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Costa Mesa, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2002 | SELF

Costa Mesa, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2002
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Adam's Attic in Radio Land"

Upon both listening to their new EP the Blink of an Eye and reading their press release, it seems all too obvious that Adam's Attic are prepared to be jettisoned into the mainstream. And although the term "radio-ready" tends to turn my blood a little cold, I can think of no better word for Adam's Attic. I could actually picture their shiny pop-rock played right in between bands like Nickelback and Hoobastank. Now if only they were a bit more distinguishable from such bands... Granted, the new EP is a lot more energetic than its predecessor, 2002's Adam's Attic, and frontman Joe Henry knows how to write a catchy tune (and not to mention has a very good voice). But songs like the disc's alterna-lite closer "Rescue Me" I can all too easily picture during an adolescent love scene on the WB. And although high production values are always a plus (no matter what the indie-rock gods tell us), here they also make the band sound a little more like everyone else, and I'm still not sure whether or not that's what they wanted. Nevertheless, the EP as a whole is pleasant-sounding, and can pack some pretty surprising punches, such as on the steadier tunes "Not Enough" and "Autumn," as pleasant as pop-rock can sound. In the meantime, New Orleans may have its next Better than Ezra on its hands with Adam's Attic in the near-future. - Deibel, Jeremy J. Offbeat. New Orleans, LA. Feb. 2005.

"“ the blink of an eye”"

I’m sure that Adam’s Attic is tired of hearing the comparisons between themselves and Creed. Although some of the comparisons are relevant, they do have one important edge over the retired, in-denial Christian rock band: they don’t have Scott Stapp as their lead singer. Instead, Adam’s Attic has Joe Henry, a leader who sings with simple clarity. He doesn’t strain to sing notes that are too high or over-sing notes that fall within his range. Henry’s voice combined with the music of Adam’s Attic makes for a sound that seems pure and honest. “In The Blink of an Eye” is spiritual in tone yet is not religious. The album’s most religious song is “Rescue Me,” the title being self-explanatory. The rest of the album deals with lost spiritual love or friendship, such as “My Life,” a song written in tribute to Michael Baudier. The bottom line of this release is that Adam’s Attic is comfortable enough with who they are to let their music speak for the band. - Rago, Res. Where Y'At. New Orleans, LA. Feb. 2005.

"Not Kept in the Dark, Adam’s Attic"

Adam’s Attic displays the talent and passion that many of even today’s biggest bands lack. They have the capacity to produce music and lyrics that are consistently above par, continually outdoing themselves. Their front man is more than ably backed by a more than capable band. In fact, one can see how they support each other so well. There’s a unity between them in style and function of performance. I cannot give more accolades to this group. Adam’s Attic is worth going to see perform. - Lassalle-Edwards, Jennifer. Jan. 2005.

"Heartache to Big Break: Adam's Attic Poised and Polished for a Bright Future"

..."You need focus if you want to be a pop radio band, and they know what kind of music they are meant to write," Miller said. "But they (Adam's Attic) don't come to the table with a selfish, egocentric project; they want to make the songs better. They're open to new ideas."

"They're a positive band, so that makes it easy to be around them. And they're one of the few bands I know who absolutely treat it like a business. It doesn't interest me when a band just wants to do a demo and sell it to their friends and that's the end of it. I like to see a band who has the hunger for it. And these guys are hungrier than just about any band I know." - Spera, Keith. Times Picayune. Lagniappe. New Orleans, LA. Jan. 7, 2005.


December 01, 2007
Unsigned Acts Rock Out On Military Installations


...Once a band completes the application process, is accepted and is matched up with a base, it is flown to whatever far-flung location is currently demanding acts of its genre. Joe Henry of rock band Adam's Attic has played in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greenland since he hooked up with AFE; prior to those trips, he had never traveled internationally.

But free trips to exotic locales aren't the only benefit indie acts can get from working with AFE. For Henry, who came from a military background, there was a sense of "giving back" to an organization that had sustained many of his relatives. More tangibly, though, bands can get a career boost out of completing a tour.

...Adam's Attic has had a similar experience. "We've had people start street teams on the bases for us," Henry says. "Military fans are really loyal, and as they move from base to base, they spread the word." The band is planning on self-releasing a record digitally in December, and hopes that the fans it gained during its world tour will support the act... - Billboard Magazine (Dec. 1, 2007)

"Excerpts from Letters of Recommendation"

Mike Marotta, Director of Services at Thule Air Force Base in Greenland on July 6, 2006:
"I have been in and out of uniform for over 46 years-I still remember well the Bob Hope shows that were so important to our troops in Viet Nam. In a like manner, Adam's Attic captured our hearts and thrilled our souls with their unique music stylings," wrote Marotta.

Wayne Lee, House of Blues Sunset Strip Assistant Talent Buyer, May 30, 2006:
Lee wrote, "Adam's Attic's consistent professionalism have lead them to be recommended by the House of Blues for numerous events including a Red Bull party at Ray's over the River and a Tulane Benefit at McAllister Auditorium."

Todd Miller, House of Blues New Orleans Assistant Talent Buyer, on May 15, 2006:
"While here, the band (Adam's Attic) proved itself to be one of the rising stars on the scene," wrote Miller. He also said, "Adam's Attic is consistently professional, easy to work with, and the band members and their management go the extra mile in promoting their dates with us." - Adam's Attic

"Album Review: Love Shack, Baby"

Love Shack, Baby. 28 April 2009
"Adam's Attic has hit me square between the eyes with the perfect kind of power pop/rock to kick back and fire up the BBQ."
- Love Shack, Baby

"KTLA Morning News"

"Four words. The four words being 'Best of the Week'!"
- Sam Rubin, Entertainment Reporter, KTLA Morning News (Feb 18, 2010)

"Joe, you got pipes man! You can sing; you guys were excellent. I can picture you may be selling out Staples center. It is a possibility. I like you guys very much."
- Jessica Holmes, Anchor, KTLA Morning News (Feb 18, 2010)

"I definitely thought that these guys had the best songs of anybody we've seen this week."
- Chris Nilsson, VP of Integrated Marketing for Tenth Street Entertainment and the, KTLA Morning News (Feb 18, 2010)

"I can tell you guys have been playing for a while. You have a great sensibility as a band. I love the melody. I think it is really great, especially the guitar licks were really, really memorable. I can see myself humming it after, so I liked it."
- Jay Rodriguez, Celebrity Host, KTLA Morning News (Feb 18, 2010) - KTLA Morning News

"OC Rock Radio - DJ Ron, Program Director"

"Thank you very much for taking the time to send us your CD. We absolutely love your CD. I haven't heard a CD like this in quiet a long time. Lots of passion. Great tracks."
- DJ Ron, Program Director, OC Rock Radio - OC Rock Radio


Album: Off the Wire (2013)

Album: Where Is Love (2011)
Single: Sing Me Anything
Single: Where Is Love

Album: Skylines and City Lights (2009)
Single: Waiting

Album: In the Blink of an Eye (2005)
Single: Autumn

Single: Change (2004)

Album: Adam's Attic (2002)
Single: Superman



Brought together by a passion for music and unity in the face of adversity, Adam's Attic inspires listeners with an honest and open sound. From their New Orleans roots to their current home of Los Angeles, the alternative, pop/rock band has matured musically and captivated audiences on a global scale. The band of brothers just wrapped their fifth international tour in 2014.

"While here (New Orleans), the band proved itself to be one of the rising stars on the scene," remarked Todd Miller, Talent Buyer for House of Blues.

In August 2005, one of the five deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history struck the north central Gulf Coast region destroying much of their home In New Orleans. Through the devastation, Adam's Attic was forced out of its comfort zone and responded by bonding together and stepping out on a limb. Joe Henry, Adam's Attic front man, said, "Some of us lost everything we had, with the exception of our music gear and some personal items; all of the venues we played were closed or out of business. Only a week before Katrina, we were given the most amazing opportunity to open for Lifehouse at House of Blues New Orleans. We had to act."

Leaving behind everything they had built In the hopes of recreating past successes, the musicians moved across the country and settled In California. Adam's Attic had nothing but their gear and souls brimming with emotions.

Relying on each other, they rose to the challenge continually producing positive and inspirational music for fans. The music is written about the experiences of real life. Although we all have struggles, the hard times are merely a trial by fire; perseverance through adversity creates the opportunities for success.

Becoming the first runner up in the KTLA (Los Angeles) Battle of the Bands competition with 955 votes only slightly short of the winning bands 959 votes catapulted Adam's Attic. The band performed live on the KTLA Morning News for a televised viewership of 3 million plus. With the momentum gained from the KTLA competition, Adam's Attic was propelled forward with performances and opportunities like Universal City Walk, United Way's Walk United at Angel Stadium, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, CBS Television, Disney's Tap Tap Revenge Tour, Yahoo! Music, ReverbNation, etc. Since then, Adam's Attic made a second, third, and fourth appearance on KTLA Morning News.

Through hard work and personal sacrifice, the independent band knows the meaning of developing a solid marketing strategy and building a strong foundation. The group has seized one success after another by headlining numerous sold out shows at the House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafe, touring five continents, playing for crowds exceeding 11 ,000, receiving sponsorships in excess of $150,000, and penning at least seventy original songs registered with BMI. With the accumulation of small successes that led to becoming darlings of New Orleans, Adam's Attic is a rising star in the world market. This band has proven that it has the elements necessary to make great music, draw large crowds, and entertain fans. Listeners will get an audible experience of what It Is like to tour the globe through the lives of the band.

Adams Attic is seeking: Label Deal, Publishing Deal, Licensing. Film/TV Song Placement, Booking Festival and College Booking, and Exposure.