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David Catallo

Guelph, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo World Acoustic




"Music Lives"

I first heard about David Catallo when I was sitting at the Cornerstone looking at posters for upcoming events. At first I was a bit surprised to find a local classical guitar player – I hadn’t heard of David before but I’m definitely glad I came across his name. Personally, I love discovering new kinds of music and I always find it refreshing to see a new generation of musicians who are following their passions, even if those passions take them off the beaten path. David’s history and passion for classical guitar are both impressive and it definitely comes across in his playing. We got in touch with David to learn a little more about him, his inspirations, and passions.

Music Lives: How did you discover classical guitar?

David Catallo: I began playing electric guitar and steel-string acoustic when I was around 12 years old, and I was self-taught, basically going through the popular bands and the classic rock stuff; Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, The Tea Party, Van Halen, etc. It was all pretty common repertoire for teenage guitarists, but then when I turned 17, my uncle gave me a John Williams CD (John Williams the classical guitarist and not the Star Wars theme composer). I was immediately blown away by how the whole classical guitar genre treated the instrument like a self-contained symphony with bass notes harmonizing against melodic lines. all simultaneously on only six strings. From then on I started learning everything I could, still being self-taught. I began taking lessons with Bobby Edwards who took me to the next level, where self-teaching really couldn’t get me. I had been studying for the last three years under artists like Emma Rush and at York University with Brian Katz, Lorne Lofsky, and Roger Scannura and I have recently moved to Guelph.

ML: What kind of influences inspire you?

DC: I am inspired by Paco de Lucia, who sadly died this year, which is heart-breaking because he was truly the preeminent master of flamenco guitar. Over the last three years my classical training has shifted to become more focused on Flamenco guitar, so all the greats of flamenco guitar are very influential to me right now. Paco Pena, Sabicas, Vicente Amigo, and, of course, my present flamenco teacher, Roger Scannura based out of Toronto. He has brought all of his expertise he learned from Spain right here to Ontario and has been supremely gracious enough to teach me those traditions along with skills in dancer and singer accompaniment. He is a leading exponent Nuevo Flamenco and is still teaching me many advanced approaches to composition in Flamenco.

ML: It looks like you’ve played a pretty wide array of events from weddings to coffee shops. What kinds of event do you enjoy playing and why?

DC: My favourite events would have to be weddings. When hired to do weddings along with flamenco dancers from Ritmo Flamenco (a Toronto Flamenco dance company owned and operated by the talented Scannuras:, Roger, Valerie and Anjelica Scannura), there is so much joy from the audience when they see the dancers accompanied by high energy guitar rhythms and get a feel of a rustic Andalusian fiesta. They are always very appreciative. While playing restaurants I like to infuse a few high energy flamenco songs as well, like some rumbas and a malaguena just to have peoples ears perk up and get them dancing a little bit in their seats. -


Still working on that hot first release.



David Catallo, Flamenco and Classical Guitarist

David Catallo has been studying Classical Guitar and Flamenco Guitar for the last 12 years. He has studied under Emma Rush, Bobby Edwards, Lorne Lofsky, and Brian Katz. He started playing electric guitar, as most teenagers are apt to do, however, when he first heard John Williams it completely changed how he approached the guitar. The guitar, much like the piano or accordian, provides its own accompaniment and can stand alone beautifully as a passionate and soulful instrument. Soon after discovering John Williams he discovered the likes of Paco de Lucia, and Paco Pena as well as Julian Bream and Roland Dyens. He has been playing at coffee shops and restaurants as well as at weddings and events in Southern Ontario for the last 3 years.

David Catallo has recently released a debut solo guitar album featuring original compositions in the genre of flamenco and classical guitar. The album is entitled "La Fuente y El Arroyo" and features an eclectic mix of flamenco palos based compositions and world music inspired classical pieces. He is has dazzling speed combined with heartfelt texture and rhythm.


David Catallo has studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music. If you are interested in having solo guitar music at your next event please feel free to contact David Catallo 

"David Catallo is an outstanding guitarist, able to bridge classical and flamenco guitar flawlessly. His technique is clean and his tone is deep and moving while able to play with dazzling speed and accuracy" - Roger Scannura

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