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Charley & Jesi

Glendale, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Glendale, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"Charley and Jesi Review"

"What I heard put a smile on my face, finally a duo that gets it with music... Charley and Jesi is some of the best new music I’ve heard in quite some time and delivers... Charley and Jesi are not for one second faking anything... This CD is what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a polished sounding musical production from start to finish served up hot with great playing, solid writing, singing and is just a fun filled musical experience akin to a party that’s out of control. It’s definitely a musical production that gives us a fresh glimpse at 2 hot new artists from Oceanside, California and takes us back a few years – before everything started sounding like – well, Nikelback. " - Scope Mag

"Charley & Jesi Review"

"From start to finish this CD from Charley Hinchcliffe and Jesi DiPalo is very pleasurable... Hinchliffe holds his own on guitar and vocals and Jesi just adds fuel to the fire with her marketable Americana look and infectious raspy voice. All pieces have an amazing warm feel and inviting vibe and feel. Within each one of these compositions these 2 find their musical soul and deliver. The other players are spot on and just makes the whole CD even more enjoyable. All in all one of the best CD's I've heard so far this year.... I see Charley and Jesi as a strong up and coming act. If the masses tap into this love potion in motion it could be huge... I am eager to hear what his next release will sound like. In close most famous artists out there have "it" I'm not so sure what it but Charley and Jesi definately have whatever "it" may be. " - Music Emissions

"Charley & Jesi: Music from the Soul"

My friends Charley & Jesi are trying to motivate with music, but at a slower pace…
Charley Hinchcliffe, an L.A. local met Jesi Di Palo at an open mic night in October of 2008 and have been writing and performing music together ever since. They are now engaged and have just formed their own record label, Wini Flashdance Records, in which they just released their second album that’s self titled, “Charley & Jesi.”
For their second album, they recorded at the Village Recorder and hired some of the top musicians in Los Angeles including two-time Latin Grammy winning drummer, Julio Figueroa, top session bassists, K.T. Tyler and Daniel Baker, Glendale native that Charley met at jazz band at Hoover High School. They mastered the record at Capitol Records by Robert Vosgien, known for his work with No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom.
After self producing, promoting and managing both albums, they decided to form their own record label. “Nowadays making music is so accessible to anyone and being that we have the do it yourself attitude, it just makes sense. We’re not waiting for someone to make our dreams come true, we’re doing it ourselves.”
Enjoy the motivating song, “Wake Up”, by my friends, Charley & Jesi, below…

Check out more of Charley & Jesi below:

Let us know if you enjoyed this motivational song! :) - Optimist's Guide to Life: Music from the Soul

"CD of the Year 2011"

"This is Sonny and Cher meets the White Stripes. The songs are fun, entertaining, marketable and captivating. The vibe~ simply put - this CD possesses a gold standard vibe that will lift your spirits. The production is professional grade from start to finish... The CD from Charley is an amazing musical snapshot of the lives of 2 people madly in love. The Bottom Line In this world of overly corporate musical entertainment it's nice to know that there are still artists out there like Charley and Jesi who represent everything music is supposed to be. Music that is Special, Magical, Infectious, Spontaneous and Joyous... So let me just wrap up 2011 by saying there is nothing more powerful than the debut CD from Charley and Jesi. Congratulations to Charley and Jesi for winning the CD of the Year Award - 2011." -

"CD REVIEW: Charley and Jesi - Charley and Jesi"

"As this CD slowly unfolds I can hear many different musical soundscapes reminiscent of such classic The White Stripes, Cowboy Junkies, 10,000 Maniacs. The music itself is an impressive blend of R&B and Rock elements, yet with an alternative rock aftertaste. The musicianship of everyone involved is clearly above the bar. Besides the 4 piece standard you will notice lush instrumentation with things like Hammond Organ chops, lush harmonies, piano, saxophone, horns, impressive solo guitar chops, rock solid rhythm section. Turning our attention squarely on Charley and Jesi - well they fit together like a hand in glove. Both take many vocal risks throughout the CD indicating to me a song and confident vocal ability. But above all both are in prefect musical harmony with the other. The songwriting is rock solid as provides a lot of musical variety. I can honestly say I was entertained the entire time, with never a dull moment to be found. " - Biz Talk with Cyrus Rhodes -The Muse's Muse

"A fresh duo with big plans"

"“Raw” was just that: an unvarnished collection of acoustic numbers featuring the duo’s signature professional songwriting, outstanding guitar playing and lovely harmonies." "The result is a sound that evokes a lazy summer afternoon." "All of the elements are there. The songs are well executed and demonstrate a strong talent, as far as writing and instrumentation is concerned." "Di...has a beautiful and often ethereal voice that can transfix a listener. Hinchcliffe’s voice is terrific as well, ranging from soft and controlled tenor tones to a subtly aggressive whiskey growl. Together they manage some fantastic harmonies that elevate key moments in their songs in a way that often take the listener by surprise." "This dynamic (and recently engaged) couple are also launching their own record label, called Wini Flashdance Records." "If you see them live, however, you will surely encourage your friends to get in on the ground floor so they can say, “I saw them when....”" - Glendale Newspress


Raw (2009)

Charley & Jesi (2011)

Circus (2013)

with LOVE (2014)



The old adage It Takes Two certainly holds true for Los Angeles duo Charley & Jesi. Their individual musical identities entwine throughout their fourth full-length album, With Love, yielding a dynamic, diverse collection of ten tracks that beautifully fuse pop, rock and folk. At the same time, they enlisted the help of some high-profile friends to round out their sound. Nodding to the classic Laurel Canyon community of yesteryear, the likes of legendary LOVE guitarist Johnny Echols, Dwight Yoakam six-stringer Pete Anderson, and Chicago’s Lee Thornburg add their respective stamps to With Love. However, it all starts with this pair…

In 2008, Jesi asked Charley to borrow his guitar at an open mic, and they instantly felt a musical kinship that blossomed into an intense romance and lifelong love. They began writing together, bonding over a shared passion for The Beatles, Sonny and Cher, Fleetwood Mac and The Beach Boys.

“We liked and were influenced by all the same music,” explains Jesi. “So when we wrote songs together, it felt really natural. It was the easiest thing in the world.”

They relocated from Oceanside to Los Angeles, and have released three albums - Raw (2009), Charley & Jesi (2011), and Circus (2013) via their own record label, Wini Flashdance – and organically built a strong local following. In early 2014, they holed up at The Village Recorder and Grandmaster Recorders to self-produce With Love, with Reuben Cohen (Edward Sharpe And the Magnetic Zeros, Bruno Mars, Ingrid Michaelson) mastering the record at Lurssen Mastering.

On With Love, the duo’s sound is a seductive amalgam of The White Stripes-meets-The Carpenters.

That unique musicality courses through the upbeat swagger of the first single “Just Wanna Dance,” punctuated by a bombastic saxophone solo and massive harmonies. Meanwhile the opening track, “Hurry Up and Take Your Time” combines a blues bounce with simmering solos from Echols. “Better Day” is a bright, harmonious, upbeat anthem and “Love In” boasts a countrified rhythm and a mini-choir of Charley & Jesi’s musician friends. The album culminates with “Love Light,” a song that shines with a gorgeous dénouement and impeccable playing courtesy of Anderson.

“We want people to walk away from our album with the feeling of love,” agree Jesi and Charley. “That’s what our music is about. It’s love and joy. Love brought us together, and it keeps us going.”

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