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The Bronx, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF | AFTRA

The Bronx, New York, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop




"Cameron Jay has Vision"

“Cameron Jay is a Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper hailing from the Boogie Down Bronx, NY. Following the tradition of other BX native rappers such as KRS-One, Big Pun and Slick Rick, Cameron Jay dropped his first of two series mixtapes "Money, Sex and Drugs in 2013. Spending most of 2013 and parts of 2014 perfoming and getting his name out Cameron Jay has been building a name for himself within the NYC and Tri-state area.” - Real Vision Radio

"cameron jay Money Sex Drugs And Liquor"

“Here at Kasual World it’s very refreshing for us to listen to unsigned artists. This young spitter from the Bronx Cameron Jay is no exception on his “money sex drugs and liquor” mixtape he drops many stand out tracks including the 3 part song Untold story and the club banger Hold them bottles up and I can’t forget the soulful track East Coast West Coast. Make sure to Kasually download it right here!!!” - Kasual World

"Jason Bourne sits down with Cameron Jay"

Cameron Jay is an aspiring recording artist from the birthplace of Hip Hop, repping the BX borough to the fullest Cameron Jay is in the midst of a heavy promotional run of his readily available mixtape, Money, Sex, Drugs, and Liquor which has received a good buzz online and has done even better on the NYC Hip Hop circuit. Most recently receiving accolades from well respected entity Coast 2 Coast, to supplement some dope outings performance wise, the scene is set for Cameron Jay to propel in the very crowded Hip Hop market. Whats his follow up plan? Check out my interview with the upstart and find out for yourself exclusively via Street Khemistry

Jason Bourne: Take us back a little bit and walk us down memory lane, when was the first time you remember learning what Hip Hop was ?

Cameron Jay: The 1st time I really understood what Hip Hop was, was when I saw Kris Kross wearing their clothes backwards. That opened my eyes to the fact that music is more than just lyrics and beats, its an entire lifestyle and culture that you have to be involved in. Another moment in Hip Hop history was biggest the east-coast-west-coast war. The impact that Biggie and Pac’s disagreement left was overwhelming. It made people that had nothing to do with the beef take sides, showing how powerful Hip hop really is.

Jason Bourne: What song really opened you up to the genre ?

Cameron Jay: Mo money Mo problems I remember me and my cousins arguing who was going to be who while we performed for the everyone that was in the house that night. Those were the days. That was when I really fell in love with Hip Hop.

Jason Bourne: First track you recorded ?

Cameron Jay: the 1st track I recorded was over the j-kwon Hood Hop beat. My cousin had been recording over a karaoke machine and we had the beat so we bought two tapes and recorded. We were perfectionist even then. I 1-taked it just so the people know.

Jason Bourne: Who are some producers you have worked with over the years ?

Cameron Jay: I have worked with Jesse West, whom is a legendary producer. M80 on da beats, Zeph Da Heatmaker ,Top Secret, Alpha Bravo, 220 On The Beat, Lucky Profresh, and Blac. Super dope creators who have helped me find who I am sonically.

Jason Bourne: Which are some of the more memorable venues you have performed at ?

Cameron Jay: I actually have a list of like 3. The 3 most memorable were my 1st ever show, at Lit Lounge. Not gonna say I was nervous, but it was the first time for me and the pressure was on to introduce myself the right way. My performance at Levity Live in the Palisades Mall and Santos Party House. the crowd as packed those nights

Jason Bourne: You recently released Money Sex Drugs and Liquor Vol 1, talk about the concept of the project

Cameron Jay: The Conceptof the project surrounds my life. It deals with the issues that I face on a day to day. Wanted this to be very personal in a sense; It has a third person vibe, but the premise is my life. I am what you may call a starving artist of sorts. I’m Grinding out here, doing what I gotta do to get money, and accomplish my goals. The title when you break it down is self explanatory in that sense, I love beautiful women. The drugs and liquor I know can probably be a little overwhelming but in context it refers to the party scene. I’m out multiple times a week, you know, so some of my music is reflective of that. I feel like its well rounded and representative of me.

Jason Bourne: Which song is your favorite ?

Cameron Jay: My favorite song. (pause) Can I pick two, yeah I need two to be honest. They would have to be Rolex diamonds and East Coast West Coast

Jason Bourne: Rumor has it that Vol 2 is on the way, is that correct ? Any surprise guest ?

Cameron Jay: Yea Money Sex Drugs and liquor 2 is coming. I got a couple of dope artists and producers on this one, to help fill it out you know and just show my ability to spar with other dope MCs. I got Dre Manning on the project, and also Mulan Marie definitely came thru for me as well as some other individuals but I don’t wanna give it all away.

Jason Bourne: When can we expect it ?

Cameron Jay: We’re putting the final touches on it now, and I’m coming up on go time. I could realistically drop it in about a week or so, but I wanna set the table the right way promotional wise. The people are definitely gonna get it ASAP, just warming it up the right way with the media and hitting the ground putting in footwork. You know how that goes.

Jason Bourne: You were featured on coast to coast top 50 indie mixtape, talk to us about that accomplishment and how it has helped your brand ?

Cameron Jay: That was a major accomplishment for me. It showed me that the hard work is being noticed, and that I am as good as these other people out here if not better; this is where I need to be, in the conversation of who to watch and who is really providing quality music and contributing to Hip Hop.

Jason Bourne: What’s next for Cameron Jay, what does 2015 hold ?

Cameron Jay: 2015 I’m looking to expand the brand probably another mix-tape before releasing an official album. Might even go the EP route, the best thing is having options and really testing the market. I got music for days, I’m very active in that way, I understand consistency. I’m also gonna dab into fashion, I have a clothing line coming soon. Just wanna make moves and show the progress.

Jason Bourne: Where can those that want to work with you contact you ?

Cameron Jay: You can contact me via social media, email, and also check out my website. I am a very tangible artist and appreciate building with others who are tryna get it. - Jason Bourne street khemistry

"Cameron Jay Money Sex Drugs And Liquor"

The BX own Cameron Jay has had a good year. From being featured as one of the Top 50 indie mixtapes by Coast 2 Coast, to the numerous performances city wide which has heightened the buzz around his project, Money Sex Drugs and Liquor. - Hoodlifemovement

"[Breeding Ground] Bronx Emcee Cameron Jay Releases Visuals for “FWU”"

[Breeding Ground] Cameron Jay released his first music video for single “FWU” featuring Philly’s own TruVocalz.

The Bronx rapper, under New World Entertainment has been buzzing around the underground music scene. He’s been hitting stages and stations all around the Tri-State area.

Cameron Jay uses this track to show his leading lady how much he is committed to her, or in his terms, how he “F**** with You.”

With romantic dates and quality time, he makes her feel like the only girl in the world. Although, in today’s age of no commitments and multiple situationships, a one woman guy can be hard to find.

Cameron wanted to show that there still are a lot of good guys out there that know how to and are ready to court a lady and not just in the “Netflix and Chill” kind of way.... -


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Recording artist and entrepreneur, Cameron Jay is from the historical birthplace of Hip-Hop, The Bronx. With his passion and drive to write music, record songs, and perform, it has led him to receive many opportunities to work with various artists and perform on legendary stages. 


He has opened up for legendary artists such as Trina, Joel Ortiz, Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), Steele (of Smiff N Wessun) and Craig G (of Juice Crew). Not only that, he has performed at iconic music venues in New York City such as DROM, Taj, Roulette Theater, Tillary Park, Sounds of Brazil, and many more.    


In 2013, he released his mixtape entitled “Money, Sex, Drugs, and Liquor.” In 2014, he released part two of “Money, Sex, Drugs, and Liquor 2.” Then, in 2016, the final installment “M.S.D.L. 3 was released which followed with a “Doin’ Me” campaign that had influencers share how they are doing them for 2016. Three years later, you can anticipate the release of Cameron Jay’s first debut album entitled “December Son.” 


After both his parents passing, in 2015 and 2018, Cameron Jay had taken some time off from music to cope with his loss. While he was dealing, he realized the best place to pour out what he was feeling was to put it in his music. “December Son” will showcase a side of Cameron Jay no one has experienced before while still giving his supporters some of his classic party vibes. 


The first single released off of “December Son” is Spanish/English song entitled “Ya Tu Sabe” featuring Spanish artist, Ranjay. He wanted to give his supporters a new sound from what he has put out on his mixtapes. The single is currently in rotation on local internet radio stations.


Cameron Jay is also the founder and CEO of Networth Enterprises which is a record label and lifestyle brand. Aside from the release of Cameron Jay’s new music, the company has been bringing awareness to the brand by selling merchandise such as T-shirts and hats with the company logo. 

For the remaining of the year, look forward to more music from Cameron Jay and the release of his upcoming album “December Son.”


Follow Cameron Jay on the following social media platforms:


Instagram: @CameronJayMusik

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YouTube: CameronJayMusik


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