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Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Long Beach, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter




"The country-infused rock-n-soul of The Damngivers"

The Damngivers is an Americana band from Long Beach. It blends elements of country, Americana, rock, and soul. Gerry Gomez (guitar, vocals) discusses the band's sound, the Americana scene in Southern California, and the best setting for listening to the band.

AXS: How do you describe your music for someone who has never heard it?

The Damngivers: Our music is country-infused rock-n-soul. Lyrically, we're blues based - but isn't all classic country? We also touch on some punk and folk themes. Others have said that about my writing, so I go with it. As for references, I tend to offer up Faces, Stones, Burrito Brothers, Allman Brothers, Black Crowes, Wilco, Whiskeytown, Alt Country. But song to song, we get lots of associations from people. Mostly it's a mix of familiar sounding things at different times. It somehow all works together to make an American sounding roots band.

AXS: What is essential to any song by The Damngivers?

The Damngivers: There's a few essentials: First, it's got to be relatable to the listener. I often write about values or some observations or emotional state. I try to present those themes in scenarios that people can relate to. So, lyrically, it's essential to communicate and get the point of the song across. Musically, it's essential to create a vibe and feature a good musical part - either a melody or hook or great lead. It's ultimately essential that a Damngivers song leave an impression on the listener. Either move them lyrically or get their toe tapping or raise their excitement through a good jam or groove. I really do try to put myself in the audience's shoes and think, "What gets me excited about a band?" If we entertain, we're doing our job.

AXS: What is the best thing about the Americana and country scene in southern California?

The Damngivers: Great question. I love that it's cross-generational. It seems pretty communal too. That all fosters a camaraderie if you're steadfast and get out there. I also really love the rich country traditions in Southern California. Being a native Angeleno (I now live in Long Beach, but lived a long time in Fullerton and grew up in Whittier), I've always been exposed to the rich musical heritage Southern California has to offer. If the area were in another part of the country, it'd be noted much more for it's music - and country in particular: from the Bakersfield sound, to the high desert sound to the singing cowboys, to the mariachis, canyon sounds, brown-eyed soul, surf, swing bands, rockabilly, punk, psychedelia - there's a long lineage. I'm always cognizant of that and take my roots from it.

AXS: What is the best setting for listening to The Damngivers?

The Damngivers: I imagine driving in your car blasting our new record, "Everything's Jake" really loudly as you're driving along Pacific Coast Highway or out to Joshua Tree. For me, it's in the studio control room at the Compound Studio in Signal Hill right after tracking live!

AXS: What would you be doing if you weren't making music?

The Damngivers: Well, luckily, I represent some really amazing songwriters through my brother's publishing company, Little Brother Music. If I'm not making music, I'm trying to support others who make music: songwriters, musicians, producers, studios, promoters. - axs

"Country Jukebox"

"With a refreshing earthiness, the Long Beach, California Country rock band DAMNGIVERS release Everything's Jake titled debut CD. On the whole album - six of the twelve songs were produced by Marc Ford - an aura of nonchalance that befitting grooves not only, but also to convince all along the line know. The fillet pieces from different musical varieties of Country Rock, Roots alt.country and folk are masterfully composed and directed by Gerry Gomez (lead singer and songwriter of the band) to a spectacle that and between fiery guitar riffs, passionate playfulness, catchy melodies pulsating rhythms moves. A genuine Americana highlight of the year." - Country Jukebox


Offering up everything from twang-tinged melodic pop to full-fledged country rock, Long Beach based Damngivers have delivered one damngood EP. With vocals somewhere between Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan, front-man Gerry Gomez has created a solid debut that’s as catchy as the finer moments of Wilco, yet captures the raw energy and power of 70s songwriters like Lou Reed or Neil Young.

Lyrically, Gomez has a knack for the witty side of things. Kicking off the momentum, with the cleverly titled, “Your Mouth Doesn’t Know What Your Mind Oughta,” the short but sweet, five song EP, takes turns from forlorn love pleas (“Lift Me Up”), to harmonious mid-tempo cuts (“Plan on Me,” “The Angler”), that are all as much personal commentary as they are life philosophy. With harmonica, pedal steel, electric guitar and an array of acoustic instruments, Damngivers are never shy on production value. Each song manages to have its own unique flare while remaining homogeneous as a whole.

Though Gomez certainly provides the good ol’ country hurt, with lyrics like “There’s a snowstorm frostin’ up your cold cold heart,” (“Lift Me Up), with dynamic arrangements in tow, he always manages to bring out the sunnier side of the So-Cal Sound. Closing out the album with “Stupid Things,” Gomez’s tongue-in-cheek take on love, this pop induced gem falls nothing short of taking listeners back to the days when Ryan Adams use to get MTV airplay: in other words, alt-country that is hooky enough to appeal to just about anyone, but rich enough in roots to command respect from classic purists.

This first effort from a savvy and diverse artist, proves to be yet another contribution to the slew of the fine music that is coming out of the Southern California area. The Damngivers are playing shows in and around Los Angeles, and if their live performances come anywhere close to the uplifting energy they master here, then they are a band Angelenos won’t want to miss. - Damngivers


Summer Before the Fall

Everything's Jake



The Damngivers are an Americana flavored band with good hooks, folky and introspective lyrics who can flat out rock, whisper, jam and induce lasting memories.

Damngivers is a band who give a damn. Their songs groove with strong choruses, good hooks, and lyrics that are like folk rock meat and potatoes. Akin to Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and folky singer-songwriters of previous generations, lead singer-songwriter Gerry Gomez writes songs that observe, inspire, and groove.

At first listen, you'll hear a quilt of American music – parts Country Rock, Alt-Country, Roots Rock and Folk with a nod to early Wilco, the Band, Black Crowes, the Faces and the Blasters. L.A. born and residing, Gomez molds his influences into songs that are full of hope and irony, and driven home with his rootsy vocals. They bring plenty rock-n-soul to their live shows.

Listen at www.damngivers.com