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Daniel Neihoff

Paducah, Kentucky, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Paducah, Kentucky, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Folk Americana




"Daniel Neihoff: A New Old Timer"

The first time I saw Daniel Neihoff perform in a writer’s round, I think my exact words were Holy ….! He is good! The singer/songwriter’s songs tell a story and paint a picture, as he is one of the best storytelling songwriters in Nashville. Daniel comes from humble roots, growing up in Paducah, Kentucky. His story seems improbable but inspiring. Interviewing Daniel was an invaluable learning experience, and I am truly blessed to be able to share his story with you.

A Humble Beginning

Daniel Neihoff, the youngest of six children, was born in Texas. His family moved to Kentucky at the age of four. Daniel’s mother decided they were moving and bought their house sight unseen. Upon their arrival in Kentucky, they found a house that needs some TLC. His father worked tirelessly making that house a home for a family of eight. Daniel’s family had enough to get through, but the singer/songwriter learned a lot from his parents. Their resilience was inspiring. Daniel said, “I felt blessed to have what we did, especially when I think about how little my parents had when they were growing up.”

Music Is In His Blood

At the age of eight, Daniel began playing guitar and writing songs. He had watched his father play guitar, even though “he only knew three chords, G C and D.” If you want to write country songs, that’s enough. Daniel said, “My dad has written hundreds of songs. He would come in from his job as a house painter, sit in his chair, and play his guitar. I was amazed at my father’s ability to focus with six kids running around the house. Music was a release for my dad.”

Learning guitar for Daniel took perseverance. Daniel’s family was too poor to afford guitar lessons, so he had to learn what he could from others. Daniel said, “My cousin was taking guitar lessons so I would ask her to show me what she was learning. She thought I was taking an interest in her life, but I just wanted to see what she had learned on guitar. My uncle was a terrific guitar player, and he would show me a few things.” Daniel also tries to learn from others, whether they are a musician or not. The singer/songwriter believes “everyone has something they can teach me.”

The Love of Songwriting

Songwriting is Daniel’s passion, although he has grown to love performing as well. The first song Daniel wrote was a worship song. It was about seeing, feeling, and hearing what God does. He said, “If I could see through God’s eyes, then I would know what people need and be able to help them.” He began writing songs as a way to purge his demons, because “it’s cheaper than therapy.” The singer/songwriter said, “You can get lost in a song for three minutes and forget about your problems.” You can be hurting so bad, so you have to write something to get it off your chest. You can be so happy, that you have to tell the world about it. Something could hit you so hard, that the words pour out.”

Music Can Change Lives

Daniel Neihoff has been writing songs for twenty years, and he released music for the first time a couple of months ago. Music gives him the ability to “look into someone’s heart and provide someone with an answer.” In his early twenties, his sister was in an abusive relationship. Daniel wrote a song to attempt to help her, but he didn’t tell her it was about her. The song was titled, “Want but Don’t Need.” The singer/songwriter was able to reach her and others through this song.” Daniel said, “I would play this song at open mics, and people would come up after saying it feels like you wrote this song for me.” Daniel loves writing different types of songs. However, given a choice, the songwriter will always write a song that can save someone’s life.

The Stories Behind the Songs

Appalachian Cry is the title of Daniel Neihoff’s debut EP. If you have not listened to it, do yourself a favor and download it or stream it today. The songs he has chosen to include on this project are potent examples of songs that tell a story. When you are listening, the songs paint a picture in your mind.

“Appalachian Cry”

The title track, “Appalachian Cry” was inspired by a documentary his father used to watch every time it was on television. Daniel would sit and watch this documentary with his father. It resonated with him because of his own family’s struggle, but it also gave him a perspective about what it would be like to indeed have nothing. Songs that highlight moments in history that otherwise seem to get glossed over such as this one, Daniel loves to write. The singer/songwriter said, “The mining companies would come in buy everything in the town, pay their workers with “coal cash.” He references this in the song with this line “what they paid me wasn’t worth a dime.” “When they had gotten all the could from the land, the companies would pack up and leave the miners with nothing.

“I See Memories”

“I See Memories,” co-written with Joybeth Taylor was inspired by a conversation Daniel had while visiting the home of an older lady. Daniel said, “I noticed a painting of a boat. I said that is a nice painting, and she told me the story of how she got it and who gave it to her.” The lady told him, “When you get to be my age, you only keep things that mean something to you.” Daniel remarked, “I just saw a painting of a boat, but you see memories.” He then immediately wrote the line down. He spent some time researching the items mentioned in the song by talking with other people.

“Civil War Letters”

Daniel was always interested in writing a song about the Civil War. When he finally sat down to write the song, it took him only thirty minutes. The singer/songwriter wrote the song intending to “highlight the idea that we have differences, but we can still love each other. We must remember we are all human.” This idea is something we can work toward. Daniel believes, “We just need to love each other.”

“New Old Timer”

Many have described Daniel Neihoff as somewhat of an old soul. He grew up listening to the legends, and “New Old Timer” pays tribute to songwriters and songs of the past. He hopes that he can carry on that mantle for those who “paved the way.” Many people would say he is well on this way to do just that.

Daniel’s Future Plans

Daniel Neihoff will be playing at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Also, he will continue playing rounds around Nashville. The singer/songwriter’s goal is to make enough money through music to support his family. Neihoff’s wants to keep writing songs for other people, and also release songs that are unique for himself. Daniel would love to tour with other great storytelling artists, like Jason Isbell. I recently heard someone say that Daniel reminds them of Isbell, but he still has a unique sound.

Destined for Greatness

Daniel Neihoff has all the makings of a superstar singer/songwriter. However, without music, he still would have been impacting others’ lives. The songwriter said, “I would have probably been a therapist if I had not been involved with music.” Neihoff has a love for people. He wants to help them change their lives with or without music. If you get the chance to see Daniel perform, I promise you will walk away affected in some way. On a personal note, I can say that interviewing Daniel was a tremendous learning experience. He taught me the importance of being humble and thankful for the blessings of life. Thank you, Daniel, for sharing your heart and your talent with the world. - Undiscovered Nashville

"Neihoff opens WKCTC Backstage Pass Series"

Local singer, songwriter and musician Daniel Neihoff is just beginning his career, yet he is also a seasoned and well-crafted artist. His musical talent is sure to captivate the audience as he opens this year's Backstage Pass Series at West Kentucky Community and Technical College's Clemens Fine Arts Center Saturday, September 14 at 7:30 p.m.

The youngest of six siblings, Daniel Neihoff wrote his first song at eight years old as he grew up in Paducah around family fit for country songs - the old kind about struggle and lonesomeness, mistakes among enduring love. The melodies and legends were all around him in his family, and it all seeped in, shaping his natural way of storytelling and his soulful sound that blends traditional country and pop.

Over the years, whether it was for paying gigs or for open mics at Paducah's bars, Neihoff turned heads with his smooth voice and powerful lyrics. His talent and craft did not go unnoticed. At 20, his first audition for a set at Nashville's iconic Bluebird Cafe was a success, leading him further in his career. He was recently a semi-finalist on Nashville Rising Song.

"One of the best things about being the director of the Clemens Fine Arts Center is meeting all of the talented artists that come through our venue. I first met Daniel at a songwriting workshop a year ago and knew then after hearing just one song that I wanted him to perform for our Backstage Pass series." - West Kentucky Journal

"Episode 15 - Daniel Neihoff"

This episode features Kentucky's very own, Daniel Neihoff. Daniel is a passionate singer-songwriter. When Daniel isn't managing a local music shop, he's either touring, recording or writing the next song that he hopes inspires his audience. In this interview we talk about what it looks like to take a feeling or an idea and bring it to life with a song. We also discuss being the youngest of a large family, performing for bachelorette parties and criminals, finding your voice and keeping grounded by taking out the trash. Guest Info: danielneihoff.com instagram.com/dneihoff Thank you for Supporting Clockwork Nights on PATREON! Your Support is what makes this podcast happen. Danke and Gracias! patreon.com/clockworknights instagram.com/clarkwayne twitter.com/theclarkwayne facebook.com/clockworknights Soundcloud.com/clockworknights - Clockwork Nights Podcast

"Daniel Neihoff Brings Blend of Americana, Country, and Blues to Next Live Lunch"

Western Kentucky native Daniel Neihoff combines powerful vocals, Appalachian style finger-picking, and narrative songwriting to create his own blend of Americana, blues, and country. Neihoff is set to perform on the next installment of Live Lunch on the heels of his March 2019 EP release, Appalachian Cry. - WKMS

"Interview: Meet Daniel Neihoff!"

Daniel Neihoff has only been in Nashville a few months, but he’s already been writing up a storm. He hit the ground running when less than a week in town, not even fully unpacked Daniel went to check out the Nashville Rising Song competition. Deciding to enter on a whim, he had no expectations going in. Was lucky enough to have his name drawn to perform and played “Appalachian Cry”. That song wound up receiving the judges vote and moving him to the semi-finals, where he got beat out by Landon Wall. “He’s an incredibly good kid. I was ok with losing to someone that talented. 8oz bottle of ivermectin from Amazon He deserves it.” Neihoff tells us he met a lot of great people through the contest and took it as an opportunity to get out there and connect with people.

Music has always been a big part of Daniel’s life. His dad (and brother) are both songwriters. At eight years old, inspired by his father he began to write songs. Neihoff feels an incredible responsibility to make sure he is doing his best to portray things as honestly as he possibly can, while putting his music through the lens of truth and love.
“You not only have a responsibility to be able to connect with people in there pain, but you have a responsibility to not leave them there. To me, writing hope in every song no matter where you start it always end a song with some way to escape the circumstances your in. ”

This songwriter finds inspiration everywhere, believing there is always a deeper sentiment to be found in things people say and things going on around us. He finds it helpful to have that moment of reflection that writing brings, especially when writing about other people and their struggles. There is endless opportunity in that.

Daniel started coming to Nashville five years ago. Tried out for the Bluebird Songwriters night and made it through, giving him the confidence to keep coming back. Within the last year he decided it was time to relocate to Music City permanently. At the time Neihoff was working at a marketing company with an IT position. Not happy with the typical office job, this musician wanted something more. “At the end of the day I knew that what I wanted to do was write songs for people. I thought if I don’t do this now then I’ve got a choice I can spend the rest of my life working here or I can take this chance and go for it. He fully believes in his songwriting skills, and that he had what it takes to make a living out of doing music. Since arriving in Nashville he has penned around 50 songs including co-writes. Quite a feat for only being in town two months.

“I’d rather try and fail miserably then to not try and look back and think what if I had?” Originally, Daniel came to Nashville content with writing songs for other people. Since then he has since discovered that he also enjoys performing. “I enjoy being able to deliver the lyrics the way that I wrote. I have a very personal connection with the lyrics I write, so I’d love to be able to perform.” He is learning as he goes, by studying the way others engage the audience among other things. Onstage Neihoff can often be heard making jokes, which he believes disarms people, makes them more vulnerable. His songs are powerful and have been known to make people cry, as I witnessed at one of my recent showcases Daniel performed at.

Neihoff is a sensitive and kind soul, that enjoys helping other people. “I think deeply but I care about others, I try to love people. I may be able to sing a song that’s deep and be able to point something out to you that completely changes your life.”

Growing up Daniel was the youngest of six kids, and shares that making ends meet was tight. Seeing his parents work hard to put food on the table and clothes on their backs taught him the value of working and to appreciate what you have. He always tries to remember and project that.

“Millenials we sometimes get tagged as ungrateful and entitled. To me, even as a millenial I know that I don’t deserve anything. Everything that I get is something that I have to work for and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
We wish Daniel all the best on his journey! - POP BLITZ MAGAZINE

"The Sound Catchers and Daniel Neihoff!"

We’re really proud to announce that The SoundCatchers will be working with Daniel Neihoff on his upcoming EP Project. Daniel is a Folk/Americana artist living in Nashville with a very rootsy vibe and wonderful vocal ability! Produced by our own Ren Renfree, Daniel’s project is scheduled to be completed by the middle to end of January with a release in February or March 2019! - The SoundCatcher

"Stage Sessions"

Over the years, whether it was for paying gigs or for open mics at Paducah’s bars, Neihoff turned heads with his voice and rewarded the interest with his lyrics. At age 20, his first audition for a set at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Cafe was successful. The Reidland kid’s smooth and soulful sound had already landed on Music City’s doorstep from the river town’s flood planes. - WKCTC

"Williamsburg Virginia Local Bands: Daniel Neihoff"

Daniel Neihoff is an exciting Singer/Songwriter from Paducah, KY. Daniel has been noted as “one of the best storytelling songwriters in Nashville”. His music blends sensitive and intelligent lyrics with effortless fingerpicking and powerful vocals. - Williamsburg Visitor


Appalachian Cry, Released March 2019



Debut EP charted at #32 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart on release

Winner in Kerrville Folk Festival 2019

Placed 3rd in the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Competition

3 time Songwriter Serenade finalist

Played at the Bluebird Cafe at 18

That songwriters come from the the western Kentucky clan of Neihoffs is a surprise to no one aware of the land and family. In number and colorfulness, there aren't many rivals. But few have natural storytelling and melody baked in quite as thoroughly as in Daniel Neihoff. The youngest of six siblings, Daniel wrote his first song at 8 years old as he grew up around family fit for country songs - the old kind about struggle and lonesomeness, mistakes among enduring love. The melodies and legends were all around him in his family, and it all seeped in. Over the years, whether it was for paying gigs or for open mics at Paducah's bars, Neihoff turned heads with his voice and rewarded the interest with his lyrics. The simmering burn of his talent and craft suddenly led somewhere big. At 20, his first audition for a set at Nashville's iconic Bluebird Cafe was successful. The Reidland kid's smooth and soulful sound had already landed on Music City's doorstep from the river town's flood planes. The area's journalists took notice: WKMS's Something From Nothing Podcast and The Spiel in Southern IL delved into his work. Neihoff was recently a semi-finalist on Nashville Rising Song. The world is hearing his range of traditional country to modern pop all with a soulful bend. We are hearing the launch of a voice familiar and unique that feels as if it began quite a while ago.

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