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Hagerstown, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative




"New Music Discovery: Calisus"

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned … Calisus is an amazing Rock Band that comes to us from Hagerstown , Maryland .

I think the last time I was in Maryland … I was testifying before a Federal Grand Jury against the Mafia…and yes there was a lot of drama…

Ok….let’s chat about Calisus and why I love them… before I do that…let’s kick it olde school style…

How was your weekend? Did you drink some cold beverages ? Any parties ?

Ok….enough of that….

I remember when I first discovered Calisus back in late 2016 … I felt they were good…but they still needed more development until being featured on Daily Unsigned .

Here we are today …and I decide to check on Calisus to see where they are in their development process…

I gotta admit it.. I really didn’t expect Calisus to have matured much from when I first discovered them…..and boy was I amazed at how they stayed the course and didn’t fall into the murky cesspool of band break ups let alone have any maturity…but they did it they really did…they accomplished what they set out to do.

Calisus delivers songs that are savory and destined to be your new addiction .
– Rob Daily
Founder/Curator - Daily Unsigned - Rob Daily

"Why You Should Check Out Calisus!"

Calisus is a band that knows how to throw down awesome melodies in each of their songs. If you’re looking for a band that can play hard but also hit those high notes with slower songs then look no further. Their latest album ‘Human’ has a bit of everything you could want in a rock band. Calisus’s lyrics have a ton of emotion and meaning to them. You can really connect with them if you have awful stuff going on in your life and you just wanna throw it all out the window. The lead singer has, what I like to call, a radio friendly voice. I can easily picture them on radio stations fitting in nicely with the mainstream artists. Which is awesome because there is so much potential in that and it’s harder nowadays with all of these new indie artists coming out to find the ones that can have the best of both worlds.

Some people compare Calisus to Three Days Grace which is fair but I get a lot of Alice In Chains vibes. I guess it’s because most fans of Three Days Grace are a little bit younger to know who Alice In Chains even is. I can see them Googling right now. That’s right. I’m watching you. I like your hair. Anyway, Calisus released a new single entitled ‘Now Or Never’ which has done very well and was picked up in late February by Rock Rage Radio as well as 101.5 Bob Rocks FM for rotation. Calisus has also contributed to multiple charities including ones for breast cancer, Hep B awareness, heroin rehabilitation and more. - Music Lover News

"CALISUS Dig Up "Six Feet Of Lies" with Stream of New Single [Exclusive Premiere]"

Today, we're thrilled to help premiere the new single "Six Feet Of Lies" from Hagerstown, MD-based rock quintet, Calisus. The song, which was produced, mixed and Mastered by guitarist Patrick Koch, is officially out today and can be purchased via the group's Bandcamp page right here!

Speaking on the song, Koch commented: "What is really unique and exciting about this song, for it being a heavier track, there are hooks everywhere. There are guitar, rhythmic percussion, bass melody, and harmony hooks as well as the main vocal hook. Then, when it’s almost over, an entirely new vocal hook that blends smoothly is introduced to finish out the track. The approach to this song was entirely that of 'what would make US as fans of music go apeshit at an arena rock show?!'”

Lead vocalist Zach Constable also added some thoughts about the track's meaning: "'Six Feet of Lies' can have a very different meaning to a lot of different people. It all comes down to what the person is going through in their life. The main relation to the song is getting away from and ridding of whatever you're going through, burying it deep down six feet under to move on. I feel the anthem style of the chorus is what makes it so easy for people to catch on and sing along to. By the end, they know every word and are singing them out. Every musician knows that feeling when the crowd sings along to your songs. It makes me that much more amped up for each and every show, to get out there and share your message." - Pure Grain Audio

"Western Maryland's Calisus"

Their repertoire of bands they’ve played shows with includes Hoobastank and Saving Abel. The latter show being the first time I’ve personally seem them, and because of the performance I would go out of my way to catch one of their shows.
In reality, Calisus are just a few real and unpretentious guys with a passion and drive for the music that they love which will inevitably transform them from local success to national fame. - Sidestage Magazine

"Calisus - Both Fun and Focused"

As I sat down with the break-through band from DC today, Calisus, I got more than I bargained for. Expecting an energetic, typical Rock Band Come Lately, I got quite the opposite.

Settling into our Suite at The W Hotel in downtown San Francisco, equipped with Fresh Baked “W” cookies and multiple microphones, I began a 2 hour interview with an impressive group of musicians. Armed with what seemed beyond their 20-something amount of Passion and Focus, Calisus unfolded their story.

From their “Bag of Tracks”, they pulled some rarites that few if any have ever heard. As this incredible interview with one of America’s Bands To Watch takes shape, WeAre Radio will pull out some of these tracks and sneak them to you throughout the day and night. Stay tuned to WeAre Radio for this interview to hit your ears in a couple of weeks. -

""Some bands just have to be seen live . . . " ©"

May 18, 2008

This tag line rings so true, for Calisus, they had it copyrighted!!!

Taking the stage at the massive Asian Heritage Street Celebration, with their front man Chris Nyack sporting a shirt for all to see, Calisus played like a stadium rock band the likes of which haven’t been heard for 20 years.

WeAreRadio was there to record the stellar performance, so listen for cuts to tear through your speakers soon. Sunday, June 1 will be the World Premiere of “Live From The Half-Bath” -an Exclusive Interview with the DC rockers, Calisus” -

"Calisus To Rock The Streets of San Francisco"

May 10, 2008

Calisus, the best thing to come out of D.C. since mandatory tax refunds, hits the streets of San Francisco on Saturday, May 17th. Crossing the country to play to a crowd of over 100,000, Calisus sees this as a Killer Opportunity to lay their sound down on a whole new audience.

Before they rev up for the stage, Calisus will sit down with WeAre Radio’s Stephen Webb before the show. The interview will focus on the inspiration, energy, and events that created Calisus and brought them into being the energetic powerhouse that they are today.

Stay tuned to WeAre Radio for the scoop as this “Band On The Run” hits the West Coast and a radio near you! -


Skeleton Key (EP) - 2012

Human (Deluxe EP) - 2017

Ex's & Oh's (Single - Cover) - 2017

Now or Never (Single) - 2018



Coming from a bustling “Hub City” in
Western, MD there lies a Region where great music often times gets
overlooked…and then there comes the amazingly “active rock” quintet,
Calisus. With power rhythms and elevated melodies that are delivered
with laser focused pinpoint accuracy, Calisus not only satisfies the
true live experience, but they also treat the listener with an amazing
audible adventure. If you are looking for an “active rock” band that
truly delivers the goods, Calisus is waiting for you – Rob Daily, Daily

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