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Charlotte, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFM

Charlotte, NC | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B





Seattle artist Marquis Wright brings a natural touch to his tracks, which never whack you upside the head in an attempt to dazzle—they just sound casually fuckin’ cool. Combining simple elements in interesting ways (and always keeping his flows upfront and audible), C.O.K’s “You Don’t Have To” generates great atmosphere and is an effective weaving of rap and R&B that delivers its chorus with impact. He addresses the haters and backbiters on our favorite, “See Me Make It,” bolstered by skittering fx and layers of shouts, grunts and flows. He pokes fun at materialism and star-trip indulgence in “Make It Work” whose melody is stick-in-your-skull catchy. No reason why Cash Out Keyz shouldn’t cash in on his talent.

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Style: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B - MUSIC CONNECTION

"Cash Out Keyz: “Draft Day” comes with 100% high quality work!"

Born Marquis Wright, better known by his stage name, Cash Out Keyz is a underground American rapper from Seattle by way Of Brem City, Washington. The co-founder of Ambition Musik Group (AMG), he debuted in 2006 with Young Jr. (Josh Reynolds) on a tracked titled “Fist Full Of Dollars”. Cash Out Keyz, who has opened up for Lil Wayne, Ying Yang Twins, S.A.S from Dipset Eurogang, etc., has had many diverse experiences over the years from starting brands to releasing music with collaborators. Come 2015, Cash Out Keyz has dropped his finest work yet ,with the project A.M.G Presents Cash Out Keyz – Draft Day “My Fellow Americans It Is Time To Hear Me”.

Cash Out Keyz
Cash Out Keyz
Cash Out Keyz is independent and comes with 100% high quality work. He delivers great production, intelligent and insightful lyrics with the passion of somebody who is hungry. The man flows, universally. The music behind the lyrics has something special about the organic soulfulness born from the beats created here. As listeners of hip hop you’ll be rewarded with intelligent flows and the beautiful beats that come together seamlessly. When someone asks you some time from now, “what kind of music are you into?” instead of the typical response, you can say Cash Out Keyz. End of sentence.

We can thank Cash Out Keyz’s ear for putting together the right music with not only the right lyric, but the right way to deliver it too. And this happens on every song! Cash Out Keyz possesses all the components of a great rap artist – humor, social-political insight, struggle, frustration, temptation, hope and anger. He can just have fun with his verses or challenge you with his music. I don’t even want to single out any one track on this mixtape because you truly need to listen to everything!

The mixtape cover artwork.
The mixtape cover artwork.
Cash Out Keyz is not one to dwell on the typical clichés that most mainstream artists like to tickle our ears with. He has something to say and trust me….its heavy messages. Everything about “Draft Day” from the beats, the rhymes, to the subject matter, delivery, style and structure of the songs is absolutely flawless. You’ll notice it right from “Game Don’t Change”, which has a great hook and a smooth melody.

Cash Out Keyz’s ability to tell a story and paint a portrait of life with his words are amazing. Catch his drift on “Mind Of Monster” for full-proof evidence. Music is what you’ll get from this mixtape – not a series of nice beats here and there, or some catchy hooks and sporadic killer flows. The back-to-back tracks – “I’m Searching”, “Keep Calm” and “Where Do We Go”– delivers all of those elements…non-stop. And if you dig the variety and depth of features, there is “Time Keep On Slippin”, “In The Rain” and “Love Me Or Not”. And then there is still more!

Cash Out Keyz doesn’t get as much spotlight as he should. In the midst of all of the mess that people call rap these days A.M.G Presents Cash Out Keyz – Draft Day “My Fellow Americans It Is Time To Hear Me”, is very refreshing. However, trying to explain this mixtape to someone without playing it for them is a crime! - Buddy Nelson

"The Young North Western C.O.K"

Featured artist: Cash Out Keyz - The Young North Western C.O.K
Below is a short interview with the upcoming underground artist Cash Out Keyz.

How did you decide to become an artist?

Cash Out Keyz: I started out on my grandmother's porch making mixtape cassette pretending to be a DJ and I remember my friend Stephen said let's start passing them out around the neighborhood, eventually my interest group on how to actually you know write bars and spit bars the best way I possibly could and from there it took off I just stayed in tune with Music.

If your heart is in it you will succeed was the best advice I told to me.

- Cash Out Keyz

What about concerts? Do you play live?

Yes I do with my performances, concerts, live events anything with a crowd.

Best punchline you ever wrote?

"Imma keep aiming my verbage at you just like a gun, until you start to realize that this massacre aint for fun this my occupation". "Keep Calm"
- Cash Out Keyz
What are you currently working on? Did you release something in the past?

Currently working on branding and pushing my newest project titled "InFamy", I also have another project that was released to the top of 2015 titled "Draft Day" and that one was a one of my first solo projects.

Last but not least: Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

As far is a signing I really haven't thought about signing to a major label people have contacted me about deals but independent market seems to be the most intriguing factor to this music game.

Any last words?

I would like to send a shout out to my friends family supporters my whole AMG team the Northwest movement all the NorthWest Artist Brem City we here 2016 they will know where we at one that Map!

Where can we contact you?

Cash Out Keyz: CashOutKeyz1.Wix.Com/IAmCashOutKeyz

Thank you for your time. We wish you and your career the success it deserves. -

"Mixtape Review: Cash Out Keyz - Draft Day (Hosted By AMG)"

Mixtape Review: Cash Out Keyz - Draft Day (Hosted By AMG)

Rating: 8.5/10

Review: Brem City Washington representer C.O.K. (Cash Out Keyz) continues to put forth effort in his April 2015 release "Draft Day" which showcases a unique sound with hard hitting concepts and edgy lyrical substance. Joints to check for include "Keep Calm", "Time Keep On Slippin" & "Im A Dope Boy". Stream & Download below! - StackOrStarveOfficial


The album begins with the mellow and heavenly intro – “Infamy Intro (GOD)”, which moves into the smooth flowing “L.O.E (Loyalty Over Everything)”. With ominous strings and a fierce snare to back him on “Path 2 Riches”, Cash Out Keyz makes it clear that he is not your average “hot-for-a-minute” rapper. A melodic and triumphantly sung hook makes it clear that he’s in this business to touch people’s lives. “See Me Make It” once again use the strings to great effect, and the layered voices blend perfectly with the production, adding a whole new dimension to the song. The lyrics are my favorite part, however. It tells a story of people driving themselves crazy hating on C.O.K. To Read More Click The Link...... - Rick Jamm


Still working on that hot first release.



Born December 9, Marquis Wright, better known by his stage name Cash Out Keyz, and also by his alter ego C.O.K, is a fresh American hip hop artist from Brem City (Bremerton), Washington. With his unique sound only suited for him, he is sure to give you work that shares the voice of his city. The Co-founder of International Grinding Boyz (I.G.B) now known as Ambition Musik Group (AMG) debuted in 2006 with Young Jr. (Josh Reynolds) on a tracked titled “Fist Full Of Dollars”. In early 2007, Cash Out Keyz and Young Jr. decided to start a brand and group. With bringing prominent showcases to the area there brand was making headway in the music marketing field. Later that year the new group I.G.B hit center stage ready to release their new single “Hustle Err Day” off their titled mixtape “Grind Session Vol.1”. The mixtape was receiving a lot of credit for its hungry artistic sound.  Cash Out Keyz is continuing his venture as an unsigned independent artist. He has opened up for Lil Wayne, Ying Yang Twins, S.A.S from Dipset Eurogang, etc… In a spread cover on “Underground Unsigned Artist MagUK” C.O.K was asked what we will expect on this next project.” I’m going show you me and who I am. I can turn up and get right but to give you something to think about goes without saying and if every time you hear my music you can relate or think like man I dig it then I have shown you a piece of me”. Cash out Keyz worked closely with other producers just to find that sound that he was looking for. In 2010 C.O.K ran into Ceris Gang, an Atlanta based artist making waves with his producing in Tucson, Az. Ceris Gang is one of Keyz producers and engineers along with Thesis Productions and 704 Beats by Alex J. Threw out the years Cash Out Keyz has continued to drop singles but never any projects but now its Draft Day and Cash Out Keyz is armed and ready. With lyrical slaughter on Unreleased track “Keep Calm” to his west coast mind reliever track “I’m Searching”. 
C.O.K is bringing fire these boys only dream about  with newly released project titled “Infamy”. His music may open doors for the Pacific Northwest. If you haven't heard it yet now is the time to catch this Northwest wave!

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