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The Bronx, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

The Bronx, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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Dante Hill – “While We Work” EP (Review)
Posted by: Armando Urena Jr March 20, 2016

Deep thinking and street knowledge is what Dante Hill is all about. Releasing his latest EP “While We Work” a few weeks ago it has been getting thousands of hits on soundcloud gravitating amongst the most pickiest of Hip Hop heads out there. This EP has 8 tracks, Dante Hill spills his heart and soul on all the songs creating such a unique and original sound that we have not heard before. I would like to consider him a conscious Hip Hop artist, he speaks on topic that real people can relate to, motivating the masses and blessing us with lessons of life.
The production on this EP is great, all his beats are perfectly crafted for his style, delivery and cadence. One track that really blew me away was “Freshman Year”. This song pretty much sums up his life struggle with Hip Hop and his passion to move forward in this game. “Ready Or Not” is another song that is a true BANGER! Overall this whole EP has to be considered a true underground Hip Hop classic. Dante Hill represents New York proudly and we hope he continues to strive as a quality Hip Hop MC. - UGHH BLOG


New York Hip Hop might just have a new hero in their city and we are talking about you? When did you decide to start making Hip Hop? Who influenced you? How did you get the name Dante Hill?
Man, I appreciate that. I mean, I technically stated writing raps at 11, I was doing poetry slams and shit like that. It took a lot of time to really feel comfortable saying I was “rapping”. Just because the type of kid I was it didn’t feel right saying I was a rap artist. I didn’t feel like I was tough enough. But just growing up and getting the bigger picture as far as the music and culture are concerned I started to understand on a higher level that I actually was rapping. And I was dope at it. My influences had a lot to do with me embracing that. Eminem, Kanye, artists like that. I feel like the music now caters to a crowd that embraces real emotion on a record more than who’s the hardest out. And the name comes from my favorite author Dante Alighieri, who wrote the Divine Comedy, a book that explores pretty much the entire emotional spectrum through use of poetry. Which is what music at its finest should do. That’s how i feel at least. And the Hill comes from my grandfathers last name, Charles Hill. From what I always heard about him he was this smooth dude who carried himself with a certain level of bravado and confidence. I just put those two names together and came up with Dante Hill for how those two people complete my character.
We notice you represent your city of New York proudly. What specific area of New York do you rep? Who has the local Hip Hop community accepted your music and movement?
I’ve lived in the Bronx my entire life. I was born on Webster Avenue and grew up on Mosholu. I feel like my pops always made it a thing to make sure I experienced all of the city so a lot of me feels like I’m partially from Harlem, Brooklyn, and just the city as a whole. I feel like New Yorkers are taught to shy away from that feeling out of some misplaced sense of loyalty. But I think that’s a close-minded way of thinking. But I’m still a Bx boy forever.
Everybody I know of in my city that’s heard the EP’s been fucking with it as far as I’m aware. I don’t necessarily expect anyone to tell me it’s wack to my face if that’s how they felt, but we made that joint so dope, I doubt there’s anybody who can honestly just not like it at all. And for that reason I know there’s some niggas that really don’t like me right now. But I choose to embrace it. Fuel for the fire type shit.

Congrats on the success of your latest EP, “While We Work”. Feel free to breakdown the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc).
I’m a long-winded dude so I know I’d be here forever if I started explaining the entire process. But long story short, my intention with this project to make it a personal reflection of the last year of my life told through introspection. The highs, lows, and side stories. Like a first season of a show almost. In order to do that justice I had to make sure to keep my team tight and consume for my own comfortability as far as sharing those stories. Everybody from my DJ, my artists, and my management are niggas I’ve known since high school. And my studio teams been the same for 3 years. Building and maintaining those relationships are just as important to me as the music is. That’s what helps it to develop and come together
Planning on releasing any videos to complement “While We Work”.
Hell yea, we on that right now. I don’t wanna lose the momentum we’re gaining and just how quickly it’s been climbing. We’ve just been observing the streaming numbers to see what the people are gravitating to, and from there we’re gonna move on prepping the video sometime this month. That’s definitely a priority though.
What are your plans on getting your music out of New York and let it circulate throughout the nation?
The collective that I conduct my business with is a very intelligent group of people. That’s the Rooftop Dreamteam. We’ve been marketing very well. Networking with the right people, knowing which venues to perform at, and a proper presentation of high quality product is really all that it takes. I see niggas doing extra shit and I can immediately tell it’s not gonna lead to longevity. Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a break, but you’re only gonna get 15 minutes. We want more than that. We’re well on our way to getting it too. I already have messages from people in. Romania and Africa telling me how much they love the project, which has been crazy.

Are you looking forward in working with other artists near you? Or do you try to keeps collabs at a minimum.
Everytime I think collaborations my business mind kind of kicks in. I feel like once you pop, that’s when everybody wants to work with you. The more my EP picks up buzz, the more I get hit up for collaborations. But that’s wack to me. If we work, let’s let hat be because of the strength of the content we feel like we can piece together through working with eachother. Let it be organic. Or let it be something that strengthens both of our brands. But if it’s not that I’m not interested. I’m yet to feel like I’ve needed anybody else to make my music better. I’m efficient on my own.
What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?
I don’t know; I feel like that line’s a little blurred now. The most fair way to define it at this point is probably any hip hop music that gets underrated because it’s contents are too raw for mainstream consumption. Most artists I know in the underground are amazing. But they just don’t appeal to the wider population as a whole: they speak what they feel to whoever’s willing to listen. You have to respect that.
Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.
INSTAGRAM :DanteHillMusic
SOUNDCLOUD: Soundcloud.com/DanteHillMusic
Lastly, and shout out?
Man, too many. Shoutout everybody who’s been running with the movement thus far. As we grow they gon’ grow with me. They don’t even need my acknowledgement. My team gon’ win off the strength of their own work. Shoutout that Rooftop DreamTeam one time. - UGHH BLOG


Dante Hill shares his latest new single "Hit Her Up," from "While We Work," on Soundcloud. Dante Hill is a NY-based rapper representing the musical collective known as The Rooftop Dreamteam. Writing poetry since 11 years-old, Dante began rapping seriously at 15, when his peers began to acknowledge his ability to put together freestyles over beats. Dante's current style of music serves as a pleasurable mix of sincerity arranged through well-spoken lyricism, and catchy wordplay that the mainstream audience can love just the same. Through his efforts, Dante hopes to turn his collective into a serious business, built through the integrity and honesty of his music. Learn more about Hit Her Up by Dante Hill on Juss Russ Radio and Artist Sounds. - JUSS RUSS

"**NEW SINGLE** By Dante Hill - "Momentum" Presented By Rooftop DreamTeam"

The Bronx native Dante Hill comes back with his newly released promotional single off his upcoming EP that will be released later this month. Unlike his previous release Freshman Year that garnered considerable attention a few months ago, Dante finds himself flowing melodically over laid back retro production. This track "Momentum" is a pivotal track for Dante Hill and his music career as it shows the transition he has made from last year to this new year of 2016 carrying that same "Momentum" that he has had with him since the last release. With well developed lyrics and content this song proves to be one of Dante Hill's best in his music catalog so I can only imagine what this EP being released this January will have in store for his fans and viewers! The contagiously catchy hook in this track guarantees that Dante and his Rooftop DreamTeam will only continue to build "momentum" leading into the new year. Check out more of the New York artists work below and get hip to the movement and his music if you ain't already and underneath that you can follow him on his social media links for up to date music news and info on The Bronx artist, Dante Hill. Thank you and enjoy fam. - THIS IS 50


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"[TI50] **NEW MUSIC VIDEO** By Dante Hill - "Flag" (Official Music Video)"

Dante Hill, the Bronx native is following up his retro produced single off his upcoming project, song titled "Momentum" and "Hit Her Up". He comes back with his new visual for his newest single entitled "Flag" after just a week ago killing the morning show with Sway In The Morning show displaying his heavy bars and lyricism from the Bronx emcee and songwriter. Get hip to Dante Hill if you ain't already and check out more of his music along with looking out for his upcoming full length projects. Check out more of his music below. Thank you and enjoy fam. - This Is 50


Still working on that hot first release.



Independent recording artist, Dante Hill, serves as an excellent example of success through talent and hard work.  After establishing his musical style as personally reflective and honest, Dante immediately began to make his rounds in the industry in amazing ways. Since releasing his debut EP While We Work last year (recorded with Atlantic Records best engineers), Dante has released 3 music videos, each surpassing 1k views with little to no promotion and all featuring dramatically different subject matter. He's been featured on Sway in the Morning where he was interviewed, and performed a freestyle that made waves through social media. He's headlined 3 shows at the legendary SOB's to sold out houses. He's been a chosen act in involvement with the Ruff Ryders Reunion Tour, where he impressed established music professionals. And he headlined several shows during SXSW with the likes of TI and Jack Thriller. The Bronx artist has become an ASCAP certified songwriter and has used this newest accolade to expand his songwriting into other genres and has been commissioning work for artists smaller, and bigger than himself. With his "Rooftop" music collective, Dante continues to push the envelope in amazing ways; all before the release of his second project. 

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