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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Band R&B Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"3-Million Seller to Produce More Magic Moments"

Lafayette is the home of Grammy winners and nominees, an Emmy winner, Louisiana Hall of Fame members and other music royalty. But only one artist has sold 3 million records — and counting.

Nearly eight years after its release, that million seller still enjoys thousands of digital downloads per week. The song’s official and related videos have combined for more than 80 million views on YouTube. That’s a conservative estimate.

The triple-platinum artist is Cupid and the song is his ever-popular line dance, “The Cupid Shuffle.” Cupid, aka Bryson Bernard, a graduate of Northside High School, continues to enjoy the fruits of his 2007 production.

During Fourth of July weekend, Cupid had thousands dancing to his shuffle at the Essence Music Festival, which attracts more than 500,000 fans to New Orleans. Many of those fans were working out to CuRobiks, Cupid’s fitness program that hosted three sessions at the New Orleans Convention Center.

Those prime gigs follow Cupid’s NBA halftime show during a Dallas Mavericks game in March.

Cupid is even in the history books. According to Guiness World Records, 3,524 members of the University of Pittsburgh class of 2016 achieved the largest Cupid Shuffle on Aug. 23, 2012. The dance lasted six minutes.

Find out the secret to Cupid’s record-setting success during the Acadiana Roots music series, set for July 23 in the Daily Advertiser’s Community Room. This is the fourth installment of the series, which features live performances and conversation with local music makers. Yours truly serves as the emcee and interviewer.

Think of Acadiana Roots as if your favorite artist was performing in your living room. Plus, the performers share the stories behind their songs, an intimate connection you just can’t get with 5,000 of your closest friends at a local festival.

Part of the magic is you never know what the featured artist will say or do. Last month, Marc Broussard had a packed room mesmerized as his magnificent, soulful voice nearly tore the roof off the building.

But fans were truly blown away when Broussard asked his father Ted to come up and play Marc’s signature tune, “Home.” Ted was flawless on guitar as his son sang along. I bump into people who are still buzzing about that priceless moment.

In order to preserve that spontaneous, personal atmosphere, Acadiana Roots has limited seating of 80 or so. The small confines also mean advance tickets go fast. The event may be sold out if you wait to get tickets at the door. Order tickets online now so you’ll be guaranteed a seat.

Since his new CD “Dance Fever” was released in January, Cupid has achieved another first. He’s been performing with his own band, Dance Party Express. The band adds another dimension to his shows. They’ll perform with him at Acadiana Roots.

So get your tickets now for the July 23 show. You don’t want to miss out on another magical evening. - The Advertiser

"Cupid Excelling, Giving Back as Independent Artist"

Cupid, creator of the 3-million seller and line dance sensation, Cupid Shuffle, releases his first major project in seven years on Tuesday. "Dance Fever" will highlight Cupid's voice (he really can sing) and unveil his first-ever band, Dance Party Express.

Singles, such as "Wham Dance" and "To the Moon and Back," are already getting radio airplay.

There's a lot to look forward to, especially "Thicka than a Snicka" with zydeco musician Leon Chavis. (How can you not like that title?)

But why is Cupid, an internationally-renowned artist, selling the "Dance Fever" on his web site for a mere $5? Cupid said he is free from his previous major label record deal. As an independent artist, he can actually make more by selling his records for less.

Cupid showcases voice, band on new CD
"I don't owe a record company anything," said Cupid, aka Bryson Bernard of Lafayette. "If you compare the amount it costs to create it versus $5, I'm getting more money than if I had a label. It seems cheap, but I just want to make sure people have the music.

"I just feel like with not having a record company or all these other people to pay, now I can make more by selling my CD for less. I really just want the entire city to have that CD in their deck.

"If you don't have that CD and you really, really want it, I just might give it to you."

Cupid's freedom as an independent artist demonstrates a message I've preached forever – buy local music. Buy CDs and pay cover charges when artists perform live. Money keeps musicians in business.

Don't burn copies of your cousin's CD or try to get in shows free. Don't ask musicians to play "for exposure" when they entertain for your party or business function.

Many local musicians are quick to volunteer for a worthy cause. But people often take advantage of their kindness.

Besides, you wouldn't dream of telling your grocer, doctor or lawyer that you're going to pay them through "exposure." The service and talents of musicians are just as valuable.

Cupid is quick to point out if not for parties and dances at UL Lafayette and other local places, his "Shuffle" would have never taken off.

"If it wasn't for the support of Lafayette, 'Cupid Shuffle' would have never blown up. That started here. I feel like I'm always in debt to that. It wasn't me or the greatness of the 'Cupid Shuffle.' It was the people in Lafayette and surrounding area that put the videos up and blew that thing up."

Now that he worked independently on an international stage, Cupid can give back to his community. He's hosting "CU-MIT," a health fair with free screenings, a fitness concert and run/walk at 1 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Dupuis Center in Lafayette's Brown Park. The event also includes a "Christmas in January" toy drive.

More local projects are in the works for 2015. But the spark came years ago, when hometown people started buying and supporting his music.

"I really appreciate every single person, from the time I started singing until today. There are some artists that people just don't like. Not because they're not good or their attitude is real funky.

"But people here like me and they always support me. I'm so grateful for that." - The Advertiser

"Cupid Showcases Voice, Band on New CD"

Cupid has spent a career reminding fans he's not a rapper. He's a singer.

Even in his 3-million seller and instant party starter, "Cupid Shuffle," Cupid sings, "They say I'm a rapper and I say no, they say what you doing, trying to do some zydeco."

Ready to drop his first major release in seven years, Cupid is preaching the familiar message.

"This is the best CD I've put out," said Cupid, aka Bryson Bernard of Lafayette. "It's real party stuff, but I'm singing like crazy.

"I've told y'all, I'm not a rapper. Y'all just don't listen. I have a bunch of ballads on there that's really awesome. I think people will enjoy and be shocked, especially if they're a first-time fan. "

New fans and those who can go back to pre-"Shuffle" hits, like "Swing around the Rosey," are ready for Cupid's new album, "Dance Fever," which debuts Tuesday on Hub City Records. Singles, such as "Wham Dance" with Mystikal and DJ Ro, "To the Moon and Back" and "Chooo" featuring Chris Ardoin, have already enjoyed airplay on local R&B radio.

"Cell Phone Blues," "High School Prom" and the zydeco-flavored "Thicka than a Snicka" are new songs on the CD.

"Dance Fever" also marks Cupid's first collection of recordings with a live band. The international success of "Cupid Shuffle" has allowed Cupid to tour from Birmingham to Bahrain with Stevie Wonder, the O'Jays, New Edition and other stars. But Cupid always performed songs to recorded tracks while the other entertainers were backed by full bands.

Cupid said the stars made him step up his game.

"I've mastered the track show, where we've got kicked off stage for upstaging some headliners – several times. I felt like it was time for me to grow.

"If you stop learning stuff in the music game, your style is going to die. So it was time for me to start learning something new. I got me one of those vintage, 1980s keytars (keyboard guitar) that I play. I rock that live on stage.

"It's just a way to continue to reinvent yourself. I'm a student of LL Cool J and he always finds a way to reinvent himself. If you keep doing the same old same old, people are going to get tired of it eventually. You have to always switching it up.

"The band is like me going from being a freshman in the music to sophomore, junior, senior and now I've graduated to the band. Now there's nothing I can't sing. I can break off and sing Sam Cooke on sight. I can do whatever I feel like because the band can always switch up. That's what I love about it so much."

Cupid's band, called Dance Party Express, is a New Iberia-based group that includes Joseph Mitchell (bass), Bernard Johnson (guitar), Aja Diggs (drums) and Michelle Bradley-Mitchell (keyboards). Shawn Bernard serves as a background singer.

Brandon "Mr. Phat" Nezey, a guiding force behind "Cupid Shuffle," remains as musical director.

Cupid said the musicians allow him to make an even greater impressions on fans.

"I've seen Prince, Stevie Wonder, some of the best performers perform live," said Cupid. "I know what a band does versus a track any day. I feel like my show is undeniable, headliner quality. One thing for sure, if you're performing after me, it's going to be tough. I'll have them dancing so much, they're going to be tired.

"The coolest thing is to make sure you leave a lasting impact on people, so every time they bring up your name, they'll say 'We had a great time when we went to see him and that band.' There's nothing like that kick drum and live guitar screaming in your ear. It'll change the whole complexion of the show.

"If they don't want more, you're going to be home mad."

Cupid has been too busy to stay home and be mad. He and dancers from CuRobiks, his exercise video program, performed on TNT during halftime of the Dec. 22 Houston Rockets game. The CuRobiks crew will be part of a Jan. 25 health fair and toy drive at the Dupuis Center.

Cupid is working with comedian/talk show host Steve Harvey's management on a national release of CuRobiks in the summer. The singer goes on tour with comedian Nephew Tommy from Harvey's morning show Feb. 7.

Cupid is enjoying his musical life.

"It makes me humble and I thank God every day. I'm on my knees every single day. Just being able to do music as a career is a blessing.

"If I was singing in church, as a church musician, I would still be content because I'm doing music. I think it's because I try to spread so much positive energy to the people, that the universe allowed it all to happen. I've always talked at schools, talked to kids, always tried to be accessible. Even when there's a door that closes in my career, that good kicks down the door.

"It's not me. I make these songs and try to make them as catchy as possible. It's something else that's kicking all these doors down for me. I'm just thankful that's it's me."

Want to buy?

Beginning Tuesday, Cupid's new "Dance Fever" CD will be available for $5 at

'Cupid Shuffle' by the numbers

Since its 2007 release, the "Cupid Shuffle" has posted staggering numbers.

20 million views on YouTube

3.2 million in record sales and downloads

17,000 for largest line dance world record in 2008 in Atlanta

6,500 average downloads per week

66 Peak on the Billboard Hot 100

21 Peak on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart - The Advertiser


Still working on that hot first release.


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