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Syracuse, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Syracuse, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"A&R Report: Alani Skye"

Some singers are simply better than others. Holding a note is one thing, but when you can evoke emotions no matter the crowd, you are truly blessed. Alani Skye is among the best at what she does.

When did you start performing?
I started performing when I was nine years old in the school and church choirs. My bigger performances started in high school while being a part of the ‘School of Hearts’, an after school program.

Name some artists who have inspired or influenced you.
I’ve been influenced by artists such as Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill to name a few.

How would you describe your style?
I have a story-telling style. As a songwriter, I pull ideas from my real life as inspiration for my songs. I feel like those that listen to my music may also relate to my truth. Whether it’s happy, sad, pain, or joy, my lyrics come from within.

What separates you from other artists?
What separates Me from other artists is my sound. I feel like I don’t sound like other artists in the market today. Originality is very important to me.

Name major artists you’ve performed with.
I have not performed with any major artist as of yet but I hope to bless the stage with J Cole or Travie Mccoy or even Will I am one day.

Do you have any major offers on the table?
No major deals on the table. I am with an small indie called PalmTree Records/Fe Fe Entertainment.

What advice would you offer other aspiring artists?
My advice would be to stay true to self, no matter what seems cool at the time. Times are changing so don’t try to fit in and always think outside of the box. - Urban Magazine

"An Interview with New York Based Promising R&B Singer-Songwriter, Alani Skye!"

As early as age 7, Alani Skye starting writing songs and would entertain her family with them. Like many young aspiring singers, she joined the children’s choir at her church. The desires to be an artist led her to record her first song at just 13 years old!
Alani is now ready to really take her music career to the next level with a debut EP soon to be released.
Learn more about this talented aspiring singer-songwriter in the following interview:

Can you remember the moment that you decided to be a performer?
I have read that your mother was a musician. That must have influenced you, right?

My mother definitely played a major role in my decision to be a performer. I can remember her bringing me on stage when I was younger and always having me involved in the church and school choir. I was always comfortable on the big stage and I knew for a fact by the age of thirteen, that I wanted to make a living by writing and singing my music.

You experienced tragedy and sadness at early age, how do you think that has affected your music today?

My experiences are what I sing about. Because of the things that I’ve been through, I have a story to tell and it helps to bring that joy, pain, and soul to my music. I feel writing about my life keeps the music real and helps my fans get to know me better.

How has being from NY affected your music and really who you are as a person?

Some of the greatest musicians come from New York. Like Alicia Keys said in “Empire State Of Mind” -Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothin’ you can’t do… Being from New York, whether upstate or downstate, just provides that fire, that go-getters mentality. Being form New York creates such a hunger inside. It’s like we’re all fighting for the same thing. We are all talented. So you have to prove why YOU should be the chosen one and what makes you better than the rest.

Alani You are about to release “Project Weekend”. How does that feel? And where did the inspiration for songs like “Project Weekend” come from?

I’m excited for the release of “Project Weekend”. This sound is new for me. It’s more of an up tempo, club record with a pop feel. I worked with a producer named P-Nut out of Ohio and Sepp Herbert. And I co-wrote the record with a songwriter name Ocie from my hometown of Syracuse. He heard the track one night during one of our writing sessions and the rest was history.

Can you describe where you are in your career right now and what 2015 plans you have?

This is just the beginning of my career. I feel that I am really growing as a singer/songwriter. By working with different producers and creative individuals, we are concentrating on creating really good music. I am looking forward at hitting the stage and sharing my music with the world. My producer, Sepp Herbert, has mentioned releasing another single shortly after this one. I could also see a couple videos coming out… I definitely want to do one for “Project Weekend”.

How do you think you and your music has grown over the years?

Every time I sit down to write, I write as if this is going to be hit. Each time trying to take my music to another level. I used to write from a dark place in my life. Now I write not about how dark my past was, but about how bright the future will be. I no longer take the safe or comfortable route while creating my music, to me its about expanding everyday.

What sets you apart from other R&B singers out there today?

I really have my own sound, my own ID. I don’t sound like anyone out right now or before me. Nor do I try to replicate other artists. I sing about my experiences and avoid writing songs about what I think people want to hear or can identify with. I just speak my truth; which happen to be the truth of so many others.

More times than not, influences tend to bleed through. What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?

Currently Sam Smith, Lorde and Mary J Blige. Sam Smith is an amazing writer and his sound is so refreshing and I’m also loving what he has done with Mary’s latest project. Lorde just seems so free to me when she performs, it’s like no one else exists in her world… I can feel that from her.

Living or dead, who would you love to work with and why?

Tupac and Travis McCoy. I grew up listening to Tupac his music never gets old, his message never wears out, and his voice never dies. He is a true poet and great story teller that draws people in with his timeless lyrics. Every since Gym Class Heroes “Cupid’s Chokehold” I have wanted to do a feature with Travie. I love his style of rap and the fact that we’re both from Upstate New York… we gotta represent.

Thus far, what’s a favorite memory or something quirky that’s taken place with the band (in-studio, onstage, or elsewhere)?

I performed at a music seminar and forgot my lyrics and had to freestyle a little bit. Of course no one noticed even though it was written all over my face that I was making the words up.

Is there anything in particular that you’d like people to take away from listening to your music?

I’m an all or nothing person. I’m giving all of me through each song. I come from the struggle but I will stop at nothing to get out. My music allows me to free myself from all inhibitions and I hope to be the voice to help others free themselves. I hope my fans see how much I believe in the music and also realize no matter what I’ve been through, music saved me. And hope one day to save others through my music.

When can people expect you to release a full EP?

My team and I here at FE FE Entertainment are planning to release an EP sometime later this year. We have been in the studio writing and recording and plan on putting out a project that truly represents ALANI SKYE. So tune in and be on the lookout! - ALL ACCESS MUSIC

"BASE LEVEL: Alani Skye Is Serving R&B With A Hip-Hop Flare"

Name: Alani Skye

Age: 26

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Musical Inspiration… My life experiences and pain inspire my music.

Who are some of your musical influences? I would say I am influenced by Mary J Blige, Anita Baker and Aaliyah.

Describe your sound… My sound is unique, I sing with a hip-hop approach.

Biggest break thus far? My biggest break was having my newest single added to Pandora and being named as a Border Breakout artist on an international chart.

If you were a lovechild of any artist, dead or alive, who would they be?

Bob Marley and Diana Ross.

What advice have you received from a celebrity that you’ll never forget?

I once read something from Bob Marley that I will never forget. One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain…

Get into Alani Skye’s single ‘No Love, No More,’ below: - Shamika Sanders

"Alani Skye – No Love No More"

Alani Skye drops off her new single, “No Love No More,” a hard-hitting jam that is a departure from her danceable tunes. With Mary J. Blige as one of her biggest inspirations, Alani incorporated the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul’s influence on “No Love.”

“As we were recording this song, I knew it was one that could really touch a lot of people. Everyone wants the all that love brings and not just that ghetto love cliché,” she explains. The clip finds Alani as she angrily frees herself from a two-timing beau but is she wrong about him? - Singersroom


ALANI SKYE - ALBUM (CD, DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records , 2019

ADDICT - Single (DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records, 2018

MY STORY - Single (DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records,2017

DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME - EP (CD, DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records, 2016

SEASON CHANGE - Single (DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records, 2016

NO LOVE NO MORE - Single (DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records, 2015

PROJECT WEEKEND - Single (DIGITAL) FE FE Entertainment, Palm Tree Records, 2015



-"With the release of this latest album, Alani Skye has delivered a sultry, soulful, and emotional narrative of betrayal, heartbreak, and recovery over gritty base lines, and melodic melodies. It is a captivating listen with stand out songs like ‘Pull Up’ that showcase her vocal versatility as an emcee and vocalist and ‘Beautiful’ which could be a feminist anthem on self love and care. Alani Skye provides an unforgettable R&B performance that ask you to reflect on your own heartbreaks, and leave you dancing to victory." 

Growing up, Alani was constantly surrounded by music. She always looked forward to being backstage and watching her mother perform with her band. As she got older, her mother began to bring her on stage. Alani embraced the comfort of the stage and now it is her turn to be in the spotlight.
As early as age 7, Alani Skye began to write songs and would entertain her family with her talents. Like most young aspiring singers, she joined the children’s choir at church. The desires to be an artist led her to record her first song by 13. Soon after that, she and a few friends formed an all-girl group called “Set It Off”. During high school, she moved to Florida and continued worked to expand her career.
Alani knew that it was important to write and record as she tried to figure out who she would be as a solo artist. Unfortunately upon return to Syracuse, things took a turn for the worst. Surrounded by death and violence, Alani found herself caught up within her environment. And although her trouble and pain led her to dark place in life, she found her solace in music and never stop believing in her calling.
Growing up, like most young singers, Alani Skye was influenced by some of the greats such as: Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, and the late Aaliyah, but the one she admired the most was Mary J Blige. Alani could identify with the message within the queen of Hip Hop Soul and her music and the personal transformation throughout the years.
Alani Skye is primed to bring her talents to an audience that is hungry for the return of great music. With the renewed success of Ms. Jennifer Hudson and the talented Tamar Braxton, Alani Skye will be a shining star of today’s new generation of music. 
Remember, believing in yourself is all it takes..... There is no need to remind ALANI.... SKY IS THE LIMIT....