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Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Pop Rock




"Aliensdontringdoorbells Wow Crowds Around The UK"

People underestimate the value of a good live show supporting act. Being stood in front of an audience that is there not necessarily to see you perform; the pressure is on. For the US-based rock ‘n’ roll band, aliensdontringdoorbells opened for the English pop-indie band Scouting For Girls, and to set the record straight, ADRD has done a phenomenal job.

As music venues started to open up this Autumn, people went for their first post-Covid shows, and ADRD was one of the bands to take on this responsibility. As a fairly new formation, all reviewers agreed on ADRD’s ability to hype up the audience.

With the concert opener ‘Consummation,’ crowds were singing along by the end of the track. The thing about ADRD is that no matter if you know the entire setlist by heart or you’ve never heard their material before, their debut album ‘Arrival’ is jam-packed with catchy choruses and gets everyone moving instantly.
A common theme was ADRD’s infectious enthusiasm throughout their set. Every night, the band did not forget to show gratitude for everyone who attended, like at Reading’s Sub 89 or Croydon’s Fairfield Halls.

Keyboardist Mark Boden and lead guitarist Dorian Foyil gave the audience a little battle of the band’s situation with separate solos, shedding light on each member equally.
The tour may be over now, but aliensdontringdoorbells are ready to showcase new material in the form of a second album. They will be working on it in Colorado starting next year in February. - Essentially Pop Magazine

"Patti rocked by Scouting for Girls and aliensdontringdoorbells"

Last week, live music returned with a bang, as Scouting For Girls took to the Patti Pavilion in Swansea on their Easy Covers tour.

Supported by rising rock band, aliensdontringdoorbells, it was truly a night to remember, with energy at an all time high after two years of sitting on our couches.
he first taste of rock ‘n’ roll to bless our ears after the two-year drought is the opening bars of aliensdontringdoorbells’ ‘Slipping Away’, a rollicking number which instantly got the crowd on its feet. It became clear from the off why Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls himself chose this band as their primary support.

The piano-driven, retro-tinged rock ‘n’ roll of aliensdontringdoorbells is the perfect complement to Scouting For Girls’ pop-rock, bookending the night nicely with two bands who know exactly how to have, and share in, a very good time.

Frontman Adam’s talents as an entertainer and MC-equivalent for the band were put to the test with an audience of new fans, but he rose to the challenge with ease. The crowd were driven up into an energetic frenzy, as a perfect support act should do. Equally, Dorian on guitar was a stately figure whose riffage and soloing really helped to nail the band’s sound down to a T.
When Scouting For Girls took to the stage, the energy was electric. The trio have clearly lost none of their energy since the days of ‘I Wish I Was James Bond’, and the crowd loved it. We felt sorry for anyone without standing tickets on this tour – it was impossible to keep still as the band made their way through a mixture of well-loved classics and cover versions.

Making each second their own with a mixture of piano and guitar licks, Scouting For Girls was truly the gig of the year so far. - Swansea Bay News

"Interview with Aliens Don't Ring Doorbells"

We are here today to have a chat with the guys in the band including yours truly so you can get to know us and see how this adventure got started. So let’s jump aboard the Starship as we explore this fascinating band and answer a number of questions for fans and press alike and learn more about these three gentlemen.
The members of aliensdontringdoorbells are:
• Dorian Foyil – Guitar, Sax, backing and lead vocals
• Adam King – Lead and backing vocals
• Christian Pearl – Keyboards and backing vocals

First off, please tell us how did you get the name Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells?
Dorian: A number of years ago, my two oldest sons and I were in a NY subway, they were still just boys (6 and 9). Anyway, an old man wandering the subway platform seemingly talking to himself suddenly stopped turned around and said to my 6 year old son Zach, “it’s because aliens don’t ring doorbells”, and just like that he turned and resumed his one-way conversation down the platform. Later, I realized that the old guy was right and the phrase just stuck in my mind and now it’s in yours as well!

Who are the band members?
Christian: The core band is Christian Pearl on keyboards and vocals, Adam King on Lead Vocals and Dorian Foyil on guitar, saxophone and vocals. We are all writers and together we wrote all 12 songs on our new album “Arrival”. Dorian is from the US and Adam and I are from the UK. We are blessed with a great rhythm section on the Arrival album consisting of Kevin Dean on drums and Earl Forbes on bass; both from The Bahamas.

Sounds like a worldwide band, can you tell us more about how you met and started playing together?
Adam: Indeed we are a worldwide band! Christian and I are originally from Birmingham and Liverpool respectively but we live on the Costa Blanca in Spain and Dorian is from California but moved to Spain after living in The Bahamas for many years. Dorian joined my cover band within a month of moving to Spain and a year later we knew we had the right chemistry and way too much experience playing covers and clubs so decided to strike out on our own and Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells was born!

How would you describe your music?
Adam: We’ve each been around a little while and have played many different types of music in various bands from Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Jazz, Swing and Pop. We write about stories in our lives and those that we have observed but we try and do it in a way that’s accessible to our audience. As far as a genre is concerned, you might think of us as an Adult Pop Rock band with a bit of raw edge.

What is your process for writing your music?
Dorian: We are all busy guys; Adam is also a radio show host and internet show presenter. Christian is a highly successful Youtube piano personality and a Steinway featured artist and I’m a former investment banker active in real estate and investing. The only way we have found to focus that kind of energy is to lock ourselves away for a month and write. And that’s what we did, but we did it in The Bahamas all living in the same condo, getting up and swimming in the ocean first thing and then writing and doing rough demo recordings. When it came to recording the album we rented a house in Denver for a month and hired former Micheal Jackson Thriller engineer Jeff Kanan to produce and record the album at The Keep studios there. It was intense but very productive.

Do you guys have Families? Wife? Children?
Christian: I’m married to the woman I love and together, Rebecca and I have a young son Nathan who now speaks three languages and he’s not yet ten years old!

Adam: I enjoy the company and love of my wife, Lucy; we’ve been together for more than 20 years. We have two daughters Libby and Gracie who both grew up in Spain.

Dorian: My wife and I met over 10 years ago when I was working as an investment manager in Ukraine and together we have a brilliant young son named Christopher and I also have two grown sons Dorian and Zach who are both very busy blazing their own careers these days!

Now that you have recorded your first album “Arrival” what does the future hold for Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells?
Christian: What we love more than anything is playing in front of an audience and watching the excitement build as we run through our set and the audience gets more and more into the music. We are planning to debut the album this summer to festival audiences in both Europe and North America and hopefully a trip to Asia before we go into the studio again sometime late in 2020.

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"aliensdontringdoorbells are on tour supporting the Pop Rock band, Scouting for Girls."

aliensdontringdoorbells are on tour supporting the Pop Rock band, Scouting for Girls. We got to speak to the trio about their experience being on tour, their favourite song to sing live and what the future holds for the rock band.

Hello boys! Thanks for joining us here at ReVamp. You’re currently on tour with Scouting For Girls - how has it been to finally return to the stage?!

It has been a pleasant surprise to see so many people coming out - nearly all shows have been sold out. It seems that a lot of people are coming out to celebrate the return of live music. It's an honour to be touring in support of Scouting For Girls on this important live music tour.

What does a typical day on tour look like for you and the band? Any pre-show rituals you can tell us about?

A typical day on tour generally starts at around 11am when we get into our tour bus and head to the next town. Usually the drives are around 2-3 hours so during this time we often review the previous evenings performance - we video record all our shows by the way. We listen to not only our performance but also the reactions of the crowd. This is important as few people have heard about aliensdontringdoorbells in the UK despite us having two Bllboard A/C Top 30 hits in the US so far this year. It's interesting to see the crowd reaction to new songs. These are always helpful and we adjust our setlist accordingly. Some songs we thought might not work actually work better than we thought so the crowd interaction is key.

Then we usually arrive around 2-3pm to the Airbnb house - usually our 1st choice - or a hotel. From there it is a quick change and over to the venue to unload at around 4pm. Scouting For Girls does a sound check and then ADRD does theirs at around 5:30-6:00PM. We then grab a quick bite. - usually a sandwich - and then it's on stage at 8:10pm after the 1st opening act and ADRD performs just before SFG takes the stage. By then, the crowd is really quite 'warmed up'. After the band's group bow, it's off to the Merchandise Table where we stand around and take selfies with fans and sell hoodies and cool ADRD t-shirts. We take lots of photos with fans because we like it.

Pre-show rituals: Guiness, our drummer prefers 'Extra Stout'. Adam always tells the same joke or we joke around for a while then we go into our own little zones, Kevin goes to his happy place and then Roger says "Ok I flashed Yaron, get on stage girls!" We are on!

What’s your tour van’s go-to album to listen to together on the road and why?

Good question! We all like such different genres of music ranging from pop rock, swing, jazz, fusion. Some of the tracks we have been listening to include new stuff from The Feeling, Jukebox the Ghost and The Script.

What was the first song you wrote together as a band? How has your songwriting and teamwork developed since then?

It's Your Night was the first song aliensdontringdoorbells wrote together and it began as all our songs do, first with an idea and a few words which we finalise.
Do you have a favourite song to play live and why?

Like a Virgin, Surfing with the Alien, Space Oddity why do we want to play these live? who knows, we're aliens!

What can we expect from you in the new year?

More music! This Spring, when live music was minimal, we were in three different studios recording with some truly talented producers. We recorded two great new songs with Latin Pop Producer Marc Martin from Barcelona, Spain which added a lot spice and a uniquely aliensdontringdoorbellsdoorbells edge to the new songs. Next we flew into London from our home base on the Costa Blanca in Spain to record at Tony Visconti's Dean Street Studios in Soho, which is lovingly curated by none other than the great Tens Years After guitarist Alvin Lee's daughter Jazzmin; what a vibe and our producers Roy Stride, Scouting For Girl and Alex Oldroyd really gave us the indie vibe we wanted. Can't wait for you to hear what's coming! - Revamp Magazine

"aliensdontringdoorbells Camper Calling"

A cosmic return for live music with aliensdontringdoorbells playing the main stage at this year's Camper Calling Festival.

Live music is making its sweet return to the world with gigs and festivals this summer; and what better way to have started it than at this year's family-friendly music festival: Camper Calling.
The festival featured an incredible line-up, including the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass and Pixie Lott. Joining these artists on the Main Stage, the out-of-this-world classic rock band: aliensdontringdoorbells.

Aliens opened up the Main Stage on Saturday with an enthralling 35 minute set, playing some of their stellar tracks off of their debut album ‘Arrival’. The band teleports us straight back to the late 80’s with their “Rush-esque”, arena anthemic, single ‘Slipping Away’, the bands captivating, energetic, charisma resonates with a sparkling audience.

As well as blasting off into a world of “mid-Atlantic rock” tunes, the Aliens land us back closer to home with a more Take That-inspired track, with their beautifully written debut single ‘Story’. The band ceases to fail in mesmerising the audience, only to lift off again with an amazing cover of INXS, ‘They Could Never Tear us Apart’. - Music News . com

"Track of the Day: aliensdontringdoorbells – Slipping Away"

I will admit, the band name aliensdontringdoorbells is rather unconventional; then again, there is nothing conventional about this US-based trio. Drawing together elements of rock, pop, jazz and swing, the lads have an eclectic and innovative quality to their music. This is my introduction to the group, but they already have a reputation for enthusiastic and energetic performances. Featured on Music News, Voice Mag, Indie Dock Music Blog and various online radio stations, the threesome is building a loyal following on an international level. I suppose supporting Scouting For Girls on their latest tour is also quite a brownie point. Today we place aliensdontringdoorbells’ tune ‘Slipping Away’ as our Track of the Day.
One of the tracks off their superb debut album Arrival, ‘Slipping Away’ is an upbeat and jovial pop-rock-inspired single. I can’t compare ‘Slipping Away’ or any of aliensdontringdoorbells’ music to other bands, but this track definitely nods to the pop-rock sounds of the late-1990s. Stepping back a couple of decades, the lads harmoniously combine dynamic guitars with pounding drums in a cheerful melody. Yet, while there is this poppy bounce to the song, the guitar riffs highlight the band’s classic rock influence.

Recorded at the legendary Dean Street Studios with Roy Stride of Scouting For Girls, ‘Slipping Away’ has a sophisticated melodic arrangement illustrating the eclectic side of aliensdontringdoorbells. Innovation is further seen in the juxtaposition of melody and lyricism. As I mentioned, there is a bounce to ‘Slipping Away’ but, upon closer examination, the lyrical content has a more poignant meaning. Touching on lost love or rather a bad breakup, the single is melancholic and desperate begging the question, “how will you keep your girl from slipping away? How will you turn back time and make it all okay?”

Anthemic, infectious, inspiring and tender, ‘Slipping Away’ shows aliensdontringdoorbells are pure rock and roll gold! I can’t wait for more from this talented group.
In addition to their single, aliensdontringdoorbells released an official music video for ‘Slipping Away’. Please note: this video uses strobe lighting effects and can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. - The Other Side Reviews

"Review: aliensdontringdoorbells at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls"

I must admit that I did a double take when I first heard the name aliensdontringdoorbells (ADRD), as I’m sure many others have before me.

It’s certainly an original name for a band, and to its credit, not one I’ll easily forget.

The unique name reflects a unique band with roots in the Bahamas, Spain, the US and England.

Having three songwriters who grew up in different places across different decades results in an eclectic mix of songs on the pop/rock spectrum.

Each song played on Tuesday night was better than the last.

Above all else, their enthusiasm was infectious – Earl Forbes, on bass, particularly made my night.

Rarely have I seen someone become so immersed in their music, and yet somehow he managed to get more and more into his groove as the set went on.

It didn’t take long before the crowd, encouraged by lead singer Adam King, warmed up and followed Earl’s lead.

By the second song Daylight, everyone had their hands in the air and by song six, Story, the room was lit up by everyone’s mobile phone torches.

Being my first concert post-Covid, I had almost forgotten the immersive feeling of a group of people waving their torches in time to live music.

Like any good song with a catchy chorus, you could go in having never heard an ADRD song before (like me) and soon be singing along like you’d heard it a hundred times.
The band, supporting English Indie pop band Scouting for Girls, played to a large crowd at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls, marking the final night of their 26-gig tour in style.

Following the set, King thanked Croydon for the brilliant reception, saying that they couldn’t have wished for more as a new band.

The two bands complimented each other fantastically and ADRD did a great job of hyping up the audience before the long-awaited She’s So Lovely hitmakers took to the stage.

Whilst Scouting For Girls still have a number of shows on their UK and Ireland tour, future concert-goers will not get the opportunity to see ADRD, who are headed home for a well-deserved rest before they head to Colorado in February to finish up their second album.

You can listen to the songs from ADRD’s debut album, Arrival, on Spotify. - SW Londoner


What a great year 2021 was for us as a band, we had great response from our single releases and we were lucky enough to get out there, on stage.. With a mixture of Festivals in the UK from Camper calling with Pixie Lott, Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass and many more plus, Gateways festival, what a stunner that was with our friendS, Scouting For Girls, and then we did a whole UK, yes the whole of the UK, sold out tour with Scouting, to a great response to new fans.

2022 has a great line ready for us, a new tour in Europe, some gigs, Finally, in America, and more festivals, and yet more singles out, getting ready for the release of our new album No. 2. Its all there,  with news on the way of  new support tours... Very exciting 2022.... come and join in on a stage near you !

New singles include..

Im not with Amanda Now, Hello 2 u, Preaching to the choir, Dont touch... ARE YOU READY ?



We are a five piece pop-rock band performing original music and made up of
three singer-songwriters (Dorian Foyil  (lead and backing vocals,
guitarist, saxophonist) with Adam King (lead and backing vocals) and
Mark Boden (keyboards, backing vocals) as well as a bass and drums
rhythm section.

We welcome you to explore our music and videos with the following links:

aliensdontringdoorbells (   and also


Key aliensdontringdoorbells milestones

  • Main support for the autumn 2021 UK tour with Scouting For Girls
    – During October – November 2021 ADRD performed a 26 concert date tour
    of the UK with Indie Pop Rock band ‘Scouting For Girls’.  All of the
    dates save for 4 were sold out and venue sizes ranged from 600 – 1400.


  • Main support for 2022 Roachford European Tour ( – This tour will last the month of April 2022 and include over 15 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • US Billboard chart success in 2022
    - In 2022 ADRD had 'Hello 2 you' hit A/C Billboard Top 30. The 1st release from current tracks , getting ready for the new Album.


  • US Billboard chart success in 2021
    - In 2021 ADRD had two Billboard Top 30 A/C hits with ‘Daylight’ and
    ‘It’s Your Night’ (see attached); this opened a lot of doors for the
    band in the UK in 2021.


  • Mainstage festival performances in 2021 - Gateways (ADRD is re-booked for 2022 Gateways) and Camper Calling


  • New ADRD album scheduled for a March 2023 release
    – aliensdontringdoorbells are in the latter stages of recording their
    second album which will be premiering during the festival season.
Promotion team
– In addition, should ADRD perform at your festival, the band will
engage it’s public relations operation to promote the event for maximum

Band Members