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Corpus Christi, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




""AC Delivers standout EP""

“My Last Good Day” is the latest project from lyricist AlwaysChasin. AlwaysChasin sets up the listener for a masterful project full of great production and quality rhymes. The tape also presents a cohesiveness that is rare in todays underground music. “Meditation” is the intro track and an introduction into AlwaysChasin’s lyrical ability. “No Wishes” is one of the best songs on the tape and shows off his hit making ability with a catchy hook over a jazzy instrumental from Adotthegod. AlwaysChasin delivers a quality project here with no misses. Make sure you check out this tape below! - OmgRedRaptor

""Vibrant colors and unique transitions""

AlwaysChasin revisits his “My Last Good Day” project as he drops off the official video for his standout record, “The Fly.” Produced by ADotTheGod, the record features Murk and is brought to life in a way that makes for an eye-catching display.

Vibrant colors and unique transitions make this visually appealing as AlwaysChasin and Murk showcase their laid-back mantra and on-camera presence. Check out the new video down below. - Swidlife

""A solid body of work""

Making his way out of Corpus Christi, TX Always Chasin makes his first appearance on our banger filled outlet with his most recent project “My Last Good Day.” Clocking in at 7 tracks in length, this body of work is AC’s 2nd full-length project following his first release “Family Matters.” With no features and an array of production credits, this is a clear overview of who AC is as an artist and plays as a solid introduction piece if you’re unfamiliar with him.

The project opens with “Meditation,” produced by J Espi this track provides the listener with a unique sound that can be heard throughout the whole project. AC utilizes his lyrical ability bringing forth a solid body of work that can be enjoyed in its entirety. Check out the tape down below. - Swidlife

""what happened next blew me away in such a way I had chills""

Music has been around since the beginning of time. It is a reflection of ourselves, sometimes bringing out the greatest in us, and sometimes a release of the darkness in us. The instrumentals dance in our soul, while the lyrics speak to us emotionally. I personally, use music to escape from the "real world", to de-stress, unwind, or emotionally release what I cannot say outloud.
When I started the Behind the Scenes - When the Music Drops to feature music artists, it was because I had ran across so many bands and single artists that weren't "found". My go-to for music is not the radio, but rather sites like Instagram that people post videos of themselves, friends or family, showing how talented they are. Thats when I ran across Always Chasin...
His music is raw, full of emotion, and intriguing. The song I fell in love with instantly was "The Fly" featuring Murk. It had a slow start to it, soft tones, and rhythmic. What happened next, after about 30 seconds into it, blew me away in such a way I had chills, I couldn't stop listening to what then became my favorite song, which has stayed on repeat since.
I was honored Always Chasin gave me a chance to feature him as our first music artist on Drop Shop Texas, and as we sat down yesterday via video call for our interview, I realized the passion he has for his music, and the loyalty he has towards his listeners runs deep and that is truly hard to find. I needed to know more about his music and soon found out that Kanye West was the inspiration for him to have the courage to take his music to the studio, and release what he had inside for everyone to see. "I never heard anything like him before, lyrically" Always Chasin commented. "He kind of showed and taught me who I wanted to be," as a music artist, "through his music".

As I listened to more of his music, I couldn't help but wonder why I hadn't heard his name before, or see him anywhere as an "up-and-coming-artist". When asked why this hasn't happened, he simply explained one of the biggest challenges of being a music artist are the costs of the industry. While I listened to him explain everything has its costs, it upset me to know that people with such talent go without notice because the costs to "get noticed" are way out of budget for the majority of artists who have the talent. So why are they having to go broke on a chance to make their dreams come true?
Always Chasin took me further in his journey and spoke highly about his current producer, Freddy "Kinder" Perez, with Toshi Sudios, based down in Corpus Christi, who produces the beats to his music. "They made 25 different beats for 5 songs just to find the perfect sound for my lyrics for my 'Wake Up' album." As he spoke about Toshi studios, the gratitude towards them was very humble, from dropping beats, to supporting him, to helping with videography; they have been a true blessing for Always Chasin.

Speaking of beats, how about his lyrics....right? The majority of the songs from his first album have more of the rap lyrics, which put me in a zone of determination to let it all go, and mentally release the stress I'm holding on to. His newest album mentioned before, the 'Wake Up' is more of a vocal album, more emotions with a softer touch, allowing the listener to hear his softer side. As a rapper and vocalist, his talent is never-ending, both albums completely different, and a promise of his next project being even more diverse! "I write 100% of my lyrics. I carry a notepad around with me wherever I am, because the bars come out of nowhere. I try not to think about songs, I just jot them down as they come to me."
He has dreams of one day being able to perform in an arena, surrounded by thousands of fans. "I feed off the energy of a crowd, the bigger the crowd, the bigger my energy." I had to ask about stage-fright and if that has ever happened to him before. "I used to have bad stage-fright in the beginning. I feared I would mess up and everybody would see that." As he continued to do shows around Corpus Christi he grew more comfortable, realizing they were there to see him and "...they don't know what I have planned. They have no idea if I messed up or if that was apart of it. So I just focus on my energy."
Being born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, he grew up in a very diverse town. He has worked with rock bands, and other music artists and enjoys the collaboration. "I would say Corpus is just a lot of people who are talented....the music scene is so young and they can do anything...I am really excited to see where they take it and what happens."
It was so fun being able to sit down with Always Chasin and listen to him tell his story. 5 years ago, he had this dream of being a music artist, and he has definitely grown into one. Support him as a Texas artist and share his music, click the links below to listen to his music!
Apple Music: - DropShopTX (austin)

""AC is taking the world by storm""

Meet AC aka Always Chasin real name Carlos Elizondo Jr. a 24 year-old talented artist coming out of Corpus Christi, Texas. AC uses his platform in music and social media to speak what's on his mind. Not only does he have the skills and the confidence to pursue his dreams, but also has the will and determination to make it in the Music Industry. He is a rare creator who makes an impact on anyone he meets, he is on the road to becoming a King in his own way, slowly but surely.

AC has been making music for about 6 years. Preforming at all types of venues like "House of Rock" in Corpus Christi and the "Buzz Mill" San Marcos, TX . Dropping music that makes the body move and the car cruising.

If you listen to AC music you can hear and feel his desire to prosper in life. Taking inspiration from artist like Kanye West, J.Cole and Mac Miller. Most artist just want to earn a check, for AC its more than just a check it's about standing out and being yourself. Speaking out on what's going on, while also having fun in the process.

He wants his listeners to understand and feel where he is coming from, a city that doesn't get looked at twice but still manages to produce greatness. Managing the everyday struggles of life like paying bills, being in a relationship, and being a father to his son Zedric aka "Zeddy".

AC debut album and second project "My Last Good Day" is a 7-Track compilation of Growth, Struggle, and Realization. His sound is different from the typical music coming out. A phenomenal project that make's you turn the volume up with songs like "Meditation" "Wine or Water" and "The Fly" making a huge impact that flips one's last good day into a fresh start. AC uses his skills to let us know that you can never go left when you keep doing right. If you get a chance hit the links below and check out his amazing project "My Last Good Day" available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.
CCFridays Cypher Ft. AC, OneBraveGhost, Murk, Star and Meta
AC participated in the first ever CCFridays Cypher kicking off with a verse that gets you ready for action. You can hate it or love it, but AC is here to stay. Along side with other amazing artists such a One Brave Ghost, Murk who is apart of "FAM", Star from Star Music and Meta from Meta Entertainment. The cypher gives a taste of what each artist has to offer. Each artist is amazing and unique in each of their own way and each one brings something to the table. Check out this incredible cypher on youtube directed by DGreenFlimz shot in Corpus Christi, TX.

If you want to discover more about AC tune in to one of his #WhatsGoingOn segment on Instagram where he discusses whats going with him along whats going on in world.

If you haven't heard of AC's new EP the WAKE UP! you have to give it a listen. This body of work is incredible, I had the privilege of going to a Pre-listening release Party for the album and saw the music blow everyone away. AC is taking the world by storm, you can see it his music, he is upgrading with time and continuing to get better. In his vocals, you can hear his passion for what he believes in. The EP consists of 5 tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Kinder, some of my favorites tracks are "Sick'N Tired" and "Succ-Sex". The 3rd track "Sick'N Tired" discusses how AC is sick and tired of people praying on his down fall and he is ready to break out and show everybody what he is really capable of, I believe it's time to stop hanging out with people who aren't going to better you and surround yourself with people who lift you up. Do not underestimate the homie, he indeed will surprise you. The 5th track "Succ-Sex" is all about reaching his goal, being successful and hoping you're right their in the moment with AC as his life starts to take off. I have know AC for more then 6 years and I am so Proud of my homie, I truly believe he will make it in life and live out his dream. Support one the realist guys around, Hit the links below and Check out AC latest body of work the WAKE UP! available on all streaming platforms. - Good Friday (Corpus Christi)


Still working on that hot first release.



Corpus Christi native AlwaysChasin was inspired by music and hip-hop at the very eager & influential age of 12 when his mother bought him Kanye's "Late Registration" album from a local dollar general, this is when AC's love for hip-hop was discovered. He first acknowledged his passion for rapping while free styling on a bus ride back home from a field trip to UT. After this revelation AC began to start cyphers around campus and would even ditch class early to roam the halls in search of other MC's to practice with. Starting a significant buzz around school AC was then invited to perform at the talent show that year. This was a huge turning point because it was evident to the crowd as well as himself that he was a natural performer. From high school talent shows, to winning the Best of The Best Hip-Hop Showcase, AC's raw talent continued to validate that he actually had what it takes to make undeniably great music. It wasn't until he graduated from high school in 2013 that he began to cultivate and refine his sound by recording himself in his home studio. Fast forward to 2017 after dropping several singles and unofficial projects on soundcloud AC decided to take the next step. Joining forces with Kinderr at Toshi Studios he put together his first official EP "My Last Good Day" which dropped on all major streaming platforms in November. Since his first release AC has racked up three music videos, multiple blog placements, and even a rare opportunity to meet and work with Cumbia Dj "El Dusty". AC is on track to have a huge year in 2019 anticipating at least three more videos that will be dropping in 2018 alongside his second EP release "Wake Up.” Whether you catch him now or later it’s evident you'll be hearing his name buzz very soon. 

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