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Benjamin iii

Knoxville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Knoxville, TN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Alternative Hip Hop




"North Hills EP Shows Whole New Dimensions In Chief Panda"

North Knoxville's Benjamim iii and Taylor Br-ndn released a joint EP over the weekend. North Hills is a well-rounded four track EP with an entrancing haziness comparable to contemporary Earl Sweatshirt.

The first two tracks, "Be There Waiting" and "I'm On," have that kind of cloud-like texture found in a lot of chill trip-hop, but at a faster tempo, the vibe is wholly original.

Then in the second half of the EP, Benji and Taylor completely shift gears. I was not at all expecting the title track to be a slow R&B cut, but damn if it isn't a really strong track. Playfully using a pitch correcting effect on the vocals, they trade versers around the sweet, smooth refrain, "Marijuana. Angry Orchard. She play a movie, but we a'int watchin'."

Batting cleanup, and perhaps the highlight of the whole EP, is "Warrior." The fourth track is a tight banger with the head-nod ability that has become a Chief Panda staple. In this song we hear a side of Benji that has not been common in his studio work. When I saw him live, however, I noticed him rapping with this undeniable energy that will make the hair on a man's arms stand up. This song is him harnessing that energy into a recording, and it feels like a long time coming.

If you like what you hear, this EP is available to download for free via Soudcloud. You can also keep up with Chief Panda by following them on Twitter. - Kent Oglesby

"Knoxville, TN’s Taylor, Br-ndn and Benjamin iii Deliver ‘North HIlls’ Collaborative EP"

Serving as a collaborative project between Taylor, Br-ndn and Benjamin iii, the Knoxville, TN, duo have not only released a new prorject titled North Hills, but also recently released the accompanying visual for the cut “Speedometer.” The 6-track EP also serves as a precursor to Taylor, Br-ndn’s forthcoming fall album, Through The Looking Glass. Check it all out below! - @Ellhah

"Benjamin iii (@Benji3eyes) - Space Funk [listen]"

If there's anyone that understands the plight of living in the midst of a mad city (so to speak), it's the Knoxville, TN emcee Benjamin iii. I'll let him explain:

DazeeAge is a snippet into a time in my life where I became lost in my head in the midst of chaos brewing in my city... In DazeeAge I used the idea of Sfumato, which means - no harsh lines, or the area where colors blend. That idea derived from Da Vinci's mental ability to hold two paradoxical ideas in his mind without difficulty (Sfumato thinking). Sfumato thinking opens up new dimensions for problem solving, inspiration seeking, and ambiguity.
And with that said, here's "Space Funk," a relaxed cut (that he killed, mind you) off of DazeeAge. Listen and take a load off. - Matt Black

"Benjamin iii returns with a single titled “I Don’t Wanna Trap”."

After a long layoff away from SpitFireHipHop Benjamin iii returns with this new single titled “I Don’t Wanna Trap“. Benjamin iii wrote this speaking to young inner city males in the dark corners of white America facing harsh environments on a daily basis. The song speaks for itself. Take a listen and let us know what you think. - Spit Fire HipHop

"Benjamin iii returns with this new track called “Low Vibes”."

23 year old artist/song writer from Knoxville, TN Benjamin iii is back with new music. Today he releases this new single called “Low Vibes” featuring GhstFcV. “I wrote it when I was depressed. I’m not crazy nor do I think I’m possessed. I live and my imagination runs wild.” - SpitFireHipHop

"New Jazz-Infused Hip Hop From Benjamin iii"

Knoxville has hip-hop.

North Knoxville's Benjamin iii dropped a new track this week. Benji unleashed his quick, chopping flow on a swirling jazzy beat in "I Don't Wanna Trap." This song is the first to be released from an upcoming EP, so be on the lookout for that.

Rappers are storytellers who express the human experience through song from their specific worldview, whatever that may be. The fact is that we have some superbly talented ones right here in Knoxville approaching their craft with some serious depth, and Benjamin iii continues to be an example of that.

I wrote this speaking to young inner city males in the dark corners of white America facing harsh environments on a daily basis. - Benji
If you want to hear more from Benjamin iii, you can check out his Soundcloud or follow him on Twitter. - Kent Oglesby


Still working on that hot first release.



For the first time in a long time, Hip Hop can genuinely say that a new generation of MC’s has arrived. Sure, there are those who helped birth the culture and music and people who can say they grew up with it. But now, you are witnessing perhaps the first generation that can say they were raised on Hip Hop almost exclusively. If you don’t agree, you’re probably not listening to enough Benjamin iii.

Although the artist born Jerron Benjamin Brown has only been rapping since 2012, his bluntly charismatic presence on wax should’ve already put him on your radar as one of music’s emerging voices. 

Born in Knoxville, TN to a school teacher and a city bus driver, Benji spent 17 years of his life in the inner city where he was exposed to drugs and gang activity early before moving to a wholly different suburban neighborhood where he learned the stark contrasts that come with living in two different places in one city.  These realities left an imprint on him that made him the accepted outcast in both areas. 

After graduating, Benji isolated himself in his moms pink carpeted basement where he developed his skills and came to the realization that music is what he was supposed to be doing. Noticing the love and passion his friends also had for music he decided to form a collective of artist entitled Chief Panda. This, though was a very turbulent time in his life and he expressed his thoughts and confusions through an aptly titled project named DazeeAge. Since then Benji has gone on to release a joint EP with a member of the Chief Panda collective titled North Hills. 

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