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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"Drama The Artist Makes An Absolutely Massive Debut in 2021 – Mastodon – Now Available On Every Major Music Platform!"

Hot off the Press
Drama The Artist Makes An Absolutely Massive Debut in 2021 – Mastodon – Now Available On Every Major Music Platform!
In switching up his official moniker from DRVMATIK to Drama The Artist, the young mogul of the m-i-c signaled to the world that something absolutely massive was in the plans. Over the past year, he’s been working 24/7 around the clock in the lab, refining and perfecting a lineup of cuts that represent where he’s been & what he’s been through – and most importantly, sets the stage for the future of his legacy. For a transition in a career this significantly huge, Drama The Artist knew he had to go bigger, harder, and more epic than ever before to establish his name permanently in the game with the very best of the best. It was never simply making another great record listeners could turn up – the real mission has always been about changing the world by creating an unforgettable experience in music unlike any other. Over the course of fifteen groundbreaking cuts that flex seriously hybrid finesse in a wild combination of Rap, Trap, HipHop, R&B, Pop, Soul & more – Drama The Artist’s debut record Mastodon is full confirmation that he’s already got the insightful bars and highly addictive sound that artists search their entire careers to find. Proudly backed by True Fortune Entertainment and loaded up with powerful guest-stars from the frontlines of the scene in the set-list like Psykes, HellzFlame, Fr!day, & VonMakeHits – Mastodon is stocked with larger-than-life personalities and supercharged with verbal charisma that completely proves Drama The Artist & his crew are gifted with an ability to spit bars stronger than steel with bulletproof hooks. Armed with a full complement of shifting styles, gripping sensory vibes, intense collaborations, and massive beats designed to shake the walls & turn good times into great ones – DTA’s Mastodon not only confirms he’s on that next-level, but that he’s got everything it takes to reach #1 on charts & playlists around the globe. Don’t get caught sleepin’ – Mastodon is out & available online now! - Isssuewire

"Midwest Rapper Drama the Artist Shifts Gears and Shows His Attitude With His Catchy New Song “F*ck Cupid”"

Lincoln, Nebraska — Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 — Making the Decision to Push the Boundaries Once Again Pays Off Big Time For DTA. Acoustic Beats, Vibey Hooks and Hard Lyrics Oh My!

Following Up His Last Project “The Price of Fame” Proves No Issue Whatsoever for Drama. His Next Release “F*ck Cupid” drops 7/2 and is full of all the Elements You Want In a Song. He Completely Shifts From Hip-Hop to Bring an Alternative Masterpiece That Is Bound to Get Stuck in Your Head and Have You Running it Back.

When Talking to Drama we Asked him to Describe his Upcoming Album. He Kinda Chuckled and Said 4 Words to me: “It’s Unlike Anything Out There”. If That Doesn’t Get You Excited for What is to Come, I Don’t Know What Will. This Song will Serve as the First Single from his Upcoming Album ‘The Devil in the Garden’

This Song and the Whole Album was Written in the Middle of the Pandemic. He Wanted this Song to be Kind of a Theme Song for being Sick of All the Stress that Came with the Whole Situation. “Music is and Always Should be, In Part a Reflection of Your Reality. I was in the Hotel Because my House Caught Fire and my Life was Turned Upside Down” Drama Recounts: “All I could do was Make Music to Stay Somewhat Sane.”

His New Song “F*ck Cupid” will be on all platforms under Drama the Artist. It Drops on the Second of July. Keep an Eye out for this and more from DTA as he Works towards his Next Album.

You can keep up with All Things Drama the Artist by Going to his site dramatheartist.com and can Shop his Merch at dramatheartist.store - ArtistPR

"Drama The Artist – A Hardworking Independent Artist Taking The Musical Industry By Storm"

The path to stardom is no longer a straight and predictable one. Drama The Artist has challenged the age-old notion that an artist can only be famous if signed to a major record label. Instead, he has worked tirelessly for ten years as an independent artist and graphic designer to establish a successful career in music and as a live performer. His past with rock/punk bands and pop punk/post-hardcore influence can be felt clearly in the styles and sounds he creates. He is also working on a side project dynamic duo alongside friend and fellow artist “Fr!day”. Together the pair is known as Star Lordz. Aside from the music, Drama has built a successful career creating art for other independent artists and small businesses. Whether it be logo creation, designing album covers or simply creating fliers for shows and promotional content. He has been the go-to guy in the Midwest. During the pandemic however, it became evident that he would need to pivot his business to stay afloat.

Drama (aka Caleb Bruns) didn’t let this worry or stop him and instead started to offer new services. In 2020 he added Web-Design to his list of services which offers basic SEO. He’s designed quite a few sites now and is pleased to report lots of happy customers. “It doesn’t feel like work when I’m helping change how people feel about their business or musical release. I do it for the passion” He says. He has also begun offering photography services for live events, creating lyric videos, and most importantly merch duplication. He’s seen a lot of recent success from making custom clothing, keychains, custom ashtrays and grinders and more. He hopes to remain in demand for independent artists and small businesses and continues to work on growing and perfecting the new wing of his business. He is excited to be known as more than simply a rising star in the music industry by now extending his multi-headed business to the public. He is a budding entrepreneur who founded his small business to assist companies and independent artists of all sizes and stages to help them thrive in the digital age.

To establish a lasting first impression, he offers an exceptionally diverse experience that goes above and beyond conventional website creation. Wondering how to generate more traction for your music or business? If so Drama the Artist is the person to contact. He strives to treat everyone he meets with a level of respect and professionalism that is unrivaled in both the music scene and in a business setting. Moreover, he designs robust, appealing, and consumer-friendly graphics with an out-of-the-box approach. With his eagle-eye strategy, he provides cutting-edge services from graphic design to SEO and beyond. He is well-known and adored in his home bases of Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska for making both his music and his business enjoyable, pleasurable, and, unmatched in quality and professionalism. The Artist and his creative team are gifted with the capacity to create incredible experiences and live performances that are sure to leave people talking. He is currently marketing his recently released single “Sun Stain” and working hard to grow as an artist and business. Overall, his incredible music albums have garnered him a lot of attention. Attention he hopes to turn into a sustainable business to help independent artists succeed. - News Channel Nebraska


The Price of Fame - Mixtape - 2020
Mastodon - Album -2019
F*ck Cupid - Single
Apocalypse - Single 
Black Magic ft AJ the Dread - Single 
Sauce ft Psykes - Single
Moonrocks - SIngle 
Hurricane - Single 
3 Hits - EP (2020)



'Drama the Artist' is a National touring artist from Lincoln Nebraska.
Starting off at a young age with a passion for music it quickly became apparent to those around him that he would permanently be infatuated with creating it. Getting his start in small time bands, he eventually went solo to pursue being able to create freely. Priding himself on his versatility and his ability to write clean hooks he mainly makes what he likes to call “Punk Rap” which is made up of hard, punchy lyricism with Smooth, Melodic choruses. He doesn’t like to be defined by one style of music or genre however. Songs like his pop smash sensation "Hurricane" and Moody punkish Acoustic Ballads like "Don't Wanna Die(Campfire Song)" and "Apocalypse" are sure to give you a deeper understanding of the emotional side of Drama. His lyrics reflect heavily on human emotion and pain. The consistent themes you see in his message are "Growth and Perseverance with no shortage of Love" His constant Journey is striving to make music that is catchy, fun, and freeing, but with a serious undertone and a real message. 
Live Performances have been a staple in his career logging over 100 shows, and opening for big names like Tech N9ne, Caskey, Doobie, Smokepurpp,and many more. People have described Drama's live performances as "Powerful and Packed with Energy and Emotion." He is currently working on his Third Studio album "Art Work" and preparing for the third leg of the 'Astronauts Tour'

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