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Hollywood, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Hollywood, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Pop




"DCist: Song of the Day Beach Day - "Beach Day""

Beach Day are a three-piece group from Florida whose name explains the type of music they make. Like modern girl-group surf-rockers Best Coast, the band makes music for the sun, sand and waves. The band takes over the Black Cat's Backstage tomorrow night, so today's song of the day, "Beach Day" will get you acquainted. The song, while pretty derivative, is still enjoyable, especially when the harmonies kick in toward the end. -

"Beach Day's Favorite Hollywood Hideouts: Smoothie Palace, Young Circle Food Trucks, and more"

While walking on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk with the band Beach Day, we all suddenly start singing Lonestar's "Amazed" at the same time that it plays from the speakers of an ice cream shop. This says something about a person. If you grew up in Arizona, that's just what you're supposed to do: It was your senior year or first wedding song. But if you grew up in Kendall -- yes, Kendall -- it means you have an open mind, especially about music.

Perhaps that's why it's not unusual that this musical trio are such unapologetic fans of their current town of residence, Hollywood, Florida. Why would a band -- one that recently signed to Williamsburg's Kanine Records -- spending just about every other week touring the country and dropping its debut seven-inch next week, enjoy hanging out where your grandmother gets her hair done? Well, let them tell you.

"Miami has a lot of culture, but I feel like there's like a '50s warp here,' bassist Natalie says. "Everything is really old, and the architecture sticks to its time. Actually, I don't know what it was like in the '50s, but this is as close as we can get." Beyond that, they enjoy the mellow atmosphere, an oasis between two bustling tropical cities.

Kimmy, Nat, and Skyler were kind enough to show us their favorite Hollywood haunts to explain their romance with this unlikely spot. You may be surprised by their hideouts. - New Times

"Beach Day's Favorite Records and Musical Instruments"

Before shuttling photographer Christina Mendenhall and me around their beloved Hollywood, Florida, for a tour of their personal hideouts, the musical trio called Beach Day let us poke around their brains and living room. Besides the cats and dog running about, Natalie, Kimmy, and Skyler modeled a few other favorite things. Since they'll release their first seven-inch on Kanine Records next Monday at Radio-Active Records, it seemed appropriate that they discuss their favorite album of the moment and their current instruments of choice.

Just as Nat admires the '50s style that Hollywood embraces, his tastes tend toward past musical eras.

Nat's Album: Cults - Cults
"I haven't had a favorite album since the Supremes that I can listen to over and over again," Beach Day bassist Nat laughs. Of the Cults album, she says, "It has a really old-school feel, but it's very modern. And it has the right amount of reverb. I feel like a lot bands now are afraid to use reverb. It's just very appealing to the ear. And I can relate a lot to the lyrics. [She sings about] a failed relationship and herself, and she's not talking about gimmicks. It's personal to me."

Kimmy's Album: Phil Spector's Greatest Hits
Kimmy scooped up this baby at the Los Angeles Amoeba Records a few months back. "It has the Crystals, the Ronettes -- it has all of the classic Phil Spector stuff," she says. "It's two records." Pretty unbeatable cover too.

Skyler Album: Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
"There's nothing new to be said of Pet Sounds. It's just the most beautiful record ever made," Skyler points out thoughtfully. - New Times

"Hurley: Beach Days for your summer playlist"

It's hard not to automatically like a band called Beach Days. And after an initial listen to their first 7" we're happy to say our expectations were met. Grab your sunglasses and go listen to "Get It Out of Your Head" and "Beach Day" (these kids really like beach days) on their Soundcloud page. Expect more from the warm and happy sounding Florida-based group soon. - Hurley

"Brooklyn Vegan: Beach Day touring"

Beach Day are staying busy on the road this year, having already visited NYC a couple times, and are preparing for another East Coast tour, that will bring them here for two shows next month: September 14 at Pianos and September 16 at Cameo. Tickets to the Cameo show are on sale now. - Brooklyn Vegan

"Brooklyn Vegan: Beach Day Sign to Kanine Records"

While one could argue whether or not we need any more bands names with the word "beach" in them, Hollywood, FL trio Beach Day do avoid reverbed-out production and most of the other sonic signifiers associated with the term these days, in favor of '60s R&B/girl group pop. You can stream a couple songs over at their Bandcamp.

Beach Day will make their NYC debut next week. They'll play during the Northside Festival at the Kanine Records showcase at Knitting Factory on June 14 that also features Eternal Summers, Bleeding Rainbow, Zambri, plus guests Class Actress and Air Waves. Tickets are available now, or you can get in with your Northside badge (limited number of badges get in). Beach day also play Pianos the day before (June 13) with Ski Lodge, Cool Serbia and The Hudson Branch, and advance tickets are available now. - Brooklyn Vegan

"Beach Day Deserve the Name"

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. By my count, there are roughly 175 bands with ‘beach’ in their name. Beach Day (@beachdayband), though, is one that actually deserves the title. Kimmy, Natalie, and Skyler hail from Hollywood, Florida, and sound like a 60's surf band with a touch of The Ronettes and Dum Dum Girls.
The band recently signed to Kanine Records and released their first single, appropriately titled “Beach Day”, which you can pick up on limited edition white vinyl and stream above.
The band recently played at Cake Shop in NYC, and we were there to document it in photos. You might also see an appearance by their labelmates, Eternal Summers. Beach Day will make their NY return at Pianos on September 14th and Cameo Gallery September 16th. - Wild HoneyPie

"Elle Magazine - Listen Up: Beach Day"

While Hollywood, California may be home to starlets and big-name producers, Hollywood, Florida boasts senior citizens and nostalgic rockers. Or at least, they’ve got Beach Day, a newly formed trio whose sunny melodies and throwback guitar riffs are inspired, in part, by the old-school diners and retro buildings that dot their small, beachside city. "Hollywood is full of the way-older generation—it’s kind of like a '50s time warp. Living amongst older folks and '50s architecture influenced our music in a way that’s hard to describe," explains singer and guitarist Kimmy Drake, adding, "[Our music] is kind of nostalgic and longing for a different, simpler time—that might be the connection."

But while the music she makes, along with bassist Natalie Smallish and drummer Skyler Black, may tip its hat to the past—in particular, '60s girl groups, which is what initially brought them together—it’s hardly derivative. While The Shirelles worried if their man would still love them tomorrow, the band amps up the sound and speeds up the beat so even tracks like "Boys" hardly sound like lovelorn laments. "Our music is all about having a good time—it’s really danceable. We don’t really play depressing songs," Drake admits, noting that the band’s self-titled debut 7-inch record, out this month, "really puts you in a good mood."

You would be in a good mood, too, if you spent your days by the ocean, as the band does when they’re not touring (which they are through August). "We live about two minutes away from the Hollywood Beach. We love swimming and laying [out]," says the dulcet-voiced singer. "It’s a great place to re-energize." No surprise that they named their band after the ultimate warm weather activity, but Drake admits that if you want to find them, don’t go looking during the day. She notes, "Going to the beach really late at night is the best! Like, 3 a.m., when it’s deserted and magical. There’s something so unreal about the ocean." - Elle Magazine

"Foam Magazine"

We love a fun song about going to the beach. Now there's a whole band about it. - Foam Magazine

"Pop Montreal"

“If The Shangri-Las and the Black Lips had a baby, the result would definitely be Beach Day. Those Beachy girl vocals you crave alongside a steady 60's garage rock sound will make for a nostalgic and rejuvenating listening experience. *Bring your dancing Shoes and your Sweethearts.”
- Pop Montreal

"Nylon Magazine Band Crush: Beach Day"

It's gross and rainy in New York all day, making it super easy to feel depressed and sleepy. But rather than spend your time refreshing or looking plane tickets for your imaginary vacation to Bermuda (we've done both today... swear), here's a more worthwhile alternative: Take a listen to our latest Band Crush, Beach Day. Hailing from Hollywood, Florida, the nostalgic trio with '60s surfer melodies just kicked off their debut tour this week. We chatted with Kimmy about their love of The Ronettes and desire to improve their tans!

How did the three of you first come together as a band and how long have you been a band for?
All three of us met on the same night. We were in three separate bands at the time. But the stars aligned for us! We've been a band for about ten months now.

What bands/musicians are you most inspired by?
We really love The Black Lips, The Ronettes, Vivian Girls, The Ventures, The Shangri-Las are a really big influence! And then garage bands like The Seeds, The Mysterians, The Yardbirds. We're also really inspired by The Sonics & anything on the first Nuggets compilation is awesome.

What inspired the song 'Beach Day'?
Well we were up in the mountains for like two months and it was really cold and rainy. We were thinking about how awesome it was to be at the beach in Hollywood. And how sunny and casual it is living there. You know, like living in sandals and jean shorts everyday. In contrast to where we were it sounded like paradise! So we were listening to a lot of Ventures & thinking about the beach and just messing around with those kinds of sounds. "Beach Day" was the first song we wrote as a band. We thought there was something special to it. It really inspired us to create the band.

What are you working on now?
We're touring a lot right now! Heading to Canada today. Then a short fall tour in Europe. We're planning our video for our next single "Walking On The Streets" which is coming out sometime in late October/ early November. Our full length LP is already recorded and it's being mixed by Jim Diamond in Detroit. He did the first two White Stripes records. We're really excited to be working with him. When we get home next week we have serious plans for working on our tans!

Who writes the songs? Is it a collaborative effort?
Well I (Kimmy) write the melodies & the lyrics. And then we'll arrange the songs together. And sometimes we'll write to Skyler's drum beats which is always fun. A good drum beat is so important to our band! Sometimes it's a collaborative effort. It really just depends on the song. -- ALI HOFFMAN
- Nylon Magazine

"This Little Underground"

Beach Day specializes in a beachy (duh), garage-minded breed of girl-group pop. Indeed, this wellspring goes back about 50 years, and lots of young acts are reviving it now, but this band's interpretation is so natural and incandescent that they make it feel completely fresh again. They have all the romantic nostalgia that you want from this fare but with just enough garage grit to be au courant. But their universal virtue is their rare melodic gift. Most of their ilk simply don't have the stunningly easygoing songwriting instinct that Beach Day does. And that's the difference. It's basic but it's everything. It's why all their songs sound like singles. Moreover, singer Kimmy Drake has the true voice of a girl-group leading lady, something like a young, white Ronnie Spector raised on punk.

Not only is Beach Day way more ready for prime time than their contemporaries, they could knock off some of the genre's reigning bands – they already make Best Coast sound asleep and seem ready to rush up on Dum Dum Girls real fast. In other words, they are one of the best cases I've seen of this genus so far and are genuine breakout material. I've seen far lesser bands have great success. Consider me fully in their corner.

But here's the best part: Mere moments after I typed in the above sentiments into my phone, I was told they just got signed by tastemaking Brooklyn imprint Kanine Records. Label honcho Lio Cerezo, an Orlando boy who was there to see Beach Day play, told me himself. This is the label that nationally broke Sunshine State luminaries Surfer Blood and Viernes. So beyond your favorite music column here, expect to see Beach Day on the buzz blogs soon because being signed to Kanine is a significant pop for them. - Orlando Weekly


Trip Trap Attack - LP 2013

Beach Day - 7" single (Kanine) Summer 2012

Walking on the Streets - 7" single (Kanine) Fall 2012



Hollywood, Florida is not your typical beach town. The buildings, diners, and of course the beach appear frozen in the 1950s. Probably a result of the towns population boom happening in that era, a current drive down the streets feels like your moving through an R. Crumb drawing. Things seem exaggerated and a bit odd. The now mature population seems a caricature of their former selves.

It is this strange place, lovingly dubbed Hollyweird, Florida, that the trio Beach Day calls home. Their sound is heavily influenced by their surroundings. They make new music, but it is definitely old at heart. And its definitely sunny, but not without some murkiness.

Kimmy, Natalie and Skyler met at a local show and quickly bonded over their love of 60s Girl Groups, their dissatisfaction with their current musical endeavors and a common desire to be in a band that was purely about fun and making music without pretense.

Skyler was living in Asheville but missing the beach culture, so he moved back. Natalie was planning a move to the west coast but already had song ideas, so she decided to stay. The two moved into a house with Kimmy and all acquired jobs at the local Smoothie Shack. Moving in is somewhat of a big commitment for a band that just wants to have fun, but the first song they wrote together came easy. It is called Beach Day and it is their first release out July 17th on Kanine Records (limited edition white vinyl 7 & digital download).

An embodiment of their surroundings and love of 60s girl groups, Beach Day sounds as you might expect. Think of a female fronted Beach Boys, throw in some The Shangri-Las, The Ventures, The Sonics, Phil Spector, The Ramones, add in contemporaries Cults, Dum Dum Girls and the Black Lips and you have a soundtrack for your perfect Beach Day.

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