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Elkton, MD 21921, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Elkton, MD 21921, USA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop




"YonnieMcFly on music with a message, new album"

For most local and underground artists the pursuit of fame and success in the music industry is a constant and unforgiving process. A lot must be sacrificed in hopes of a lot in return, and nothing is promised. Competition is fierce and every little detail could make or break you.

One of the most important aspects of making it in the music industry is, of course, the quality of the product. With underground artists gaining more access to high-level packaging and studios, the game has changed dramatically, giving some artists the ability to succeed if they market and package the product intelligently.

One local rapper is making a lot of noise in the tri-state music scene, due in part to her consistency and work ethic, and in part to her brand presentation.

Twenty-eight-year-old YonnieMcfly of Elkton, Maryland, is no stranger to the grind of the music industry. She has been making music for many years and has built more of a catalog then most have the ambition to create.

Her first mixtape came out in 2012 and was called “G.U.M.B.O.,” which stands for “grinding until my bread overflows.” Since then, she has released three more installments. Most recently she released her debut album, “Heavy Is The Head That Holds The Crown,” on June 20 at Delaware Live in Prices Corner.

Another thing that sets Yonnie apart is her quality and preparation. Whether it’s her professional website or her merchandise packaging, when you see Yonnie perform it’s easy to forget that she’s just another local rapper from around the way looking to make her dream come true.

We sat down with YonnieMcfly and found out about the process of creating a new album, how growing up in Elkton inspired her and what can make an artist unique.

Q: So when did you first get introduced to hip-hop?

A: I actually got my love for hip-hop from my dad. He was from Wilmington and was a rapper back in the day. I used to go with him and perform sometimes at his shows when I was around 9 or 10. I grew up primarily with my mother so hip-hop was something that brought me and him together.

Q: How does your dad feel about you doing hip-hop since he did it?

A: I think he’s proud to see that he gave that to me. Like I said, I mostly grew up with my mother so I probably act like them most of the time, but when he sees me rap he knows that’s all him. Growing up watching him is really what sparked my love for hip-hop. I know that’s what he is definitely proud of.

Q: So, just recently, I saw your new video “Jungle” from your new album and it seems to have a pretty clear message about what’s going on in today’s society. Is that what you were going for?

A: Well there’s so much going on in the world today and I consider my music to be a little more conscience and thought-provoking anyway. The song “Jungle” is about the people that live in these low-income areas. The hood is like a jungle and it’s hard to survive. So many of these young kids walk around mad all the time, like they literally wake up and go throughout the day mad at the world. So when you have so many people that are angry, then the result is violence. This young generation doesn’t care at all and aren’t scared, their mentality is “Oh you got guns? Well we got guns, too, what’s good?”

Q: Do you think growing up in a small town like Elkton makes it harder for an artist to get exposure?

A: I think that artists from smaller areas definitely have to grind a little harder to be heard but at the end of the day Elkton is just a place. Every place has a hood or a story so it’s just about getting that story out there to be heard. I filmed my music video for “Jungle” right in Elkton to give it that hometown feel and give people a glimpse into my world.

Q: So what was the reason for naming your album “Heavy Is The Head That Holds The Crown”?

A: I named it that because I feel as though I have a burden on my head as a rapper and voice of my generation. It’s kind of like the saying, “To whom much is given, much is required.” The message in my music is reflective of the times and what’s going on in today’s world. If I’m going to consider myself as a leader, then that comes with some responsibility.

Q: What is next for YonnieMcfly; where do you want to be in the next 2 years?

A: I hope to continue grinding like I have been, but on a larger scale. All I can do is take it one day or one show at a time and keep creating quality music. My next show is Oct. 3 in Philly at the Voltage Lounge. I will also be at the AC3 festival in Atlanta this year, so that will be a big opportunity for me! Just remember the name YonnieMcFly. - Delaware Online


Elkton rap artist Kiyona Matthews, known by her musical moniker "Yonnie McFly," on the porch of the Clinton Street row home in Elkton she's lived in all her life on Monday, June 1, 2015. As Mcfly, Matthews has played more than 100 shows locally and across the nation, and is preparing to release her fifth album, "Heavy is the head that holds the crown," on June 20, at the Delaware Live entertainment complex located at 3421 Kirkwood Highway, in Wilmington, Del.. More information can be found at yonniemcfly.com. - Cecil Whig

"Featured Artist: YonnieMcfly"

We got to sit down for a Q & A interview with up and coming artist Yonnie McFly to discuss the music bizz, fashion and good vibes.

HHD: Where were you born?
YM: Elkton, Maryland

HHD: Where do you reside?
YM: Elkton, Maryland

HHD: What is your nationality?
YM: African American

HHD: How long have you been doing music?
YM: Just about all my life.

HHD: What inspired you to want to get involved in the music business?
YM: It's a spiritual thing for me, spreading truth and love. Connecting, being connected. You know? The vibes.

HHD: Are there any artist signed or unsigned that you would love to collaborate with?
YM: Erykah Badu definitely, Lauryn Hill for sure, Missy Elliott is a must

HHD: Tell us about your clothing line?
YM: It's not really a line you know, its a vibe. It's what I prefer to wear but could never find, so I created it. I think it's super dope that people caught that vibe and enjoy it. That's love.

HHD: If we were to open a playlist of your favorite music, which artist would we find in your playlist?
YM: It would be super eclectic. A mix of everything from Future to Alabama Shakes, with some oldies definitely in there, the Isley Brothers, Al Green. A lot of waves.

HHD: What projects are you currently working on?
YM: If I told you I'd have to kill you lol Definitely got some surprises coming though. IndigoTRAP was just released so I just want all the energy going into that vibe.

HHD: Where can people connect with you (socially, shows, music links, etc.)?
YM: YonnieMcfly.com for all things YonnieMcfly. IG: YonnieMcfly Snap: YonnieMcfly Twitter: YonnieMcfly FB:YonnieMcfly

HHD: Any last words, shout outs, etc?
YM: Peace, love and many blessings. - HipHopDose

"YonnieMcfly - Heavy (Official Video)"

If you ask female rapper and Elkton, Maryland native, YonnieMcfly what IndigoTRAP means to her, she’ll tell you that it’s more than just an album; it’s a way of life. She’ll tell you that it’s her sound, the sound of her frequency, and every time you hear it you’re immersed in her vibes. She’ll tell you how she worked on the project for over a year, recording and mixing everything on her own to ensure the perfect sound that would reflect her artistic energy. With the help of her manager, Amber Saxton of A.Sax Management, and her creative and visual director, Jet Phynx of Jet Phynx Films, she has truly created a package worthy of acclaim.

You can witness her impeccable originality here, starting with the release of ‘Heavy: The Movie’, a feature film shot and directed by Jet Phynx. The track, produced by Kid Flash, is featured on YonnieMcfly’s IndigoTRAP album which dropped on April 1st, 2016. The album is available exclusively on IndieGoGo.com by visiting https://igg.me/at/IndigoTRAP. You can learn more about YonnieMcfly, and sign up for her mailing list at www.YonnieMcfly.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @YonnieMcfly. - HipHopSince1987


G.U.M.B.O 4 (2014)
Heavy Is The Head That Holds The Crown (2015)
IndigoTRAP (2016)



Female artist YonnieMcfly carries a nostalgic appeal, mixing heavy hitting bass with an eccentric writing style to create her own sound. Her pitch-shifty ad-libs and unconventional delivery are what truly make her shine in an over-saturated market where everyone is sticking to what’s safe and familiar to get their foot in the industry door.

Yonnie saw her career jump start with the G.U.M.B.O movement, GUMBO being an acronym for Grinding Until My Bread Overflows, which turned into a 4 mixtape series. This helped to strengthen her position as not only a lyricist, but also a performer as she began securing shows nationwide. After outgrowing depending on promoters to set the stage, she began putting together her own events and headlining. In all she has performed more than 100 live shows for over 20,000+ people. YonnieMcfly has been featured on KISS 101.7 FM and MTV.com as well as won multiple awards for her live performances. Her latest project, IndigoTRAP dropped April 1st, and is available exclusively on www.IndieGoGo.com.

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