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Warren, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Warren, MI
Established on Jan, 2018
DJ Electronic Glitch




"Dancemyth debuts inventive 'Low Toner' from Self-Construct EP"

Our Wormhole Music Group dealers served us up another winner with the new Dancemyth EP. We've known about Michigan's Daniel Smith for a good spell, but it wasn't until now that we've realized his full potential.

The entire Self-Construct EP, which gets its Wormhole release on October 25th, has its own peculiar internal logic. Is it glitch-hop? Maybe. Is it utterly original? Absolutely. MIDI beeps and boops are arranged in such a unique way on Self-Construct that it's got me scratching my head, but I know I love it.

Today we premiere “Low Toner,” which will give you panic attacks and flashbacks to your office job if you're a working stiff like most of us. But Smith takes the printer out back and smashes the fuck out of it with a baseball bat a la Office Space. This malfunctioning menace is a helluva ride.

Dancemyth just opened for Ott and Kaya Project on Sunday, but we figure he'll be returning to the Detroit Metro area soon. - The Untz

"Ascentient & Dancemyth team up for Current Shifting EP"

Comb your hair with a brittle brush as you wake up. Hanging out with shitheads is not the answer to your problems. As you try to strengthen your single game, you come across a little place some people call the void. You try to keep your individuality and you try to blend in; it’s all for shit though because you have been a part of the Current Shifting.

You went snowboarding and the son of a human went nomad on you. Honey did not shrink the kids. If this makes no sense then I must be right. I was in an elevator screaming Satan not long ago. My girlfriend kindly tugged my shoulder—I withdrew my wild statements.

ThazDope Records just dropped a rad spin from homies Ascentient and Dancemyth. The release makes me feel stable as I shit, sitting down; watching good vibes spin cyclically in a thing called a washing machine. I go to strip clubs and the dancers seem more corporate than bubble gum chewed upon the darkest of dance floors. A little man—that hangs out with the homeless; starts to absorb the darkness and wonder—why the hell one would ever pay a mortgage.

I kid. Do not give into the dark darkness. Just listen to this and be like me. Joke. Yet, resist. Resist.

The best way to be a part of the resistance is to join us at The Untz Festival from June 2-4 in Mariposa, California. ThazDope will be leading the charge and waving its banner high and proud. - The Untz


Michigan natives DanceMyth and Labden have two distinct styles and methodologies to their productions, but they've met squarely in the middle for an explosive collaboration. Brandishing Labden's low-end swagger and DanceMyth's tempered grit, these stalwart musicians from the Wolverine State weave their sounds into the aggressive, punked-out track “DataMosh”.

Straight forward rhythms are the cornerstone of “DataMosh”, driving the phrasing throughout the duration of the song. Hollowed-out downbeats accentuate the pumping, pulsing synthesis, channeling the kind of raw aggression found in contemporary metal and rock music. Aptly so, the bass synthesis takes on the texture and utility of a rhythm guitar, chugging away at each verse and refrain. Staggered stabs of melodies fold over sharp pads in succinct motions, constantly building on the industrial atmosphere and flair. Polishing it off with a wide stereo image and healthy amounts of sub-weight, the track is a standout example of the kind of power that comes from pushing raw textures through their paces.

Individually, DanceMyth and Labden are formidable, multifaceted producers who are carving out their own unique slices of bass music. Brought together into one laboratory, and the results speak for themselves. Given the potent results of this first experiment, we're hoping that “DataMosh” is the first of many more tengos between these two musicians. - The Rust



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Raised in Warren, Michigan, Dancemyth brings a versatile and genre-bending performance to the stage. His productions blend together all of the influences derived from his roots; from funky jazz trombone to heavy metal guitar riffs, Dancemyth always strives to play a very diverse set. From uptempo to downtempo, his sets can either deliver high energy, or keep it nice and chill with your head noddin'. Hibernating in the studio has brought great things; from a release on Wormhole Music Group, to collabs with artists on multiple other compilations.

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