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cash hollistah.

Salina, Kansas, United States | SELF

Salina, Kansas, United States | SELF
Solo Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""the best of cash far.""

"cash hollistah.'s “the best of cash far.” mixtape is honestly one of the best all around releases I’ve listened to this year, period. I’m so tired of getting a few bangers and then a bunch of unintentional filler. And given that I’m a professional hater as a writer I feel pretty good saying that because I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t really mean it!"

-Anthony Barr-Jeffrey, Urban Correspondent for CCM Magazine - CCM Magazine

"what kj-52 thinks..."

"cash is good with the raps!!!" - KJ-52

"what cookbook thinks..."

"Cash Hollistah is a dope emcee with a real natural flow. He is able to paint positive pictures of street life in a way that inspires, and never sounds preachy or corny. Cash is someone you don't want to sleep on..." - cookbook (of la symphony)

"what dj class thinks..."

"I get excited whenever I hear Cash rap. He's real hip-hop to me." - DJ Class -

"what BIGREC thinks..."

"cash hollistah. is quite frankly a literary genius and IMO one of the best-kept secrets in Hip-Hop. His bravado puts you in the mind of a young Jay-Z w/ a Royce Da 5'9" edge, yet with a clear faith-based emphasis in his artistry." -


"the best of cash far." mixtape - out now.

"Witness: The Mixtape"- March 2009

"bks (best kept secret)." - Album Due June 9, 2009



In the late 1800’s, a sheriff by the name of Cassius M. Hollister protected the people of a Kansas town. Armed with only a six shooter, the former U.S. Marshal restored order and peace to this once unruly place. Now, in the new millennium, there is a new sheriff in town. Instead of being armed with a six shooter, this cashius hollistah. (aka cash) is armed with a machine gun clip of brilliant rhymes, innovative beats and a good message to restore order to the rap game. By gaining musical influence from everyone from Kirk Franklin to Nirvana to Jay-Z, Ccash has been able to keep his sound fresh and uplifting.

cash started out as a singer with his parents and family at very young age. At the tender age of nine, cash's musical brilliance shined brightly as he taught himself to play drums and the bass guitar. although he was put in the cultural confines of Salina, KS, it was in this unlikely place that he developed his love for hip-hop music.

hollistah. has shared the stage with notables from the field of hip-hop (T.I., Common, Mike Jones), rock (Family Force 5, Pillar), and even gospel (Kirk Franklin). cash's music has been featured on VH1's "Hip-Hop Honors", MTV's "Yo Mama", "MTV Cribs" and the Lauren Conrad reality hit "The Hills". No novice to touring, hollistah. has traveled across the U.S., into Canada as well as Latin America (Honduras). His live shows with his band, Love & Live (in addition to his more hip-hop based shows with his assortment of dj's) attract diverse crowds, young and old, black and white, hip-hop to punk, and has garnered praise from fans and critics alike, for it's hip-hop/jazz/rock/big band sound.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA., Cash is bringing his brand of hip-hop with him, planning to take the game into uncharted waters and show the world how this kid from Salina, KS (yes, Kansas) can rep Christ through hip-hop. There’s a new sheriff in town, so all of the hip-hop outlaws must beware.

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