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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Electronic Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"NXNE Weekend Review"

[...] I arrived disheveled and sweaty for the 2AM Dinosaur Dinosaur set, only to find the happily, huddled masses packed like plaid-clad sardines. [...] - Plaid Magazine

"Photos: iM Showcase – ILLITRY, DINOSAUR DINOSAUR, OPOPO, ELEKTROTANK (2012-04-14 @ The Annex Live)"

Collection of photos (10-21) from a live performance April 14, 2012 at the Annex Live by Liz Gareri - The Indie Machine

"Photos: iM Showcase – DINOSAUR DINOSAUR, GOOD CONDUCT, CURSED ARROWS, MONTY CANTSIN (2012-12-14 @ The Annex Live)"

Collection of photos (1-7) from a live performance on Dec 14, 2012, at the Annex Live by Liz Gareri - The Indie Machine

"Urban Planner: Aug 3rd 2012"

MUSIC: You could pay through the nose to see Snoop Dogg’s new incarnation as “Snoop Lion,” or to see the sold-out Jesus and Mary Chain show. But how about this instead? Moon Valley Pictures is looking to shoot a short film later this summer, and has put together a packed bill of music, comedy and more tonight to fund the flick. Its Friday Night Soundtrack event will include performances from popular local bands Jumple and Dinosaur Dinosaur, a raffle, hosts The Trumpeters, and more. The Garrison (1197 Dundas Street West), doors at 9 p.m., $10. - Torontoist

"NXNE 2012: How to Go Electronic"

Where to Go: [...] We’d also highly recommend local electronic—music blog Silent Shout‘s “Snythbeque” on June 16, at Milk Glass Co. In fact, that blog is a top-notch resource to check for electronic acts. If they’re a Silent Shout alumnus, like Dinosaur Dinosaur (The Painted Lady, June 16, 1 a.m.) or Phedre (Sneaky Dee’s, June 15, 12 a.m.), chances are they’ll draw the hometown electronic fans. - Torontoist

"Dinosaur Dinosaur perform on the Indie Machine"

Silent Shout alumni Dinosaur Dinosaur recently did a live session with The Indie Machine, playing acoustic versions of “Transcontinental” and “F”. Kinda strange to hear them unplugged, but they do it well, 12-string styles.

http://vimeo.com/15078809 - Silent Shout

"Video: Dinosaur Dinosaur – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)"

Toronto electronic post punk/shoegaze band Dinosaur Dinosaur doing a beautiful cover of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, followed by one of their own great songs, “F.” Video by Karl Leung.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=T31hcIntiWI - Silent Shout


You’ll get double the DINO DAMAGE whenever you catch up with Toronto ambient-rock trio Dinosaur Dinosaur (and by dino damage we’re most likely referring to fun… or are we?).

Though it is probably a good thing that a certain crazed old philanthropist didn’t try to put this gang on display in a certain island amusement park…

Check out their songs Spooky Action At A Distance and We Have A Fish in the embed below – While you’re at it, try hitting them up over on Facebook for more prehistoric fun.

http://vimeo.com/34152707 - The Indie Machine

"Dinosaur Dinosaur - The Silver Dollar Room (redux)"

A cinematic, kaleidoscopic sound that’s rooted in trip-hop, ambient-jazz, post-punk and dream-pop, Dinosaur Dinosaur straddle the divide between hypnotic beats, washes of shimmering electronics, and atmospheric guitars. The result is a sci-fi sensory experience that’s potently beautiful and atmospheric. - The Lonely Vagabond

"Dinosaur Dinosaur"

On Friday I went to see a band, Dinosaur Dinosaur at Teranga in Kensington Market. I’ve known the lead singer for atleast 5 years now, but have yet to have had the opportunity to see her new band live.

Prior to going to see her show I went on their website ( http://dinodinoband.com/ ) and downloaded 4 free tracks that they have. They are live recordings, so not the best… though they make it quite clear that this band is teeming with talent. Their sound is something of a dark gothic feel, mid-set they appropriately did a stunning cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” and that’s what reeled me in— quirky, dark, dancy – what more can you really ask for?

Lots is happening for this band… On September 23rd they are performing at a fundraiser I am helping to organize ( http://bit.ly/beuB3S ) and after that they will be busy as bees trying to get their first e.p. together before playing a gig at Toronto Indie Week.

Keep an eye out for them, they’ll knock your socks off.

- Nando Martins - Nandoisms

"BAND WATCH: Dinosaur Dinosaur"

Honestly, with a name like Dinosaur Dinosaur, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this relatively new Toronto band. After listening to some of their demos, I was glad I had checked them out. The 3-piece likes to describe their sound as ‘post-shoegaze dancepunk’. To get a feel for what they're talking about, grab the demo ‘Sum Of Tomorrow’s Parties’ here. You can also head over to Myspace and check out some of their other recorded material. The band is currently in the process of recording a debut EP, which is expected to be completed some time this fall. Catch them live tonight, as they play Teranga in Kensington Market as part of the new Silent Shout night. Keep an eye on this band people, I expect big things to come. For more info and up-coming shows head over to their website. - David Marskell - The Indie Machine

"Dinosaur Dinosaur - The Silver Dollar"

Nothing serves as the endurance of electronic noise-mongering than Dinosaur Dinosaur where a drum-n-bass-rave-up collides with shimmering wails of sound. This three-piece delivers an intoxicating amalgam of fuzzy psychedelic guitar flourishes wrapped around programmed electro-beats and droning synth washes that compliment Helen Androlia’s soul-stirring vocals. Managing to pull all these influences together, this is truly a unique sound that pushes the horizons of sonic potency. - The Lonely Vagabond

"MP3 REVIEW: Dinosaur Dinosaur “The Gulf”"

MP3 REVIEW: Dinosaur Dinosaur “The Gulf”
What begins sounding like Fleetwood Mac with some distortion added in (I dubbed it Fuzzwood Mac) can become a bit of pop with those hints of dance and rock both. I feel like “The Gulf” is something that I’ve been waiting a long time for and, well, it kind of is just that.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t been that long as it was all within the past year, but sometimes I get impatient when it comes to music and I do feel like I’ve been waiting forever, yet I often also feel overwhelmed by how music is generally on my plate.

What I like about Dinosaur Dinosaur, which they flawlessly display on “The Gulf”, is that they are a cross between Madonna and Garbage. I never really find myself singing any Garbage songs to this album, but sometimes I hear enough of the vibes coming out where I’ll hum “My baby’s got a secret”.

Still, Dinosaur Dinosaur has managed to take two styles of music that are quite different and combine them in a way that sounds great to these ears. Even if you’re not a fan of a band such as Garbage or a singer/actress/whatever such as Madonna, the two ingredients mix so well that you don’t have to like them individually to appreciate the combined sound.

Perhaps that is the true testament to exactly how innovative and genius this album is.

The Gulf is available as a Name Your Price Download but I recommend a $5 donation.
http://dinodinoband.bandcamp.com/album/the-gulf-2 - Raised By Gypsies

"MP3: Dinosaur Dinosaur – Somniloquy"

This has been a long time coming. Dinosaur Dinosaur played the first ever Silent Shout, and now have finally released their first single, with an EP on the way later this summer. The track is beautifully atmospheric shoegaze drone with a motorik beat and an infectiously repetitive baseline. Ultimately it’s the the pop sensibilities of lead singer Helen Androlia, like a cross between Austra and David Byrne, that grounds the more ambitious sonic elements of the track.

You can download the single, which also features another song, on their bandcamp for PWYC. - Silent Shout

"SBSR: Dinosaur Dinosaur "Somniloquy""

SBSR: Dinosaur Dinosaur "Somniloquy"
Name Your Price Download

“Somniloquy” – We open with some funky beats and this song just sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Remember Len? Now female vocals kick in. I’m hearing PJ Harvey. Maybe a little Garbage. Not that I’m really paying attention, though I guess I should have heard it myself, but this band does have a drum machine. He’s the fourth member of the band- Roland- and I want to interview him! This reminds me of Garbage the more that it progresses, especially like the song they did for the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Of course the singer of Dinosaur Dinosaur has her own unique voice, but it does parallel Shirley Manson at times. I’d also call this synth pop. The bass has a fairly prominent role as well. See, Flea, you don’t need to show off to be heard. This song is about seven minutes and it’s been going on for four now, but it doesn’t feel like that long. I like the way her voice kind of waves in and out. The vocals at the end of this song (Well, nearing the end) have a pattern that could be something from a Tori Amos song I’m sure. This song has a nice beat, but overall it feels mellow to me for some reason, so I like that contrast. It appears as if we’re stopping closer to the 6:30 mark and then doing some weird fading in and out sounds to end the song.

“We Have A Fish” – After giving it much consideration, I do believe I will email this band now and request an interview with Roland. This song might just remind me of PJ Harvey because it’s about fish. The drum beat is nice though, as it kind of skips. Roland is clearly the star of this band. After everyone else, of course. She’s actually singing about having a fish, which is kind of cool. I was kind of hoping that they’d have some songs about dinosaurs, but oh well. Maybe their full length can be titled “Jurassic Classic”. This whole bridge building to the three minute marker is all Roland! And it fades out with Roland! Huzzah!! - Raised By Gypsies


Dinosaur Dinosaur have posted their most current self-produced demo and rehearsal recordings, both on Sonicbids.com and their Soundcloud page.

They are currently in studio, working on their debut EP, to be released Summer 2013.



A three piece residing in Toronto, Dinosaur Dinosaur happily wallows in that grey area between distinct contrasts. The lines between high tech and lo-fi, tension and relaxation, distortion and melody are all gleefully blurred into a sound that is at once familiar and completely unique.

Despite the above paragraph, the band would like to maintain that there is really only one truly pretentious member, one who is not in the slightest and a third who simply has a gift for the big words.

Comprising of an absolutely ancient drum machine; a fairly complex synthesizer; one bass; one guitar; that darn melodica and several home-made and store-bought delay pedals, Dinosaur Dinosaur formed in its current incarnation in August 2009. From their debut appearance in early 2010, they have since taken the Toronto electro scene by storm, quickly amassing an ardent following with their hypnotic live performances at such high-profile events as NXNE, Silent Shout, and Canadian Indie Week.

Between James Mulligan’s walls of sonic distortion, Zain Jafry’s frenetic bass attacks and Helen Androlia’s vocal melodrama, they have created a sound that has been referred to as ‘the shoegaze Eurythmics’ and ‘a sci-fi sensory experience that’s potently beautiful and atmospheric’.

And yes, before you ask, they do really like dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Dinosaur’s current obsessions include (but are not limited to): extreme karaoke // still debating Ian Curtis’ vocal merits // pizza // that video of the Birthday Party on German t.v. // buying instruments on Craigslist // talking science // literal dancing // mass extinction theories // Twin Peaks // still debating the validity of pop music // broken strings // ichthyophobia // Mr. Chow // studying // aleatoric compositional techniques // still debating whether or not to go to the after-party // puns

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