x 60 East on BReal TV - Heavyweights Radio

"60 Interview on Wake The Flok Up Podcast"

60 East is that kid that never sleeps but his dreams are huge. He has an amazing work ethic but knows that taking his time is important. He builds connections everywhere he goes and gains new followers with every mic rocked. With First Dirt or on a solo tour, 60 is the next one! We sit and talk about his new "Freeway Series" project, 2pac faking his death and why any one with "Lil" in their name sucks!
Ladies and Gentlemen, 60 East! - Wake The Flok Up

"60 East Interview On Hip Hop Digital Exposure"

What Does it Take to become a Hip Hop Entrepreneur?

In This Episode We have 60 East and He is a artist from Ontario, California who is pushing his brand and his message. After the death of his friend and father he really got serious about his craft and pushed hard all the way to the Independent Tour Paid Dues. In this show we talk about his lows and highs. We go behind the scenes with his business and talk about the Importance of Merchandise. - Hip Hop Digital Exposure

"60 East Interview On The Crappy Awesome Podcast"

Chris and Arash sit down with one of the hardest working artists in the game, 60 East. Topics include: being a one man industry, the showcase game, adding team members and common artist mistakes. Ladies and gents... 60 East... never sleeps. - Platform Collection

"60 East Interview on Da MaddHouze"

Da MaddHouze calls 60 east to talk about his new project - Da MaddHouze

"60 East Interview on The BSide Show"

60 East Interview on The BSide Show - The BSide Show

"60 East: Best Hip Hop Artist of 2013"

Jose Atilano, better known as 60 East, first got into hip-hop as a kid watching his big brother work on his own music. Since then, his reputation has grown steadily, thanks to a few high profile gigs and some legit tracks. One of those tracks is “Motivation,” which features the lyrics, “You can teach motivation, you can’t fake motivation, so please keep hatin’, ‘cause I could use the motivation.” That’s all well and good, but only issue is that not a lot of people appear to be hating. - IE Weekly

"60 East"

Not every artist has a happy beginning but sometimes it’s the effect of a dark event that can shape and mold us into what we need most. Artist 60 East is fully aware of the connection between a friend’s and father’s death and his prominent succession as an up-and-coming hip-hop artist of the Inland Empire.

It all started innocently enough, 60 East was a young sibling attached to his older brother’s musical ambitions which included friends working on a label. “I was always around listening and watching them rap, record, write, perform, etc. and at 9 years old that’s when I first decided that’s what I wanted to do with my life. This phase continued until around 2006 when the main artist on my brother’s label ‘Spaceghost’ was murdered in Ontario.”

60 East fell into limbo for a while, dropping out of high school and working construction to make ends meet but eventually he was reunited with a few of his brother’s old friends. It was the kick he needed to jump back onto his destined musical path was losing his father to cancer in 2010. “That’s when I decided was going to put all my effort, strength, time and resources into making it in the music industry,” says 60 East.

Passion for 60 East’s loved ones fuels his lyrical creativity. If you’re not a fan of life stories put into song, you might not get the same desired effect as someone who has gone through similar events. “I am very personal and open with my life and my experiences. My goal at every show is to touch someone through my music whether it’s done by describing a scenario they have been through or sharing one of my own stories and having them be able to relate to it,” says 60 East.

60 East should be on your radar by now since he just got back from a nationwide tour through 15 different cities about a month ago. He’s even running right into plans for performing at Paid Dues Festival and SXSW in 2013. With ambition like that you won’t want to miss hopping on the 60 freeway in either direction to get to Happy’s Grille where an epic hip-hop show will commence. - Ashley Bennett

"60 East celebrates end of summer at music festival"

The Breeze first introduced business marketing and communications major Joey Atilano (60 East) last semes­ter as he campaigned for and later won a spot to perform at the independent hip-hop festival, Paid Dues.
“Since the last interview I have just been focused on making music, learning more about the music business and going to school,” 60 East said. “It’s getting real hard to balance work, school and music with new opportuni­ties approaching everyday. I’ve just been playing things by ear.”
In playing things by ear, 60 East has been keeping up on the show circuit, recently performing at the music and art celebration, End of Summer Festival.
“The End of Summer Festival was a great event,” 60 East said. “I actually heard about it last year randomly and decided to attend as a fan, not knowing anyone that was on the lineup or anyone throwing the event personally. The event was during my Paid Dues campaign which included attending independently thrown events and promoting our campaign. While I was promoting at the festival, I ended up meeting the founder of the event. He ended up follow­ing and supporting me during my campaign. After suc­cessfully getting on Paid Dues, he invited my team and I to perform at the 2nd annual EOSF.”
The Thursday following his EOSF performance, 60 East was announced as 2013’s Best Hip-Hop Artist, as chosen by voters on IE Weekly. Holding the title, he continues laying out his next plans for success.
“I am going to be releasing a mixtape in Oct. 2013 called ‘Mood Muzik Mixtape,’ which is the 2nd mixtape in a remix series I am working on. Following that, I will be releasing the music video to the single off my upcoming album ‘Motivation.’ After that, I will begin the promotion­al process for my upcoming album ‘10,000 Hours,’ which will hopefully be ready early next year. We (First Dirt) will be going on The Black Rosary Tour with artist Chino XL and another with artist Blu in the next few months.”
To keep up with 60 East, follow him on Twitter @60eastfd - Kimberly Johnson

"Driven to succeed, the 60 East route"

A big stage and an even bigger dream collide when rapper 60 East with record label First Dirt hit the Paid Dues stage on March 30th which was sponsored by Hip Hop artist Murs and Guerrilla Union.
Dreams of succeeding and getting his voice heard are goals that business marketing and communication major Joey Atilano, also known as the rapper 60 East, have had on his to do list.
With opportunities not guaranteed in the Hip Hop community, campaigning for a spot at a well known festival like Paid Dues has been a test of drive and popularity.
This idea of campaigning has been brought to light by Inland Empire emcee/poet Mc Prototype and his team who has been a huge part of the local Hip Hop and SLAM poetry community.
“I didn’t come up with the idea to campaign for Paid Dues alone. I credit my team, who at the time consisted of members of The Noise Academy, Original Knockoff, my wife and my street team,” Mc Prototype said. “We had a lot of meetings at a round table, bouncing ideas back and forth staying committed to one thing, proving I deserved a spot at the largest independent hip hop festival in the world.”
The work of following in Mc Prototype’s footsteps for 60 East to perform on the Paid Dues stage has taken more than just a thought but a drive.
“I know Prototype personally and seeing that, that’s really what inspired me,” 60 East said. “If he can get on like that, then I can possibly do the same.”
With that type of drive 60 East has a plan for success.
“I want to get a degree for myself and for my mom’s sake,” 60 East said. “But the reason I come to school is to get better at doing music. I’m a business marketing major because I wanted to be able to market myself as an artist and market my business and how to sell myself. I became a communication major because I want to become a better communicator, taking public speaking classes to become a better performer.”
The plan is set and the dream is alive. The message he tries to get out comes to life in what he gives to his listeners.
“I want to inspire people and motivate people,” 60 East said. “I involve a lot of my personal life, and I’ve got a lot of feed- back from people, especially about the campaign about how we inspire them and motivate them to follow their dreams and that’s what I want to continue to do.”
Mc Prototype sees what he and his team innovated and is proud how he can inspire some people and spark ideas that give people a chance to do something most never thought was possible.
“After making Paid Dues, it felt good to see fellow artists follow suit. I was proud to see artists like Noa James, Curtiss King, Stevie Crooks, and First Dirt successfully campaign for their spots on recent Paid Dues bills,” he said.
While working on inspiring people, 60 East takes his inspiration from what he sees everyday. When asked what inspire him he answers quickly.
“Life, like I’m a real deep, personal, passionate dude,” 60 East said. “Like, I involve a lot of my personal experiences people always tell me. Some people don’t like it, but other people praise me for it because they never heard someone be so open with such negative experiences. It kind of feels sometimes like I’m putting myself on blast but as an artist I feel that you gotta be open with yourself to your audience like that for them to really connect with you.”
When thinking of what he has sparked, Mc Prototype said, “Every year since my campaign, there has been a multitude of artists rallying up their troops to fight for a spot on the Paid Dues lineup, thus spreading the word about the festival, sometimes long before Murs and Guerilla Union start advertising it.”
Before Murs and Guerilla Union who are the founders of the paid dues festival even had a thought about the line up for the 2013 Paid Dues bill, 60 East and First Dirt started their campaign.
“We started our campaign at South by South West (SXSW) in Austin, Texas March 17th of last year,” 60 East said. “We campaigned for a whole year which is the longest campaign yet.”
With respects to what Mc Prototype has done, he has taken his dream and brought it to reality. Working hard has gotten him on a well-respected lineup of artists that have paid their dues in the hip hop community just like he did with his campaigning.
“I never really expected to come as far as I have, but now I want to see how far I can go,” he said.
60 East information can be found on his Facebook page facebook.com/east60 which shows info on his campaign and also pictures of his well deserved performance with label mates from First Dirt. They currently are working on a campaign for the latest Guerrilla Union show, Rock The Bells. - Mark Klopping

"60 East Interview on SayWha Radio"

Tonight up and coming artist 60East drops by SayWHA Radio. We speak to him about his music, the industry, and projects coming soon from him. We will also keep you rolling with the SayWHA Headlines from around the world like:

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"60 East On Wigginn Out Radio"

60 East On Wigginn Out Radio - Wigginn Out Radio

"EP Review: 60 East - The Freeway Series EP"

Ontario, California emcee, 60 East, recently met with Producer Omega and from this meeting The Freeway Series was born. The project, which is very diverse in content, ranges from topics of police brutality, gang influence, love, and becoming a father. The 5 song EP was recorded and produced in its entirety by Producer Omega. All of the tracks on the EP were written while 60 East was on the #DOITour during the summer of 2014. - The RoundTable

"Review of The Freeway Series Ep by 60 East"

We had the opportunity to review The freeway Series Vol.1 by 60 East who we first came in contact with after a submission for ” Andy’s Song ” - Bound2HipHop

"60 East - Mood Muzik Mixtape Review"

Most of you know 60 EAST (formerly known as AMITS) as that guy with the PAID DUES tatted on his neckpiece like a straight savage. Or 1/3 of the First Dirt boys. Usually 60 is reserved & laid back. Don’t get it twisted because he will call cats out on their bs. Straight from the deepest parts of the IE, he has been pushing & grinding nonstop for the last few years. Toured the country & attended almost every indie hip hop event in SoCal. Prior to that, he was killing in the Battle Rap scene. He helped catapult the First Dirt brand to the next level. This very same reason is how FD was able to smash on the Paid Dues Stage 2013.
Aside from all the various projects that dropped & are stewing up within the FD crew, 60 is coming w/ a hard hitting mixtape entitled MOOD MUZIK. He breaks down the misleading current state of Hip Hop & the struggles of the independent hustle. His delivery is polished & the Joe Budden selection of production compliments his style. There were no features on this project. It would’ve been nice to have a verse from Timothy Rhyme & Rymeezee on there. My personal favorites are If I Die Tomorrow & Who Killed It. This will be appreciated by all hip hop enthusiasts alike. BARS! BARS! BARS! Don’t sleep on 60 East. Look out for anything First Dirt is doing IE Stand Up! - Backhand-Ent

"60 East - Mood Muzik Mixtape Review"

The First Dirt team hit the ground running after rocking the stage at the 2013 Paid Dues festival in San Bernardino back in March. It seems every time i turn around FD is conjuring up a new project & in a nutshell, turning heads. With that being said, 60 East brings you another heartfelt installment with his latest mixtape “Mood Muzik Volume one” dropping December 10th, 2013. Consisting of a selection of production by Joe Budden, he attempts to tap into your deepest thoughts with this tape. 60 hit the nail on the head when describing this project by saying “From beginning to end the listener is taken through a series of personal stories and life experiences, in a raw and lyrical fashion”.
For those who have gave 60 some undivided attention & an ear in the past, you know there is no boundaries with him. Speaking on subjects most would hide from the world really shows where he sits as an artist & a person in general. “Mood Muzik” is no exception. With the intentions of making people think by using his rhymes as a relative ladder, i really felt the connection with him on this mixtape. From the controversies on the street & at the homestead to the struggles as a man, 60 was sure to hit every stop by revisiting what goes on in his world daily. One of my personal favorites off the tape would have to be “Who Killed It Part 1″, a slap in the face to today’s music industry. With the majority of “Mood Muzik” focusing on deep topics, this song spoke to me on numerous levels. 60 grasped the listeners attention by showing them how find their hearts then kindly let them know that there are some things that shouldn’t be glorified. In conclusion, the track listing was well organized, the word play was ridiculous & the message was sent! Overall, “Mood Muzik” is an instant classic! Though there weren’t any features on the tape, credits include Satellite Rock on the mix, various sponsorships from companies such as GB threads, Third World, Zink Originals, Envent, Failed Youth, Trapalone, Magnified & more! Not to mention it’s hosted by Dj Malue. Cop this mixtape when it’s released December 10th, 2013 to see what all the fuss is about. You will not be disappointed. “Mood Muzik” will be available on www.FirstDirt.com .
#8thOfDopeCosign - 8thofdope.com


  • The A.M.I.T.S. Mixtape 2010
  • The Introduction EP 2011
  • The Documentary Mixtape 2012
  • Mood Muzik Mixtape Vol.1 2013
  • The Freeway Series Vol.1 2014
  • 10,000 Hours: A Story of Success



After being introduced to the industry at an early age by his older brother, 60 East has been working actively in the Hip Hop game since the age of 13. Growing up in the industry after High School he landed an Internship with an established label in Universal City. After learning the business side of the industry during his internship, he began to apply his knowledge to his own career. 60 began touring nationally and releasing material with his independent label "First Dirt". 60 found much success with his group touring Nationally and Internationally earning performance slots on notable Festivals across the country including The Paid Dues Festival and VANS Warped Tour. He then began releasing solo material in 2014 and touring independently with various artist including Joell Ortiz and RA The Rugged Man. Shortly after releasing his solo material he began getting placements on a lot of the major blogs including 2DopeBoyz, ThisIs50 and Boi-1da to name a few. He was named "Best Hip Hop Artist" by IEWeekly Magazine and "Hottest Up and Coming Artist in the West Coast" by KRUSH Magazine. In 2015 60 East also earned a slot on the A3C Festival and became Winner of DJ Booth and A3C's "This is my Year" contest, which host some of hip-hop's most promising artists from across the world. In 2016 60 East has found himself working with artist like Blu, Skyzoo and Wake Up Show veteran Sly Boogy to name a few. He has also began headlining his own tours Nationally and Internationally earning slots on some of the biggest European Festivals including Hip Hop Kemp. 60 East was also the headliner at the 7th Annual Zabij Nude Festival in Poland. As he continues to grow and release new music, he is definitely an artist you want to keep an eye on.


Krush Magazine Hottest Up & Coming Artist 2011

IEWeekly Best Hip Hop Artist of 2013 

DJ Booth & A3C "This is my Year" Contest Winner 2015

Major Shows/Festivals:

Paid Dues Festival - W/ Macklemore, TDE, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Joey Badass (CA)

VANS Warped Tour - W/ Linkin Park, Watsky, K.Flay (CA)

SXSW - W/ Logic, Macklemore, Jon Connor (TX)

A3C - W/ Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Rakim, Pharoahe Monch (ATL)

Indie Entertainment Summit W/ Tech N9ne, Chino XL, The Alcoholics (CA)

Speak Your Mind Festival - W/ Living Legends, Rappin 4Tay (NV)

The Colonial - W/ Immortal Technique & Chino XL (CA)

The Fat Cat - W/ Ghostface Killa & Killah Priest (CA)

Harlow's - W/ Dead Prez (CA) 

      W/ Camp Lo (CA)

      W/ Locksmith (CA)

      W/ Canibus & K-Solo (CA) 

The Airliner - W/ Elzhi (CA) 

Happy's - W/ Chino XL (CA) 

Poetry in Motion Festival (CA)



California State Fair (CA)

DIY Festival (CA)

End Of Summer Festival (CA)


Spring Tour 2016 W/ RA The Rugged Man & A-F-R-O (East Coast)

The Human Tour W/ Joell Ortiz & !llmind (West Coast)

The DOITour (West Coast)

VANS Warped Tour (West Coast)

FDCA (College Tour)

The Vintage Tour (U.S)

The RED Tour (The Game, Don Trip)

Empire Strikes Back Tour (SouthWest)

The Introduction Tour (West Coast)

Guest Panelist/Speaker:

The Indie Entertainment Summit (LA) 13,14,15

URBIE Music Conference (Sacramento) 14,15

Coachella Valley Music Industry Summit 

California State University of San Marcos

Palomar College Encuentros Leadership

Has performed with

Linkin Park, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Tech Nine, Immortal Technique, Mix Master Mike, Trinidad James, Talib Kweli, Hopsin, Juicy J, Nipsey Hussle, Scarface, Dom Kennedy, Rakim, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Pharoahe Monch, Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Souls of Mischief, Murs, Fashawn, Freddie Gibs, Madlib, Chino XL, Camp Lo, WC, Killer Mike, Joey Badass, Swollen Members, Problem, Grieves, Badluck, Smoke Dza, Skeme, Binary Star, The Internet, Chevy Woods, Elzhi, Prof, Vince Staples, Terrace Martin, Many More.

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