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Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Buffalo Rodeo Release Gorgeous Video for Love in a Garden"

The new video for Buffalo Rodeo’s “Love in a Garden” opts for simplicity, weaving beautifully scenic footage together to compliment the track’s unhurried, purposeful flow. The natural background and rustic setting blend into the Bowling Green band’s psychedelic tendencies, making for a watching experience that draws you in and lulls you into a sense of calm. The performance footage at the end, though, wraps up “Love in a Garden” and it’s climax perfectly — while the band might feel at home in the quiet of nature, they can still put on one hell of a rock show. - The Wild Honey Pie

"TVD Video Premiere: Buffalo Rodeo, “Blue Sky"

Nashville indie gems Buffalo Rodeo follow up their outstanding EP, “123 Water” with the brand new video for “Blue Sky.”

We have the pleasure of premiering the achingly retro video from the thumpy psych rockers who look and sound like the love child of Broken Bells and Brian Jones Town Massacre. The ’60s vibes are thick, the distortion heavy, but Buffalo Rodeo produces gold nugget pop that is interesting and yes, even sexy.

If you haven’t already, grab their EP here and give yourself a moment with songs like “Lana (Del Rey)” and “All Ears.” The jangling tracks both feature great female and male vocals and woozy hooks. I’m certainly looking forward to hear what they come up with next. - The Vinyl District

"Buffalo Rodeo Releases Dream Single Blue Sky"

Buffalo Rodeo has shown glimpses of becoming the latest indie darlings to emerge from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“Blue Sky” the first single from forthcoming EP “123 Water” finds the quintet coming into its own.

Buffalo Rodeo has shown a penchant for covering Fleetwood Mac at live performances, but “Blue Sky” evokes 1960s era psychedelic rock.

When Zach Preston and Jordan Reynolds harmonize, the effect is intoxicating. A trip if you will.

Lyrics like “I still think I wanna run and play with fire/ I won’t wake the sun up in my dream land/All the little girlies in the mezzanine they form/A foreseen aunt dormancy and I” sound like they belong on an undiscovered Doors B-side. - The Buzz

"In the Saddle"

In high school, Zach Preston, Nathaniel Davis and Ryan Gilbert learned how to play music by covering their favorite bands, The Black Keys and Kings of Leon. Their interpretations of the songs evolved, and eventually, they started writing their own music. Buffalo Rodeo was born.

The guys played battle-of-the-bands competitions and started college at Western Kentucky University in their hometown of Bowling Green. Even with the weight of coursework and studies, their devotion to music grew, as did their commitments.

Nate’s girlfriend, Jordan Reynolds, even joined the band in 2012. She moved to Bowling Green to join Buffalo Rodeo.

“They were playing a lot of shows and wanted a keyboard player, and I just never went back,” she said.

The band rounded out its lineup with bass player Patrick Duncan and released its debut EP, the nostalgically titled Home Videos, and embarked on regional tours.

“We’re extremely on the DIY level still,” Reynolds said, explaining that the band learned quickly not to take the generosity of fans for granted when on tour. “It’s just amazing that people will host us and cook for us and buy us beer. Another thing I’ve learned is when you can take a shower, do it. Because you don’t know the next time you can.”

What is remarkable about this young band is how self-assured its music is. Home Videos is a rock album unafraid to let loose chunky guitar riffs or go for entire songs with drummer Ryan Gilbert battering unrelentingly on his cymbals. It has mixed its energetic anthems with the male-female harmonies of singers Preston and Reynolds, a back-and-forth style reminiscent of bands like Of Monsters and Men or The xx.

This combination is unique in the best way; when you hear it for the first time, it just makes sense. It takes a moment to realize you haven’t heard anything quite like it before.

Reynolds said she has always loved complementary male and female vocals.

“[Preston] will sing a solo part, and I’ll sing a solo part, and that back-and-forth for me always comes from growing up and listening to Fleetwood Mac and The Carpenters and those malefemale types of things,” she said.

But classic rock is not the only genre that inspires her.

“I’m a huge musical theater geek, and I love harmonizing,” she said. “I was in choir all throughout high school, middle school and college. I think that [background] also has some influence here. Harmonies are cool, so why not do them?”

The band’s confidence has only grown since that first EP.

“Now we know who we are as people and as fellow musicians. And as far as music goes, I think we’ve just been listening a lot more, being influenced by bands that are just really good songwriters,” Reynolds said.

After touring back home from SXSW — including a stop in Oklahoma Thursday night at Blue Note Lounge — Buffalo Rodeo will put its musical growth to work and focus on writing its next album. - Oklahoma Gazette

""Chasing A Dream: Buffalo Rodeo Preps for Fall Tour""

Bowling Green has proved to be a hotbed of musical talent in recent years, with bands like Cage The Elephant, Morning Teleportation and Sleeper Agent making waves nationally.
Buffalo Rodeo, a band formed and based in Bowling Green, has emerged as another local band poised to make noise on the national scale.
Lead singer Zach Preston said the band was formed while three of its members were still in high school.
“Nate (Davis), Ryan (Gilbert) and I went to school together,” he said. “So, we went to Nate’s house I guess and started playing music with him. I don’t really know why we started playing...I guess we just thought it was cool.”
The band has expanded since its inception to include bassist Patrick Duncan and keyboardist and vocalist Jordan Reynolds.
Preston described the band’s sound as “loud, indie progressive rock.” The band is often likened to Kings of Leon. Preston said the group was a major influence when Buffalo Rodeo started, but pointed to an array of artists as inspirations as well.
“When we started, it was really influenced by Kings of Leon because that was what we were listening to,” he said. “Right now, we’re really influenced by Portugal. The Man and Local Natives.”
Preston also noted local musicians as a source of inspiration.
“We’re definitely influenced by Cage the Elephant's sound,” he said. “But all of the local bands that we’ve played frequently with influence us in some way — whether it be how they sound, their stage presence, their writing or just how great of people they are and inspire us to work hard to make music happen.”
What started out as jam sessions among friends has evolved into something much more.
The group, a staple in the Bowling Green music scene, ventured away from home to tour in several spots on the east coast this summer and has plans to tour extensively this fall. Among these stops are Michigan and Chicago later this month and in October. In November, the band will embark on their largest tour yet, a three-week excursion through the south.
Preston and the rest of the band members are extremely excited for the opportunity, though he said it is a bit daunting as well.
“We’re going through Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and back up to Bowling Green,” he said. “It’ll be the longest tour we’ve ever booked, and it’ll be really exciting and also kind of scary. Hopefully, we’ll have enough gas money to get home.”
Reynolds said playing for new crowds is thrilling, but conjures a whole new set of emotions.
“Playing in your hometown is awesome and so rewarding because you see all your friends in the crowd singing your songs and dancing, and it’s the best kind of energy to feed off of,” she said. “Playing to new crowds is almost this mix between excitement and then a deep feeling of vulnerability.
“You’re always asking, ‘Will they like us? Will they remember who we are tomorrow?’”
Bowling Green junior Jennie Fowler lives with the band and witnesses their constant efforts to progress as a band firsthand.
“I see the amount of work that goes into their tours, shows and everything else,” she said. “They have so much dedication and perseverance that they can’t go anywhere but up.”
The band has released four EPs on their Bandcamp page, including their most recent release, “Home Videos.” Preston said the newest EP evokes themes of nostalgia.
“We really liked the idea of the title ‘Home Videos’ because a lot of the songs are about childhood and growing up,” he said. “Each song is kind of like a home video clip that you would watch, but it’s a song rather than a video.”
Reynolds said watching other bands in Bowling Green make a name for themselves has served as an impetus for Buffalo Rodeo to do the same.
“Everyone in the scene inspires us to do great things,” Reynolds said. “Everyone comes out to support fellow bands at their shows in Bowling Green and even some will drive down to Nashville to support a Bowling Green band.
“We definitely feel a strong connection to other musicians in Bowling Green. Basically all of our friends have a connection to the music scene in one way or another.”
Buffalo Rodeo will stay busy with a hectic touring schedule looming, and they have no intention of slowing down.
“The ultimate goal is to make this our career — to not have to have other jobs and just be able to play music for the rest of our lives,” Reynolds said. “Whatever it takes to do that is what we want to do.” - WKU Herald

"Concert Review: The Weeks, Heyrocco, Buffalo Rodeo"

Buffalo Rodeo sounds like a band that has been circulated through enough playlists that it sounds familiar. This is not due to the band's inability to make good music. In fact, Buffalo Rodeo is damn fine. So sewed shut are any holes in its oeuvre, that its placement as the night's opener was, well, misplaced. A sophomoric act would have been better suited.

Lead singer, Zach Preston sang with the roof of his mouth and pushed air through his nostrils to affect a handsome teenage drawl. Preston appears to be older than his voice, but can manipulate his gift enough that he pushes his tone all around his mouth, which gives him room to use his voice casually. This causes a vocal pattern that harmonizes with keyboardist and vocalist Jordan Reynolds without placing her smaller vocals in a vice. In fact, Reynolds' voice was clear over guitarist Nathaniel Davis' pedal-centric swirls that created a full-bodied, surreal indie-rock sound. Smart arrangements on tracks "Treehouse" and "The Map" revealed impractical, experimental, even tight textures. - KDHX

"An Interview with Buffalo Rodeo"

Like Us For Who We Are: An Interview with Buffalo Rodeo
Another band has emerged from the gold mine that is Bowling Green, Kentucky and they go by the name Buffalo Rodeo. They started all the way back in the Battle of the Bands circuit but tomorrow they will make their way up to Louisville for what will be a great show at Zanzabar.

When you think of Bowling Green music, you think raw, fun energy. That is what you are going to get with Buffalo Rodeo. They keep drinking the Kool-Aid down there because songs like "Treehouse" and "Holly" on their most recent EP Home Videos are going to keep you rockin'. Singer and keyboardist Jordan Reynolds says she hopes that if someone is at their show and have no idea who they are, they won't be able to keep themselves from dancing. Don't worry, it's impossible to avoid.

You will hear it and you will say it to yourself, but yeah King of Leon has always been an influence on Buffalo Rodeo. Take some other bands like Local Natives, Fleetwood Mac, Manchester Orchestra, and Portugal. The Man, you can put them in the ballpark. But do not try to define them. Because they aren't that band. You cannot pinpoint their sound because all five members of the band come from different interests. Drummer Ryan Gilbert's family actually plays a lot of bluegrass. Reynolds loves her some jazz. Guitarist Nathaniel Davis, at one time, was into Depeche Mode. You will hear a lot of ambient U2 noise from the Nate, "the gear head" of the band.

Buffalo Rodeo has had music on bandcamp since 2011 but they have really come into full form with the latest EP that was released in April. Home Videos is six powerful, real, complete tunes. Reynolds and Zach Preston, singer, share vocal duties and are so in sync together, but on songs like "Remington" Preston can hardly be tamed. It's not a yell, but it's so him and so full of emotion, you can feel it as much as he does.

According to Reynolds you must complete the Buffalo Rodeo journey with a trip to their show. She says the EP is "tame compared to the shows." They have no gimmick. You get them for what they are. Rock'n'roll bleeding out of their veins. They aren't going to dress it all up for you. Buffalo Rodeo will make you pay attention to them with their intense instrumentation and their genuine love for the music they created.

See these guys at Zanzabar (2100 South Preston Street) at 9 p.m. tomorrow night. Ancient Warfare and Between the Tide are opening. The show is $6. WHAT??? Yeah! It's ONLY $6.

You guuuuuuys this EP is awesome. Drink of it's goodness.



https://twitter.com/BuffaloRodeo - Parasitic Noise

"Buffalo Rodeo Starry Nights Review"

Sometime after 9:30pm on Friday, September 28th, I walked into a tent that belonged to a creative studio company called Yellowberri.

Shortly after my arrival, five young people walked in wearing nervous smiles, eager to meet me.

They were Bowling Green band Buffalo Rodeo, and I was just as eager to meet them. Having just seen their killer set, I couldn’t wait to sit down and talk with them about how the festival had been treating them and their hopes as a band.

As per usual, we started out with basics. They introduced themselves and their roles in the band — Zach Preston on vocals, Ryan Gilbert on drums, David Hall on bass, Nathaniel Davis on guitar, and Jordan Reynolds (the only female in the band) on keys and vocals — before I began to casually question them.

I quickly realized how wonderful it was going to be to talk to them. They were fresh and timid, with hands still clean from the busy and big bad world of record labels and the unknown world of touring. Their hopes and dreams hummed around them in an invisible halo, and it was such an inspiring thing to feel.

The band had been selected via a voting contest to play the festival by the attending public, and that alone could say it all. When I asked about it, they gushed openly that playing the festival was nothing short of surreal, and that being picked by the public came as a shock. Out of the 23 total bands that played the festival, they were the youngest in the lineup, all age nineteen. They play music well beyond their years, and you can feel that hope I spoke of running through their music.

The swelling, progressive indie rock that they produce is a direct reflection of their souls, and you can feel it pour out over you as you stand and watch their set. Their sound is well put-together, with catchy melodies that are easy to follow without lacking depth, and curious lyrics and song titles. (They did admit with a smile, however, that many of their songs lack names at the moment).

And although they had they typical nervous habits, like clinging to a mic stand or fearing to look out at the audience, they still seemed as though they were born to be on a big stage in front of hundreds to thousands of people. Before the festival, they had never played to a crowd bigger than fifty, but they could’ve fooled me.

Buffalo Rodeo is, quite simply, impressive. They are young, talented, free, pure, and deserving. They are a band to listen to, to look out for, to root and hope for. They make music with the purest intent, and they want nothing more than to have fun and have people listen to the music they make.

So why don’t you help them out, dear reader, and give them a listen yourself?

Be that person who can boast, months or years down the road, that you listened to Buffalo Rodeo well before anyone else. If there is anyone from Starry Nights Music Festival who deserves that, it’s these guys.

You can trust me on that one. - Vinyl Sea Press

""New EP Takes You For a Wild Ride""

" So I took it upon myself to listen to their latest EP called "Home Videos" several times in the truck while working especially driving to and from the smaller towns located around Bowling Green. Again, I really liked what I heard. When I listen to something new, I like to hear it several times so that it will soak in. I always try to get a fresh feel for the music in that regard. When the first track, "Tree Houses" started playing, I thought to myself, "Wow, what a big sound for a such a young band!" " - A Critic From the South


"123 Water" EP out now!

Home Videos EP - Spring 2013
"Cargo" Single - Fall 2012
Common Cults EP - Spring 2012
Wanderers EP - Fall 2011



Buffalo Rodeo’s upcoming EP "123 Water" dances a line between classical ethereal sounds reminiscent of 70’s bands like Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac and modern psychedelic variations like Mac Demarco and Tame Impala. A considerable maturation from their 2013 release “Home Videos,” Buffalo Rodeo strives to combine tight rhythms and ambient melodies with expressive vocal harmonies on their newest release.

Formed around 2008 in a music-thirsty gulch of the hills of Bowling Green, KY around the likes of Cage the Elephant, Sleeper/Agent, and Morning Teleportation, Buffalo Rodeo has worked tirelessly as an independent band securing shows at festivals such as The Big To-Do Festival, Starry Nights Music & Arts Festival, and Riot Fest, as well as booking tours in around 25 states in 2013 alone.

Comprised of original members Nate Davis (guitar), Zach Preston (vocals), and Ryan Gilbert (drums), Buffalo Rodeo added Jordan Reynolds (keys, vocals) in 2012 along with Patrick Duncan (bass) and Kevin Creambus (van) the following year to result in a road-hungry combination ready to bring vibrations to all the right eardrums. 

Buffalo Rodeo also enjoys tossing a Frisbee in alleyways, kicking volleyballs onto rooftops, Taco Bell (out of necessity), driving long stretches of vast nothingness in the American Midwest (necessity, again), sleeping on couches, cramming in vans, Nawlin’s voodoo, and meeting friendly folks all across the country.

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