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Flint, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Flint, MI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Dream Pop




"Radio Station Plays"

WCBN - Ann Arbor, MI
WERU East Orlan, ME
Culture City Radio, - Dearborn, MI
The Radio Cafe - Detroit, MI
 Eclectic Chair - Mid Michigan
KWLC Decora, IA
KCR - San Diego, CA
KHSU - Arcata, CA
KMNR Rolla, MO
KSSU - Sacramento, CA
KUOI - Moscow, IE
KUWS Superior, WI
KBMR Nevada City, CA
KXUA Fayetteville AR
Radio Pheonix, AZ
WBNY - Buffalo, NY
WCHC Worcester, MA
WGLS Glassboro, NJ
WIDR- Kalamazoo, MI
WMPG Portland, ME
WMUL Huntington, WV
WNIA Rockymount, NC
WPRK - Winter Park, FL
WRTC - Hartford, CT
WWSU - Dayton, OH
Playlist Obscura - Aberdeen, Scotland
Impact 89FM, The Basement - East Lansing, MI
LCC Radio 89.7-East Lansing,MI
Ann Delisi's Essential Music WDET 101.9- Detroit, MI
CK 105.5-Flint, MI
WKUF-LP 94.3 Kettering University -

"Boudoir Noir "Endless Dawn""

Lush soundscapes embody feminine sexuality on dark cabaret band Boudoir Noir’s first single, “Endless Dawn.” Produced with Tunde Olaniran (Jr. Jr., Flint Eastwood), the track combines electronic rhythms with hip-hop beats into a dusky, sensual mood. Working with Olaniran brought a new light to the project. Singer and guitarist Maria Fournier explains, “Tunde is a very visionary artist exuding ideas through his pores, and we really learned a lot from him about ways to make different parts stand out more by taking away elements as opposed to adding more.” Those elements shimmer while introducing surprise variances like a recording of the Indian Ocean, captured during a recent trip by the band. Through this fusion, “Endless Dawn” takes on a pronounced life. A song about facing the anxieties and mysteries of death, it becomes an ethereal quest amongst tribal beats and sultry vocals.

Boudoir Noir's debut EP, Endless Dawn, is due out June 3. - Paste Magazine

"Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 6/27"

If you’re looking for something completely mesmerizing and new, Boudoir Noir’s release, Endless Dawn, from earlier this month is a dreamy, ambient and sensual listening experience with soaring vocals, beautiful production and exceptional instrumentation. It’s a beautiful mix of electronic pop, R&B and chill wave. It’s complex, layered and dripping with talent. The vocals are seductive and the harmonies are haunting. It feels organic and unique, like nothing you’ve ever heard. Don’t hesitate to give this a thorough listen, because we guarantee you won’t want it to end. - CBS The CW50

"Artist Spotlight: Boudoir Noir"

A weekly feature showcasing local artists

Name: Boudoir Noir

Lineup: Maria Fournier, vocals, guitar and percussion; Graham Rockwood, bass, and Beni Schlatter, drums and percussion.

Sound: Dark cabaret pop.

Past life: The Flint-based band was formerly known as Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks.

Next up: Boudoir Noir will perform with The Old Adage, Odd Hours and Rare Wolf at 9 p.m. Saturday at Northern Lights Lounge, 600 W. Baltimore in Detroit. Cover is $5.

Melody Baetens - The Detroit News

"EXCLUSIVE! ‘Endless Dawn’ by Boudoir Noir"

For our second exclusive this week we bring you an EP from Boudoir Noir, Michiganian purveyors of “dark cabaret pop”

Boudoir Noir sleeveThis week’s second exclusive is the new Endless Dawn EP from Boudoir Noir. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Boudoir Noir describe themselves as “a dark, cabaret pop trio making sultry music for midnight,” and this – their first EP after a number of single releases – will be out on Friday (3 June).

Blending influences from pop, trip-hop and leftfield electronica, Boudoir Noir consist of Maria Fournier on vocals/synth/guitar, Ben Schlatter on drums/percussion/synth and Graham Rockwood. Background vocals on Endless Dawn itself are provided by Tunde Olaniran, while Wild Valentine features BVs from Aaron Reinhard and Dan Zimmicky, and tabla by Abhi Utekar. The EP was mixed at 54 Sound in Ferndale, Michigan and mastered in New Jersey by Joe Lambert Mastering.

Fournier says: “Writing this EP was like setting sail, not knowing where our ship would end up. It was a journey of discovering our new sound layer by layer, wave by wave, over the course of two years. Our style in music changed as we moved into a new stage of our lives. Our older music and songwriting style didn’t resonate with us anymore, so it slowly became less pop/rock, and a little more sexy, smooth, subtle and dramatic. It was a way of settling into ourselves with the music.”

The hype sheet recommends this one “for fans of” Lorde and Sia; we’d be tempted to add a few more names to that list, including the likes of Goldfrapp, Morcheeba, Bjork, London Grammar and Portishead. But as ever, you can make your own mind up… - Songwriting Magazine

"New Music From Boudoir Noir"

Boudoir Noir released their latest EP called Endless Dawn this week. The sensational sounds of Maria's voice pairs perfectly with Beni Schlatter's drums and Graham Rockwood bass to create a seductive musical dance for you ears. When you see them perform live, Maria's stage performance mimics the music to create an out of this world visual experience that takes the art of performance to another level. Boudoir is a band that you experience, not just music that you listen to.

Download the new album and spend a few minutes reading our latest interview with Maria about the album and the upcoming release shows. Then, mark your calenders to celebrate the release the way it was meant to be experienced, live and in person. Boudoir Noir has put together one of the sexiest lineups of the summer. They have teamed up with Rarewolf, The Old Adage, and Odd Hours to create a one of a kind night that will be as cool to watch as it is to listen to. This will be a treat for your ears, eyes, and minds.

HID- Where did you record the EP?
BN- "We recorded everything in our home studio. Then we went to 54 Sound in Ferndale to mix it and had it mastered in New Jersey by Joe Lambert."

HID- What was it like working with Tunde Olaniran?
BN- "An absolute blast! Tunde has creativity spilling out of his ears. He is an absolute focused, creative force of energy in the studio. He was also the only person my cat would let pet her, so that says a lot in my book."

HID- Why did you name the new EP Endless Dawn?
BN- "Endless Dawn represents a never ending chance to begin again. It's also about connecting to the never ending source of light and energy, if you want to take it to that level. This album was a chance for us to start over musically and explore a new sound that resonated with us more, in this new stage of our lives."

HID- Your live shows are very physical. How do you prepare for your live shows?
BN- "I love doing yoga before a show. It helps me to center, to get out of my head and come back into my body. It also reminds me that music is a gift that should be shared, and it's not about my ego."

HID- How did you learn to dance with the Egyptian wings?
BN- "I learned from the academy of YouTube, meaning I watched YouTube videos and danced in front of a mirror. Ha!"

HID- Who does all your visuals for the EP and the website? The pictures are beautiful!
BN- "The EP graphics were done by my lovely cousin Shelby Harmon. Since we were little we always talked about ways to collaborate her art with my music, so it was a thrill to make that happen. Our photos were done by the wonderful Spilt Sugar. She's also an amazing silk aerialist dancer, so she knows how to beautifully capture the movement of artists. We're working on finding a venue with the right ceiling to have her dance with us at one of our shows as well."

HID- Where will the EP release party take place?
BN- "At Soggy Bottom Bar in Flint on June 17th, then we're doing a Detroit show on July 16th at Northern Lights Lounge.

HID- Who is opening the show?
BN- "In Flint it's Alexander Lynch and Phosphor Elephants. In Detroit it's RareWolf, Odd Hours and The Old Adage."

HID- Do you have any special looks planned out for the release show?
BN- "We definitely have some things up our sleeves. *Wink, Wink"

HID- What fests are you playing this summer?
BN- "We're playing Hell's Half Mile fest in September, Detroit RiverDays on June 24th, The Blue Water Fest in Port Huron and we're also working on playing the Detroit fests like DIY Street Fair, Arts Beats and Eats and Dally, if they're having it this year. We'd also love to play Theatre Bizarre. Our live show would go perfectly there."

HID- What bands have you been listening to lately?
BN- "I love this question! I'm in love with all of the Detroit bands that are kicking ass right now: Valley Hush, Ancient Language, James Linck, BevLove, all the bands playing our shows with us and so many many more."

HID- Is there anything else you would like our fans to know?
BN- "We have some amazing scented soy candles that I make in an engraved wine glass. They smell incredible, and they're the perfect thing for a night in your Boudoir. They're available on our website- and at our shows." - Hip in Detroit

"PICK: Boudoir Noir – Wild Valentine"

Boudoir Noir is a three-piece from Michigan and I already loved their first single “Endless Dawn”. Our Song Pick of the Day is the second track from their upcoming EP, also called “Endless Dawn”. It is a sensual love song that combines electronic and acoustic beats with oriental melodies. That is a good setting for the “Wild Valentine” situation singer Maria Fournier is getting into: “Slither up my spine, start a fire when I let go / You tell me that you’re mine, start a fire when we move slow” - GlamGlare

"LISTEN: Boudoir Noir, 'Back to Me,' exclusive premiere"

"Back to Me" is a shimmering, soft-pulsing new track from Flint's Boudoir Noir — and a seductive peek into the trio's forthcoming debut EP.

For this Freep First Spin premiere, vocalist-songwriter Maria Rose Fournier describes a song that's "about realizing that it's time to come back to yourself, after finding that reaching outside of yourself for other people and external things to make you happy isn't working."

"It's a song about acknowledging that true, lasting happiness has to come from within," she says.

The track is one of six on Boudoir Noir's scheduled June 3 release, "Endless Dawn," produced with fellow Flint musical mastermind Tunde Olaniran.

Fournier and band mates Graham Rockwood (bass) and Beni Schlatter (drums) will headline an 8 p.m. Friday show at PJ's Lager House with openers Rachel B and Feral Ground. (1254 Michigan, Detroit. 313-961-4668. $5.) A hometown release party in Flint is scheduled for June 4. - Detroit Free Press

"new music: Boudoir Noir; Esquela; Slow Coyote"

Boudoir Noir, “Endless Dawn”

–dark cabaret-style which combines electronica, a bit of hip-hop/ world music beats, lush compositions and varied instrumentation. become engulfed in the haunting aspect of this single. nearly anything dark as long as it’s not metal, I’ll probably be into it. based in Flint, Michigan, Boudoir Noir is: Maria Fournier- vocals, guitar, production Beni Schlatter- drums, production Graham Rockwood- bass. Fournier’s impressive range complements the intriguing arrangements. Boudoir Noir’s Endless Dawn EP– which I’ve listened to many times over– comes out June 3. These are talented musicians. All three members of Boudoir Noir have formally studied music formally–Maria Fournier at Berklee College of Music, Graham Rockwood at Eastern Michigan and Beni Schlatter at U of Michigan– Flint. Boudoir Noir is a band to watch for 2016. - Entertainment Realm

"Boudoir Noir - Wild Valentine"

A mischievous track combining real and electronic instruments, Boudoir Noir releases the second single, “Wild Valentine”, off their upcoming EP, Endless Dawn, due out June 3. Rich soundscapes and Eastern influences slither around like a snake being charmed by a hypnotic rhythm.

The tabla drum from India beats, an electronic hip hop mix, and a bass line recorded in Northern Michigan, create a bridge between East and West. The band worked with producer Tunde Olaniran (Jr. Jr., Flint Eastwood) who helped highlight the most important elements of the song. Deeply passionate, “Wild Valentine,” is a song about awakening an inner desire shrouded from societal norm. Lyrics like “Slither up my spine, start a fire when we let go” embrace an inner sexual energy to be set free.

Boudoir Noir, formerly known as Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks, is from Flint, Michigan. They have opened up for ZZ Ward and Daphne Willis, as well as played with producer/performer Tunde
Olaniran (Jr. Jr., Flint Eastwood), who helped produce some of their upcoming debut EP, Endless Dawn. The band has been featured on Ann Delisi’s Essential Music 101.9 WDET, and had their music featured on the History Channel’s show American Restoration. All three members of Boudoir Noir have studied music formally. Maria Fournier (Berklee College of Music), Graham Rockwood (Eastern Michigan), and Beni Schlatter (U of M - Flint) combine an array of styles ranging from electronic to hip-hop to create a dark cabaret pop sound. - The Music Magazine

"Boudoir Noir "Endless Dawn""

There's something mysterious and slightly dangerous about the music of Michigan-based cabaret pop group Boudoir Noir. It's filled with shadows, whispers and things that hide in the darkness, but it's not unapproachable. Oddly enough, all the velvety crags and hollows make the music all the more enticing and apt to draw you in unawares. Synths bound around, rubbing up against singer Maria Rose's ethereal vocals and atmospheric flourishes of electronic noise. It's dark pop that knows no boundaries and which explores an upwelling of emotion and sound that derives its force from the band's unwavering loyalty to their own ingenuity.

On recent single "Endless Dawn," the band filters their individual musical histories through a handful of filters and arrives at a sound that feels simultaneously insular and accessible. Dark electronic rhythms interact with skittering hip-hop beats and a breathless sensuality to create a song that seems to exist in the smoke of a darkened club, a whisper that traces its lineage back to the lips of a dozen people. But despite its inherent ethereal nature, the music does have a grounded foundation on which to build its cavernous sounds. The band wanders through a fog of memory and experience, arriving at a bright morning after a night of half-remembered events and a sense that some things are best left forgotten. - Notes from left of the dial

"Wild Valentine"

Slinky guitar lines intertwine and couple, mystical melodies dance like shadows in the candlelight, and then the smoke clears, revealing something beautiful. “Wild Valentine” is the seductive new single from Flint, Michigan’s Boudoir Noir, and it’s the lead track on their Endless Dawn EP, released on June 3rd. You can download this track either by following the above link or visiting their Soundcloud page, where you can hear still more of their music. - The Autumn Roses

"Boudoir Noir (Rachel B, Feral Ground) @ PJ’s Lager House Cabaret Meetup"

Flint alternative “cabaret” pop trio Boudoir Noir recently announced the release of their 2016 Endless Dawn EP for June. The group’s sensual, rich sound is as if R&B made a brain child with ambient pop in a haunted opera theater. Their lusty dreaminess is captivating in recordings and enchanting in a live show. Catch them at PJ’s on April 1st with Traverse City’s soul pop artist Rachel B and Detroit’s jam hip hop group Feral Ground opening the night. - Nearify

"MP3 at 3PM Boudoir Noir"

The interestingly named Boudoir Noir have a new song called “Endless Dawn” to sink your teeth into. Coming from their June 6 EP Endless Dawn, the title track mixes moody electronica with a talented vocalist. Check it out below. - Magnet Magazine

"End your day with joyous new music by Boudoir Noir"

Recorded at the legendary 54Sound studio in wonderful Ferndale, Michigan, “Endless Dawn” is the eerie and soulful new single from Flint, Michigan’s Boudoir Noir. It sounds like satin sheets and candlelight, and you can download it by following the above link. Their Endless Dawn EP arrives on June 3rd, and you can stream a great of their music on their Soundcloud page and listen in the meantime. - The Autumn Rose

"Boudoir Noir- Summer Skin"

Comprised of Maria Rose (vocals), Graham Rockwood (bass) and Beni Schlatter (drums), the trio of Boudoir Noir describe their sound as “moody, beat-based,” “marked by striking melodies and Rose’s voluminous vocals” and are meant to invite the listener to relax and be tantalized. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? In any case, late last year the band recorded and released two singles — “Change It Up” and “Summer Skin” and are in the studio working on their debut EP, which is slated for release later this year.

"Summer Skin" is a sensual song comprised of a gently throbbing bass line and swirling electronics paired with Rose’s seductive vocals in a way that sounds as though they were meshing trip-hop with an Eastern flair. But no matter what, the song is very much a sonic come hither look that’s irresistible. - The Joy of Violent Movement

"New Music and new website from Boudoir Noir"

When we first head Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks we fell in love with the band. But, when that project ended we were eager to see what Maria would do next. A few months after the demise of MRSK she announced she would be working with bassist Graham Rockwood and drummer Beni Schlatter on a new project that they were calling Boudoir Noir. BN has finally launched a new website and released two singles, one of which also has a new music video to accompany it. The two new songs are titled "Change It Up" and "Summer Skin", you can give both songs a listen on their Souncloud here. You can also learn more about the band an check out their first music video over at their new website here.

I have listened to both singles a few times through and I like what I am hearing. This is the perfect music to put on during a snowy day while cuddling with someone. Their sound is soft and sexy at the same time, very different from what anyone else in Metro Detroit is currently doing. The other amazing aspect of this act is that they don't just get on stage and perform their music, they have a whole visual show that accompanies the music. This show includes pole dancing, burlesque dancing, and a hula hoop show. Their live show is mentally and visually stimulating, which creates a unique experience. They are one of those groups that are thinking outside of the box and trying to bring you something that you have not seen before.

The band is in the process of putting together their first EP and we will keep you updated on its release. In the meantime, we encourage you to head over to the website to see some videos of past live performances and to hear the two new singles. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from Boudoir Noir in the near future. - Hip in Detroit

"Just Another MCB Band Interview with Boudoir Noir"

Boudoir Noir is a local band that has been around since last year but have recently stepped it up by releasing a couple songs and a video. Their songs are dreamy, lush soundscapes that transport the listener to a dark and sultry place begging to be explored further. They have only played a few shows but I managed to catch one last October as part of the Masquerade of Red Death show. At the time I didn't catch their name so having them contact MCB was a more than pleasant surprise. What is even better is I get to catch them again and soon, Boudoir Noir have a show coming up on April 17 at PJs Lager House with Tart, Ancient language, and Detroit's first professional pole troupe Secret Sircus.

Boudoir Noir photo by Split Sugar

MCB: Who is in the band?

Maria Rose: I am the singer, and play guitar, synth, Graham Rockwood lays down that bass and Ben Schlatter is the drummer. If the stage at the venue has enough room we also, at times bring along some hula-hoop dancers or pole dancers. We aim for our live shows to have an electro/cabaret feel to it.

MCB: When did you form and why?

Maria Rose: We started as Maria Rose & The Swiss Kicks and performed as that for a few years. We changed our name to Boudoir Noir this fall. We also developed our sound more. We wanted to create more chilled out, beat driven, sexy and smooth music with a theatrical live show. Boudoir Noir felt like a better name for what we wanted to do.

MCB: Describe your sound in ten words or less and what band would not offend you to be compared to?

Maria Rose: Sensual, dreamy pop. Music for making love. We would definitely not be offended to be compared to Oh Land or Banks.

MCB: What’s your latest release and how can people get it?

Maria Rose: We released two singles in January - Summer Skin and Change it up
They are available on
iTunes -
Band camp -
and streaming on Spotify
We will be releasing a new EP in August called Endless Dawn!

MCB: Favorite local venue and why?

Maria Rose: The Crofoot ballroom is really nice! The big stage gave us lots of room for our hula-hoop dancers.
We also really loved playing at the Magic stick, especially because of the pizza downstairs :)

MCB: What do you like most and least about Detroit?

Maria Rose: Love the DIY energy here; all of the creativity and ingenuity floating around. We love that it feels like the wild west, in that there's a lot room to explore your ideas and passions.
Least favorite is lack of a good mass transit system.

MCB: What’s the furthest you have traveled for a gig?

Maria Rose: New York City! We had a tour out east a couple of summers ago.

MCB: Most embarrassing moment so far…

Maria Rose:This isn't really embarrassing, just a little funny. We showed up to a gig a couple of hours away, only to find out the sound guy had just quit. He offered us money to help move his speakers. Apparently, he and the owner had gotten into an unresolvable argument right before we got there!

MCB: What makes being in a band worth it for you?

Maria Rose: We love the connections you make with music. Seeing people move and sway, and connect with a deeper part of themselves and those around them at shows is magical. It's amazing to see how music can bring people together on so many different levels. Connecting with each other on stage is also really gratifying. A group of people can almost always accomplish more than an individual, so it's pretty cool to throw ideas at each other, feed off each other, and see what comes of it.

MCB: You will know the band is successful when…..

Maria Rose: We can live from spending most of the year on tour!

MCB: Where’s the best place for people to go hear more from you? (FB, Youtube, Bandcamp, your own URL – whatever you think your best site is)

Maria Rose: We're on all of the social media sites, so whichever is your favorite!

Our website is


Twitter- @BoudoirMusic

Instagram- @BoudoirMusic


Posted up by Mikel O.D. on 3.3.15 - Motor City Blog

"Little Animal and Boudoir Noir at The Lager House"

Sometimes bands have to switch up the formula and take things in a new direction. Bands break up, make up, switch members, switch genres, and form new projects that better fit who they are. We have been following Maria Rose and the Swiss Kicks for a few years and we recently found out that they are taking the band in new direction. It was time to be out with the old and in with the new.

Maria Rose will now be known as Boudoir Noir. I won't go into details about the change up, I'll let Maria explain that in a second, but I will tell you that you can check them out this Thursday, July 24th at PJ's Lager House with Little Animal, Psalm, and Estuaries. The show starts at 9 p.m. and is only $6 at the door. The band made a teaser to get you excited for the event, you can watch that below.

You can also check out the band's first music video, which they have already recorded and released below.

This show promises to offer up a whole lot more than we've ever seen before. Check out what Maria had to say about the show and the change up below.

HID- What made you decide to change the name and the direction of the band?
Maria- "We started to feel like we had grown out of Maria Rose and The Swiss Kicks. That band was how we got our feet wet and developed our sound, but it was time for something new.

It all started with the band name, Boudoir Noir. It kept haunting me until I couldn't ignore it anymore. The more I thought about the name Boudoir Noir, the more I started seeing images of this elegant, electronic, urban cabaret with live pole, hoola hoop and burlesque dancers. The music started to evolve naturally into this sensual, sexy sound with trip-hop type beats that would go with all of that."

HID- What does live dancing during the show mean? Can you give us any details?
Maria- "This show coming up at PJ's Lager House will have two very talented Detroit pole dancers- Charley Crystal who helped produce Michigan Pole Dance and Air Festival and Nekia Morris who owns Vixen Pole Fitness in Detroit. We will also have an amazing hoola-hoop dancer, Christy Soulshine. When the space permits it, I would love to eventually have an aerial silk dancer with us at shows in the future! I've also been looking into linking up with the local burlesque scene and playing at shows like that.

HID- In your promo video for the show you are dancing with a hulu hoop, how did you learn how to do that? will you be doing this live too?
Maria- "Hahah!!! I wish that was me! The hoola-hoop dancer in the video is my friend Amanda Luna. I've seen her freestyle in the audience at festivals and I've always been mesmerized by how well she moves. I just had to have her on stage with me! Amanda's friend Christy Soulshine will be subbing for her at PJ's but she will be joining us for shows after that."

Maria Rose performing in the Motor City Pole and Aerial festival
Photo by: Spilt Sugar

HID- In your music video you are pole dancing, how long did it take you to learn this and how often do you do it to stay in shape? Do you own your own pole?
Maria- "I am obsessed with pole dancing. It's my other favorite thing to do besides music. I've been dancing for about 7 years now. I used to teach at a pole studio in Flint, but now I have my very own Xpole at my house that I practice on 2-3 days a week. It's an amazing exercise that builds up a lot of strength and flexibility and makes you feel amazing. Also, part of the reason for this name change is so that I could have a theatrical outlet for pole dancing. I wanted to write music that would go well with making pole dance videos and posting them on our YouTube channel."

HID- Why should someone come to see your band?
Maria- "Because our performances are a whole visual, aural, and emotional experience. We aim for our shows to be a way of stepping out of the mundane, everyday, and stepping into the "Boudoir" so to speak. A sensual, seductive place that you can unwind and relax in."

HID- Anything else that you would like our readers to know?
Maria- "We're going to be going on first that night so make sure you get there at or before 9 p.m.!!! Also, we will be releasing our new songs as singles with videos to accompany them. Our first single will be out next month! You can keep updated with us by checking out our website or our Facebook page" - Hip in Detroit

"Daily Downloads"

Today's free and legal mp3 downloads:

Boudoir Noir: "Change It Up" [mp3]
Boudoir Noir: "Summer Skin" [mp3]

James Vincent McMorrow: Live at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel album [mp3]

Nick Lutsko: "Predator" [mp3] from Etc. (out Match 17th)

Opus Orange: Outside In EP [mp3]

Sorren Maclean: "Rows and Rows of Boxes" [mp3] from Way Back Home EP (out March 9th)

Taylor Locke: "Time Stands Still" [mp3] from Time Stands Still (out February 23rd)

Una Lux: "Black Carbon" [mp3]
Una Lux: "Simon" [mp3]

Free and legal live performances at other websites:

Alex Calder: 2015-01-11, Brooklyn [mp3] - Large Hearted Boy


Summer Skin - Single -  Released November 2014
Change it up - Single - Released December 2014



Welcome to Boudoir Noir’s opulent world of sensuous harmony, simmering percussion, and dreamy, sensuality.

At the top of a narrow, shadowy, winding staircase is an ancient wooden door covered with mysterious glyphs and symbols. With a rush of warm air, the portal opens and ushers you into the inner sanctum of Boudoir Noir. The room’s inviting darkness is permeated with the scent of exotic perfume, the soft, soulful thump of intoxicating bass lines and the subtle pulsation of swirling, interlocking rhythms that make you tingle with anticipation. As the music pulls you into its inviting embrace, you close your eyes and begin to drift away on the wings of the haunting voice that comes floating out of the ether. The song unfolds as singer Maria Rose Fournier spins her mesmerizing tales of love, lust, inner harmony and cosmic consciousness. Her voice is strong and gentle, shy and bold, confident and coy, a shimmering alto that pulls you into the nether world between yearning and satisfaction, territory familiar to those who live their lives for love.

Boudoir Noir creates moody, beat based music marked by striking melodies and Fournier’s luminous vocals. Her partners in the venture are bassist Graham Rockwood and drummer Beni Schlatter. The songs they write invite you to relax, open up and strip away the outside world to create your own inner Boudoir Noir, a space where dreams can come true and fantasies can be realized.

“We compose and produce our music in our own intimate hideaway,” Fournier says. “We can start with a beat, a guitar lick, vocal melody or chord progression. Sometimes it’s a mood or feeling we want to create and our boudoir provides a perfect setting for exploring emotional and musical ideas. Once an idea takes shape, we fill in the instruments around it, layer by layer. If we get stuck, we’ll cook a meal and listen to the song in the background. It helps let our minds wander and come up with more impressions.”

The trio released two singles in late 2014: “Change It Up” And “Summer Skin.” They’re gearing up to release their six song Endless Dawn EP in June 2016. Thumping bass drums and sharp snare accents compliment Fournier’s ardent vocals on “108,” a primordial song that explores the mysteries of this auspicious number that is found in ancient teachings and nature. Washes of intergalactic sound create a huge space for Fournier’s vocals. She delivers the warm, open vowels of the lyrics with long sustained notes that dance through an inviting veil of synthesized Bollywood strings.

Fournier’s muted vocals and a subterranean bass line wrap you up in the mysterious warmth of “Endless Dawn,” a passionate ballad full of flickering light and shadows.  Working with Tunde Olaniran, the song takes on his alt/hip hop style while using synthetic and found sounds to provide a soundscape worthy of Fournier’s topic of reckoning with one’s own mortality. Again working with Olaniran, “Wild Valentine” features Indian tabla laced with an assortment of live and electronic drums that set the stage for this song’s ancient theme and driving elements of drum and voice. Rose beckons for a reunion with a lover, supported by a dirty-southern guitar sound.  Like all their music, the sounds on Endless Dawn will leave listeners drifting hypnotically through a sea of satin harmony.

On stage, the band creates an elegant, electronic, urban cabaret with their dramatic, dreamy pop. Their bigger shows are complemented by pole and hula hoop dancers. Rockwood and Schlatter lay down a bed of ambient rhythms that combine live playing and samples to produce an ever-shifting soundscape of echoing dub effects, while Rose drops other-worldly synthesizer melodies and sustained guitar notes into the mix. A compelling front woman, with a hypnotic, low-key charisma, Rose often wears masks and dances with Egyptian belly-dance wings and fan veils to add a physical dimension to the band’s dark, sultry presentation.

Band Members