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San Antonio, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

San Antonio, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop Christian


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"7vnSeal "Keep My Boots Madd Muddy" mixtape review"

It's rare to find a hip hop artist that moved from secular work to what 7vnSeal calls "Ministerial Music" and keep it so raw, yet so anointed at the same time. Truly amazing. His new mixtape "Keep My Boots Madd Muddy" includes 24 tracks featuring a large cast of artists including Gifted Da Flamethrowa, Young Mercy, John Bennard, Dirt, Theory Hazit, Sincon, Braille, James H., Alkatraz, Willie Will, Cy, and Applejaxx. 7vnSeal, previously known as 80proof brought the style that he developed while working with some of the Wu Tang Affiliates to his new "Ministerial Music". Throughout this project, any Wu fan can appreciate his militant style of delivery and sharp razor like lyrical flow, giving Christians and non Christians alike a reason to listen. One thing that is definitely prevalent and remains the most important throughout this mixtape is the commitment that 7vnSeal has given to his new found Faith and to this project by bringing a cast of artists that share the same devotion to the Lord. So let's get into it…..

After listening to the mixtape several times through, I have decided not to break down every track, but shorten the list to 13 tracks in order to leave you wanting more. If you want to know about the other 11 tracks, make sure you get the download.

The album drops with "Till The End" featuring Young Mercy, a raw, militant track that showcases 7vnSeals lyrical and well sharpened style. Young Mercy takes verse number two with a smooth style of his own.

"X2" is the second track on the album, featuring Gifted Da Flamethrowa. 7vnSeal hits the listener hard on this one with a special anointing that I could feel as I was listening to this track. Gifted follows up with a deep verse giving praises to the Lord on this one.

"My Sword Finger" is the first track on the mix tape that is straight up militant from the start. 7vnSeal laces the boots and straps the fatigues on this track with two and a half minutes of straight gifted lyrical skills.

In my opinion, the fourth track, "Centurions" makes my head pop more then any other track on this mix tape. This track is the mixtape "Anthem", and is where Young Mercy truly shines on his verse. 7vnSeal lays down his verse with the same power and affliction that he always hits the mike with. This track left me with part of the hook rotating through my head, "Get Ya Chin Checked".

7vnSeal hits the next track solo. "My word" is 7vnSeal putting an end to 80 proof and verbally introduces the listener to 7vnSeal a.k.a. God's Dagger, as if he is saying "Forget 80proof, I formally introduce you to 7vnSeal".

One of my favorite tracks on the mix tape was the first track I ever heard from 7vnSeal and remains my favorite track by this gifted and God loving artist. Tranformation is the story of a man on a journey from the old self to his new self being used by Christ. This track will uplift the soul as he spits his story of the transformation of himself through the almighty Christ Lord himself.

The title "National Apology" speaks for itself. 7vnSeal takes on something that most men would not be able to handle. Giving an apology to any and all females he did wrong. This track is about a man standing up with Gods grace and admitting wrong doing. Most definitely the best apology he can give.

"Land Of The Lost" has a beat that any Wu fan would most definitely recognize. This track is raw, militant, and taking battle in the land that we are all lost in. The track starts with Alkatraz in the first verse, then 7vnSeal jumps in on the second verse with his sharp lyrical flow.

"7th Platoon" is the track that 7vnSeal commands attention as a new Christian General. Prepped for war, and strapped with the microphone weaponry, his boots are definitely madd muddy on this track. This raw track takes you through his spiritual journey.

"Praise It Be His Name" is 7vnSeals track to give praises to the one and only true God that has uplifted him to a whole new level both as a man and as an - CA - Executive Editor

"Album Review 7vnseal ''Jungle War''"

“7vn seal has proven that he is a true solider for God. When he came over to God‘s army, he made sure he kept his “boots mad muddy” for the fight. Making over 21 thousands downloads in one month from his previous mixtape, 7vn seal proves that he needs to be on “the frontline”. With that said, he gives us his new project “trench war“. This is the prequel project for “7th brigade” coming out in December. Well, let’s take a look at what we have to expect next month. Recon the land (remix)- First off, the effects to this track really make this song. I feel like I’m actually playing Modern Warfare or some war style game as I’m listening to this. This track should get placement on one of those style games coming up next year. I love the bar “blood of Jesus/I’m surrounded by legions”. It truly expresses the physical andspiritual warfare that is embodied in 7vn Seal’s music. I love the concept behind this track. 7vn seal speaks on reclaiming all the things that ” - ChicanGeorge


There are a couple of Black classic movies that are mandatory that you had to see growing up. One of those movies was “Menace II Society“. It was a gripping tale of “Caine” (played by Tyrin Turner) and O-Dog (played by Larenz Tate) encounters of society and how they try to cope with the bleak circumstances that they are in. Whether you agree with the movie’s subject matter or not, it is a gripping tale to watch about society. I think that’s why 7vn Seal and Dj Sean Blu decided to use this movie concept as the theme for the mixtape “Minster II Society“. Let’s see if they minster or menace with this project.

INTRO- This is the first time where I reviewed the intro of a mixtape and it is a skit/interlude with no lyrics. This is Dj Sean Blu’s best intro that I have heard. It lines up with the theme of the mixtape and uses a great soundbite from the movie.

PAST BE THE PAST-FAVORITE BAR:”I GOT TO BE CAUTIOUS OF A JUDAS KISS” 7vn Seal starts the mixtape off swinging with this track. The production fits his flow very well on this track and his bars are hot. 7vn Seal actually opens up about his past and really invites us into his “old life“. This is actually my favorite track off of the mixtape and is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

LIBERTY-FAVORITE BAR (2 WAY TIE):”I’M A MINSTER TO SOCIETY” “WHY YOU AIN’T IN POSITION/TO ALL MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS” 7vn Seal not only covers biblical principles (tithes), but also speaks on current events. He speaks about “liberty” through a gospel revolution. The tone of the track is serious, yet the beat is something that you can “bump in the whip” and ride to.

PRESENT DAY WORD-FAVORITE BAR:”TAP INTO THE SOUCE, THE ENERGY/I PINPOINT MY ENEMY” This is 7vn seal in his prime! I love this track. 7vn Seal has a more laid back flow on the track as he “gets no sleep before he battles” the beat. I want to see more of this 7vn Seal with the next project. This is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

Overall, this is a dope mixtape. This is my favorite project from 7vn seal. He gets better with every project that he drops. DJ Sean Blu really takes the mixtape to the next level with this project. Both of their styles work real well together. You can keep up with 7vn Seal on Twitter at @7vnseal and Dj Sean Blu at @DjSeanBlu . As far as this project goes, society just got ministered to. Spread The Soup! - www.chicanschoice.com


7nv’s Discography:
• 2007-Raining Feat. Beretta 9 and Shogun of Killarmy-(Wu-Tang Killa Bees)
• 2008-Shadow Fist Feat. Dom Pachino of Killarmy
• 2008-Varmy Feat. Stumik of Ice Water-Raekwon’s Group
• 2008-9-Worked on a remix single with Shyheim ‘’Wake Up’’



Robert Encinas Jr.
Born: August 28, 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Interesting Facts about 7vnseal

• 7vnseal went prior by the name, Vizion. He later dropped it and picked up the name, 80proof The Illa Instinct. To later kill that name and Birth out 7vnseal A.K.A God’s Dagger.
• 7vnseal’ first collaboration with Beretta 9 of Wu-tang family Killarmy,’’Raining’’ Became a Classic in the Underground Music scene.
Early Life:
As a kid, 7vnseal grew up in a unstable atmosphere surrounded by verbal and even at times physical abuse. 7vnseal new that at one point things had to change, hence the reason why he resorted to Gang-affiliations and the attitude of a street hustler. 7vnseal was no ordinary boy, all way’s going against the grain being raised up with a type of hate to the world, that truly only God could Save him. Shortly after meddling in rapping around the age of 16, 7vnseal decided to take it one step at a time. From doing free-style at local Party locations to engaging in live battle contest on the Radio. In early o7’, former 80proof linked up with Beretta 9 of Wu-tang affiliated group ‘’Killarmy’’. He started working with Beretta on a single that launched him from a typical street rapper into a career mode attitude. Later down the road, He connected with Dom Pachino as well with ‘’Killarmy’’, to drop another single that wasn’t fully re-leased on the Radio. Doing Interviews almost any were he could, a Star was being formed in the ‘’Worlds Terms’’. In Late 07-08’, 7vnseal linked up with world famous ‘’Shyheim the Manchild’’ known to be part of Wu-Tang Killa Bees.
Working on a single with Shyheim, He singed with CCR/UNIVERSAL Management.
All this didn’t matter until one day on March 16, 2009. 80proof was called by the Lord of Glory to come home. Hearing a Pastor tell him thus saith the Lord, Repent and turn from your ways, there is no more chances for you. He heard the Call! Knowing that all he had done in life 80proof should have been in Prison for attempted murder, Dead from a drug overdose, Murdered from Gang affiliations. God has truly showed up and has chosen Robert, to become a Man of God. Now residing at the Ministry of Bishop Donny Banks and Prophetess Jackie banks ‘’Victory Gospel Chapel’’, In San Antonio Texas. There Robert has changed his life around and given it all to Christ. Now a servant of the Most High God, Ready to spread the Gospel in anyway the Lord wants to use him. From being in the battle field most of his Life; he is ready to war in the Spirit for others and for his family and self. The Glory of God and his Anointing is visible in his Fruits and integrity as a Man of God. 7vnseal had been Born and Behold he will do a new thing according to the Word of God in the Book of Isaiah 43:19

• Words from 7vnseal:
It has been a crazy and long Journey never in my life, never have I been corrected and rebuked and disciplined in my whole life. I didn’t think I was that out of order. Christ truly saved me I need him so very much I know I don’t deserve nothing but the pit’s of hell for all I have done. But his mercy and grace said otherwise. If there was no music no shows no album I will still go to the high-ways and by-ways to preach the Gospel. The Lord Jesus Christ is so amazing, I’m beyond thankful for all he has done for me. Now I can be a better brother, Friend, Father and one day a great Husband to a woman of God. Come see that the Lord is good I challenge you. I had no faith didn’t believe and came against every aspect of him even if he did exist. But he does and he’s real and so is hell. Choose this day whom you will serve.
Robert-7vnseal is a product of Victory Gospel Chapel