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Trenton, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1990 | SELF

Trenton, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1990
Solo Hip Hop Hardcore




"Chopping It Up With Alamaj"

Suave: At what time in your life did you know that music was your calling?
Alamaj: I always knew that I wanted to be in music since I was 5 years old. I can remember my classmates being jealous of me, because I was so sure of my future career. I always had a hard time going to Career Day at school, though. It turned out there wasn’t a Hip Hop category, but I managed.
Suave: When you first started listening to rap music, which artist of that time influenced your young mind to be an MC?
Alamaj: Believe it or not, it was Chubb Rock and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. As a matter of fact, I still got, "He's the DJ and I’m the Rapper" on tape.
Suave: Describe the process in which you compose your lyrics.
Alamaj: I must be in my zone to compose lyrics. I think of what would be the best line to open up my verse with. I know that as a lyricist, you’re only given a few seconds to prove yourself to execs, so starting off strong is a must. Perfect example, the first verse of ‘…Like Me Now’, starts off with: I told nigg*s, if you cross me, you’ll pay like toll bridges, no going around. All I need is 4 bars and I’m blowing it down.
Suave: Tell our readers about the, “Perfect Example”.
Alamaj: ‘Perfect Example’ is my first project. I’m giving you 15 songs, no skits. It’s like I’m taking you by the hand, to walk you through bits and pieces of my life. Since this is only the first installment, I feel that people have a lot more to learn about me, so I won’t say that this project is 100% of who I am. The ‘Perfect Example’ would at least have to been a 10 disc package to do that.
Suave: Who did you work with production wise, on this album?
Alamaj: I worked with AP of Full Clip from my Underworld camp & Bionik from Deviant Son out of North Carolina. You’ll also find featured artists on the ‘Perfect Example’ like Quan, AP & Deuce of Full Clip, Artesha, and a few others.
Suave: Why do you feel that you have what it takes, to make it to the top of the Rap game?
Alamaj: I understood early that it isn't a game at all; it's a business. I have to play by the industry rules and not my own, if I want to win. Now after I play by those rules, only then can I break them.
Suave: How important is it to you, to have your hometown behind you?
Alamaj: It’s very important. I look at it as home court advantage. If we’re going at each other for 7 games, and I have 4 games in front of my city, my state; just call it quits, because I will not lose.
Suave: How can our readers keep in touch with Alamaj?
Alamaj: Send me an email to, and from there I’ll direct them. Thank you, for the feature Indie.
- IndieStreet Ent Magazine

"Alamaj makes Xpoz Magazine's Next List"

Xpoz Magazine Hailing from the Garden State is the "Anchor Man" of Hip Hop Alamaj. A 24 year-old rapper who is making his mark in the business, Alamaj is sure to set fire back to the east coast.
Alamaj is in his own category, --with no notable comparisons to any known rapper in the game. It is hard to detect any east coast swagger in his rhymes, and he is not on that southern tip either. He is just being, which seems to be working in his favor so far.
Although Alamaj has been involved in music for years, it was never serious. He would just lay down tracks and let them collect dust, until he realized no one was going to knock on his door with an opportunity for him, so he created his own.
With material he created over 5 years ago, Alamaj created his first album, "The Perfect Example," which was released in 2005. Alamaj had low expectations for the release because he did not implement a specific style. But he was surprised when people began positively responding to his music. Realizing his talent, he thought about the success he may have in the future by putting forth more effort with his second album.
Alamaj drew inspiration from his peers, production team and nearly everything around him to create his most recent album "Exhibit A."
This album demonstrates Alamaj's lyrical growth as well as production skills.
Laced with raw freestyle, meaningful rhymes and party joints, his first single, Speak Up, recently debuted on college radio. And listeners are doing just that, with their calls to the radio station requesting to hear more of the dynamic rapper.
On his latest project, he is not just rapping about stories that happen ten years ago; he is rapping about his current struggles. He is straight taking us back to the "Reasonable Doubt" days, and that is real.
As a rapper and self-proclaimed fan of hip-hop he recognizes the need to bring the east coast back to the frontlines of hip-hop, allowing listeners to be taken to a different place while maintaining his originality. Alamaj believes that it not about just working hard, but working smart.
Check for him on Myspace, at - Xpoz Magazine

"Makin' It Magazine features Alamaj's mixtape "The Heat Series""

Alamaj's "The Heat Series" part 1 appears in this issue of Makin' It Magazine - Makin' It Magazine

"Alamaj's Mixtape "The Heat series" gets the MIXTAPE REVIEW"

New Jersey rapper Alamaj is gunning to establish himself and his movement underworld entertainment in the first installment of the heat series mixing a confident braggy flow with rhymes about hustling and full of joking sexual references Alamaj seems to be looking to entertain rather than enlighten on this mix tape and he is mostly successful the majority of his rhymes focus on what he has that these other cats don't money cars good fashion sense and of course women though he certainly doesn't place them on a pedestal much of the production on the mix tape is handled by A.P and their area few features including full clip big ooh and deuce the majority of the tracks are upbeat with some remixes over industry beats including day know freestyle on old school one of the more engaging tracks Alamaj flows over classic hip-hop beats including Snoop Dogg's gin and juice another one of his strong tracks is the grind where Alamaj uses his often clever rhyme schemes and smooth delivery to prove to us that he's that much stronger than the next rapper while it would be nice to hear Alamaj branch out a little as far a subject matter he has an appealing flow and lyrics that are entertaining enough to keep you wondering what's coming out next the heat series part 1 is a good set up to what should be a strong mix tape series from underworld entertainment and is definitely worth the download - Coast 2 Coast Magazine

"Alamaj mentioned as Fabolous readies “Loso’s Way” for a select crowd in NYC"

This week, Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous held a listening session / movie premiere at an undisclosed location in Manhattan. Media, Executives, Producers and fans alike, packed into the venue to take a glimpse at his fifth studio album, “Loso’s Way”.

Due to an early partial leak of the album (let’s get this corrected, please), a majority of the attendee’s sung along with the metaphorically gifted wordsmith’s technical delivery from track to track. The lead single to ‘Throw it in the Bag’ featuring The Dream, lifted a few swaying champagne glasses to the ceiling.

But if you know Fabolous’ track record, the singles are just the ice breaker to the main event. Songs like ‘Lullaby’ produced by The Alchemist (with scratches by Just Blaze) had necks spinning clear off shoulders; the remix to ‘Money Goes, Honey Stay” featuring Jay-Z showed that Brooklyn was in the house in a major way; and one of Fab’s favorites ‘Pachanga’ produced by Sid V for “Duo Live” was Street Fam tested, and audience approved.

Loso then gave the crowd an exclusive (remember those?). He premiered the video for his next single ‘Everything, Everyday, Everywhere’ featuring the lovely (add more adjectives here) Keri Hilson and the nerdy dude that come to find out was actually you in high school, Ryan Leslie.

As for the movie premiere of “Loso’s Way”, I could give you one guess about the story’s plot. Yes, you’ve got. It’s a story about a young man and his entourage – a story about an emcee that becomes a huge star – a story about leaving the game behind, yet can’t seem to shake it off. “Loso’s Way” is about an emcee, playing the role of an emcee. I will not say that Fabolous played himself; I’ll save that for the ‘Comment Section’.

For the most part, there wasn’t much to take away from the film. Styles P basically stole the show playing the role of Loso’s lyrical nemesis. The crowd laughed at DJ Clue before he opened his mouth as the radio disc jockey that documented Loso’s musical career. The movie was 20 minutes long at the most. One of the attendee’s (Alamaj) asked Fab where the rest of the movie was at. And Fab just answered if the money that is offered to him is right, he’ll complete it. Otherwise, he’ll continue the movie with his next album release. Hopefully in the sequel he becomes a doctor or an engineer.

Loso’s Way Tracklisting

1. "The Way "Intro"

2. "My Time" (Feat. Jeremih)

3. "Imma Do It" (Feat. Kobe)

4. "Feel Like I'm Back

5. "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere" (Feat.Keri Hilson)

6. "Throw It in the Bag" Throw It in the Bag" (Feat. The-Dream)

7. "Money Goes, Honey Stay (When the Money Goes Remix)" (Feat. Jay-Z)

8. "Salute" (Feat. Lil Wayne) 9. "There He Go" Paul Cain, Red Cafe & Freck Billionaire)

10. "The Fabolous Life" (Feat. Ryan Leslie)

11. "Makin' Love" (Feat. Ne-Yo)

12. "Last Time" (Feat. Trey Songz)

13. "Pachanga"

14. "Lullaby"

15. "Stay" (Feat. Marsha Ambrosius)

16. "I Miss My Love"

Will “Deshair™” Foskey is a social journalist/blogger, with New Jersey as his home state and as one of his many passions. His most recent project, HYPERLINK "" has launched to rave reviews, early Summer ’09.


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Perfect Example, Exhibit A, The Heat Series pt 1, The Heat Series pt 2



The first thing most people want to know is where did the name Alamaj come from, and how do you we even say it. Alamaj (Al-la-maj) has a unique word play, and often spells words backwards for added effect. So when Jamala flipped his first name backwards in a lunch table battle, it stuck.

Alamaj, or Ala for short, comes from the heart of Trenton, NJ. After years battling at the lunch tables he started to make songs and managed to catch the ear of a well-known DJ, DJ Juice. Ala's project "The Heat Series 2" has hit the street and the internet in a massive manner with his collaboration. Linking up with the legendary DJ Juice to release a collaboration project, "DJ Juice Video Blendz DVD Vol. 70" with "The Heat Series 2" mixtape included with every copy has made Alamaj's impact that much stronger. The DVD/CD Combo even won a Southern Ent. Award two years in a row and has opened up many doors for the young rapper.

Currently Alamaj's music is being streamed on Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and many other major online radio stations. Promoting his brand, the Rapper has been seen on advertisements on BET, VH1 and various online, print and DVD magazines. Performances opening French Montana, Wale, Jadakiss, Juelz Santana, and Brick Squad to name a few, has made a name for this incredible wordsmith. It is clear that the world wants more of this gifted MC.

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