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Chris Eves and The New Normal

Syracuse, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Syracuse, NY
Established on Jan, 2016
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"Hearing Aide: Chris Eves and The New Normal ‘Find Your Way’"

Chris Eves and The New Normal debut their album Find Your Way this Friday night, December 22 at Funk n Waffles in downtown Syracuse, and on a busy night of Christmas parties and shows, its a must-see show given the prowess shown on this release. Recorded, produced and mastered at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY by The New Normal and Andrew Greacen, this homegrown album and band sound ready to deliver in a live setting.

Opening tracks “Remember to Forget” and “Green and Blue” show off the guitar work of Jay Lock, with the latter a stand out track on the album, truly soaring to height after height. “Walking on a Wire” is light and poppy in a Dave Matthews/Dispatch way, down to the built in crowd sing along. “Find Your Way” – all eight minutes of it – is a journey of a song, with peaks and valleys with an Assembly of Dust vibe throughout, down to Mike D’Ambrosio’s keys, which shine even more on “On Rainy Days.”

The album doesn’t have a lull or soft spot, and halfway through there’s a steady rock groove that gets harder with “The Chains You Wear,” with an early Soundgarden vibe. “Fall” is the hardest rocking track, bringing to mind moe.’s “McBain” and “George” amid an accelerated raging first half and a mellow reflective second one that turns up with Bayliss/Cinninger-esque guitar licks. Eves’ vocals are a treat throughout the album – like a diamond in the rough of jam band vocalists – notably, on the soul-extending “New Normal” and song of longing that closes the album, “Flown Away.”

Most tracks clock in between 4-6 minutes, giving a sign that these songs will stretch out much further in a live setting. After a few listens to the album, two things are apparent: Find Your Way is a debut album with shine and depth, and The New Normal might be the best new band out of Syracuse. -

"Chris Eves and The New Normal ‘Find Your Way’ Album Review and Interview"

Chris Eves and The New Normal ‘Find Your Way’ Album Review and Interview

Chris Eves and The New Normal are a Syracuse, New York based Rock-Jam act. I recently reviewed their debut album ‘Find Your Way.’ I was immediately impressed with this unique blend of Alternative-Rock, Jam and Pop and wanted to share with my readers. While most of Chris Eves and The New Normal fans are from the northeast, they are looking to broaden their audience. If you haven't heard of Chris Eves and The New Normal yet, check them out on Spotify or #1 on the Reverbnation International Jam Charts.

From the opening song “Remember To Forget,” I was intrigued at the depth and quality of this album and the band that recorded it. “Remember To Forget” has powerful vocal qualities from Chris Eves and a hard progressive riff that takes this song into Jam territory. I will say that this song is my favorite out of the entire album and makes for a great first track. This song captivates its listeners and draws them, inviting further exploration.

“Walking On Wire” keeps the great vocal qualities going; something that can be severely lacking, specifically in the Jam world. This songs approach is more alternative-rock based but is fun and catchy with lyrics like, "maybe you and me are always walking on a wire, and with every step it seems we are only getting higher.” This sentiment is heartfelt and a great example of the writing techniques used on this album. I could see this song being used in a larger capacity and it also has some viable commercial value.

Another song that caught my attention was the title track of this album ‘Find Your Way” that begins with a clear and precise guitar intro from Jay Lock, solo guitarist for The New Normal. This song would be a great live track and could allow for some extreme improvisation on stage; in the interview below we discuss walking the line between improv and structure. "You got to be just a little bit crazy to make it through another normal day," are some of the most poignant lyrics within this album and shows the open-minded feeling that this band represents.

Again, Chris Eves and The New Normal take a different approach to their sonic sound with “The Chains You Wear” and go more alt-country with a heavy slide riff laid over the track. The lyrical qualities remain remarkable, compared to today’s pop country landscape and make this song original and different than a lot of the Southern Rock-Country bands but still very reminiscent of the Black Crowes or even, The Zac Brown Band.

“Fall” is another song that gets stuck in my head and the driving guitar makes me want to hear an exploratory and long solo, the only thing I think is missing from this recording. Drummer Sean Benz, highlights this track with impressive musicianship and keyboardist Mike D’Ambrosia plays a pivotal role in not only this song but the entire album adding rousing piano licks wherever he can. “Fall” uses Classic Rock chord structures and melodies to make the sound relatable but still remains original and imaginative.

“The New Normal” and “Flown Away” accentuate the final tracks on this album and stay steady and slow throughout. They are both good choices and well recorded, something that stands out when listening to this album in my headphones. Mike Spardaro holds it down on bass throughout the entire length of this recording but can really be felt in the backbeat at the end of this album.

While the album ‘Find Your Way’ doesn't necessarily break any rules, it does find new and interesting ways to combine song structures and heartfelt lyrical connections. This album is very relatable to many musical listeners and Chris Eves and The New Normal seamlessly integrate many genres of music from Jam to Alt-Rock. I believe ‘Find Your Way’ is a great platform for this band to build upon and grow exponentially. Below is a short interview with Chris Eves himself where we discuss this latest album and the future evolution of The New Normal.

Interview with Chris Eves From Chris Eves and The New Normal:

JBP-Can you describe your sound, or what genres have influenced you as you wrote and recorded ‘Find Your Way’?

CE-Our sound is the sum total of the influences and personal style each member brings to the table. We all have very diverse influences and approach the music from unique vantage points. Everything from: Grateful Dead, Nine Inch Nails to Jazz greats like, John Coltrane and Miles Davis, have shaped our collective sound. One unifying band we all grew up listening to and seeing live is Phish. They were definitely the catalyst for us wanting to play improvised music. I think the five of us though, strive to go beyond our influences and are always trying to cultivate our own unique voice individually and collectively. Jay, for example, is a very different guitarist than I am and certainly has a very unique voice that’s all his own. A lot of times he’ll play something that inspires me to do something completely different than I would have otherwise. Especially in improvised music, each band member’s voice really comes through and steers the direction of the sound.

JBP-The transitions and song structures in songs like, “Remember To Forget” sounds very jammy, much like moe. or some of the other progressive Jam bands from the North East. Has this musical landscape shaped your musical evolution?

CE-Absolutely. I grew up in Central New York where moe. is from and we listened to them a lot. Chuck from moe.’s sister was our high school Spanish teacher. I’ve always been a fan of progressive music that has written out sections and jam sections, and that’s able to weave it all together into a story. The Dead tunes like, Terrapin or Help/Slipknot/Franklins, were always my favorite. moe. also inspired me to write in that direction for sure. It’s pretty cool to now be in the band Floodwood with Vinnie from moe. after listening to them for so many years.

JBP-What does the New Normal mean to you?

CE- I think it’s just a mantra to be yourself. It’s for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t fit in or been a little left of center. Normal is just a point of view and just because you might be weird according to someone else, that shouldn’t stop you from being authentic and living the life that makes you happy. Weirdos are always welcome with us!

JBP-What have been some of your greatest musical accomplishments to date?

CE-I’ve been lucky to have a lot of musical accomplishments in my career. Some of the personal highlights are sitting in with the Zac Brown Band at SPAC and jamming with Jon Fishman live.

JBP-Any plans for summer festivals or tours?

CE-We are working on both right now and are looking forward to announcing some soon

JBP-While it is hard to add layers of improvisation to studio albums, does your band stick to the song structures or improvise live?

CE-We try to strike a balance between playing the song and jamming. In the studio, for this record, I was happy that we were able to capture a lot of our jams. “Remember to Forget”, “Find your Way”, and “Fall” were all one take. When we’re live every night is different and we’re still evolving in the way we improvise. Some nights we want to play “Green and Blue” completely structured as a stand-alone song, and some nights it turns into a 20 minute funk jam. I think we’ve just started scratching the surface of where our jams can go and that’s exciting.

JBP-Can you explain your lyrical process? Who writes the songs or is it a collective environment?

CE-For this record, I wrote all the Lyrics and it’s the toughest part for me. I just try to write down thoughts on a particular subject independently of the music so I’m not locked into a specific structure at first. When I’ve got a good amount of material, I start trying to play music that fits the ideas and hopefully get the puzzle pieces to fit. I try to be open to lyric ideas all the time so, I keep a bunch of notes in my phone just in case I think of something while I’m out for a run or grocery shopping or, whatever.

JBP-Many bands that relate themselves with Jam music walk the line between different genres. How do you see yourselves adding a unique aspect to the Jam world?

CE- I hope that even though we extend our songs live, that they are still relatable to everyone. The song always comes first for us and it should stand alone as catchy and meaningful. We also try to put a lot of attention into the vocals and harmonies. I think that emphasis on songwriting and vocals gives us a unique aspect.

JBP-What are your future goals and how do you think you will evolve to get there?

CE-Our short-term goals are to keep writing, recording, and evolving our live show. Playing for more people and extending our touring are also a priority. I think it just takes a lot of hard work and a high level of commitment. We live music 24/7 so it’s more a journey than a single goal we set for ourselves that’s off in the distance.

JBP-Any crazy band/road stories you would like to share with us? (Anything goes)

CE-Honestly we’re pretty chill and not too crazy. Our drummer Sean usually finds a casino after the show and we hear about how much money he won the next day. We never hear about how much money he loses though…

Thanks Again to Chris Eves and The New Normal,

Jam Band Purist -

"Chris Eves and The New Normal – ‘Walking On A Wire’"

Chris Eves and The New Normal are a Jam Rock band that blur the lines between rock, funk, and blues. They blend thoughtful lyrics with solid rock roots and pop sensibility that makes their music a memorable experience. Out of Syracuse, NY, the band has shared the stage with notable artist such as the Zac Brown Band, Jon Fishman of Phish, Gov't Mule, Cheap Trick, Gregg Allman and many others. Their debut album, ‘Find Your Way,’ is now available for fans. Off that album, their single “Walking On A Wire,” displays just what their distinct sound is.
The song kicks off with an up-beat, stick-in-your-head, e. piano progression that is soon joined by melodic guitar riffing, and light percussion. As the drums lead in the transition into the first verse, the bass enters laying down a groove with the entrance of vocals singing, “I’ve given up trying to keep our story straight/And making sense from tangle lines of love and hate,” displaying clear vocals with a laid-back tone making for easy listening.
“Walking On A Wire” is about a relationship that you are trying to make work, even though it never has in the past. The verse seamlessly transitions to the chorus as he sings, “Baby you and me we’re always walking on a wire/And wherever we’re stepping seems we’re only getting higher/Yeah darling I know you’re a long way off the ground/But just try not to look down and maybe we might make it this time.” The song continues to progress breaking with stellar key solos and an enticing bridge that keeps the song compelling throughout its entirety. The key solo is followed by another chorus before breaking into a exciting guitar solo.
Chris Eves and The New Normal are sure to be a crowd favorite with their riveting instrumentals and unforgettable lyrical melodies. ‘Walking On A Wire’ is just one single from their new album to fall in love with. Their music is available for fans via Spotify. For more information on Chris Eves and The New Normal, visit their page on Reverb Nation. -

"Chris Eves and the New Normal CD Release Party TONIGHT!"

It’s a big night for Chris Eves and the New Normal, as they release their debut record, Find Your Way, TONIGHT, at Funk n’ Waffles downtown Syracuse.

There are too many reasons NOT to miss this show! Chris Eves and the New Normal are a band of incredible musicians that have amassed a great library of original music, but seem to pick ALL the right cover songs to keep the party rocking. Chris Eves, himself, is pretty much Midas reincarnate. He appears to be EVERYWHERE and everything he touches turns to solid gold. He just released a record with Skunk City last month. This month, the New Normal. He is an active member of Floodwood… I can keep going. Need I say more?

OK, here is one more reason not to miss tonight – opening the show will be a homecoming performance from the ever funky and fun Chiggin! Get there early because you don’t want to miss a minute of music tonight! Starts at 10pm! - Upstate Music And Food


"Find Your Way"



Chris Eves and the New Normal blur the lines between rock, funk, and blues with a healthy dose of jam band influences. Thoughtful lyrics blend seamlessly with solid roots rock riffs, pop sensibilities and, catchy hooks. Based out of Syracuse NY, the band has shared the stage with such diverse artists as the Zac Brown Band, Jon Fishman of Phish, Turkuaz, Gov't Mule, Cheap Trick, Gregg Allman and many others.
Their SAMMY award nominated debut album is now getting airtime on over 30 radio stations and is now available on most digital media services, including Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and Pandora.

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