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Miami Beach, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
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""Who Is Chelzzz""

Who Is Chelzzz?
The environment that surrounds you impacts your well-being, your progress, and your outlook. This is why Chelzzz relocated from Detroit to Miami, where the music industry welcomed her with open arms. Influenced by her basketball team to top figures ranging from Nicki Minaj to Lil Kim, Chelzzz was hooked on the rap wordplay game right away. Her music path was on and off due to some trouble she fell into but has restructured her priorities to solely music and activism. Chelzzz connects people through her lyricism; she knows that people struggle every day, and by being honest with her hardships, she can relate to her listeners.

Elevator Magazine perfectly describes her as “the white female Lil Wayne & Eminem mashed with the sex appeal of Rihanna.” Chelzzz is a significant supporter of the LGBT community as a lesbian rapper. The scrutiny she faced throughout her life turned into motivation for her music and a will to keep grinding. A self-described “firecracker” Chelzzz knows how to make her beats work for her; she brings attitude to the mic with such intensity that comes off as slightly intimidating yet overpowered by intrigue.

Picturesque blue skies, pretty girls, and bold colors, “Somewhere in Miami” encompasses the culture, the attitude, and grit Miami has to offer. Chelzzz knows she might not be the most well behaved, but she stays on top of her game, so no one steps over her. She left behind her old life and “manners” in exchange for the highest-end apparel and Rolls Royce flex through the town. Unlike many hip-hop videos where women are sexual commodities and show off because of their seductive appeal, “Somewhere in Miami” portrays women as power figures, where they make the decisions and are the “ballers.” Chelzzz not only works hard and plays hard for herself but makes sure her music is a platform to lift others up as well. - The Hype Magazine

"Chelzzz- Nowhere to the TOP"

Miami hip-hop artist Chelzzz has turned her life around, going from in-and-out of jail to cruising in plump luxury automobiles and signing autographs, as well as releasing her latest music video – “Somewhere in Miami.”

Describing herself as a “firecracker,” Chelzzz has a knack for bumpin’ beats reflecting what some call “Miami slab” – slow, low, and banging, along with a bewitching sneer of a voice with beaucoup dynamic flow, and a talent for smart rhymes.

She also has attitude – a kind of bad-ass intimidating riot-grrl presence that’s both intense and full of swaggering energy akin to sinewy posh flair, merged with shadowy mystery.

“Somewhere in Miami” opens on emerging sleazy synths riding a Jovian kick-drum, as a fat vibrating bassline pops and throbs. Chelzzz’s voice, tight, and rough and ready, imbues the lyrics with femme fatale surges of energy.

The video, full of beautiful women in glamorous settings, crosses things up. Instead of women being portrayed as erotic merchandise, the visuals for “Somewhere in Miami” depict women as the shot-callers.

Because Chelzzz has it going on, I sat down with her to find out more about where she’s from, where she’s at, and where she’s going. - Rhyme Junkie


South Florida artist showcases genre-bending sound on latest hit single ‘Poseidon’

MIAMI, FL – Up-and-coming artist Chelzzz is shaping the underground industry while soaring to the top with her recipe of intricate beats, bars for days and a voice that can’t be replicated. This South Florida active, event curator and promoter is not your typical female artist. This lesbian entertainer quite literally bends gender specifics with every release, and her latest single “Poseidon” is no exception.

Born from the very public divorce she’s currently going through, the song is Chelzzz’s attempt to be more vulnerable and give listeners and fans and inside peek at what’s going on in her life. With an aggressive flow of lyrics, Chelzzz encourages listeners of her music to get busy and have a good time, while also showcasing a super versatile style that has been her trademark since bursting onto the scene five years ago.

“I sing and rap, I’m high energy, and yet I can be very relatable, as well,” Chelzzz said. “I’m also a female artist who writes lines that are more provocative toward women. I don’t exploit women like a lot of other artists do. Being a feminine is important, but not a single one of my tracks are the same. I have one song about moving to South Florida and what I’ve gone through. I have another one that was written when all the stimulus checks were dropping. And ‘Poseidon’ is about a relationship. Everything is really different, but most of the time my music is more upbeat and more party stuff.”

Chelzzz has been releasing music as a professional artist since 2016. Serving as the primary visionary behind all her projects, she has quickly become known among industry insiders as an artist who not only delivers great music but also brings high-quality and entertaining videos to the table. Both her writing and visuals create stories that relate to audiences all over the world.

At the beginning of 2021 Chelzzz released her first album “Somehwere In Miami,” inspired by her journey from her hometown of Detroit to Miami. In the album Chelzzz showcases her unique and captivating town, which is a mixture of a Midwest swag and South Florida vibes. She’s been hard at work since that releasing putting together more singles, which she is now ready to release over the course of the next few months.

“I like being different and capitalizing off my own strengths,” she said. “I like switching things up and not being stuck in one box or genre. I think that’s super important for artists, and people as a whole, to see. Don’t let yourself be labeled as one thing or let society dictate who you are. My music shares that message, and more than anything that’s the biggest mark I want to make on the world.”

“Poseidon” is currently available across all streaming platforms. Chelzzz said she plans to follow that with another single called “Monster” sometime in October in anticipation of the Halloween holiday. - She Bloggin

"CHELZZZ Official Hip Hop Music Video for ‘Stormin’"

Out of South Florida, Chelzzz is a hip hop artist on the rise. Highly motivated and inspired, she is always in the studio recording more music. Actively grinding putting out new original material continually. Adding to her grind, she is continually accompanying her singles with new music videos. Not just lyric videos or quickly shot videos from a phone, but well put together quality shoots and editing go in to these. It’s easy to have a high appreciation for an artist that is doing everything right, truly creating a brand around her passion. This is an artist that needs to be taken seriously.

The music video for ‘Stormin’ was released in late October. Showcasing everything stated above, it’s another high end release. It’s another original track written and recorded by Chelzzz. The hook is catchy and her lyricism is excellent. Check it out below and keep an eye on this artist on the rise! - Music Notes

"Fresh Artist Fridays- CHELZZZ"

Chelzzz kills it casually in her latest release “Monster”. The south-Floridian rapper has been making waves the past year with multiple singles and an album drop, and she shows no signs of slowing down. With “Monster”, Chelzzz is reminding listeners that she is not one to mess with, self-identifying herself as a powerful and ferocious monster. While the song’s message is intense, it is balanced by Chelzzz’s effortless delivery. The vision behind the song is driven home by its insanely creative visuals that Chelzzz stars in. The video, which you can watch here, features Chelzzz behind bars and locked in a hospital with the whole world trying to contain her. She refuses to let them though, letting her individuality and authenticity speak for itself.

Check out her music through the links above and connect with Chelzzz through her socials to make sure you never miss new music. Remember to follow Hip Hop Scriptures to stay updated on the latest Fresh Artist Friday.

Chelzzz is a rising Hip-Hop artist & Influencer located in South Florida. She is a musician, activist, event curator, influencer, and the founder/CEO of C3 Official Brand. She is open to doing cross promotional events with businesses to assist one another in branching out to different communities. Chelzzz has performed for some of the industries top agents and has a rapidly growing international fan base. In addition to music, she's established her own entertainment company and merchandise brand 'C3 Official Brand'. - Hip Hop Scriptures

"South Florida Rapper Chelzzz Brings Original Beats, Sharp Verses, And A LGBTQ Voice For The Hip-Hop World With Her Latest Single ‘Poseidon’"

South Florida Rapper Chelzzz Brings Original Beats, Sharp Verses, And A LGBTQ Voice For The Hip-Hop World With Her Latest Single ‘Poseidon’

28/09/2021 byUpcoming100 Staff
MIAMI, FL – Combining her empowering attitude, persistent work ethic, and straightforward songwriting, rapper Chelzzz emerged onto the Miami hip-hop scene 5 years ago and has established herself as both a successful independent rapper and musical entrepreneur.

Chelzzz, also known as Chelsea Henson, knew she wanted to make music early in life—growing up in Detroit, MI in what she describes as a musical household while becoming a rapping hype-woman before sports games in school.

“Things kind of started off from there. I’ve always loved words. English has always been my favorite subject. I love writing in general and I’ve got a good imagination,” says Chelzzz. “So bringing stories to life is what I always really enjoyed doing and I think that’s kind of what music is all about, just kind of telling your own story and bringing that, shedding light on your own experiences, and it’s just always been my preferred outlet to express myself.”

That same storytelling and drive can still be seen in Chelzzz's music career today. The rapper began releasing music professionally in 2016 and put out her debut record Somewhere in Miami earlier this year, with two more records already written for a 2022 release. Somewhere in Miami describes Chelzzz’s experience relocating to the south, growing as an artist within Miami’s music scene, and her recent experience of going through a divorce with her partner of 7 years. The album introduces original beats influenced by sounds heard in the rapper's day-to-day life with a balance of sharp and catchy verses that are both fun and personable stories describing empowerment, sexuality, success, and individualism against all odds. Chelzzz hopes to help bring representation found in her songs to the LGBTQ community, as a lesbian rapper in a male-dominated industry.

“I think a lot of that rejection from my own community came because I was rejecting myself,” she says. “And now I don’t receive that as much anymore, people kind of look at me, they look up to me, and it’s really cool and makes me feel good and positive about where I’m at now. Miami definitely opened more doors for me musically and just like a gay woman in general.”

COVID-19 saw a slow down for Chelzzz’s touring as well as her female-run brand C3. The company was booking shows in over 20 states with audiences ranging from 1,500 to 16,000 people pre-pandemic. Recently, Chelzzz has led her focus on producing conceptual, high-quality music videos. She has hope in finding new ways to promote music in the Miami scene while connecting with the versatile and vastly populated cultural hub of South Florida, and preparing for her SXSW performance next spring.

“More than anything, I wasn’t doing that to make money, I was doing that to not just make a name for myself, but make Miami, Broward, and West Palm this hub where everybody knows that this is where the artists come to connect,” she explains. “And these are the shows that we’re going to to make that happen. I wanted to be that one sole person to bring that to this area if nobody else could.”

Her latest single “Poseidon,” released in early September, continues to be influenced by her divorce and opens up a new side of vulnerability that Chelzzz says is a concept in her art she hadn’t shown to the world before, much like in the 7th track on Somewhere in Miami, “Show & Tell.” Chelzzz is aiming to become an advocate for openness, representation, and community through her songs, while the diversity of the Miami music scene has provided Chelzzz an outlet to spread her message worldwide that conveys a personal ethos: to unapologetically be yourself.

“It’s a different side of myself, so I can’t speculate on what people will do or say or if they’ll like it or not, but I’m offering a lot more vulnerability with this one than I have in the past and I hope it resonates with people.”

You can listen to Chelzzz’s latest single “Poseidon,” along with the rest of her catalog, across all streaming platforms. Be sure to look out for her upcoming single “Monster” set to be released this October.

“Poseidon” - Upcoming 100

"This Miami Rapper Is Shining Her Light, Love, and Branding Throughout the Hip-Hop Landscape"

Miami based Rapper, Chelzzz, has been making waves in 2019 with her SXSW performance, her national tour, and her C3 brand curated events. She is a unique voice in the hip-hop landscape and shared some of her insights at this year’s Grit Daily Live! Miami Art Summit. Between her music and her activism, Chelzzz is an artist looking to make an impact beyond Miami.

From the Basketball Court to the Studio
Chelzzz fell in love with hip-hop early. Her time on the basketball court was spent playing ball and rhyming with other kids in Detroit. It was at that young age when she realized the talent she hard for wordplay.

Source: Chelzzz
Honing her skills throughout her school experience, Chelzzz took a brief hiatus in high school when she found herself getting in some trouble. She would return to hip-hop when she was introduced to Nicki Minaj and was inspired, falling in love with the craft all over again.

The art of rap has done a lot for Chelzzz, giving her new opportunities and helping her stay out of trouble. After relocating to South Florida and finding a home in the local scene, she decided to pay it forward and help create opportunities for other up and coming artists. - Grit Daily

"CHELZZZ- "Somewhere in Miami" Music Video"

Like a badass bulldozer, Chelzzz once again knocks down the wall of the rap game and reshapes it at her own leisure. However, on “Somewhere In Miami”, the Detroit-born, South Florida-transplant opens up about her past, but declares her future to be brighter than the Miami sun. From the beat to the verses, this track will eclipse your eardrum dreams. Chelzzz continues to roast the fuck out of the modern rap game with disruptors like this; 2020 is aiming to be a HUGE year for the independent artist – and she’s only getting more dangerous. - Elevator


Chelzzz has released over 50 singles since 2016 and dropped her first album "Somewhere in Miami" early 2021...She has another album coming at the end of 2022 with a few newly released singles being featured, such as: Monster, Walt Dizzzney and Shameless. Stay connected with Chelzzz on all social media platforms to see what she's got cookie up for us next!



Solo female Hip-Hop artist Chelzzz, Detroit born-Miami based.

Chelzzz is captivating listeners with her recipe: heavy trap beats, bars for days and a voice that can't be replicated.

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