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Memphis, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Premiere: Daz Rinko Gives Up On "Following Love""

With some pitched down humming that harmonizes soaring synths, Daz Rinko’s “Following Love” takes flight. Joined by a punchy beat and a funk bass line, the Memphis artist raps in sing-song about heartbreak. The hook, which repeats the mantra that you “Can’t keep following love,” spills across the song with fuzzy distortion and reverb, countered by a clear female backing vocal. Daz’s underwater bridge takes aim at the shorty who made him feel this way with lines like, “You ain’t got no conscience girl, you ain’t got no lovin’ girl.”

It was written after a particularly bad break up, Daz tells Mass Appeal. “We actually broke it off a day before my last tape dropped. I really tried to take from all my past relationships while writing it in its entirety, though.”

The melodies and tones, produced by Donato, are reminiscent of The Pharcyde’s “Runnin’,” evoking a similar vibe about similar subject matter. Daz ties his sound in with Goldlink’s future bounce wave, a bright, danceable genre-blending sound with rap at its core. Watch for a new Daz Rinko EP to drop sometime soon. - Mass Appeal

"Daz Rinko Switches It Up On "Following Love""

Daz Rinko is one of our favorite emerging rappers in the underground scene. The Memphis born and bred artist has been quiet for the past couple months but switched it up for a hot sec on his new track "Following Love" produced by Donato.
Read more at http://earmilk.com/2017/03/30/daz-rinko-switches-it-up-on-following-love/#DPR8Jz3KusTQh7BK.99 - EARMILK

"Daz Rinko Responds to Police Brutality in Latest Single "SOS""

The media portrays political messages that do not always include the hard facts of what is truly taking place behind the camera. Today there’s plenty of talks about police brutality and racism, which have always been relevant issues in our country. The lack of authenticity was caught by Daz Rinko, revealing his thoughts on the subject matter on his track ‘SOS.’

The Memphis rapper features theMIND on ‘SOS’ with a soulful and optimistic approach in human equality. Regardless of how difficult it may be to stay strong through these misfortunes is essential. The message behind the song is to never give into the system and to always keep fighting through the hardships placed on people in today’s society.

Read the entire story at https://thelunchtabletalks.com/daz-rinko-sos/. - The Lunch Table

"5 On It: The Future Party"

In our hot take, blink-and-you-missed it society, we tend to spend an unhealthy amount of time and attention on trivial things and, worse yet, on analyzing those trivial things. All of us—particularly those of us who spend an inordinate amount of our days searching for great rap music on the Internet, in clubs, in studios, or wherever it lives—could do well to take a step back and constantly remind ourselves what’s most important in our lives (there’s a great parable about this sort of perspective that my father used to share with me every so often involving a professor, golf balls, pebbles, sand, and beer).

Music, of course, is hugely important to so many of us in maintaining our happiness and sanity, but the analysis of music and culture, while potentially illuminating and important for pushing our thinking forward, can sap one of the most indefinable art forms of its healing powers.

"I don’t really know what to say/Put the radio on this when you had a bad day"

Memphis rapper Daz Rinko’s “Vibe Wit Me” isn’t a cure all, but it is the sort of song that puts music’s palliative function first and foremost, a would be release from daily difficulties. “Vibe Wit Me” likely won’t change your life, but it should make your weekend better. - Pigeons & Planes

"Daz Rinko - Luv Ya"

http://djbooth.net/tracks/review/06106-daz-rinko-luv-ya - DJBooth

"Civil Selects"

To show how he really feels Daz Rinko drops all the details about his WCW, maybe his WCE, in “Angel.” Showing that he is willing to do anything, Rinko flows over the up tempo single and keeps the hook simple to the sample. - KarenCivil.com

"Versatile Daz Rinko is back with "Come Again""

With the recent announcement of his forthcoming EP, LIFTED, Daz Rinko released the first single titled “Come Again“. Finding nice flows over upbeat R.O.M production, Rinko tells a story of a woman in his life and how they grew together, and how if they separate he still wants her in his life no matter what. This track is another example of Rinko showing his versatility, attacking beats of fused genres. Stay tuned for updates on his forthcoming EP.

In the mean time, take a listen to “Come Again” below! - BLUNTIQ

"PREMIERE: Daz Rinko - Angel (Video)"

Daz Rinko began as a Soundcloud Diggin find a couple weeks back but now we’re proud to premiere his new animated music video for “Angel”. The vivacious, lively single is met by some equally hyper visuals. Like i’ve mentioned before, if you like Goldlink and his dance-infused, bouncy sound, you’ll be glad I put you onto Memphis’ Daz Rinko.

This single will be included on Daz’ upcoming L.I.F.T.E.D. EP, due out this summer. - Fashionably-Early

"Watch: Daz Rinko Animates "Angel""

Memphis MC Daz Rinko has dropped an animated video for his popular love letter song, Angel. Over Planet Giza’s bounce hop beat that’ll get the party started, Daz spits about a borderline goddess that he’s been infatuated with since 10th grade. With music like this, I’m sure she’s hit up Daz by now.

Watch the Andrew McGinnis of Gnarlificent animated visuals below and look out for Daz’s L.I.F.T.E.D. EP due for this spring. - Ohestee

"Daz Rinko - "Angel" (Video)"

Daz Rinko, an upcoming bounce/hip-hop artist based out of Memphis, Tennessee, is making his debut on the #NSM homepage with the release of his brand new video for “Angels”.

“Angels” is the second single off of Daz’s forthcoming project entitled L.I.F.T.E.D , which is set to release sometime this spring.

The motion graphics visual, created by Andrew McGinnis, draws you in, making it tough to turn your attention to anything else. It fits the tempo and vibe of the track perfectly and increases your listening experience.

Be sure to peep the video above and if you dig the style, check out more from Daz on his Soundcloud and Twitter! - New Sick Music

"Daz Rinko Releases A Crisp Animated Visual for "Angel""

With the L.I.F.T.E.D. EP on the way, eclectic rapper Daz Rinko provides his fans with a music video for one of his most popular tracks, “Angel“. Rinko took an animated approach, going to Andrew McGinnis of Gnarlificent, who was the creator of this video. This style of visuals is something different from Rinko, but being different is something that will carry Rinko to the top.

Check out the visual for “Angel” below! - BLUNTIQ

"Daz Rinko Turns Up the Tempo for His 'Angel'"

Daz Rinko sounds likes he trying to score some points on “Angel,” by loosely dedicating his new single to the woman of his desires. Listing out her hometown, likes and dislikes, the Memphis MC lays out all the reasons he’s jonesing for his heavenly’s lady’s love, doing so in style over a progressive dance groove from producer Planet Giza that never stops getting better. Considering this brow-wetting jam from Rinko’s upcoming spring release is bound to earn thousands of spins from groovy souls across the world, said female should be pretty flattered.

Nice move, Daz. Nice move. - UPROXX - The Smoking Section

"New Music: Daz Rinko - "Angel""

Up and coming Memphis artist Daz Rinko channels his inner GoldLink for his bouncy new offering, titled “Angel”.

Every guy, at some point, has encountered that girl that spends so much time in his head, that she should be paying rent. Daz vividly and playfully illustrates just that, in this new, Planet Giza-produced loosie.

Be on the lookout for Daz’s upcoming EP, due later this year. For now, enjoy “Angel”. - RESPECT Mag

"10 Track Commandments, Vol. 11: Shit You Shouldn't Sleep On"

I like to dig through SoundCloud. So here, I present the results of my excavations (in alphabetic order): Nine tracks released in the past month that you shouldn’t miss, plus a tenth track that’s kinda old but still knocks. Hopefully this’ll help get you through the rest of your week, to the blessed lituation that we often call the weekend. #TYBG.

3. Daz Rinko – “VIBE WIT ME” With Soulection spurring along its future bounce “Sound of Tomorrow,” the aesthetic is seeping into all corners of hip-hop. Indeed, it is a sound that everyone’s trying to bandwagon, and often imitation is not the best form of flattery. But Memphis’s Daz Rinko’s execution on “VIBE WIT ME” takes on a larger scope. He’s shaken any kind of Southern intonation, instead opting for a dynamic and spry beat by Soulection producer PYRMDPLAZA, proving that musical precedents don’t necessarily have to box you in. - The Hundreds

"Daz Rinko Delivers an Upbeat Groove with "Angel""

Memphis based emcee, Daz Rinko has been under the radar for a bit, delivering buoyant rhymes over Soulection-esque instrumentation. He just released a new track entitled, “Angel” as a follow up to his last hit, “Vibe Wit Me.”

The upbeat instrumentation, and graceful background vocals compliment his GoldLink like flow and moxie. Stream “Angel” below and keep an eye out for this Memphis artist in 2016. - Artistic Manifesto

"Daz Rink Tells Listeners to "Vibe Wit Me""

After reaching 30,000 total plays on Soundcloud, Daz Rinko blesses us with a new track titled “VIBE WITH ME“. Continuing with his progressive beat choice, Rinko chooses another beat from Soulection, successfully delivering the good vibes he preaches in all of his tracks. Rinko has the chance to set the Memphis rap scene in a new direction, and ultimately on a new level of music. As we move into the future, keeping an eye on artists like Rinko is imperative.

Check out his new track “VIBE WITH ME” below! - BLUNTIQ

"5 On It: Assorted Strains"

Memphis rapper Daz Rinko doesn’t sound like what you might expect from a Memphis rapper—no discernible Southern drawl as he hops energetically across producer PYRMDPLAZA’s future beat thump on recent single “Ran.” It’s a breath of intriguing (if perhaps not “fresh,” since the Internet makes all ideas accessible always) air from one of rap’s most storied and pillaged cities, a sign of the inevitable intermingling of ideas and a reminder that it’s never what you do but how it’s done. - Pigeons & Planes

"Daz Rinko Releases an Ode to "Zendaya""

In what seems like a pure stream of quality output, Memphis rapper Daz Rinko releases a new track titled “Zendaya“. It is clear who this song is dedicated too, and Daz addresses the reasons why she should be with him. Chris McClenney laced the beat, adding to the unique soundscape of Daz’s catalogue. Listen to “Zendaya” below and let us know what you think! - BLUNTIQ


L.I.F.T.E.D EP - Spring 2016



Daz Rinko is a breath of fresh air. The Hip-Hop artist from Memphis, TN is known for his upbeat and positive jams, as well as his genre blending style.

With the release of his June 2016 mixtape LIFTED, Daz made nothing short of a memorable first impression. LIFTED showcased Daz's southern twist on the future bounce movement.

He and his music have been featured on outlets such as Pigeons & Planes, EARMILK, DJBooth, Mass Appeal, RESPECT Mag, The Hundreds, All Def Digital, and a number of others.

Daz is preparing for the release of a new EP in 2017.

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