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DJ Tekwun

Peekskill, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Peekskill, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop


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"DJ Tekwun - Cassette Music"

"Cassette Music" is the latest album from Westchester County, NY producer/emcee DJ Tek-Wun. The album features guest appearances from Edo G, Sadat X, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Erox and others as well as production from Erox and Ty Bless, but mostly all tracks are produced by DJ Tek-Wun himself. It was released on September 17, 2014 over on DJ Tek-Wun's Bandcamp page.

1) Cassette Music Intro​​ - The first song on the album finds DJ Tek-Wun spitting a quick verse about "keeping it hip-hop" over a crazy guitar loop with no real drums. The beat is dope and Tekwun sounds great over it. I'm really feelin' this, especially for an intro. - 4/5

2) Shut Em Down (featuring Focus Eazy)​​ - The beat on this cut features a beautiful harp or string sample layered over hard ass drums that have my head nodding like crazy. The instrumental sounds like something straight out of the golden era of hip-hop and both DJ Tek-Wun and Focus Eazy rip it with their verses. This shit is fire. - 5/5

3) Do My Thing (featuring Ace, Infinite and Songbird Nonya)​​ - DJ Tek-Wun teams up with Ace and Infinite over a darker beat with some bubbly synths and boom-bap drums. The instrumental is dope and all three emcees come correct over it while Songbird Nonya just provides the hook. While it's not quite as good as the previous song, in my opinion, it's still pretty ill. - 3.5/5

4) Pay Attention (Hi-Res Remix) (featuring Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard and Erox)​​ - This was one of the singles released in promotion of the album and it's real nice. The beat is fire, with some sparkling chimes, stuttering drums and ill DJ cuts, and all three emcees are on point with their rhymes. Dope shit. - 4.25/5

5) DJ Daz Speaks​​ - Skit.

6) Timeless (featuring Edo G)​​ - DJ Tek-Wun and veteran Boston rapper Edo G kick some boastful bars over another dope instrumental with a reverberating sample over deep bass. So far the production on this album has been really ill and this track is no exception. Luckily the rhymes have been just as strong. Another banger. - 4.25/5

7) Sound Like (featuring Cans)​​ - The beat on this cut is mainly centered around some falling pianos over more boom-bap drums that have me nodding my head yet again. Lyrically the song is just as good as the beat, with DJ Tek-Wun and guest Cans both flowing nicely over the production and spitting some braggadocios bars. - 4/5

8) Power Source Speaks​​ - Skit.

9) Rewind (featuring Ty Bless)​​ - Now this is a little different. It's not often you hear songs with instrumentals centered around beatboxing nowadays, but this one is and it's real nice. The beat is a joint effort by Ty Bless and DJ Tek-Wun and I'm really feelin' the throwback feel to it. As far as the rhymes go, both emcees are just having fun on here and spitting some "hot shit." - 3.5/5

10) New York Thoro (featuring Chedda Bang and Focus Eazy)​​ - DJ Tek-Wun, Chedda Bang and Focus Easy kick some more aggressive bars over a darker instrumental with a foreboding sample, a hard-hitting cymbal and stomping drums. This joint is nice, but it isn't really a standout cut for me. - 3/5

11) I Does This (featuring EL)​​ - This is another one of the songs that was released in promotion of the album and it's a banger. The beat sounds like it uses the same sample as Jeru The Damaja's "My Mind Spray", but I may be way off on that (as I usually am). Regardless, I'm really diggin' the production on this one and both emcees rip it. - 4.5/5

12) Erox Interlude​​ - Alright now this one sounds like it uses the same sample as Gravediggaz "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide", just flipped a little differently. I'm pretty sure its the same sample, but it's nice either way and finds Erox spitting a quick solo verse over the self-produced instrumental. - 3.5/5

13) War (featuring Erox)​​ - DJ Tek-Wun and Erox declare war on wack emcees over a string-heavy instrumental with boom-bap drums and some crazy scratching on the chorus. This shit is pretty dope, but it's not my favorite track on here. - 3/5

14) DJ Nat Speaks​​ - Skit.

15) I Thought Ya’ll Knew (featuring Sadat X) - This joint finds DJ Tek-Wun linking up with the legendary Sadat X over a darker instrumental with a sort of ominous sample over hard ass drums. The beat is flames and both emcees rip it, as should be expected. Yeah, I'm a fan of this one. Very dope. - 4/5

​​16) Keep Bouncin’ - The final song on the album features Tek-Wun going solo over another banging instrumental with a darker vibe. The beat is nuts, with a kind of haunting sample layered over neck breaking drums, and Tek-Wun bodies it while spitting some of his usual boastful bars. Very nice way to close out the project. - 4/5

I'm going to rate the album

4 / 5

because it's dope as hell. The beat are banging throughout, with DJ Tek-Wun putting a modernized spin on that classic 90's boom-bap sound and managing to keep it sounding fresh at the same time. The bass hits hard and the samples are appropriately dark and gritty, which is how I've always liked my hip-hop. As far as the rhymes go, the album is just as strong as the production, with DJ Tek-Wun keeping up lyrically with some of my favorite veteran emcees. His delivery and style is aggressive, which meshes perfectly with the instrumentals he has crafted on here and helps to sell the whole package. If you are a fan of that gritty boom-bap sound, look no further. Cop the album below. - Rap Essence

"DJ Tekwun - Cassette Music"

DJ Tekwun provides us with our dose of raw boom-bap hip-hop with the release of his latest project Cassette Music. The New York producer/DJ draws on the Big Apple’s gritty 90s hip-hop output to draw the musical canvas on Cassette Music. Throughout, aggressive rhymes from featured acts like Edo. G, Sadat X, Focus Easy and others compliment Tekwun’s simple drum patterns and chopped samples. For boom-bap fans, this one’s a good spin; for modernists, do not think something is left to be desired. Cassette Music focuses on boom-bap, yes, but it also incorporates a smoky vibe akin to today’s watery-electronica auras heard on a number of popular records. For those late night car rides, DJ Tekwun’s Cassette Music will undoubtedly make a good head-nodding playlist and add some heated energy to these cold fall nights coming upon us. You can stream and purchase the album via Bandcamp. - See more at: - Hip Hop Speak Easy

"DJ Tekwun - Cassette Music"

From track 1 to track 16, DJ Tekwun’s new EP “Cassette Music” had my head in a state of constant head nod. If i had to say it my self the vibe of this whole project was a cross between The Roots’s Illadelph Halflife and Lord Finesse’s Funky Technician albums. This project is ill in so many levels. You must put this in constant rotation if you’re a real hiphop head like myself. Oh and did i forget to mention there are collabs with EDO G, Sadat X and more! #respect and 5 outta 5 baby. this is my shit for real. Peace to my man’s and em Rich Starang and the mad talented DJ Tekwun. Download this project here (FOR REAL HIP HOP HEADS ONLY). - Hip Hop Ruckus

"DJ Tekwun - Cassette Music (Review)"

Lets take a few minutes and check out his newest release.

We had the pleasure of getting an early release of Tekwun’s newest album entitled ‘Cassette Music’ and if you’re a fan of snap/trap/garbage rap like Young Thug then this is NOT an album for you. This is what we like to call authentic Hip Hop. This album sounds like it was birthed in the 90’s with the hard-hitting drums and snares to coincide.

With features from Edo G, EL, Focus Easy, Cans, Sadat X, Chedda Bang and Pudgee The Phat Bastard just to name a few, we must admit it was well worth the wait of this project. Tekwun stays to his hip hop roots and delivers nothing but the art in its truest form. With all tracks (excluding Rewind Co Produced by Ty Bless and “Erox Interlude” Produced By Erox For Gravity Movement) produced by himself (TeksBook Productions) and of course taking care of super dope scratches on the cuts that call for it, Tekwun managed to put together a solid project for any fan of HIP HOP.

For an album that consist of 16 tracks, some of our stand out favorites are “Shut Em Down”, “New York Thoro”, “Rewind”, “War” and “I Does This”. These have been in constant rotation since we first put album on our iPods.Trust us there is a hand full more records on this project that shine but speaking off top to you have to check this records out in our opinions.

Tekwun’s flow is solid throughout the entire project and his style fits perfectly over the beats he has designed.

To some it up Tekwun doesn’t fall short on his latest album and is more than worth the $8.00 purchase on his BANDCAMP PAGE or on iTunes. We look forward to his upcoming video’s from this project and are curious what his next single off the album will be. If you haven’t seen his latest with Pudgee The Phat Bastard Called ‘Pay Attention’ we supplied that video for you down below. - Ashes & Drinks

"DJ Tekwun Featuring Edo G. - "Timeless" (Video)"

2nd single off the "Cassette Music" album by DJ Tekwun Feat. Boston Vet MC EDO.G. -

"DJ Tekwun Featuring Pudgee tha Phat Bastard & Erox - "Pay Attention" (Video)"

The First Single Off Of DJ Tekwun's Upcoming Album Entitled "Cassette Music" Feat. Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard & Erox.

Video Shot & Edited By Sage English -



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Since birth, DJ Tekwun has had a love for Hip Hop.  Growing up in Peekskill, NY about 40 minutes from New York City, he has always had a passion for the genre.  He has been in the Hip Hop industry for over 27 years, starting out rhyming as an MC, DJing, and finally as a producer.  As a DJ he has rocked clubs all over the United States, including NYC, Houston, Las Vegas, and Atlanta to name a few.  He currently has a weekly radio show on 91.3 FM WVKR based out of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Tekwun currently has 7 albums available for download on iTunes and various other sites, including beat tapes.  His most recent album is Cassette Music, which he plays all roles of the album making process.   He has also created, hosted, or appeared on many mixtapes, podcasts, etc.

Cassette Music includes features by such legendary Hip Hop emcees as Edo G, Sadat X, and Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard.  It is the culmination of a nearly 3 year process of Tek’s hunger for perfection and is easily his best work yet.  The album brings back Hip Hop to its essence and celebrates the “Boom Bap” era, which Tek and many others believe to be the Golden Era of Hip Hop.

Many more projects are in the works in the coming months and years, so look out for Tek in 2015 and beyond as he evolves as one of the best Producers, Emcees, and DJs in the world.