Dr Aqueous and The Fantastik Apparatus
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Dr Aqueous and The Fantastik Apparatus

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo EDM Rock




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Dr. Aqueous has been perfecting his style for many years. Blending funk, electronic, soul, hiphop, and rock, Dr Aqueous and the Fantastik Apparatus defines the term "Tronrock". Described as "a chemical Brothers remix of a Frank Zappa/Grateful Dead mashup," the live show is not to be missed. The Fantastik Apparatus is gaining a reputation as a spirited machine, often transporting everyone to times for which Dr. Aqueous did not plan. Is this the future or 1969?

Frank Zappa is often the first comparison that listeners conjure up and the esthetic similarities of doubled vocals and esoteric guitar parts are easy to hear! Add to that complex lyricism and general weirdness, and it all makes sense.
Though the Grateful Dead hold the most meaning for Dr. Aqueous, the way that their music corresponds to tronrock is often hard to explain. In short, the grateful dead taught Dr. Aqueous how to improvise amongst deepening his love for a number of music genres that he didn't have experience with on his own. Through the music of the Dead, he found new appreciation for Disco, folk, country, and jazz. Without this, the doc would probably have stayed locked in rock and metal. Expanding consciousness also allowed for electronic music to be considered, and paved the way for this project.

With Time Travel/Through the Wormhole Dr. Aqueous began working on the tronrock sound in the late nineties. Shortly out of high school, he went on a road trip with his best friend. They met some other friends in El Paso, Texas that were messing around with some electronic instruments and ingesting psychedelic drugs. At the time, Michael Heinerth was firmly rooted in classic rock with dreams to be the next Grateful Dead! Eventually, he partook in their drugs and experimented with the instruments. Somewhere during that trip, Dr Aqueous was born. As he traveled through the wormhole, much of his previous prejudice and reluctance towards electronic music were stripped away and this track came from that.
Across the Sea of Suns is a semiautobiographical account of a scientist travelling to a distant planet in search of love and connection. After crashing on an alien planet inhabited by sponges, he builds a companion from the parts of his ship's computer and some sponges. Then he decides to remain on this planet with his sponge wife only to see the image of a woman on the horizon. Has someone come to rescue him or is he losing it? The metaphors for Dr Aqueous's own life come from his travels in search of a place that felt more like home. His van broke down, he started a family with his girlfriend at the time, and then much later (long after this song was written) met his true soulmate.

Improvisational and structured, polished and rough, raw and serene. To every peak, there is a valley. To every ebb, there is a flow. Light, sound, water all move in waves. Join the socio-economic experiment in sound today. Join Doctor Aqueous and begin the journey.

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