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Buffalo Hustle

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Psychedelic




"Local Band Keeps Rock and Roll Alive"

Fayetteville has a contagious and creative energy that four UA men have promoted with their local band Buffalo Hustle.
The Fayetteville based rock band includes UofA alumni Nick Brothers on guitar, Garrett Parker on bass and vocals, UofA undergraduate student Sam Solano on drums, and UofA graduate student Julian Thomas on guitar and vocals.
“Sam and I began jamming together around April I believe it was,” Thomas said. “Garrett joined at the beginning of the summer and we recorded a couple of shoddy demos on an iPad.”
Thomas said that Brothers joined them in August and that was when they actually became Buffalo Hustle and started writing music more seriously.
“We all basically met because we made posts on the Fayetteville subreddit,” Thomas said.
As a band, they said that they described their sound as a mixture of blues, rock and funk. Individually, however, they said that they all have their own unique styles and musical tastes.
They all have different musical preferences but they find agreements through classic rock, Solano said.
Thomas echoed Solano by talking about how they love rock and roll, and feed off what they have listened to from classic rock bands.
Despite all the different sounds and styles they enjoy individually, they all agreed that Led Zeppelin was an inspiration for their sound. They said that they enjoy all the riffs and the real essence of rock and roll.
“We play a kind of blues rock, funk and some stoner rock all mixed into this big, loud jam style where we try and have a good time improvising within the songs and between the songs to tie a set together,” Thomas said.
The band frequently expressed the notion of having fun on stage between each other and for the audience.
“I just like to have fun and make other people have fun,” Parker said.
They play for the audience and they really want to put on a show for the people, Brothers said. They are constantly keeping the energy circulating, having fun and improvising. He said that all of their shows are different because they feed off of the crowd and play different songs in different orders so that the specific audience will enjoy it.
“We really make things into a performance. Expect something new at every single show,” Brothers said.
Buffalo Hustle has played shows in Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Pittsburg, Kansas and, of course, up and down Dickson Street. They have played at George’s Majestic Lounge, JR’s Lightbulb Club and Kingfish Bar in Fayetteville.
They recently released their EP with their own original songs.
“We all write our own songs,” Thomas said. “We didn’t set out to be a cover band. We prefer to write and play our own music and keep it original.”
The songwriting is collaborative and everyone helps create the songs, Solano said. He said that someone will come into the studio with an idea and the guys will work together to tweak it and add changes.
They agreed that they are a democratic band and each song has a different way it was created.
They have written 12 songs but when they recorded their EP, they did it all live at their friend’s studio in one day, Brothers said. He said that they finished six songs in that one sitting.
They said that they see a bright future for the band. Brothers said that whenever opportunities present themselves, they will seize them.
Solano said he hopes that they can play more shows in and outside of Fayetteville.
“We want to branch out wherever. We just want to get out there,” Solano said.
Solano also said that they may have different goals but they all want to play music for their fans and see the band grow.
Brothers agreed and said that they are very serious about the band and that they are not just joking around.
They said that they have entered competitions in Fayetteville and Little Rock and they have more shows in the works. On Jan. 31, Buffalo Hustle will be playing at Ryleigh’s on Dickson Street along with the local band Vintage Pistol.
Information about their upcoming shows, new songs and news from the band can be found on their Facebook page and Instagram. They also have live videos posted on their YouTube channe - Arkansas Traveller

"Buffalo Hustle / Buffalo Hustle (2015)"

Еще одна «любительская» хэви-группа из США – рок-квартет BUFFALO HUSTLE. Коллектив в составе Nick Brothers (гитара), Garrett Parker (бас, вокал), Sam Solano (барабаны) и Julian Thomas (гитара, вокал) сложился в городе Фейетвилл штата Арканзас осенью 2014 года и в течение зимы завершил дебютную демо-запись.
На 23-минутном EP представлено 6 песен, исполненных группой в стилистике «семидесятнического» хард-блюз-рока. Никаких новых горизонтов в рок-музыке BUFFALO HUSTLE не открывают, но играют с чувством и искрой. Без которых блюз-музыка не живет в принципе. На мой взгляд, все у парней получается неплохо – искренне желаю, чтобы первая демо-запись помогла им подняться и развиться в деятельный профессиональный блюз-рок-ансамбль. - Recyclable Sounds

"Gibberish, Tim Campbell, Buffalo Hustle release new music"

Local rock band Buffalo Hustle released a self-titled EP back in December - Fayetteville Flyer

"Buffalo Hustle"

You should have an idea of what you are in for when you hear feedback from a guitar and cymbals at the beginning of Buffalo Hustle’s self-titled album Buffalo Hustle. The blues inspired rock n’ roll that Buffalo Hustle plays has been running through the veins of America's musical conscience since the 1960’s. Led Zeppelin along with bands like Cream brought the style to the forefront of our society.

Once the ‘80s and ‘90s rolled around the crunchy guitars and blues inspired songs weren't as prevalent: It wasn’t till the White Stripes and shortly after The Black Keys became popular that a resurgence happened. Here we are in 2015 and there are countless bands blues/rock hybrids that take a shot at the genre.

In the case of Buffalo Hustle they have a couple things going for them. The band consisting of Nick Brothers (guitar), Julian Thomas (guitar/vocals), Garrett Parker (bass/vocals) and Sam Solano (drums) are from Fayetteville, Arkansas and their location plays into their music. There's a definite southern style rock influence apparent that not all blues bands possess. The other thing is that they implement a small amount of psychedelia Jimi Hendrix style into the mix. It mostly comes in the form of a wah wah or modulation pedal. These effects are sometimes missing with purists.

Bands like Buffalo Hustle are best heard live in my opinion and I am willing to bet that’s the case here but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to these tunes in the recorded format. Songs like “You Done Wrong” capture a distorted guitar tone that feels like it’s getting torn apart at the seams while the vocalist delivers a dynamic, emotionally fueled performance.

“The Big Heavy” is a perfect name because it is indicative of what they deliver. The riffs are big, the guitars are heavy and any fan of rock should enjoy this track. As the EP progresses the band delivers the goods with songs like “Low” and “Funk Suite IV.” By the time you get to the end you feel thoroughly rocked.

Buffalo Hustle isn’t trying to get too inventive and unless you have been living in a cave this music should sound familiar. That being said, it’s hard to deny another blues inspired rock band that can makes you feel the unfiltered emotion that made the genre sustainable through decades. - Ted Rogan


Still working on that hot first release.



Buffalo Hustle is a rock n' roll band from Fayetteville, AR that formed in late summer 2014 after a month of several late night jam sessions and record exchanges. The band all grew up with a passion for rock n' roll music from the late 60s and early 70s and a desire to build their own modern sound. Their music spans a diverse blend of psychedelic blues, funk, and rock n' roll riffs with soulful, burning lyrics. The band is quickly establishing themselves as a regional act, and each of their live shows brings unique improvised jams--making no two shows alike.

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