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Columbus, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFM

Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Electronic




"Premiere: Clubhouse Shine Bright in New Single "Lucky Soul""

Nostalgia is a tool we use to revisit a time in our lives that made us feel better than we do today. It allows us to remember the past in a way that gives us hope for the future. It lets us escape the present, but not in an unhealthy way, in a way that almost refuels and revitalizes the soul; A reminder for how things were and can be again. Clubhouse use nostalgia not only lyrically, but musically, to revisit a feeling with eighties meets 2019 dream bop, “Lucky Soul.”

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Columbus electro-pop band Clubhouse’s new single “Lucky Soul,” their first release of 2019. Echoing synth and a pulsating muted snare pair with Max Reichert’s buttery smooth vocals to begin the tune,

If you’re lying let me know,
I’m all alone
When the ground shakes
Take me to a safer place or let me go

The lyrics immediately introduce the journey to escape to a better place. The twinkling synth sounds take you to something of the past, something that feels better than some of the harsh sounds of today, allowing you to happily flow along with the message of the lyrics. The music builds with more twinkles and more beats relaying the point of the song, allowing you to revel in it.

I’ll keep
You and I in my head
Running ‘round through the yard
Taking you by the hand
When I see
Pictures of you and me
I just want you to know
That you were my lucky soul

Thinking of this person and this time allows Reichert to escape. To perhaps escape heartbreak and live in a time that felt right – that felt better. Knowing you felt this way in the past is what gives you hope that you can have it again in the future. That’s what this song encapsulates. Clubhouse describes it best when saying, “‘Lucky Soul’ is about the one person in your life (or no longer in your life) who you made some really great memories with and helped you through tough times, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t meant to be – and that’s okay. Some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life to help you grow as a person.” The second verse reinforces,

When the night breaks

Running through a million times,
all the same
And your bright face
Shining through the darkest days,
I’ll be okay

The music brings in the final chorus with a dramatic pause and a shift in harmonies by the band. Allowing the listener to feel as good as the band felt when revisiting their Lucky Soul. Usually, in some way, shape or form musicians try to match their lyrics with their music. Clubhouse did this in an incredibly unique way. They put nostalgia into a song, and that is something we haven’t heard before. “Lucky Soul” marks Clubhouse’s first release since 2018, after a year-long hiatus in which vocalist Reichert was receiving treatment for bone cancer. If this is any indication as for what’s to come, we’re extremely excited to hear more. - Atwood Magazine

"Clubhouse Thank Their Semi-Soulmates In "Lucky Soul""

Ohio-based band Clubhouse gifts us the ultimate thank-you anthem to our semi-soulmates out there in “Lucky Soul.” Blossoming with a gloopy arrangement of sweet synthesizers and posh atmospherics, the track soars over gossamer production that toggle between bittersweet nostalgia and soothing realization. It’s sunny and has a concealed moodiness rooting back to longing that you can feel amidst the stacks of propulsive rhythms.

“‘Lucky Soul’ is about the one person in your life (or no longer in your life) who you made some really great memories with and helped you through tough times, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t meant to be – and that’s okay. Some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life to help you grow as a person,” explained the band.

The track marks the first release of the band since taking a year off. During their hiatus, vocalist Max Reichart underwent treatment for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and now they’re back stronger than ever. The six-piece act will be playing at Wonderbus Music Festival in a few days and dropping another single in September. - Aupium

"Clubhouse Shares ‘Haunt You’. “An intimate trance like brooding.”"

CLUBHOUSE’s single ‘Haunt You’ is as distinctive as it gets. From organic electronica/EDM, mixed with the shoe-gazy bedroom-pop indie aesthetics, the song comes together in an intimate trance like brooding.

In the best traditions of Aquillo, SOHN, and Amber Run, CLUBHOUSE brings the emotions right up to the fore, with utter talent and arrangement acumen that you’d hope a band of this caliber would.

The band stated: “’Haunt You’ is a pop dance anthem about embracing a sense of confidence through all of the post-breakup emotions. It’s about letting go of lingering anxiety and accepting that person is seeing other people, while knowing they’ll never have what they used to.”

With supple undulations and calm aesthetics, the bubbling incantations, burst with pride and prejudice, with calculated exposition. Whilst incumbent on the latter premonitions of days and nights past, the light and dark of story telling inquisitions, investigate with rather big ambitions. The combination of which delivers with pomp and circumstance, with magisterial fervor, with mahogany tasting poignancy.

After a year-long hiatus while lead singer Max Reichert undergoing treatment for Osteosarcoma, CLUBHOUSE is more ready to share their works, than ever before.

Let’s do this.

We can’t wait to find more from this fascinatingly fab band.

The Ohio originating band, consists of Max Reichert, Ari Blumer, Zak Blumer, Ben Saulnier, Michael Berthold, and Forrest Weihe. - Comeherefloyd

"Listen to Clubhouse's New Single 'Lucky Soul'!"

Summer might be ending soon, but the bops just don’t stop coming!

Columbus-based electro-pop group Clubhouse have just released their new single “Lucky Soul”, and it’s definitely a track to fit the season.

This is the first single from Clubhouse after a year-long hiatus. Clubhouse took significant time off while singer Max Reichart underwent treatment for osteosarcoma, and has come back in a big way, stronger than ever.

Clubhouse says “‘Lucky Soul’ is about the one person in your life (or no longer in your life) who you made some really great memories with and helped you through tough times, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t meant to be – and that’s okay. Some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life to help you grow as a person.” - A$AP CHELS

""Just Us" is a Song You Need for Your Playlists"

Clubhouse, from Columbus Ohio, is a young pop band consisting of five extremely talented members. Their new single titled “Just Us” is brilliant and extremely catchy. It is definitely one of our favourite pop tracks we have heard in all of 2018.

The main reason we were hooked so quickly with this new single is because of how catchy it is. The production is perfect in all aspects and the melodies are full of energy and power. This song is all about positive vibes from start to finish. The song starts with a soft chord progression that slowly builds into one awesome chorus and breakdown. While keeping the song on the chill side of things, it still packs a huge punch. You will find yourself moving along to this one and if you’re anything like us, you will have this on repeat for quite a while.

The vocals are mesmerizing and brought to life with raw talent and emotion. You will hear the great use of FX on the vocals (including some Vocoder elements) which take the vocal line to the next level. This single is anything but boring and will have you hooked the second you hear it. - The Drunken Coconut

"Meet CLUBHOUSE: Our 2017 Big Break Global Winner | Firefly Music Festival"

Last month, we launched our fourth installment of Firefly’s Big Break Contest, which allows fans to directly vote on unsigned artists vying for a spot on the Firefly lineup. This year’s talented winner is Clubhouse, an addictive indie-pop band out of Columbus, Ohio. We got the chance to ask them a few questions about performing, spirit animals, and of course, what we can look forward to at Firefly this summer.

What is your favorite part about performing?
“My favorite part would have to be watching the fans react to the music. It’s sort of surreal and exhilarating to watch people dance to the beat, or to see them singing along to the words we’ve written.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“My favorite part about performing is giving the audience a good time that they will remember for a while. We try to build our live shows up so that they are a very memorable experience.” – Ari Blumer (Lead Guitar)
“Just the vibe of the audience, seeing people have fun and hopefully creating an experience that they’ll remember” –Ben Saulnier (Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals)
“The rush. Nothing makes me feel as alive as performing does. Especially when we can feel the energy of the crowd, nothing motivates us more than that.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“I just love seeing the people enjoy themselves to our music. It feels great to be able to make people dance.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Why are you excited to perform at Firefly?
“The entire band actually camped out at Firefly 2015, and had an incredible experience. The atmosphere in The Woodlands is unlike anything else that I’ve ever been a part of, and I can’t wait to incorporate our music into that experience.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“I’m excited to be at Firefly, because it is one of the premier music festivals in the country. Every year I’m impressed with the Firefly lineup, and to be included in that list of incredible artists is a great feeling.” – Ari Blumer (Lead guitar)
“Festivals have to be one of my favorite environments to see bands preform. Everyone at Firefly is coming because they love music and want to have the best time possible. The fact that we can be part of it, and play to people who may have never even heard of us is something special” –Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“Firefly was the first music festival I ever attended. The second I entered The Woodlands, I was overcome with the feeling of how awesome it would be to play there. To now be given the chance to fulfill this dream is truly incredible.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“Just two years ago, the whole band went to Firefly and I vividly remember all of us standing in the crowds just daydreaming about actually getting to play that festival, so it’s just gonna be a little surreal. I’m also just excited to get to play in front of some new people!” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

What’s the most memorable moment on stage you’ve ever had?
“I think the most memorable moment on stage for me was when we supported HAIM at Express LIVE! in Columbus, OH. At one point in the set, we had the lighting engineer turn on the house lights while I took a picture from behind the drum kit of the roughly 2,000 people in attendance. Seeing all of those faces at once really resonated with me, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“We played a winter showcase at Express Live and it was packed with people. I looked out into this giant crowd and then saw my parents watching from the balcony smiling and it was one of the best moments of my life” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“Before a lot of our first shows I would joke around and tell the guys, “I’m gonna crowd surf tonight, I’ve never done it before and today’s the day.” However, I wanted it to feel natural and not forced. After being “all talk” for a while, finally the right moment came during a show at Ohio University when we were playing an encore; the crowd was crazy that night and I made the decision to jump. Wow, what a feeling.” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“Supporting HAIM and seeing my friends and family in the sea of people supporting me was just the best feeling in the world.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?
“Personally, I just try to make sure I’m warmed up and ready to go before we walk out on stage. As a band, I think we try to get each other even more excited, so that our performance on stage energizes the audience as a result.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“Normally I like to go out and watch the other bands play, if we have any openers. Getting a view of the stage from the crowd’s perspective always helps before we perform.” – Ari Blumer (Lead guitar)
“I usually just try to relax and joke around. Staying focused but just trying to get myself in a mindset to have fun on stage” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I always down a bottle of water before we go on, hydration is key!” – Michael
“I can’t speak for myself having any pre-show rituals, but Mike has never played a show without a Corona Light beforehand.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

What is the most difficult thing about performing that your fans may not know about?
“The most difficult aspect of a performance from a drummer’s perspective, I think, is to make sure you are simultaneously managing time and staying exactly on-tempo, while listening to the band and the audience to try to make the performance as cohesive as possible.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“I think the most difficult thing about performing would be in the case of something going wrong or not working right, and having to play through it and maintain a certain level of professionalism regardless of what’s happening.” – Ari blumer (Lead guitar)
“I think it’s mostly just the little things that you can’t plan for. When you play on a smaller stage especially, it can get cramped and wires and cables can get unplugged. Keeping your cool and figuring out the problem in a live setting can be tense” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I think the most difficult thing that a lot of fans don’t realize is that we don’t hear what the audience is hearing. Getting the right mix in your monitor is super tough to do without a proper sound check. A lot of times when playing shows with multiple bands there is little to no time to sound check, this makes it super difficult to hear how we truly sound on stage.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“Technical difficulties happen all the time, especially when you’re a supporting act and you’re just throwing your stuff on stage quickly. So just being able to adapt to those sort of things.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

What other artist/band/performer on the Firefly lineup would you most likely go see?
“I’m super excited to see Misterwives. I actually saw them a long, long time ago in Columbus, opening up for American Authors and The Royal Concept. Since then, they’ve just gotten better and better in my opinion, and I’d love to see them on stage at Firefly.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“Seeing A R I Z O N A would be awesome I think. I absolutely love their sound and have yet to see them live, so it would be a great experience.” – Ari Blumer (Lead guitar)
“I’m really excited to see The Weeknd and Flume for sure. I also just saw Francis and the Lights at SXSW and was blown away. Definitely going to try and check out his set as well” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I’m super pumped to see Fickle Friends as I’ve been a big fan for a couple years and have been dying to see them. The Weeknd is also going to be awesome to see. It seems like he just releases hit after hit.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“I would love to see Chance & Flume especially but I’m so excited for so many of them.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
What’s your favorite thing about summer music festivals?
“My favorite thing would have to be camping. I think that, when you are able to surround yourself in the festival environment, next to other festivalgoers, it’s a really unique experience.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“The environment hands down. Everyone there is in the same mindset. They want to see as many bands as possible and have the best time they can. Firefly was my first festival and I didn’t meet a single person who wasn’t friendly and stoked to be there” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“The vibe everyone gives off is so welcoming and friendly. Everyone just wants to have a good time enjoying the music and dancing together. I have made countless friends at music festivals and I feel this connection is something that just doesn’t happen at a regular concert.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
If you had to listen to one album only for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“This one’s tough. I think, if I had to pick one, it’d be M83’s ‘Junk’. I really admire the way the album stayed true to the sound that which had been developing through previous albums, while also creating something totally new and infectious.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“That’s an intense question. I’d probably have to go with Midnight Marauders by A Tribe Called Quest. I’ve probably listened to it a million times already and it just never gets old” –Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I would definitely have to say Torches by Foster the People. It’s what made me fall in love with indie/alternative music. So many great memories rush back to me when I listen to those tracks.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“Probably Currents by Tame Impala or Empire of the Sun’s latest album.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
Who has been the greatest influence in your musical career?
“Frank Ocean hands down. He just does and says exactly what he feels. You don’t listen to his records and think, ‘here’s a guy trying to write hits’. Not that there’s anything wrong with trying to make hits, but you can tell it’s just him saying what he wants to say in this beautifully different way. The first time I heard Blonde I was laying in a Hammock with my girlfriend at the end of summer and we just stayed there for hours listening to it over and over. It was the clearest ‘I want to do that; I want to be involved in making people feel the way I feel right now’ moment I’ve ever experienced.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I would have to say my whole family. Most all of my relatives are musicians in some way shape or form. There is never a shortage of live music at family gatherings and I think seeing this as a kid really drove me to pick up instruments so that one day I could partake in the performances.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“This is always changing, but at the moment I would have to say Frank Ocean as well. His stuff is the most 2017 music there is, in the best way possible. He’s doing innovative stuff right now.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“Everything bagels, for sure. Not even a slight question. I have an everything bagel tattooed on my leg for a reason!” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“Breakfast Burritos” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“Chicken Pot Pie for every meal.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“Mom’s sausage meatloaf” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
“Probably George Martin. He was pretty inspiring to me not only because I love The Beatles, but also the way he kind of changed the game when it came to using the recording studio.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“Bruno Mars. He just seems like the happiest guy on the planet, I think I could learn a lot from him. And it would be pretty funny to see the resemblance we have (or so people say) in person.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“Hmm, I would have to say Barack Obama.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
What’s your favorite song of the moment?
“My favorite song right now is probably ‘Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)’ by Matt Simons. I really dig the production, and I think the lyrics are really relaxing.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“Probably Celebrate by Anderson Paak. Just a great early morning, appreciate the day kind of song.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
I’d have to go with the Classixx remix of Dark Days by Local Natives. It’s just such a relaxing yet groovy song.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
“All We Need (low key) – LEO” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)
Do you have any hidden talents?
“I can kind of juggle, just please don’t ask me to juggle.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I’m a mean moonwalker.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
What’s your favorite movie?
“My favorite movie is The Game (1997). I actually found it randomly on Netflix, and I thought, for about the first 30 minutes of the movie, that I wasn’t going to like it. Right when I thought about turning the TV off, the entire plot turned around on itself. I’m pretty sure this movie alone got me into psychological thrillers.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“My brother and I grew up watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy together. They’ll always be some of my favorite movies.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“The Austin Powers movies for sure. They have everything, action, comedy, romance, what else could you ask for in a movie!” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)

What skill do you wish you had?
“I wish I could dance, but, fortunately, I’m usually sitting behind a drum kit so I wouldn’t be able to anyway! Plus, Mike’s got the dancing covered, I think!” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“I wish I could sing a lot better than I can. I get by, and my voice isn’t necessarily bad, but I wish I belt Freddy Mercury style every now and again.” –Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“I wish I could skateboard, it just seems like such a cool and hip thing to be good at.” –Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)
What’s your spirit animal?
“A takin. Pretty dope animals if you ask me.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)
“Otter” -Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)
“Gazelle, they are so very graceful.” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals) - Firefly Music Festival

"Song Of The Day "Summerfields" by Clubhouse"

Hailing from Columbus Ohio, Electronic Pop Band Clubhouse has released a new single Summerfields.

The single produced by Glassio, surrounds the listener in a dreamy soundscape of soft synths, barely there percussions and frontman Max Reichert’s intoxicating vocals.

Listen below:

*** On a more serious note, MAx Reichert, the lead singer was diagonsed recenty with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. I urge you to follow their FB to find ways to support Max on the journey he has been handed. He needs all of our support and love at this time. x - The Girls at the Rock Show

"Clubhouse is set to perform its ‘best show in Athens yet’ at The Union"

Students and Athens residents will get to see some of their own perform at The Union on Friday.

Columbus-based band Clubhouse, which features some Ohio University students, is set to play at The Union Bar and Grill, 18 W. Union St., on Thursday. Supported by alternative-pop outfit Harbour and newly-founded trio ‘90s Kids, the five-piece promised it would be playing some old and new songs at the show.

To securely get into the show, the band stressed how one should buy tickets early. The Union does plan on selling tickets at the door, but multiple social media posts have emphasized how they’re going fast. Last time Clubhouse played at The Union, the turnout was extensive. Tickets are $8, and people can buy them online.

“Yeah, the last time we sold out, unfortunately there was a line that was going across Union Street and a lot of people just got turned down,” Zak Blumer, a senior studying physics engineering, said.

Clubhouse comprises lead singer Max Reichert, guitarist Ari Blumer, drummer Zak Blumer, bassist and backup vocalist Ben Saulnier and keyboardist and backup vocalist Michael Berthold. Reichert and the Blumer brothers have known each other since elementary school, but Clubhouse wasn’t officially a band until the members’ college days.

The band formed when the Blumers followed Reichert, a 2017 OU graduate, to the college. The three met Saulnier through school, while they met Berthold, an Ohio State University student, when he visited Athens for a weekend.

From there the five meshed quickly, and Clubhouse released its first single, “To the Ocean,” in 2015. Featuring beach house, alternative-pop vibes, the release currently has more than 300,000 plays on Spotify. After the release of the single, “things took off a bit faster than we thought,” Zak said.

Despite playing its older music, the brothers said the band would play new, unheard songs this Thursday.

“We have a lot of new stuff that’s on its way that we think is going to take our sound to the next level,” Ari, a senior studying physics engineering, said.

The Blumers agreed the band doesn’t confine itself to one specific genre.

“First of all we’re a pop band in the sense that we write music to be accessible to the majority of people,” Zak said. “That being said, I think that we’re more on the alternative, indie, electronic end of pop.”

Being made up of mostly OU students, Zak and Ari said Thursday’s show is especially bittersweet. The two described The Union as “home sweet home,” and the show will mark the last time they’ll play at The Union as Ohio University students.

Abby Kongos, a freshman studying journalism, has already purchased her ticket and is excited for the show, despite only originally knowing Harbour’s music.

“Harbour’s shows usually have really good energy, and you can’t help but sing along. So, I have a feeling that Clubhouse and 90s Kids will make the experience exceptional,” Kongos said.

Ari said the band wants its set to get the crowd up on its feet and dancing because the show is set to be one of the best Clubhouse has ever put on in Athens.

“We really want people to sort of forget about everything for a little bit when they come to our show,” Zak said. - The Athens Post

"Clubhouse Debut Their First Single for APTV ..."

The Ohio indie group played their song “Run Away” as well as their new song “Blame The Weather” exclusively for APTV. - Alternative Press

"CLUBHUSE Releases New Track "Blame the Weather""

Ohio-based Alternative Pop newcomers CLUBHOUSE are pleased to premiere their first single “Blame The Weather” today.

Despite being a young band just breaking the music scene, CLUBHOUSE has already earned both gratuitous praise and amazing opportunities. Their immersive and energetic live shows have earned them opportunities to perform with HAIM, FOALS, Wolf Alice, Silversun Pickups and Circa Waves—all within the first year of the group’s formation. - Acentric Magazine

"Athens' CLUBHOUSE Headed to Firefly Festival June 15-18"

June 15-18 marks the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. Started in 2012, this year the festival showcases some impressive headliners – from America’s troubadour, Bob Dylan, to Chance the Rapper, fresh off the 2016 release of the Grammy award winning album Coloring Book.

Among the acts slated to perform is Athens’ own CLUBHOUSE, an eclectic outfit made up entirely of undergraduate students at Ohio University and the Ohio State University. The group found their way into the lineup by way of the festival’s Big Break Global Contest, which allowed fans to vote for various, smaller regional acts to perform at the big-name festival.

CLUBHOUSE’s roots can be traced back to the lobby pianos in Washington Hall on East Green, where drummer Zak Blumer was fiddling away at some tunes he’d taught himself to play via YouTube tutorials in 2015. Michael Berthold, the group’s keyboardist and an OSU student, was in Athens visiting some pals when he joined Zak at the piano.

It was shortly thereafter that bassist Ben Saulnier moved onto the same dormitory floor as lead vocalist Max Reichert.

“I remember that he (Saulnier) lived in Crawford his first semester, and then he moved onto my floor, right across from my room,” said Reichert. “I knocked on his door and asked him if he wanted to hang out, and he was just like ‘yeah, some other time,’ and a few weeks later we actually became pretty good friends.”

Reichert and twins Ari and Zak Blumer had known each other for some time, having been in the same public school system since the third grade, and had explored a series of musical projects before they both enrolled at OU.

“They (Ari and Zak) annoyed me a little at first,” laughed Reichert, seated next to Zak in Donkey Coffee on a balmy afternoon in early May, only weeks after the announcement that their group would be included in the Firefly lineup. “Throughout high school we became best friends. We did a lot of battles of the bands and that kind of thing together – and when we got to college, we wanted to take our music more seriously.”

That they did.

Throughout the past couple of years, CLUBHOUSE has performed at a number of regional venues, lighting up The Union in particular with their ferocious, precocious tunes.

Like many musical outfits that assemble themselves in the high school years, the core group consisting of Reichert and the Blumer twins went through a series of band name changes, including the clever Mirror Image – playing the fact that Zak and Ari are, indeed, twins — before they settled on their present moniker.

“So far as a band name, we eventually settled on ‘clubhouse,’ because Zak and Ari had this little shed, this little clubhouse, which was about the size of a single room in the dirty south (green of Ohio University) that we used to hang out in back in high school,” said Reichert.

Although CLUBHOUSE has only been around for a little under two years, the group has already gone through some sizable music and aesthetic changes.

“At some point our sound sort of shifted, and we started making music that sounded a little more ‘tropical,’” said Reichert. “Almost like taking ‘80s pop and morphing it together with EDM with some R&B influence.”

One of the group’s most recent efforts, the track “Kyra,” glistens with lightly applied synth-pop gloss all while utilizing an undulating percussive streak to maintain the tune’s momentum. Kind of like a boy band from an alternative universe.

“How we consume our music is a huge part of what we’re all about, and the sound that we aim to create,” said Reichert, who said all of the members of the group are avid Spotify users and consumers of digitized media. “We really listen to everything, to every genre that we can. We don’t want to box ourselves in, we want to make music that is like the music that we listen to: everything and anything from Whitney Houston to R&B to rap or EDM. We’re kind of like an Asian fusion place – we take inspiration and influence from every cuisine.”

Being that the group is made up of undergraduate college students, they have their hands full with a burgeoning music project and their various academic and social obligations.

“Being in a band and in college is horrible and amazing – it’s hard because you need to put time into the band and when you have two people in the band who are engineering or accounting majors – and one of them was working an 80-hour a week internship this past spring – things can be tough,” said Reichert. “Right now it’s nice because we have this solid social network of people who will always come to our shows – and it’s a blessing. Being in college is helpful in that way, but it’s also something that propels us and hinders us at the same time.”

“Honestly, I don’t think that playing at Firefly would have been possible without the network of friends that we have, they’re so supportive,” said Zak. “It’s humbling to have to be in school and in a band, but I’m thankful for the network that we have.”

The band is hopeful for the possibilities that performing this weekend at Firefly could bring them.

“Hopefully playing the festival will help take us to new heights, to the point that we are actually getting asked to play the festival instead of winning a contest to perform there – not that that isn’t totally legitimate and also a blessing,” said Reichert. “Right after we formed the band we went to Firefly together 2015, and we had such a great time. But it was frustrating because we kept looking at each other and asking ‘why aren’t we playing up there on stage already?’” - WOUB Digital (NPR)

"CLUBHOUSE's New Track Is Helping You "Blame The Weather" This Winter"

You’ve rocked with CLUBHOUSE at music festivals, seen ’em take the same stage as acts like X Ambassadors, Passion Pit, and Børns, and now you’re going to be able to jam to their latest track “Blame The Weather”.

In their short time in the industry, the band has already seen incredible accomplishments, like accumulating half a million streams on Spotify—and once you hit play on the pop synth heaven below, you’ll see why. Plus, it comes at perfect time, when we can blame the winter weather for staying in all day and replaying the song over and over. - Idobi Anthm

"Interview: Clubhouse Discuss Ohio's Music Scene, New Single, "Kyra" and Plans For 2017"

Ohio's Clubhouse might be a relatively young band, but they're quickly making their mark on the Columbus music scene with immersive and energetic live shows and honest tunes, including their recently released single, "Kyra." The new song follows the band's recently released, "Blame The Weather" and serves as a teaser for what's to come. With plenty of upcoming shows in their hometown and surrounding areas and plans to release an EP later this year, 2017 might very well be Clubhouse's year!

Can you tell us a little bit about Clubhouse for any readers who might not be familiar?

Ari Blumer [guitar]: Clubhouse is an indie-electronic pop band from Columbus, Ohio, comprised of Max Reichert (lead vocals, guitar), Michael Berthold (backup vocals, keyboard), Ben Saulnier (bass), Zak Blumer (drums), and Ari Blumer (guitar).

Zak Blumer [drums]: We’re a band that likes to create music to make people feel good. We try to incorporate all of the music we listen to into one unique sound that hopefully gets people dancing and having a good time!

What has it been like getting your start out in Ohio? How do you feel the music scene in Columbus has affected you as musicians?

Mike Berthold [keys/vocals]: Moving down to Columbus really opened a lot of doors for me musically. Not many people know it, but Columbus is a huge hotbed of musical talent. Living on campus at OSU and being only a block away from the Newport Music Hall really opened my eyes to the indie music scene. I had never lived in a place where bands I listen to were rolling through to play shows at what seemed like a daily rate. It really excited me and created an even stronger passion for music in me that I didn't think was possible. Being able to see just about every artist I could ever want to in this city has really strengthened my desire to keep working to take our music to the next level.

Zak Blumer: Ohio is a home base for all of us, and Columbus has been an essential part of that. Max, Ari, and I all grew up outside of Columbus, so we started writing music here. The fans here have been more supportive of local music than we could’ve ever asked. It’s really been a pleasure to be a part of the music scene here. I think that we take influence from every venue we go to, every artist we meet, and all of the fans we come across.

As a relatively young band, are there any musicians local or national that you really look up to as mentors or for inspiration?

Max Reichert [vocals/guitar]: In terms of inspiration for our band, it's constantly changing. One minute we could be really inspired from a Frank Ocean track, the next it could be Whitney Houston or Flume or MUNA. We're kind of all over the place in that aspect. When it comes to mentors, we have been lucky enough to work with a guy named Dan Mufson of Scavenger Hunt (if you haven't heard of them, LOOK 'EM UP). He has helped us really push ourselves as songwriters and performers. We can't thank him enough for all of his help.

Ari Blumer: Having recorded and produced our last two singles with Dan Mufson of Scavenger Hunt, he has been a sort of mentor for us. Other artists like Twenty One Pilots and Walk The Moon have also inspired us by watching them go from local Ohio acts to some of the biggest in the world.

You guys recently kicked off the new year with the release of your new single, “Kyra.” I understand that this song has a pretty personal meaning to you, so could you tell us a little bit about it?

Max Reichert: So "Kyra" is about a friend of mine who passed away a little over a year ago in a car accident. It's also about that frustrating feeling you get when coming to terms with losing someone.

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from “Kyra”?

Ari Blumer: "Kyra" is a very special song for us. It’s written with an upbeat feel to it, but the lyrics obviously have a more serious subject matter. We want listeners to be able to relate to that, and to see the better parts of a tough situation they might be going through.

“Kyra” follows your single, “Blame The Weather” that you released late last year. With these new songs out, should listeners be on the lookout for any more new material soon?

Max Reichert: Definitely be on the look out for an EP Spring/Summer of 2017. We've been going 175% & can't wait to do 2017 with all of you!

Zak Blumer: We’ve been working hard on new music for a while, and we hope to share it with everyone as soon as possible!

You’ve got a couple of shows coming up this month and next in Columbus and Athens. What about these two shows are you most excited for?

Mike Berthold: I'm excited to get back on stage 'cause there's nothing I crave more than the energy our fans give us. It seems like each show we play in Athens gets a bit rowdier and I have a pretty good feeling the next one will follow suit. Im also super pumped to play with Vesperteen as he has really been blowing up as of late and I'm a big fan. I know the whole evening is going to be packed with high energy performances.

Ari Blumer: Our next show is with Vesperteen at The Rumba Cafe in Columbus. We’ve never played with those guys before but we’ve only heard great things so we’re very excited for that. On March 23, we’re playing a headliner in Athens and that’s always a fun and energetic crowd. We also have several gigs in the works for the coming months so keep an eye out for announcements!

Do you have any other big plans for 2017 so far?

Mike Berthold: After this semester of school is over I think we will be able to make huge strides as we plan to do nothing but write music and play shows this summer. There will be no class or jobs to distract us, which will definitely be a relief. Hopefully we can venture out of the Midwest area and play some shows elsewhere in the country. Being able to tour would definitely be a dream come true.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Zak Blumer: Thank you for taking the time for interviewing us! :) - The Prelude Press


“Blame the Weather” at just around 0:40 seconds into the song puts everything into perspective. It’s fairly easy to see how well Clubhouse has caught on, with infectious, top-chart pop hooks intertwined with funky guitar rifts and a healthy dose of synth - Impose Magazine

"An Interview With The Ohio Indie Outfit CLUBHOUSE On New Music, Biggest Inspirations and More!"

Despite being a young band just breaking the music scene, CLUBHOUSE has already earned both gratuitous praise and amazing opportunities. Their immersive and energetic live shows have earned them opportunities to perform with HAIM, FOALS, Wolf Alice, Silversun Pickups and Circa Waves—all within the first year of the group’s formation.

With their genre-bending mix of funky guitar riffs, smooth synth hooks, and rhythmic drive; the band’s undeniably catchy and infectious vocal melodies immediately capture audience attention.

The band’s success has not stopped there. While gaining nearly half of a million streams on Spotify and getting featured on their editors’ playlist “Canción del Día (Song of the Day),” CLUBHOUSE gained enough momentum to share the stage at music festivals alongside X Ambassadors, Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, Børns, and Ra Ra Riot. With the releases of their new single “Blame the Weather,” CLUBHOUSE is eager to reach new and larger audiences, across the globe.

CLUBHOUSE is: Max Reichert (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ari Blumer (Guitar), Zak Blumer (Drums), Michael Berthold (Keyboard/Synth, Backup Vocals) and Ben Saulnier (Bass, Backup Vocals.)

Learn more about Clubhouse in the following All Access interview:

So, now that 2016 is over, what are some words you would use to describe the year for you?

“2016 was an amazing year for us and we couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who helped make it that way. We had the privilege of playing alongside some incredible artists(HAIM in particular had me star-struck), we made a lot of strides as a band and grew a lot as musicians.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

What were some of the highlights for the band?

“Opening up for HAIM at Express LIVE! was pretty surreal… When we got the call to open for them, Max was actually in Europe with another 2 weeks left in his trip. It wasn’t a for sure thing yet, but Max had to head home as soon as possible if we’d have any chance of being available. So, we actually changed his flight and he hopped on the plane not knowing if the gig would be confirmed. Luckily, we found out soon that it had been confirmed and, when he landed, we texted him the news. It was a wild situation and it ended up with us sharing the stage with an incredibly talented group in front of about 1,800 people.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)

What are you most excited about for 2017? Did you any of you make New Year’s Resolutions?

“I think we’re most excited to see how people receive our new music. It’s really cool to see how other people experience the music that we create.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)

“We’ve had big goals from the vey beginning so I wouldn’t say we have any New Years resolutions. We’re continuing to reach those goals we’ve had since our formation. However, We are so excited to get back out to LA and work with Dan Mufson (of LA duo Scavenger Hunt) and Dave Burris (of Mateo Sound in LA) on this EP we have been writing. Also, we cannot wait to play shows on shows on shows this whole summer, travel to new places, meet new people, and make more memories together. This whole band thing has been so fun and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Growing up, did you all always want to be musicians? Can you recall some of your earliest musical memories?

“I think I always wanted to, before I even knew it myself. I actually started with African hand drumming after my parents couldn’t take me tapping on everything in the room.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)

“I can’t speak for everyone, but growing up I definitely didn’t really thing about being a musician until about when I was in 5th grade. By then my sister had started to play guitar and sing and I decided to start learning guitar. From there my brother (Zak) and I started playing together in our basement, and eventually we started jamming with Max, playing in battle of the bands at our high school, and the rest is history.” – Ari Blumer (Lead Guitar)

“I have always been around music, especially growing up as a kid. My dad played in a cover band with three of my uncles so music was always present at family gatherings. One of my earliest memories is from when I was about 3 years old and my dad brought me up on stage with him to sing “American Pie” which was my favorite song at the time. I guess you can say I’ve been chasing that thrill ever since.” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)

“Growing up I was always involved with music. My mom was really into theater and always had my brother and I singing in choirs and plays. We also were in the school’s concert band for a bit. I always knew I wanted to be entertainer and I tried all the time to get my friends interested in starting a band. It wasn’t until I met these guys that I thought becoming a musician might actually be a possibility.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)

Can you talk about how this group first came together? Why do you think you all work so well together?

“Ari (my identical twin) and I met Max around the third grade. A few years later, we started playing music together. We had been in some previous groups before, but it wasn’t until Clubhouse that we really started creating original music. I met both Ben and Mike in my dorm room at Ohio University. Some of the guys that lived across from me kept telling me that they had a friend named Mike who went to OSU, who was also a musician and who listened to music similar to my taste. A few weeks later, as I was playing piano in the dorm lobby, Mike walked in and started jamming with me. Around the same time that happened, Ben moved in to a room close to mine, and we quickly started noticing that we were both into the same kind of music. I saw that he had a guitar in the back of his room and talked to him about learning bass guitar. I introduced them both to the band soon after that, and found out that Max had actually met Ben through a completely separate encounter. It was all super organic. The first time we rehearsed together, I think we knew we’d enjoy making music together. I think we probably work well together just because of the fact that we were friends first. I think that’s super important when it comes to creating something together.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)

“My addition into the band came about one drunken weekend freshman year down at Ohio University while visiting some friends. Across the hall from where I was staying lived Zak. I was introduced to him and went over to hang out in his room for a bit. Immediately his electric drum set in the corner of his dorm caught my attention. I had been playing around Ohio State’s campus with some friends regularly and was really looking for a group to play with that had similar tastes in the music I was listening to. Zak told me to check out a song him, his brother, and buddy we’re working on called “To the Ocean”. Immediately I knew that this was the kind of music I wanted to make and had been searching so hard for freshman year. That night we hung out and jammed into the early morning in the lobby of his dorm and the next week I met up with the guys to finish the final recording of “To the Ocean.” The rest is history.” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)

“We came together in a really organic way. I actually met Max and Zak on two separate occasions and went about a month before that I knew that they were even friends. Later I met Ari and heard a demo they were writing and I knew that I had to find a way into this band. After a while of me not so subtly dropping hints they let me in. Michael was visiting a friend in Zak and I’s dorm and Zak ended up jamming with Mike on a piano in the lobby. The first time we were all together in the same place we were already taking band pictures in Columbus. We all were just really into the same music and our personalities meshed well. It felt like like we’d all know each other for years after a few hours.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)

How did you come up with your band name? Was it difficult to settle on one name that described your music?

“Ari and I have a small, separate building from our house (about the size of a small dorm room). We’d play hang out with friends there, play video games, and write music. When we were trying to come up with a band name, “Clubhouse” just seemed like it fit so well. Not only did it serve as a reference to our youth, but it seemed to really fit with our music style too.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)

I’m curious to know how you think being from Ohio has influenced your sound or how this group works together and the band dynamics?

“Being from Ohio has really been awesome for us. So much good music is coming from Ohio these days and the music scene just continues to grow. The local music scene is so passionate and supportive it’s hard to imagine where we would be without it. Our Ohio fans are what keeps us going.” – Ari Blumer (Lead Guitar)

“It’s really hard to say whether or not Ohio has influence our sound. Our musical influences mainly come from whatever band or style of music particularly into at the time and the making it our own. The people in Ohio are really receptive to a lot of different genres and styles so if anything they help our sound develop and grow. We don’t feel too much anxiety trying new things and taking a few risk every now and then.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)

Despite being pretty new to this world, it’s pretty incredible that you have already performed with HAIM, FOALS, Wolf Alice, Silversun Pickups and many more. What were those experiences like? Which one stands out the most to you all?

“The experience of getting up to open up for bands like those is incredible every time. When we opened up the CD102.5 holiday show for Circa Waves, Wolf Alice, Foals and Silversun Pickups, it was the first time ever playing on a stage like the LC in front of such a big crowd. That experience will always be one to remember. But I think the HAIM show stands out more. When we got asked about our availability for the show, it was pretty close to the date of the show and Max was in Europe. At first we weren’t even sure we would actually end up playing it — we were waiting on a response from their agent. Max cancelled the rest of his trip and took a flight home that day and didn’t find out we were actually going to be playing the show until he landed in Detroit. Not only were we on the bill, but were we direct support for them. So that was a pretty unforgettable experience.” – Ari Blumer (Lead Guitar)

What was the inspiration behind your newest singles, “Blame The Weather” and “Kyra”? When do you hope to release more music and a full-length collection too?

“’Kyra’ is about a friend of mine that passed away a year ago in a car accident about year ago. It’s about coming to terms with losing someone you care about, but also celebrating the time you had with that person. ‘Blame the Weather’ is more of a light-hearted song about just staying inside with someone and wasting the day away with that special someone.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

What musicians continue to inspire your music? Is there anyone that you would love to work with one day?

“There’s almost too many to say. We really take influences from so many different bands and genres that our music has kind of become a melting pot of things we love from all of it. I can’t speak for everyone but personally right now I would love to work with Roosevelt. He just can’t seem to write a song that doesn’t blow me away. He takes these retro techno-funk groves and combines it with indie pop perfectly. I would love to get a look at how he does it.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)

“The musicians we are inspired by are constantly changing. One minute we could get inspired by a Flume track, the next it could be a D’Angelo record from the 90’s. We all love so many different types of music, so we’ve wanted our music to sort of reflect that. I also think that’s how most people are. With streaming services now, everyone is exposed to literally all types of music and it’s all at your finger tips. So we want to create music how everyone consumes it. Personally, at the moment, I would love to work on a song with Mura Masa (Alex Crossan). I think the music he has been making has been so innovative and refreshing. At the very least, I would love to be able pick his brain and find out how his mind works musically because his music blows my mind.” – Max Reichert (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

When you aren’t performing, working in the studio, what do you like to do for fun? How do you two unwind from it all?

“Living in a house with 4/5 band members means that we can just hang out with each other and our friends without having to focus 24/7 on music. It’s definitely nice to just hang out with some buddies, watch a movie, and think about something else every once in a while.” – Zak Blumer (Drums)

“I definitely like to spend my time away from music hanging out with friends and spending time around my fraternity at Ohio State. I also enjoy unwinding by playing a lot of basketball, me and my roommates play regularly.” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)

“Personally I just got a Pioneer DJ controller so I use my off time to have fun with that and learn how it all works. Four of us live and go to school together in Athens Ohio, so we take that time to go out and see our friends or catch a movie with our roommates. Mostly we just catch up on our favorite TV shows or visit or families when we have the opportunity.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)

What do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?

“I hope that there is not one message that our songs portray. To me it is fascinating when a song can be interpreted in many different ways. If two different people can pull two completely different messages out of a song then I consider it a success. I hope that our songs can continue to achieve this goal while still spreading positivity and a little something funky that people want to get up and dance to.” – Michael Berthold (Keys & Backup Vocals)

“Again I can only speak personally, but I just want our music to remain honest about who we are. I don’t really think we’ve ever tried to get across a universal message. I think that’s one of the best part about writing our lyrics. Whatever is relevant to us at the time we write about. Our singles kind of show that too. When you listen to “Blame the Weather” it’s just a light hearted fun love song you can dance to. “Kyra” instrumentally is a song that moves people, but lyrically it definitely shows our more serious side.” – Ben Saulnier (Bass & Backup Vocals)

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers about your music or the band?

Be on the lookout for an EP this coming year! - All Access Music

"Local Limelight: Clubhouse"

During the summer, the men of Clubhouse spent little time lounging.

With its collegiate-age players on break at home in Cincinnati, Cleveland and central Ohio, the quintet would regroup for marathon rehearsal sessions each week in Pataskala — where three of the members (Max Reichert plus twin brothers Ari and Zak Blumer) were raised and have played together since attending Watkins Memorial High School.

Recent gatherings in close quarters reflected the band’s namesake.

“We’d literally practice four days straight in my garage from Friday night until Monday, from the time we woke up until 2 in the morning,” said singer-guitarist Reichert, 21. “It was tough, but we made it work.”

The sweat has paid off for the group, whose breezy, synth-tinged melodies might seem more effortless than hard-earned. The group performed in December for a crowd of 2,000-plus as the opening act for the CD102.5 Holiday Showcase at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

“It was the craziest moment of our lives,” Reichert said.

Clubhouse will appear as the headliner tonight in A&R Music Bar.

Q: What spawned the band’s name?

A: Zak and Ari’s parents have this guesthouse out back. I think it used to be their mom’s office. I’d say it’s 12 by 6 feet — the size of a dorm (room), maybe. It’s almost like a treehouse.

We would always write our music in that room, which is cool. It was kind of meant to be.

Q: Could you describe your sound?

A: I don’t want to put a straight-up label on it, but it’s definitely indie-pop. People have been comparing us to the 1975 and St. Lucia.

We have lot of ’80s influences: Michael Jackson, Prince, Lionel Richie, even Steve Winwood. We really like the epic, high-energy vibe that those kinds of artists give off. We want to do that with this modern electronic twist.

Q: How shared is the composition process, and what fuels your lyrics?

A: We take a lot of pride in the fact we all have an equal say in our writing. We tend to write about what our experiences are. Right now, we’re young — with very little responsibility other than school.

We do talk about love a lot, girls, having fun with our friends, getting away sometimes.

Q: What else is on tap for 2016?

A: We want to get an EP released by the summer; that’s our main goal. We have a bunch of songs in our arsenal we want to get out to the public.

Q: What are your goals for a concert?

A: Live performances are really the most important thing to us. We want to go 100 percent every time we’re onstage — to give people high energy, for them to be moved in whatever way. We want the emotions amplified. - The Columbus Dispatch

"Clubhouse Ascend with Latest Singles “Blame the Weather,” “Kyra”"

Drawing inspiration from California’s torrential rains, Clubhouse closed 2016 with a recent single, the bouncy, electronic track “Blame the Weather.” In addition to the release of “Blame the Weather” and their latest single, this month’s “Kyra." The indie pop five-piece have been gaining momentum, surpassing half a million streams on Spotify and sharing the stage at music festivals alongside X Ambassadors, Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, Børns, and Ra Ra Riot. - Highlight Magazine

"CLUBHOUSE Release New Single, "Blame the Weather""

Ohio indie outfit CLUBHOUSE just released their new single “Blame The Weather” that can be streamed here. - Stitched Sound

"The Weekly Roundup 05.02.17"

We’re kicking things off this week with some delightful electropop courtesy of CLUBHOUSE. Kyra is an upbeat pop number with a deliciously sing-along chorus reminiscent of some of the best hits of the 80s. There’s clearly a healthy dose of retro influence here, but the polished production and high-end instrumentation on this track situates it very much in 2017. Keep an eye out for more. - Electronic North

"Indie Pop Mixtape 11"

With cohesive, unison and amazing pop sounds Clubhouse continues on their path to the bigger stages and bigger audiences. Just listen to “Blame the Weather” and you’ll know that you are listening to next band to break the barrier and make the love for bands creating mesmerizing pop sounds grow (Like The 1975, HAIM, Bastille and more). Wonderfully created synth pop sounds, tropical like tunes, light electronica and a voice that can hypnotize. - Wolf in a Suit


It’s easy to see why Clubhouse has a close following and has already amassed more than 47,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Their music is as equally easygoing as their laidback and friendly personalities are, ubiquitous among the five musicians. Based in Columbus already, they’ll be back here for the festival in September where fans will be able to see them step up to a bit of a bigger stage where they will undoubtedly captivate their audience. They’re a group of guys who aren’t afraid to have a little fun on the stage, as evident from the jokes leader singer Max cracked, and the “can I get a hell yeah?” shouted out by Michael with an eagerly sly smile before taking to the keyboard simply because he’d always wanted to try it out. It’s mesmerizing to watch all five members simultaneously be taken over by the music they each play individually and have it come cohesively together into a song that’s difficult to refrain from tapping your foot along to. Though only together for a year, this band is already beginning to do big things and they are definitely one you want to check out. - FMMF Magazine

"Clubhouse: An Indie Sound Feature"

Local indie pop band Clubhouse has a large following in Athens, Ohio, allowing the band to play a sold out show at The Union in August during the first few weeks of classes for Ohio University students.

And when Clubhouse is playing a show in Athens, you’ll damn well know about it. The band’s ability to stand out with original tracks like “Run Away” or the smooth, summer-vibe of “To The Ocean,” show exactly why you should be keeping your eyes on them.

The band’s live shows usually include some covers, and the last two times I’ve had the opportunity of seeing them, they covered tracks from the likes of San Cisco, Don Henley and even The Chainsmokers.

After playing a show prior to nostalgic rapper Soulja Boy at last weekend’s RiverFest, the band will be returning to The Union to play another show for audiences who missed them the first time. Who knows? Maybe they’ll cover one of your favorites, too.

Back in September at Fashion Meets Music Festival, The Indie Sound had the opportunity to sit down with Zak Blumer, Ari Blumer and Max Reichert of Clubhouse, to talk about their success so far, opening for HAIM and how Spotify has impacted their band’s popularity.

The Indie Sound: Last time I saw you guys play you were opening up for HAIM. How was it to play before such a big act like that?

Max: I was actually studying abroad in Spain and traveling afterwards a little bit with my friends and I was literally on this train going to Venice and I get a call from Zak saying, “Hey, we need to know if you can get an early flight back ASAP because in two days we can open up for HAIM.” I still had ten days left on my trip and I was going to go travel to a bunch of other countries … it wasn’t for sure at that point, it was like 95% sure. I had to cancel all my hostels and I had to change my flight without the guarantee of even getting the show.

When I landed in Detroit and I turned off airplane mode and I just saw: “We got it!” and I was so glad this whole thing wasn’t a waste. Opening for them was like a dream. They’re some of our idols … we were direct support so it was really cool, they wrote us a really nice note backstage and got us a bottle of Jameson.

Ari: From the other perspective … we were back in the states and Max was out there. When we first found out, we couldn’t even get in contact with him. We were trying to reach him because if this was happening, we needed to know ASAP. We were all freaking out in our own minds.

Max: We also might ruin Max’s Europe trip.

Ari: We were thinking before we reached out to him … it was no longer his school trip it was turning into a personal trip, he was just extending it. We reached out to him and he cancelled all of his stuff and Zak was actually able to book a flight in Max’s name without anybody asking questions…

Max: Which was really sketchy… and probably illegal…

Zak: Yeah, I basically had called the airline and said, “Hey, this is Max’s sibling, there’s a family emergency…” In retrospect, it was kind of messed up, but I was like, “We need to change the flight ASAP, he can’t get a hold of you so I need to do it for him.” They asked for all of his information and being the guy who handles the emails I had compiled a list of everyone’s info by now so I was like, “Oh yeah, whatever you need.” It was kind of ridiculous, but they never once needed confirmation from Max. They just changed the flight.

Max: And it turned out great! But yeah, playing with them was probably the coolest thing to date.

Ari: Yeah, and just the fact that they’re just incredibly huge. They played with Prince and it’s just crazy … they were some of the last people that got to play live with Prince before he died and it’s kind of crazy to say that we opened up for them. It blows my mind.

Max: That was a long answer, but yeah.

TIS: That’s what I’m looking for. Let’s talk Athens then. The last week of August you guys played The Union … how was that show? Every time you guys come to Athens it’s always crazy. How was that experience?

Max: So I’d say HAIM was the craziest, like, “Wow how are we even doing this,” but I think this last show at The Union was probably my favorite show of all time because it was a room packed full of everyone that we knew … they were all a little under the influence and it was so much fun. We had a couple of friends come up on stage for some chug-offs for free t-shirts and stuff and it was just this big party. It was my favorite show of all time for sure. It was overwhelming to see that many people cared to come and watch us. It was amazing.

Ari: It’s nice because Ben (Bass/Backup Vocals) works at The Union, so all the management and all the sound guys … they’re probably normally very nice, but they were just extra nice. We just gelled really well with them and there weren’t any problems and everything ran smoothly. Sometimes you go to venues and you really don’t get that, so it was nice.

Zak: When you’re a headlining band … we got to headline at The Union, it’s a much different experience. They cater to your needs in a lot of ways, which is really nice. Getting a full soundcheck, being able to test all of our equipment hours before the show, getting to have a fog machine set up and turning it on whenever we want … it’s just a really nice experience getting to do that and know before you go on stage that everything is going to run smoothly. Sometimes when you play at other venues, it’s just impossible to get a soundcheck. There’s no way they can soundcheck everyone. It’s just really nice when that can happen and the show at The Union was just an example of that.

TIS: You guys manage to have a lot of fun on stage, regardless of the turn out. You guys covered San Cisco, Don Henley and The Chainsmokers [at FMMF] , which are all over the spectrum. Why such a diverse range?

Max: It’s kind of like how we take influence for the music we’re writing too. We don’t like to put ourselves in this box. Like “We’re pop-punk and we only do pop-punk stuff” or “We’re metal and we only do metal,” we take influence from whatever we’re listening to. These are the songs … everyone today on their Spotify playlists have 25 different genres on those playlists. It’s how everyone consumes their music anyway so we want to be a product of that. It feels genuine to take influence … I don’t know how to say it…

Zak: Basically, it’s the era of singles. Because of these streaming services that are the only way people listen to music now, you don’t have to buy anything first of all, and you don’t have to settle for listening to a full-length album of not only one band, but one genre. Instead you an have this playlist of a bunch of singles of everything that you’ve ever liked and just press shuffle. You start to get accustomed to listening to first indie pop, then a rap song, then you’re favorite country hit. All these things come together so we feel like as Max is saying, it’s not genuine anymore to us, to just play one genre.

Max: I guess the easiest way to say it is this:

“We want to create music how we consume it. We want everyone to have a good time.”

Ari: The key to playing a cover for anyone is if you don’t know my music, here’s a song you do know. So it was kind of like, if we’re going to do that, why don’t we pick some songs that would get three times the amount of people that know another song and don’t know any of ours.

TIS: With streaming though … because I know artists have different opinions on streaming. With smaller bands I know Spotify, for example, screws over the little guy. What’s your guys’ opinion on all of that?

Ari: I don’t think we’d be anywhere near as big … well, we’re not big, but I don’t think enough people would have heard our music or heard of us without streaming. There’s definitely parts of it that aren’t the best, but there are other things like the accessibility, the fact that we can have people listening to some of our music in Mexico City without ever have been there before … It’s just so easy for people to discover new music and things like that. It’s really helped us a lot.

Max: I think Spotify has single-handedly spread our music out. You go to an artist profile and there are related artists and you go to their profile and there are related artists … at the same time we got really lucky and we got placed on this Spotify playlist by Spotify down in Mexico City or somewhere in South America…

Zak: We were on the Spanish song of the day for the remix of our song “Run Away,” so every Spotify … there’s a Spotify for every country, every country which had Spanish as their native language saw that as the song of the day. It was really, really cool.

Max: The way that they put artists on playlists can make or break. It can possibly make other bands’ careers.

Zak: I think that in terms of compensation and financial stuff, Spotify has a ways to go still, but we’re not at the point where we even care about money really. We want to get our music out there to people.

Max: We just want to reach as many people as possible.

Zak: Right, exactly. So, for us at this point, Spotify has been nothing but awesome.

TIS: Usually when I ask that question I get the, “Oh it’s terrible,” and the “It’s the best,” so it’s cool to hear a different perspective.

Max: It has its pros and cons, but overall it has helped us a lot so we can’t complain.

TIS: You guys always draw in huge crowds, like I mentioned before in Athens and places like that, what do you think about your music and the band’s style specifically that brings people in? I know you mentioned not staying in one genre, but what else do you think contributes to that?

Max: I’d like to think that maybe people just … it doesn’t feel fake to other people. I think we try to write music and try to perform straight from the heart and I know people can relate to that.

Ari: I think that with some of our newer stuff … electronic music and EDM is getting pretty big just across the board. Everybody relly likes to listen to it and that’s the type of stuff that’s getting played at bars and at parties, so specifically with that I think that we’ve been taking some influence, not a ton, we’re not an EDM band or anything, but we take influence from that. Whether it’s with rhythmic stuff or different sounds that our keyboardist can use on his synth to where people can hear that influence and say, “Oh, I’ve never really heard a band that incorporates EDM like that.”

Zak: I think Ari highlighted something … we try to blend what we’re interested in at the time and what we think that others are interested in as well. I think that …

“I can’t speak for people who come to our shows, but I think that one reason they come is because they think we’ve created our own sound. Something unique, that is Clubhouse that has sprung from incorporating all these different genres together.”

Clubhouse will be playing October 9 at The Union Bar & Grill with V!BES. Grab your tickets ($6) here. - The Indie Sound

"You’ve GOT To Hear This: Clubhouse – “Run Away”"

Sometimes you just come across new favourites by complete chance. With new album “What Went Down” to tour and an early announced date on a Saturday an hour’s flight away at Columbus, Ohio catching Foals live seemed a no brainer. With Wolf Alice, Circa Waves, and Silversun Pickups on the same bill as well as gigs either side by The Arcs, The 1975, and Swim Deep – not to mention the small matter of Columbus Crew vs Portland Timbers in the MLS Cup – suddenly a full weekend had presented itself.

But tucked away on the Saturday night at the unpromising time of 530pm were local five piece Clubhouse who had just landed an opening slot via a competition from CD102.5FM to the gig of a lifetime. Clearly delighted to be performing to a huge crowd of hundreds of early attendees the band delivered a confident, energetic set of indie pop originals and covers with a tropical twist to keep the Ohio winter at bay and have the crowd quickly warming to them. By the end it was clear that the band fully justified their place in the line up in their own right.

Founder members Zak Blumer (drums), brother Ari (lead guitar), Max Reichert (vocals/rhythm guitar) have been joined by Ben Saulnier (bass/backing vocals) and Michael Berthold (keys/backing vocals). “Run Away” marks their second release after “To The Ocean” last spring. On the poppier side of indie in the vein of Vampire Weekend and Dog Is Dead with an EP on the way, Clubhouse look set to greatly expand from their Ohio fanbase in the year ahead. - A Music Blog, Yea?

"Ohio Indie Outfit CLUBHOUSE Premiere "Blame the Weather""

With their genre-bending mix of funky guitar riffs, smooth synth hooks, and rhythmic drive; the band’s undeniably catchy and infectious vocal melodies immediately capture audience attention. - Rock Chickenz


On March 22, CLUBHOUSE will play their last show as Ohio University students at The Union Bar and Grill.

Drummer Zak Blumer and lead guitarist Ari Blumer unofficially established CLUBHOUSE when they met band member Max Reichert in elementary school.

“I don’t even know if you’d want to call it a band,” Zak says. “We would play like one show a year and cover the Foo Fighters or something.”

It wasn’t until Zak and Ari started school at OU, where Reichert attended, that CLUBHOUSE got its official start. Eventually, Zak met bassist and singer Ben Saulnier in his dorm hall, and Michael Berthold, who plays the keyboard and synthesizer. Berthold was a student at The Ohio State University and met Zak when he visited OU for a weekend.

“It was pretty obvious that we wanted both of those guys in the band and then we released ‘To the Ocean’ and things took off a bit faster than we thought,” Zak says.

As students studying engineering and physics, marketing, accounting and audio production, the band members have learned how to balance academics with music. This includes sacrificing studying for rehearsal, or staying home on the weekends to write music.

“We’re excited to graduate and be able to spend a lot more time focusing on music and developing,” Ari says.

CLUBHOUSE draws influence from many genres of music. Ari says it ranges from 80s music to electronic dance music (EDM). The band incorporates the new music they’re listening to, while trying to keep their sound original.

“I think we’re a pop band in the sense that we write music to be accessible to the majority of people,” Zak says. “That being said, I think that we’re more on the alternative, indie, electronic end of pop.”

The band hopes to release new music soon, and it will contain different elements from what they’ve done before. Zak describes one song as ethereal and dreamy, while another song sounds like EDM. Some of these new songs will be performed for the first time at The Union show on March 22.

Even after playing music festivals like Firefly and Bunbury, CLUBHOUSE enjoys playing smaller venues.

“[At a festival] there’s going to be a lot of people that haven’t heard you that are coming to see you for the first time,” Ari says. “Whereas when you’re playing a show hopefully there are a decent amount of new listeners, but a lot of your people that are going to be coming already know you.”

The Union in particular has its own special connection with the band, Zak says.

“Everyone’s sort of friends and Athens in itself is like a really close knit community,” Zak says. “And it really just promotes the most fun show atmosphere ever.”

Ari says fans can expect a lot of energy and dancing at a CLUBHOUSE show.

“We really want people to forget about everything for a little bit when they come to our show,” Zak says. “We feel like we can do that by just bringing as much energy as we can and just putting on the best performance of our music that we possibly can.”

OU students, 90’s Kids, and Cincinnati-based Harbour will join CLUBHOUSE for the show on March 22. The bands have previous connections with each other, but CLUBHOUSE has never played a show in Athens with either of them.

Harbour opened for CLUBHOUSE at a show in Columbus. Corey Mouch, a senior at OU and the lead singer of 90’s Kids, opened for CLUBHOUSE with his old band but has never played with them as 90’s Kids.

“[90’s Kids has] developed their new sound and we’re really excited to hear them for the first time because we haven’t necessarily played with 90’s Kids per say and Harbour always puts on a great show,” Ari says. “We think it’s going to be our best show in Athens yet.”

Grab your tickets for the March 22 show at Doors open at 9 p.m. at The Union Bar and Grill, 18 W. Union St. - Backdrop Magazine

"Columbus’ Own: Local band Clubhouse moves on up"

Clubhouse is moving up to what could be considered a penthouse: the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.
CD102.5 announced on Monday that Clubhouse beat out two local bands to open for the sold-out Holiday Show at the LC Pavilion this Saturday.
“We’re just completely without words about playing at a place with this kind of stature behind it,” said drummer Zak Blumer. “We go to countless shows at the LC, and to be on the same stage as some of the greatest artists who have ever lived is amazing.”
Twins Zak and Ari Blumer and close friend Max Reichert started playing together back in 2010 when they were just 13 and 14 years old. Over time, and with the addition of keyboardist Michael Berthold and bassist Ben Saulnier, the band found their sound.
“It’s really cool how the songs come together because you can hear each person’s influence in the songs,” Reichert said.
Like any other pair of siblings, Ari and Zak Blumer have had their fair share of verbal fights, but they said playing music together has helped them be more in sync.
“It’s cool when we have a big gig and I just look over at Zak while I’m playing guitar, and I’m just like, ‘Damn this is cool, that’s my twin,'” guitarist Ari Blumer said.
Zak Blumer added that there is a sense of brotherhood among all of the band members beyond the shared blood between him and his twin.
“It is really cool to look onstage and see your identical twin brother jam out with you, but I think it’s pretty cool to be doing it with your best friends either way,” he said.
Friendship was important when choosing to add members to the original trio.
Berthold became friends with Zac Blumer through mutual friends in their dorm at Ohio University, and he comes from a musical background. From a young age, he would go onstage with his father’s cover band and sing when they would play “American Pie.”
Bassist Saulnier has a musical background as well, but he had only been playing the bass for two months when he was given a shot to be in the band. Saulnier said that being in a band was a childhood dream of his.
“We didn’t just want Ben in the band because he was good at his instrument. It’s because we all vibed,” Zak said.
Rechiert added, “Vibes with our friends definitely is way more important than skill, I’d say.”
The band enjoys spending time together in a spare room “clubhouse” connected to the Blumers’ home, which inspired the group’s name.
The band has spent almost every weekend together since it formed in early 2015.
Over the summer, Saulnier would come from Cincinnati and Berthold from Cleveland to meet the Blumers and Reichert in Columbus. Even during the school year with four members attending Ohio University and one at Ohio State, the five of them have continued to convene in Columbus to practice each weekend.
Keyboardist Berthold, a second-year in accounting, is the lone OSU student.
“I think it’s good that we have someone here because there’s such a large fan base and so many people here,” Berthold said.
The band sees benefit in being involved in both schools.
“I think OU and OSU are two great schools. Both of them have their benefits. People just get too focused on hating one or the other or one being better, and I think they both have their certain charm,” Saulnier said.
Clubhouse has gotten a reputation for its light, summery vibe, but it intends to release more songs with different tones while staying true to the pop genre.
“I think that there’s a stigma that goes along with pop music that just because it’s pop music means that it just has to be fun, upbeat, lyrics about going out and partying. But you can make as much depth to it as you want to,” Reichert said.
Berthold added, “People that don’t listen to this genre of music might think it’s a little weird or not like it that much, but the people who do listen to it are, I think, some of the most devoted fans in the music industry. I don’t know if you can say that for other genres of music.”
Clubhouse will take the stage at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday as a part of CD102.5’s Holiday Show at the LC Pavilion. - Hannah Herner

"Review: Clubhouse 'Run Away'"

Sunday mornings are not good times; they are not made to be full of energy or indeed much movement at all. They are for piecing together fragmented memories and recoiling in horror at the possible activity is of the night before. It’s why church was invented; if you haven’t woken up on a Sunday morning with a certain longing for religion then you have never had a manic Saturday night. With this in mind I was lying in bed wondering what I had done with my shoes when I received a press release telling me that Clubhouse had released their newest single ‘Run Away’.

The group from Columbus, Ohio invaded my Sunday morning and woke me up more than I expected. Their indie pop style is not something that I would normally listen to, however I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the single. Albeit slightly out of season, the song has more of a summer feel to it than the dreary autumn morning should have allowed, but none the less there was a sudden feeling of optimism to the morning that had my wife wondering what was going on.

The band themselves prove that any music with a pop feel doesn’t have to be a nauseating affair drowned in auto tune and so devoid of personality that it has to pose naked at every opportunity to get attention. The band sound as good live as they do on the CD, which is always a sign of a group that know what they are doing.

Run away has invaded the grey matter and I have found myself humming it at random parts of the day which has forced a smile on more than one occasion. It is about time that a radio friendly band was watchable, and full of talented musicians. There is a sense of fun that runs through their music that is both infectious and unusual in a time when the biggest names in radio have struggled to hit a note in a live setting.

If Columbus is where I need to go to see these guys live it would be worth the journey. I should probably go, my parents are there and complaining that I haven’t visited, this would give me an excuse.

Run Away is a available from iTunes and the band’s website as well as Spotify. Perfect for those who want to put the heating on and pretend that it’s still summer. - Outlet Magazine

"Artist to Watch//Clubhouse"

A few weeks ago I was sitting at home when my dad emailed me a link to a song. The subject of the email questioned, “Do you like this?” Typical of my father there was no name to be found of the song or even the slightest hint of who the artist may have been. After some digging I found out the song – which I did, in fact, like. The song was by Clubhouse – a local (to my home state of Ohio) 5 piece group attending Ohio University, with the exception of their keyboardist who attends The Ohio State University. The band consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Max Reichert, bassist Ben Saulnier, drummer Zak Blumer, keyboardist Michael Berthold and lead guitarist Ari Blumer.

The Blumer twins met Reichert in their hometown, becoming fast friends. Zak began hand drumming on the congas, as his parents noticed him tapping along to songs. He soon moved on to the timbales which are another kind of Latin American drums, except these are used with sticks. When realizing he enjoyed drumming with sticks more than his hands alone he began to play a traditional drum kit. Zak knew he wanted to be involved in music, ultimately, after his first performance – giving him a rush that he knew he wanted to continue to have the rest of his life. The three began to write songs together, joining a few bands before creating what is now Clubhouse.

Max, Ari and Zak eventually met up with Mike Berthold and Ben Saulnier as they wanted their music to have a little more depth. The band gives off a “dance-oriented [,] but warmhearted feel” as stated by drummer, Zak. In my opinion, the band’s sound does exactly that. The group says their influences come from The 1975, Walk the Moon, The Griswolds, and St.Lucia (among many more well-loved indie pop groups). These influences are felt easily with the group’s first single, “To the Ocean” (Which reminded me of The 1975’s, “Settle Down”). With only one song released on iTunes and Spotify, barely a month ago, on April 10th, the band has me hooked. The song incorporates appropriately (based on the name) beachy sounds with a pop orientated beat that’s perfect for that trip ‘to the ocean’ or just a good listen for a summer drive.

Clubhouse is currently working on creating an EP as they rehearse and plan to perform all around Ohio. Be sure to show the group some love and purchase their song on iTunes or check it out on Spotify now. So, if you’re like me and have fallen in love with this song be sure to follow the group on their Twitter account or like them onFacebook for updates. - Half&Half

"SONG PICK: Clubhouse - Lucky Soul"

“Lucky Soul”, the new single by Columbus, Ohio electro-pop six-piece Clubhouse, is heartbreakingly beautiful. The song rides an overall optimistic and bright wave but there are also some more serious undertones noticeable. Essentially though, “Lucky Soul” is one of these super chill songs great for summer or any time to rewind, relax a little and appreciate life and our surrounding.

It speaks for the members of Clubhouse and their strength as a band, having stood together and coming back after a year’s hiatus. Their singer, Max Reichert, was faced with battling cancer (osteosarcoma), and here Clubhouse are back again and have the following to say about their new song:

“‘Lucky Soul’ is about the one person in your life (or no longer in your life) who you made some really great memories with and helped you through tough times, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t meant to be – and that’s okay. Some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life to help you grow as a person.”

The older I get, the more true this becomes. Friendships, very close friends, I thought would be meaningful and dear to my heart forever, happened to fade and are no longer holding the same meaning. Still, I consider myself a “Lucky Soul” having crossed paths once… Listen to “Lucky Soul”, our gorgeous Song Pick of the Day: - Glamglare

"Clubhouse - Lucky Soul"

We’re the lucky souls when it comes to CLUBHOUSE’s brand new single, Lucky Soul. We’re the ones who get to melt away in its golden glow as we relish in the warmth of our dog days of summer. With the sleek radiance of Goldroom, early The 1975, and Great Good Fine OK plus a trace of 90′s Filter, this band from Columbus, OHIO whisks us away through the heavens, where we soar like gods. Lucky Soul is CLUBHOUSE”s first release since 2018, after a year-long hiatus in which vocalist Max Reichert was receiving treatment for bone cancer. They make a triumphant return on the bright new alt-pop and indie electronica anthem. You can find Lucky Soul on major digital platforms, here. - I HEART MOOSIQ

"Clubhouse watch the light fade from long-gone love on 'Lucky Soul'"

Clubhouse have got their wistful reminiscing game on lock. Toasting the end of a year-long hiatus, the Ohio-based band has shared their twinkling new single “Lucky Soul,” a half-bummer, half-at-peace mantra for watching old relationships slip through your fingertips.

“‘Lucky Soul’ is about the one person in your life (or no longer in your life) who you made some really great memories with and helped you through tough times, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t meant to be — and that’s okay,” the band shares. “Some people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. Sometimes, these people come in and out of your life to help you grow as a person.”

Don’t let this track be the one that got away; tune in below. - Vanyaland

"Clubhouse - Lucky Soul"

Lucky soul blir första låten med Clubhouse i år efter att sångaren Max Reichert behandlats för Osteosarkom sedan de släppte Summerfields i fjol.

Nya singeln bjuder på behaglig och ögonblicklig pop som handlar om den där personen som du skapade magiska minnen med och som hjälpte dig igenom svåra tider. Men som av någon anledning finns inte den personen i ens liv längre. Vissa personer följer en under vissa perioder i livet och det är lite så livet är. Men de kanske hjälper en växa som person under tiden de är där med en… - Pop Muzik

"Clubhouse Unveil New Single 'Lucky Soul'"

Time to dance! Ohio-based electro-pop outfit Clubhouse are back with their brand new single Lucky Soul, the band's first release since 2018, following a year-long hiatus while vocalist Max Reichert underwent treatment for osteosarcoma.

I am really loving the energy of this song and its shimmering synth lines and feel-good atmosphere. This is a song about reminiscing about the good times we spent with someone that is no longer in our lives. The bright production screams summer and those smooth vocals are quite dreamy and flow effortlessly over the infectious electronic production. This is one of those songs that instantly put one in a good mood and its chorus is perfect to sing along to.

If you're into bright pieces of electro-pop music with funky guitar riffs, shimmering synth hooks, rhythmic drive, and infectious vocal melodies, then you'll love Lucky Soul. Check it out below! - Caeser Live N Loud

"New Impressions: Magdalena Bay, Boy Scouts, Clubhouse, and more!"

There’s a new single from Clubhouse. The single Lucky Soul is an anthemic and mesmerizing chill pop song. The song is their first release since a year-long hiatus. The band took an extended break as the frontman, Max Reichart, battled osteosarcoma. Clubhouse is ready to pick up where they left off and take over. Another single will be released in September. For now dive into Lucky Soul and get lost in its dreamy nostalgic wave. - Impressions Magazine

"Clubhouse - Lucky Soul"

“Lucky Soul” by Clubhouse is a song that would lend itself beautifully to sunrises on the beach. It’s got a steady beat that’s not too overpowering paired with vocals that are gentle, persistent, and earnest. The lyrics are sweet and loving. The whole song reminds me of that late-summer driving feeling. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this on a movie soundtrack one day. - Tongue Tied Magazine

"Local Band Comes Back From Tough Diagnosis"

In winter 2018, Columbus band Clubhouse set out on its most ambitious project yet: self-producing a single. But one of the greatest challenges the band faced was its lead singer’s cancer diagnosis.

Clubhouse released “Lucky Soul” on Thursday, the group’s first single since lead singer Max Reichert was diagnosed with stage 2 osteosarcoma in his femur in August 2018. After chemotherapy, surgery and months of physical therapy, Reichert has been cancer-free since April and the band is back and more hopeful than ever.

“This whole last year has been just laying the groundwork for us rolling out and reintroducing ourselves to everyone. Not rebranding, per se, but kind of a different direction,” Reichert said.

The band first formed in 2015, and now consists of lead singer and guitarist Reichert, pianist Michael Berthold, bassist Ben Saulnier, guitarist Ari Blumer, drummer Zak Blumer and new addition Forrest Weihe on keys and production.

Since being declared cancer-free, Reichert has been back on stage. The band played a few festivals over the summer, including WonderBus on Saturday. Reichert said that the metal rod in his leg has limited his ability to move around on stage, but he is as excited as ever to perform.

“We bounced back really quick. It felt so natural, so good to be back up there. I was a little nervous with my leg. Before the diagnosis I would just go crazy up on stage,” Reichert said. “But it’s just the best feeling to be back up there.”

Clubhouse’s new song was mostly produced during Reichert’s chemotherapy treatments, he said. Between his hospital stays, the band members would come over to burn the midnight oil at songwriting sessions.

Zak Blumer said the recording process was done in a home studio the band put together in his apartment, and they finished recording around the time that Reichert finished his chemotherapy.

“The song was one of the easier songs that we’ve written and I think that that’s when you know you’ve got something special — when it comes together quickly,” Blumer said. “And it all happened in this difficult but wild time when Max would come over between chemotherapy sessions and write with us, and it was pretty incredible.”

Self-producing the song was important to the band, Blumer said, because it allowed them total control over their sound and the amount of time and dedication that went into recording. Blumer said each member of the band contributed equally to the writing and recording process.

“Lucky Soul” was produced during an emotional time for the band, Reichert said, and that certainly affected the themes of their music. Still, the band has always been about unwavering optimism.

“We are kinda going at it with this attitude of just positive energy and no expectations,” Reichert said. “We’re just kinda putting out music that we love, and we’re not gonna overthink it, and we’re just gonna enjoy it.”

Reichert credited his band members with helping him through his recovery, and said their support and dedication to songwriting was what kept him going. He said the regular writing and recording sessions gave him a sense of normalcy in an unstable time.

Despite the setbacks, Clubhouse has no intention of slowing down. The band has several more songs in various stages of production, and they have several more releases on the horizon. Still, “Lucky Soul” holds a special place in Blumer’s heart due to the growth of the band members during its production.

“This song really means a lot to us in a lot of different ways. We grew a lot during the timeframe of writing this song, and not just in production abilities or songwriting abilities, but also as people,” Blumer said. “Going through something like this was difficult and it really challenged all of us to support Max through all of it, to remain creative when things seemed bleak or distressing. So, it just feels like a really big accomplishment and a really big moment.”

“Lucky Soul” can be streamed on the band’s website: - The Lantern

"Ohio Electro Pop. - Clubhouse: Lucky Soul"

Lucky Soul is the new single from Clubhouse, and is the band's first release following a year-long hiatus while vocalist Max Reichert underwent treatment for osteosarcoma. This synth-pop vibe is about the one person in your life who you made some really great memories with, but couldn't hang on to.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Clubhouse is a young pop band that presents a mix of funky guitar riffs, smooth synth hooks, and rhythmic drive to match their infectious vocal melodies. The message from Lucky Soul is a simple one: to be grateful for what you have, because the best gifts don't last forever. The combination of electro-pop elements with a retro-synth vibe make this a perfect minute looking back at what was certainly a crazy summer. - CHILL FILTR

"Music: Weekly Roundup"

Twisty backing vocals blend with house-inspired instrumentals to make a song that gets you easily on the dance floor. This song would fit in perfectly in any movie party scene with its fun beats and changing levels of excitement. Telling the story of the aftermath of a breakup, sultry vocals sing of accepting the end while knowing what you had was great. Check this out for an emotional release of a past relationship cloaked in dance beats. - Tongue Tied Magazine



"Weekend" (May, 2020)
"Anywhere You Go" (February, 2020)
"Haunt You" (October 2019)
"Lucky Soul" (August 2019)
"Just Us" (November 2018)
"Summerfields" (October 2018)
"Kyra (The Midnight Remix)" (April 2017)
"Kyra" (January 2017)
"Blame the Weather" (December 2016)
"Run Away (Forrest Taylor Remix)" (March 2016)
"Run Away" (October 2015)
"To the Ocean" (April 2015)


"Blame the Weather - Remixes" (February 2017)



Hi, we’re CLUBHOUSE. 

The five of us make music together. We all come from different backgrounds with different stories, and the songs we write tend to reflect that. We’ll often take something that started as a voice memo on one of our phones, and bring it to life in our home studios with equipment we’ve collected over the years. Whether we can share our music with you at an in-person concert or on Instagram Live in the middle of quarantine, we hope our songs resonate with you just as much as they do with us. 


The release of ‘Weekend’ kicks off the summer for rising pop band CLUBHOUSE. Comprised of five twenty-somethings with a love for songwriting and production, the group has grown in popularity over the past few years, garnering over 3 million streams on Spotify alone. Their fresh new single ‘Weekend’ will take you back to that old summer fling, and make you worry a little less about the rest.

Following several releases in late 2019 and early 2020, including singles ‘Anywhere You Go,’ ‘Haunt You’, and ‘Lucky Soul,’ the band’s new track showcases the unique style and sound that defines CLUBHOUSE. With a sonic blend that might remind you of Surfaces, Peach Tree Rascals, and Tom Misch, ‘Weekend’ is a jazzy summer bop that creatively balances simplicity and swagger.

Band Members