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West Orange, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF | AFM

West Orange, New Jersey, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Baby Phace – Zone"

New Jersey’s Baby Phace is kicking off 2020 with a smash. The talented artist has been refining his distinctly melodic sound over the past year and this new release ‘Zone’ is the best example of that sound. Produced by Tom Jacob, ‘Zone’ really showcases a complete level up for Baby Phace. Along with the fantastic visual, everything is coming together and 2020 is going to be a big year if we keep getting releases on this level.

Watch the music video for ‘Zone’ above or stream the song below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace Delivers A Wavy New Set Of Visuals For “Zone”"

New Jersey’s own, Baby Phace, tapped in to bring us the new visuals for his cut “Zone”. This is the first I’ve encountered Phace’s music, but I am thoroughly impressed. His sound is very modern, yet refined to his own style. Instead of hiding behind an overly pitch-corrected wall, this guy actually can croon. Not saying he’s Frank, but the wave is smooth none the less.

This will tug at the heart strings of all the ladies who come across the vibe, and the video only adds to the love for the cut. Produced by Tom Jacob, this vivacious set of instrumentation sets the scene to curate a true smash. It all starts at the bottom, but we have a feeling this could be one of them ones. Stay tuned for more from Baby Phace and we’ll talk to you guys soon. - Daily Chiefers

"Baby Phace Is A Very Talented Artist Hailing From New Jersey"

Baby Phace is gaining momentum out of New Jersey currently and his latest offering is an enticing music video, titled “Zone”. Baby Phace displays a variety of prolific flows and cadences throughout the track and constructs an incredibly infectious hook to anchor the song. He hops on a Tom Jacob produced instrumental that is lively and elating in order to heighten Baby Phace’s prominent melodies. Baby Phace is only going up from here and all he needs is more exposure because his talent speaks for itself.

The music video is captured by @justinnla and he skillfully captures Baby Phace going through the city at nighttime by himself as he delivers his verses right to the camera. Baby Phace’s confidence is on full display as he is gearing up for a big 2020 and I am excited for what he continues to roll out and you should be too.

Get hip to Baby Phace and enjoy “Zone” below! - Elevator

"The Highly Anticipated Baby Phace Project, “Places,” Has Finally Arrived"

Baby Phace is an artist that whose growth has been both steady and exciting, and it’s all finally paid off with the release of his debut EP, Places. Led by the two singles, “Hell” and “Somewhere”, Baby Phace made it clear that this would be a defining project for him as he begins to work towards bigger things…. and boy does it define. Between alternating flows, unexpected and hitting wordplay, and an undeniable sense of personality, Places smashes every mark you hope to hear from a young artist and never fails to impress. Opening with the stellar track, “Heaven”, listeners are immediately shown the original stylings of this Jersey-bred star in the making as he intertwines with the Moflo Music to make one of my favorite songs of the past few months. Over the next seven tracks, Baby Phace is able to maintain a cohesive project and still find ways to experiment with his delivery in ways that keep the tape feeling fresh and alive. Make sure to stream the project right now and you can thank me later. - Daily Chiefers

"Artist Discovery: An Interview w/ Baby Phace"

Having dropped his debut project, Places, earlier this year, Baby Phace is high on our radars as one to keep a close eye on. His eclectic style and interesting way of laying bars over carefully chosen production, not only set Baby Phace apart as an artist but also elevate Places to one of the best introductions to a new artist in a long time. I got a chance to talk with him about Places, building his team and what creating this tape meant to him. Checkout our conversation below and get to know this Jersey star now:

You recently released your debut, Places, can you tell us a little about the project and what it means to you?

Places is my first project. It’s a culmination of everything I had learned musically over the years, particularly this past year. I wanted to try and create a world that people could lose themselves in when the real world is a little too much. I just wanted to really leave my impression and connect with listeners. I hadn’t been able to do that because the circumstances weren’t right, but everything aligned for me and when the time came I knew I was meant to create this.

Since it’s my debut project it holds a special place in my heart. I look at all the greats and how their debut projects are always one of the biggest highlights of their careers. Obviously Places is not an album, but it’s still my introduction to the world – and throughout the process of creating I treated it as such. The amount of time and energy that was put into this project by me and my engineer Jon Ace is ridiculous. The hours go into the 100s.

It was really a journey in discovering myself and my sound.

How did you and Jon Ace end up working together?

During the Summer I was staying in Clifton. Passaic County is surrounded by a lot of studios. So, during my time living there I just kind of branched out and went to a lot of them. One of them in particular stuck with me – 4XMG, which is actually run by Retchy P’s manager, Matt Ciancimino. He’s good people and I was going there pretty frequently, but I was working with another engineer named Sag. He’s great at what he does, it’s just we weren’t meant to work long term, but he’s really doing his thing. But it’s funny because this one night in July had a lot of shit going on. I’m in the studio with a group called Lowland from like 8-11. We make some fire. Some boom bap, sample heavy, Freddie Gibbs type shit. But during the session I get some terrible news about a friend’s family member getting deported and it’s just like this weird moment for me in the studio. I’m just kind of taken out of the moment and I don’t really know how to deal with the situation. So that was the first weird thing that happened that night.

I kind of have to brush it off and I lowkey forget about it in the midst of making music. We get done with that session and my bro Jay Illicit hits me telling me he wants to do another session from like 12-4 type shit. I’m always with that energy so I scoop him and we link up with another bro of mine, Ant Kan$cious, who was with me before and we head to 4XMG. We meet up with Sags and there’s somebody interning the session and honestly we thought nothing of it. That intern happens to be Jon. During the session he explains that he sees an immense amount of potential in us – like Wu-Tang type shit as a group. And he heralds us as next up basically after one session. He asked us to meet him the week after we chopped it up and he showed us some of his work and the rest was history bro for real.

What was the process making Places like? Was it how you expected it to be, and if not how was it different?

It was far from what I expected. The first track that was written and recorded off the project was “Nowhere”. I wrote it in one of my brother’s (not by blood) apartment on Gold street in FiDi – it was a Friday, August 3rd to be exact. I was alone in his apartment and working on tracks right before I had to go to the studio for a 4-hour session. At this point I was just banging out tracks, just trying to ensure the session was productive. I came up with “Nowhere”, but it wasn’t the same beat as it’s on now and some of the lyrics were different. I recorded it that night and I knew that track was meant for a project, but I didn’t know when I would know when to put it together. So I created and I waited patiently.

Fast forward to the end of the month. I think like the 18th or something I went on a family trip to Vegas. I had a long summer and I hadn’t really gotten any down-time so this was really good for my creative process. From that point on the project began to come to life. I thought of the concept for Places and during that trip I made “Hell”, “Somewhere”, and “Crossroads” (a completely different version then the one on the tape). I had a bunch of other songs I thought would fit the tape and the concept, but time showed me otherwise. So it was just a long project. Making an project is like doing project for a class to me and I took it really seriously. I wanted to make sure everything flowed and fit, that there were no repeating concepts. I locked in with my engineer Jon Ace to make sure I had the best performances possible. To make sure we made each song its best version, adding instrumentation when necessary. It was really long, but fun process and I can’t wait for when the time is right to do it again.

I know you’re being managed by the team at Fashionably-Early, what’s it been like working with them?

It’s dope. Since Matt (Matt Albin, one of the creators) is someone I knew prior to us working together, so it helped and there was already some trust there. Obviously when we first agreed to work together I was skeptical because of the nature of the music business, but he has proven himself to be honest and has really helped me with branding, quality control, and just my overall knowledge of the music business. We’ve been working on a direction and goal for sometime now and we’ve been really making great strides.

He’s been delivering on the things he’s promised me and we working towards more. To be honest, Places really wouldn’t be possible without him. Around April I was gearing up to drop a project called Young, Dumb, & Bitter. If you’ve ever heard my song “Love Is Murder”, you’ll hear me repeat that in a refrain. But I scraped it because Matt helped me see the bigger picture. The time became right and then I locked in. He’s just been helping and giving me a lot of wisdom which has made me better at traverse and planning out my career. It also helps that he’s my age so we’re peers. And it’s always great to have peers you can learn from.

How did you decide that you were going to release “Hell” and “Somewhere” as the singles?

I mean when I first created them in Vegas I had a feeling those would be the singles. But I thought we would only have one, so I was pressed trying to figure out which. But we ended up deciding that two was better and those two tracks just felt like singles, they have the content and the replay value and they really catch a listener’s attention.

Is there a reason there were no features on the project?

Yes, I’m very particular with stuff like that. I just have an approach to music where I don’t like putting anyone where I don’t see them fitting. I didn’t see anyone fitting on the tape so I just didn’t put anyone on it.

Describe Places in three words.

A sonic journey.

Well we’ve reached the end here, so, last question. What’s your favorite line on the tape?

My favorite line/lines are from “Crossroads”, “Hang me at the cross then, I got some brothers know I never double cross them, seats at the table I know many who have lost them, one wrong turn ain’t no telling what it cost them”. The line speaks for itself.

I love the biblical reference, I love the idea behind it, and I love the delivery. It’s just all fire to me. “Crossroads” is definitely one of my favorite joints too. - Daily Cheifers

"Baby Phace Slows It Down w/ “Somewhere”"

It’s that time of year. The nights are longer, the food and drinks are warmer, and the weather is colder. New Jersey artist, Baby Phace, is doing his part by releasing some “night in with bae” type tracks and “Somewhere” is a hit. The track features a Squibs and Jon Ace produced beat that gives off heavy winter vibes as the artist serenades his way through a great song overall. Give it a few spins ahead of his upcoming project Places, and get acclimated to his talent for combining his gifted vocals with an inherent rhythm that blends the R&B together proudly! - Daily Chiefers


This past weekend, a brand new artist by the name of Baby Phace was put onto my radar with his energetic new single, “Hell”. Unique in its deliveries and complex and twisted in its melodies, this song is a clear testament of skill for a captivating young artist, and consequently, so, it hooked my ear in from the very first listen. It feels as though with each successive listen of “Hell”, I’m able to spot something new in the style and cadences of the West Orange native — a trait which gives this song immense replay value and a ceilingless potential for artistic development. Baby Phace is a name to watch for the future, so be sure to get hip by listening to the Squibs-produced “Hell” at the link below! - Lyrical Lemonade


Following up his recent Lyrical Lemonade debut of the gorgeous single, “Hell“, Jersey artist Baby Phace is back once again today, proving that he something to say with a dreamy new offering entitled “Somewhere”. Produced by Squibs and Jon Ace, this track utilizes ethereal melodies and hypnotic drum patterns in order to fully encapsulate the gold-coated shimmer of Phace’s vocals. He seemingly floats above such lush instrumentation, and using a supply of addictive cadences, the budding talent is able to transport listeners out of reality and into a world of dreamy sounds, even if just for the duration of the song. These past two singles from Baby Phace show both versatility and sky-high potential, so naturally, all signs are pointing up for the Jersey representative. Don’t sleep on his talents — listen to “Somewhere” below, follow Baby Phace on Twitter here, and get ready for his forthcoming Places EP, out November 14th!

Engineered by Jon Ace
Photo by Alexanna Cox - Lyrical Lemonade

"Make Sure to Checkout Baby Phace’s New Track, “Hell”"

Baby Phace comes in hot on this brand new track. Prepping for the release of his debut project, Places, the young emcee doesn’t let anything stop him from reaching for the next step in his career as he demonstrates his captivating presence on the mic. Produced by Squibs, Baby Phace releases excellent bars with a groove-inducing flow over the bouncing, melodic beat supporting him. Peep this track, “Hell”, right now and become a fan today. - Daily Chiefers

"Baby Phace Drops Off a Dope New Single, “Dispatch”"

Wow, this track is impressive. Baby Phace is relatively new to our smoker friendly pages but definitely impresses on his latest cut, titled “Dispatch.” The track is not only catchy as hell, but seemingly ambient thanks to production from IamTash. Listen to the track below! - Daily Cheifers


New Jersey has some hot stuff with rappers Baby Phace, Chris Patrick & ItzWonderfull and that all comes together like voltron as the three pair up for this new EP WTF. It’s a fun, bouncy, blast this out of your car speakers type of project as they put together five straight bangers. It’s remarkable how well these three rappers bounce off each other with a mix of punchlines and catchy autotune laced melodies.

Each song has something to offer, from the stripper anthem “Night Shift” that packs a hook that traps itself inside your brain and punchlines like “pipe down on that pussy like I’m Mario Luigi”. The project’s produced almost entirely by Kansas City native Squibs aside from “Night Shift”, which is handled by Eli 1000. This is a great introduction to three artists that are only just starting their engines in this rap game.

Check out the bodacious EP below. - Elevator

"Night Shift – [Baby Phace] [Chris Patrick] [ItzWonderfull]"

We’ve covered Baby Phace on our pages several times in the past, and the main element of his music that always brought me in as a fan has been Phace’s downright infectious energy. Certainly showing the features of a natural entertainer, Phace always knows how to share his excitement in a way that listeners can engage with, and today, this is the case with his latest single “Night Shift” alongside Chris Patrick and ItzWonderfull.

Being that all three artists are from Jersey, you can definitely hear some hometown chemistry on this offering, as all of the energy in the song seemingly bounces around from one talent to the next. As a result, “Night Shift” is the perfect track to throw on at any of your upcoming functions, and even further, it’s an emphatic reminder why Jersey isn’t the city to sleep on right now.

Listen to “Night Shift” below and be sure to watch out for this trio’s forthcoming EP, WTF, due for release on March 15th.

Produced by Eli 1000 - Lyrical Lemonade

"Baby Phace – ALL I CAN SEE (EP)"

Baby Phace has had a busy March. After kicking off the month releasing a collaborative EP with Chris Patrick & ItzWonderfull, the New Jersey product is back with a double single ALL I CAN SEE. The double pack has two different styles on here, with the Jon Ace produced ‘Numbers’ being a hard hitting melodic effort while the Tuff Ryda produced ‘Blind Eyes’ is a more mellow effort. Both of these songs are two more examples of the versatility of Baby Phace. He has a lot more material coming this year, so keep your eyes peeled to see what he does.

Stream ALL I CAN SEE below. - Fashionably Early

"Mixtapes/EPsNew Artists Baby Phace – ALL I CAN SEE (EP)"

Baby Phace has had a busy March. After kicking off the month releasing a collaborative EP with Chris Patrick & ItzWonderfull, the New Jersey product is back with a double single ALL I CAN SEE. The double pack has two different styles on here, with the Jon Ace produced ‘Numbers’ being a hard hitting melodic effort while the Tuff Ryda produced ‘Blind Eyes’ is a more mellow effort. Both of these songs are two more examples of the versatility of Baby Phace. He has a lot more material coming this year, so keep your eyes peeled to see what he does.

Stream ALL I CAN SEE below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – Places (EP Stream)"

Baby Phace‘s debut project Places is here. The New Jersey product made his proper debut earlier this year with ‘5+4’ and he released a string of singles up until this point. Places showcases the versatility of Baby Phace that the people haven’t heard so far. Places has pieces of pure bars, melodic deliveries, a menacing banger, psychedelic production, and so much more across the eight song project.

Stream Places, released via Fashionably Early LLC, below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – Hell"

New Jersey’s hottest new artist Baby Phace is back with a menacing new banger. ‘Hell’ is produced by Squibs and serves as the lead single from Baby Phace‘s debut project Places. Following the releases of ‘5+4’ and ‘Dispatch,’ ‘Hell’ comes as a more developed banger with varied deliveries and an absolutely chaotic soundscape. Places is set to drop in November and will showcase Baby Phace‘s full versatility. ‘Hell’ is the banger to kick off the campaign.

Stream ‘Hell’ below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – Dispatch"

New Jersey has a lot of bubbling talent and Baby Phace is becoming the face of that scene. Back in May, we teamed up with the charismatic artist to drop his debut single ‘5+4’ and he’s back with his follow-up single ‘Dispatch.’ This is another heat rock and will prepare you for more material due out before 2018 closes.
Stream ‘Dispatch’ below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – Love Is Murder f. Noah x HorsePower"

Young New Jersey rapper Baby Phace‘s got a lot of potential, that’s evident. His last single “5+4” was a slapper and he’s got a couple more new tunes to add onto that with “Love Is Murder” and “HorsePower”. Peep the pair of songs below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – 5+4"

We’re happy to introduce Baby Phace to the Fashionably-Early today. Baby Phace is a 21 year old artist based out of New Jersey we teamed up with to release his new single ‘5+4’. The baby-faced rapper has an energetic delivery and absolutely floats over this airy, hard-hitting instrumental by Arco Sno. This is the of many releases due out this year, so keep your ears ready to hear more chunes.
Stream ‘5+4’ below. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – All That Matters"

New Jersey’s Baby Phace is back with a brand new slapper. After dropping his Playground EP in May, ‘All That Matters’ is his first drop since then and he’s really in his bag. The melodic chorus is bound to get stuck in your head and he just floats on the verses. The flute-driven beat by the producer ZayTooLit is straight infectious. Good luck turning this jawn off.

Stream ‘All That Matters’ below or watch the music video above. - Fashionably Early

"Baby Phace – Sober Soul"

After kicking off 2020 with his infectious melodic heater ‘Zone’, New Jersey’s Baby Phace is back with his latest joint ‘Sober Soul’. Again produced by Tom Jacob, ‘Sober Soul’ is a bit of a pivot in sound, as the song leans as a woozy banger. Baby Phace is absolutely bodying the verses on here with varied flows throughout and continuing to establish his melodic abilities on the chorus. - Fashionably Early

"New Jersey’s Baby Phace Is Back With The New Heater “Sober Soul”"

Now this is the second time Baby Phace has graced our pages in recent months and this time around he’s dropping off some serious gas. Along with his distinct melodic approach, he does a great job of bridging the gap in between R&B and rap.

Floating over production from TwinzTom, we hear Phace showcase a variety of ranges and and he shines throughout his respective octaves. The pulsating kicks cause a rhythmic ruckus that won’t be tamed while the synths work incredibly well with the other percussion. A truly cohesive package from a kid who’s making moves in this industry. Overall Baby Phace is dropping some serious gas that won’t be ignored, tap in below. - Daily Chiefers

"Baby Phace | ‘Sober Soul’, The Prodigy"

“Sober Soul” by Baby Phace starts out with an extremely catchy hook that immediately gets you moving. In his first verse, Phace flexes two different rapid deliveries, adjusting his tone and pitch with ease, seemingly toying around with the beat. For his second verse he slows it down, displaying an entirely new element to his flow. It almost feels like that point where everyone gets low, rocking back and forth, until Phace uses un unbelievably smooth transition to explode back onto the beat just as it picks up.

There haven’t been many rappers with an arsenal of delivery styles as numerous and diverse as Baby Phace’s. Ever. Period. Unlike a lot of next-gen rappers, such as Brooklyn’s drill rappers or Florida’s trippy, psychedelic rappers, Phace has no defined sub-genre within rap. The diversity in his delivery and the way he can cycle through flows without ever overpowering the beat is the stuff of legends; the kind of skill that can transcend not only sub-genres within rap, but the literal classification of music as a whole.

In addition to Baby Phace’s raw talent and skillset, the one thing that becomes abundantly clear as you listen to Phace is that he just has the “it” factor. Hearing him tease listeners with dynamic wordplay in “Flick it Up” and then come right back and hit you with what can only be described as a Weeknd/Big Sean flow-child in “Zone” is chilling. Baby Phace has all of the qualities necessary to become a straight-up superstar in the music industry and his presence is extremely exciting for the future of the rap game. - Rap Fiesta

"New Jersey’s Baby Phace Enjoys A House Party In “Sober Soul” Visual"

Dope record and video from New Jersey artist Baby Phace called “Sober Soul”. The video and song compliment each other and honestly, it’s very rare to find an artist that match song and visual so well. It makes sense all around, in my mind, as I’m watching. The record is about his struggle with a few of his vices, which Baby Phace is working on kicking. In the video, he attends a local house party for a few drinks. Things turn up a little too much for Baby Phace and he’s trying to regain control. All around I’m digging the song and video. There’s nothing like this coming out of Jersey sounding like Baby Phace. - Elevator

"Exclusive Interview: Baby Phace Walks Us Through Releasing His New Track “The Golem” During a Pandemic"

As we creep deeper into the COVID-19 global pandemic, the future remains uncertain for the world at large and everything it encompasses, including the music industry. Luckily, artists have taken it upon themselves to overcome the disruption to their livelihoods by pushing forward, crafting an abundance of new art that has helped the rest of us and them brave the new normal. One such artist is New Jersey’s very own Baby Phace.

Two years ago he first found his way onto the pages of Daily Chiefers with his single “Dispatch” which caught our ears by embodying what would become his signature, effortless flow over an ambient piece of production – displaying a keen ear for sound and space. After dropping his project Places, and the more recent singles including “Zone” and “Sober Soul,” Baby Phace is now back with a new track he penned at the start of quarantine. Always one to go deep below the surface with us on his craft, we had to chop it up with him again on his return to releasing music while out in LA, the collaboration with Soul Serum for “The Golem” music video and where he’s taking all of this next.

For those that don’t know yet, tell the people who you are, where you are from and anything we should know about your life leading up to becoming an artist?

Well, my name is Baby Phace. I’m a rapper, singer, and songwriter from West Orange, NJ. I’m a first generation Haitian American. I’m a college dropout and I’m someone with a dream who works everyday to make it a reality. I’ve been into music since I was a child so this was only a matter of time that I seriously pursued it. Before I decided to go after it I was always on the fence because of lack of resources and opportunities. Finally, when I was 20, after feeling lost for a while I decided it was time to go back to what I loved and stop doing shit for other people. Now, three years later we’re here.

Let’s talk about influences. What was the first album you ever purchased and what were your early sonic influences, both in the local area but anything you were listening to or doing at an early age?

The first album I ever purchased was Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex Love Sounds. This album changed my life. I still remember to this day jamming that shit everywhere with my Moms. JT is still a huge inspiration and influence to me to this day when it comes to my singing tracks.

But my biggest influence is without a doubt Drake. He’s been one of my favorites since So Far Gone. I can also throw Michael Jackson, Xxxtentacion, Juice WRLD, Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Jadakiss, Future, Ab-Soul, Erykah Badu, and many others on there. I always tell everyone I just love music and I love to learn so I take whatever I can from artists that I’m in to. When I was younger I took piano classes for a short period of time but that wasn’t really what I wanted to do. Nowadays I’m learning in my spare time though.

What is the Jersey rap scene like these days from your perspective? Is there an abundance of love or is it hard to work together?

The Jersey scene is an interesting one. It has its days where it can be the best but sometimes people can lose sight of who they are on this music journey. I feel as though that since 2018 I had a vision for what the scene would become, like a lot of people and it never really resulted in what it should’ve been. It can be hard to work towards a common goal because a lot of people have different agendas. And there’s the typical crab in the barrel mentality like if one person is eating that means there’s less for everyone else which is far from the case. But I have my core group from out there that I rock with heavily and they show 100% love and support. Regardless of the scene there are a lot of talented people doing great things out there. I’m excited to see where everyone is at within a year.

Let’s fast forward to this year. Walk me through what life has been like for you the last 6 months as you navigate life in the pandemic era and prepare to release new music?

Man, I can’t even lie to you. This whole pandemic shook my mental. It really caught me off guard and forced me to change a lot of my plans. Before this all hit I was really on a high like I’ve never experienced and to have to rug pulled from under me really made me evaluate everything about myself. I had left my job in January to pursue my career full time and honestly as soon as I did that everything started falling into line. It was really crazy. So many labels reaching out to me, people who are close to some of the biggest artist in the game in my phone. I was really feeling like it was time to for me to head to that next level. But then things changed just as quickly as they started and I found myself wondering how I could get it together. It was a lot of days where I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen and a lot of days where I questioned myself.

Before things started getting crazy. I had a track ready to drop with my distributor. I was going to hit SXW and then LA and drop the track. Obviously SXW got cancelled and at that point a trip to LA didn’t seem like the best idea. But now 6-7 months later I’m in LA and dropping my next single. It’s not the same song as before but that record will come in due time.

But if the pandemic taught me anything it’s how to slow down and block out all the noise. I really had to stick to my plan and my formula no matter what and now that I’m close to release it really feels like my patience paid off. Everything is working out how it should. Without the pandemic “The Golem” would never have been created. Everything that happened definitely made me stronger. But outside of all that it’s business as usual. It’s always the grind. It never stops.

Take us deep into the track. Who produced it? What was going on when you wrote and recorded it, and what are you trying to say on “The Golem”?

So “The Golem” was one of, if not the first track, I recorded during the pandemic. It was produced by Sunny on the Beat, a Florida producer who has some tracks with some pretty big names. I was definitely enthusiastic about working with him and there was instantly chemistry there. I had to really search within myself for strength. So that’s why it’s called “The Golem”.

“The Golem” is a clay figure from Jewish mysticism that can be brought to life through the breath of God. And when he is alive he is meant to protect and fight for the Rabbi and the people within the community. It’s also a double entendre for the rock figure from different animated shows.

Awakening The Golem was very significant to me in that period of time because I felt low for real before I wrote it. I also felt like some people were turning their back on me and I also felt my back was against the wall. I felt I had to fight not in the physical sense but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It was a fight against my life experiences and trauma.

It’s really about finding strength in moments of weakness. I used “The Golem” to bring light to a lot of experiences I had been through throughout the years that have made me the man I am today and brought me to this point. There was good and there was bad but in the end it all made me who I am. I wanted to use the track as an opportunity to give people insight on who I am and also for them to relate to me and realize I’m just like you and you can push yourself to be something greater than what you once believed you could be.

You teamed up with Soul Serum to shoot the visual. How did you connect with them and what was the creative process like bringing your visual vision to life with them?

Honestly I got a DM from Fiki their photographer while I was in Atlanta. He hit me and I saw their work and it was such a no brainer. I also had a strong feeling they could take my visuals where I wanted to go so soon as I got done handling what I needed to handle out in the A and Jersey I made my way to Cincy. The biggest thing that struck me about them is their work ethic and camaraderie. They all just want to put their best foot forward. They are extremely ambitious and they didn’t see any limits when it came to creating and executing the vision. I had never experienced anything like that. It was so fire. We really made a movie and got so much work done while I was in their city.

You have a very well rounded sound that comes from a multifaceted approach to the art by melding singing, rapping and producing together. How do you keep your chops up on all three and where are you finding you are strongest or trying to improve most these days?

Man, I just work on it every day. I honestly have been feeling like I have to work harder. I’m satisfied but I’m not you know. I know I have a lot of potential to be better than I am now so I work on tapping into it every day. I sing, write, and take in music every day. I’ve been on the road recently so it’s been harder to work on true producing but whenever I’m in the studio building a record from scratch I try to push the creative direction however I can. Honestly these questions made me want to work harder and go harder. But I really feel like I shine with melodic rapping, but I’m always looking to develop my skill set and my range.

Beyond rap, are there other artists right now that you look to or listen to for inspiration? Anyone on the come up that we should all be aware of?

Man, y’all already know him. Jack Kays has definitely been inspiring me for real. I love his music and I love that I’ve had a close up view of his journey because I came out to Cincy right when “Morbid Mind” started popping. It was surreal. Shoutout to him.

With “The Golem” now out in the world, what is next for you and what are your biggest goals for 2021?

With “The Golem” out now we’re just gonna come with more and more music and content and keep pushing the record. I have plenty of music in the stash right now. Soul Serum and I are teaming up for another drop before the year is over. I have a lot of surprises to show y’all. I’m real excited for the coming months. It’s going to be fun. But outside of that I really wanna leave as big of an impact as possible in 2021. I do want plaques, I want awards, I want the world to know my songs. But most of all I want to be able to say I left my mark as a person. I want to be able to say that I inspired and motivated people all over the world and affected positive change even in times of turmoil. - Daily Chiefers


The Haitian American artist’s latest release “Dear God” includes impressive musicality packed with hard-hitting lyrical delivery.

The project has an accompanying music video, where we get to see Baby Phace showing off his energetic charisma. In the visual production, the focus of the camera keeps shifting, capturing the New-Jerseyan rapper from different angles. It is worth mentioning that the music video was what caught my attention the most, as it was the first time I saw an artist performing in the middle of the church.

“Dear God” sets your soul free amongst the well-built and solid lyrical delivery. Let’s give Baby Phace a big round of applause for fueling the scene.

Watch the music video of “Dear God” below:

And don’t forget to check out his Spotify account where he has thousands of active listeners. - UK Hip Hop Talk

"Baby Phace: rapper debuts conscious track “Dear God”"

Baby Phace is a rapper who has been aiming for the rise through Hip-Hop, with a proposal to speak in his lyrics about God and religion, the artist has been conquering a good part of the young audience, who appreciates the good old Rap Gospel.

In his newest song "Dear God", the artist shows a well elaborated music video, where he finds himself inside a church. In the song we noticed an instrumental boom bap beat, which creates an incredible sound atmosphere, where the rapper presents a kind of dialogue with God, aiming to help people who are lost. Check it now at the link below




Soundcloud: - Roadie Music

"Baby Phace Levels Up on New Single, "Dear God""

Quick Thoughts: Every rapper has a distinct style, but what separates greatness from mediocrity is a rapper’s ability to adapt to new styles and flows without sacrificing originality or quality of music. Baby Phace, the emerging rapper out of New Jersey, has been known for his infectious hooks and melodic cadences in his most popular 2020 singles, Zone and Sober Soul. However, his latest release, Dear God, takes the comparison away from other melodic rappers like Lil Mosey and Lil Tjay to true lyricists like J. Cole and A$AP Rocky.

Dear God reminds me of Myles Garrett or Tyreek Hill playing basketball. Everyone knew the two were already absolute tanks on the football field, but those videos of them elevating and dunking on the court made people realize just how freakishly athletic they truly are. On the short track shaped more like a freestyle or cypher than a structured song, Baby Phace spits straight bars and leaves any listener with the same thought of, “God damn, he can do that too?”

Exclusively released as a video on youtube, Dear God is some of Baby Phace’s most artistic work yet. Aesthetically shot in a church, the video is somewhat of a confession as the rapper emotionally spills out his trauma and prays for help. Overall, the track is a must watch whether or not it is eventually released on other streaming platforms or not. At the very least, remember the name because Baby Phace’s versatility will be sure to take him far in the near future. Watch here: - Qore Music

"Why We Like It: Baby Phace’s “Invictus”"

Why We Like It: Baby Phace’s “Invictus”
[ 3 minute read ]
May 31, 2021 - Created by Miki Hellerbach

In today’s age, technology has flooded our lives with content. Caught in the mire are modern musicians who champion an art form more widely distributed than any other throughout human history. And we, more often than not, overlook the music created by unfamiliar faces because it’s challenging. We’d rather have an easy listen, a known quantity to skim through while we think about something else.

Hearing is easy, but listening is difficult. Welcome to “Why We Like It,” where we rebuke the trends in favor of thoughtful analysis and underknown sounds.

“Invictus” — Baby Phace
Baby Phace - Invictus (Dir. @theJohnYou)
Listen On:

Apple Music

How We Found It

Haitian American new emcee and singer Baby Phace dropped a banger with two different beats into our SubmitHub inbox! Producer Falak handled the production for both instrumentals, and the first beat has a Donny Hathaway sample from “A Song For You.” Baby Phace himself handled all the vocals and John You shot the accompanying visual. A lot of craft went into this full composition and we are hyped to present it.

Why We Like It

There is a specific type of harmony achieved when a precisely executed visual pairs with congruent raps and beat compositions. Jersey’s own Baby Phace, along with video director John You, deliver a palpable heatwave in their presentation of Phace’s latest single “Invictus.” For the first soul sample filled half, we see the rapper in the desert, and for the more 808 filled second half under city lights. He achieves a balance for the two colors and textures with a throughline of his semi-abstract yet poetic bar deliveries.

The word invictus in Latin can be translated to unconquered. With lines like, “N***as that I loved, would’ve gave them a kidney / Showed they colors, quite tainted in they pigment / What’s a God to a figment?” Phace evokes the layers of depth beneath the title’s meaning. Through the shades of hurt instilled through a lack of trustworthiness, Phace has emerged on the other side enlightened. The whole track feels like a booming, bass-pumping epiphany.

The song is motivational for those going through the difficulties of the grind. It could easily be used as a morning-time mantra if you like to hear a banger to wake you up on your commute. Whether you are nodding your head with slight reserve on a train or bus, or with more abandon in a whip of your own, the song can layer your psyche with some necessary endorphins. Inspirational tracks can often time be unspecific or one-note, but with “Invictus,” Phace finds specificity through a faith-driven bohemian urgency. If that feels like a weird description, take a listen and feel the percussion in your bones to tap into the frequency.

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Baby Phace, Promotional Image, Invictus

From Baby Phace
Invictus” means unconquerable or undefeated in Latin. I was heavily inspired by the poem by William Ernest Henry. The words in his poem & in my verses mean a lot to me. But after years of searching for who I truly am and going through a lot of trials and pitfalls in the process I felt like “Invictus” was the term I wanted to use to describe my experience. There were a lot of battles with self, conflict with others, I had to learn a lot so I could become who I needed to be and I felt Invictus and every other lyric on the track was exactly what I felt. It was a journey for me and that’s what I wanted these lyrics and this video to feel like.” – Baby Phace for CentralSauce

More From Baby Phace
Baby Phace has been putting out consistent fire music since 2018 including his album Places. More recently he has also put out a slew of dope singles including a more R&B-centric one “On & On” also released this year. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for any and all future updates! - Central Sauce

"“Invictus” by Baby Phace"

New Jersey’s very own rap prospect, Baby Phace, bursts back with his prolific flows and cadences in new single “Invictus”.

Following the success of previous releases “Sober soul” and “Zone”, Baby Phace marks his return to the scene with his latest track. Produced by Falak (Trippie Red), and accompanied music video directed by The John You, “Invictus” means “unconquerable” in Latin and with this release Baby Phace strives to encompass this concept.

“The track is about taking your lows and molding them into your strengths. It’s also about a lot of my life experience from the past year from losing friends, leaving New Jersey and really finding myself and what life truly means to me.” Baby Phace explains.

Baby Phace has taken it upon himself to overcome the disruption to his livelihood during the pandemic by pushing forward, crafting an abundance of new art that has helped himself brave this so-called new normal.

Watch the "Invictus" music video below: - Notion

"Baby Phace Shares His Evocative New Single ‘Invictus’"

t’s one thing to hear a Baby Phace song, but it’s an adventure watching a Baby Phace video. The NJ-bred, LA-based artist just released his stunning new single and video Invictus. Produced by Falak, the new single is filled with smooth bars merged with a pure vulnerability that shows who Phace is as an artist. Unafraid, and influenced by his surroundings, the single is true to the soundtrack of what he’s dealt with in the past few years.

The equally stunning video directed by John You brings the track to life in a way that makes for an eye-catching experience. “The video just came from a place where I wanted to take things to a new level,” he said to us via email. “I wanted to bring cinematic aspects to my shit and really paint pictures and stories for people.”

Overall, Invictus is an entertaining release from Baby Phace that demonstrates his distinctive style and artistry. Throughout the whole song, his vocals are full of character once paired with the reminiscent instrumental. This is the latest in a series of strong releases from Baby Phace as he continues to remain very consistent. Check out the new single down below via Spotify and watch the video above. - SwidLife

"Baby Phace is "Invictus" in new visuals"

I love the name Baby Phace and after watching the video for "Invictus", I must confirm he indeed has a baby face. The video was directed by @theJohnYou and it honestly blew me away. It feels more like a film while watching. Mostly set in the dessert, Baby Phace talks about his journey in the past year. He recently moved to LA and had little to no support and is still making a way to make his dreams come true. Tap in below, this young man has a lot of talent and I am excited to see what comes next.

Instagram: - Elevator

"First: Baby Phace - God's Child"

West Orange, New Jersey native Baby Phace , aka Clifford Jean-Louis Jr, is a Haitian-American singer and songwriter and rapper, recently releasing his latest track “God’s Child”. Phace grew up with a passion for music, teaching himself to rap and write from an early age until at 20 years old he stepped up to the mic in a studio for the first time to officially record his own music. Combining his edgy storytelling style and passionate hooks, Phace tells the listeners all about his struggles, shortcomings, and triumphs in a way that is honest and captivating.

“God’s Child” is deep and introspective, diving into Baby Phace’s difficult past and tumultuous life at home until he was able to get out and build his own life. He has seen people in his life come and go, rise and fall, and he is determined to follow only his own path as he builds his career. Phace believes that even in your darkest hour, there is a hand guiding you through to better days as long as you are willing to recieve help and follow your vision. - Major Stage

"Baby Phace is "Gods Child""

Baby Phace brings us "Gods Child". The song is about his upbringing and you can hear so much passion in his voice. He mentions his family and describes his childhood and teenage life. It's pretty much a biography in song form. The details in this song however get deep as he speaks of domestic abuse, broken bonds, and how the system held some family members back. The video is beautifully shot by Angel Orozco, all black and white and great acting from Baby Phace himself.

Instagram: - Elevator


West Orange, New Jersey native Hip-Hop artist Clifford Jean-Louis Jr, professionally known as Baby Phace, is back on our radar with his most recent single, “Griot”. Phace didn’t release his first track until he was 20 years old, but music was a strong part of his life as he grew up. Phace’s goal with his music is to inspire others with his struggles and triumphs, hoping that his stories can guide listeners through anything that life is currently throwing at them. His affinity for energetic and catchy hooks, clever wordplay, and introspective storytelling make his tracks hard hitting both musically and lyrically, each single showcasing a new step in Phace’s evolution as an artist and a human being.

“Griot” is a confident and relentless track about powering through any and all adversity that steps into his way. Phace is done letting any of these people bothering him, keeping his eyes laser-focused on his business and career to achieve his goals. A catchy hook surrounds hard-hitting verses, showcasing Phace’s knack for songwriting and storytelling, and making him an artist listeners will definitely want to keep an eye on for the rest of the year. - Major Stage

"The Best Hip Hop Songs of the Year"

“Griot” – Baby Phace
Success means more to Baby Phace than it does to most. He remembers before his still-burgeoning rap career began to bubble, eating plantains and pork in Flatbush, dreaming of Calabasas villas. That dream seems to be inching closer and closer to becoming a reality, as the New Jersey-based rapper continues to elevate his craft. As a flute whirrs in the background of INFLXBLE and Sunny Laurent’s playful production, Phace finds creative pockets, rapping with a tight control over his melodic machine-gun flow. His ear for quality production, vocal prowess and tight, clever lyrics make Phace an artist to watch over the coming months. - HipHopDX


Hell (Single) 2018
Somewhere (Single) 2018
Sober Soul (Single) 2020
The Golem (Single) 2020

On & On (Single) 2020

Invictus (Single) 2021



In retrospect, the lyric “Can’t nobody do it better” stated on Phace’s debut single 5+4, released all the way back in 2018 was manifesting his future.

The journey of Phace has been a slow and steady race up until this point. Originally falling in love with poetry all the way back in his primary years, Phace came to find himself writing more and more as time passed.  Inspired by both the gritty sounds of the 90s HipHop and the eclectic melodies of early SoundCloud artists such as Trippie Redd, Phace born (Clifford Jean-Louis) knew he had to try his luck at songwriting. Despite a rocky start and much frustration with the industry at large he kept going.

Within the span of the past three years, Phace went from a budding young upstart from West Orange, New Jersey with a few standout features on local artists records, to landing writing placements and studio sessions with some of the most revered in the music industry. With no signs of slowing down, 2021 and even 2022 will be monumental for his career. The sonic diversity of an artist like this has not been adequately curated in such a long time. Phace has yet to reach his full potential, and the way he stands out in an oversaturated genre such as Hip - Hop/ Rap, one thing is apparent. 

Now this is his world and he’s writing the program.

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