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Sacramento, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2001 | INDIE

Sacramento, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2001
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Millionaire Album Review"

Millionaire” is the debut album of West Coast Hip-hop artist “DraMatiQue” (pronounced as dramatic). Under the Newborn Records label, this is a strong first album from DraMatiQue, which draws musical flavor from the 2000s and combines it with modern production to present a new and unique sound. This album shows a lot of promise for the upcoming rapper in terms of bold production, creative flow, and sharp rhythmic hooks. It is safe to say Millionaire will put DraMatiQue on the radar for hip-hop enthusiasts. From the get-go, Millionaire starts with a robust rock-influenced track Why We Rock. It helps introduce DraMatiQue as a rapper who is finally living his dream of releasing a full-fledged project. His catchy hook and unique sound draw particular attention from his audience. By the end of the track, you feel yourself yearning for more. The next track on the album, The Moment, follows suit in terms of content. We are introduced to DraMatiQue’s slightly distorted vocals infusing clever wordplay with a vibey hook. He raps about how he has been looking forward to this moment and leaves a very inspirational effect on his listeners. His sound carries nostalgia for the 2000s and provides us with a somewhat traditional sound. In an age where young hip-hop heads favor mumble rap, DraMatiQue gives us a fresh reincarnation of a sound that many have grown up on. Tracks like Hangin On and Wake Up Call utilize a sharp blend of soul sampling, which is also reminiscent of the 2000s. These samples seem to be carefully curated and naturally incorporated within the tracks. Although the instrumentals are loud and flashy and in tune with DraMatiQue’s braggadocios tone, I never felt the sampling balance to be off. If anything, it complements DraMatiQue’s energy and charisma. Speaking of charisma, DraMatiQue has a lot of personality sprinkled throughout the record. From talking about growing up in the streets to making it in the world of hip-hop, he has stories and wordplay for everyone. In between tidbits about the realities of life and his work ethic, he does not shy away from rapping about the softer things. He talks about his mental health on Anxiety, giving us a vivid and relatable description of his bout with facing mental hardship and fear. He introduces us to his romantic interests, past flings, and his partner on tracks such as Above Water and Pretty Lil One. Showcasing his emotions and realness really helps give him multiple dimensions. It enables his listeners to view him as someone they can relate with. In tracks like Igrind and Hit the Wall, DraMatiQue takes the gloves off and gives us street anthems that listeners can vibe with. These varying styles and tones help make Millionaire stand out as a fresh and energetic project. The 18 track album punches way above its weight class with its character, variety, and sound. If you are looking for budding artists in the industry, there is no need to look any further than DraMatiQue. Give him a listen! Rating : 4 out of 5 stars - Sochmore.com


Our discovery of the day matches our expectations in terms of creativity and uniqueness. His name is DraMatiQue, and he has dropped a new album “Millionaire”, a 18 track album that will make our whole week. Let’s say things right away: the 18-tracks album is one of the best Hip-Hop projects that we have heard for a long time. From the first “Why We Rock (Intro)” to the last one entitled “Champion” the artist delivers a perfect opus, flawlessly produced, and with rare rap technique. We told you, it is nothing like we can hear elsewhere, in an area where rappers follow trends and have poor quality tracks.

Hailing from the West Coast with a blend of styles encompassing classic hip-hop, street anthems, & trip-hop, DraMatiQue delivers an impressive debut that showcases his remarkable creative abilities as the next hip-hop superstar in the making. Complimented by an impeccable delivery, mesmerizing wordplay, and cutting edge production..." Millionaire " is an ambitious yet powerhouse hip-hop album that will undoubtedly solidify DraMatiQue in the forefront as an emerging force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

A bit of West Coast flavor, touches of Soul music, heavy beat: nothing but perfection. “Millionaire” will match your expectation without a doubt. “Millionaire” is available on all major platforms. Follow DraMatiQue on Instagram to keep up with him and other future releases. - Vizdumb.com


With a growing discography of singles, EP’s and mixtapes, DraMatiQue has accelerated his momentum with the release of his official full length debut album, entitled “Millionaire”. Packed with 18 tracks, and over an hour of music, you can hear the hard work that was put into this album. The production, features and content flows so well front to back, with no filler tracks.

I took a peripheral scope to dig into this work. What I found floored me. The level of craftsmanship exhibited by DraMatiQue in every track is astonishing. After brief opening intro with “Why We Rock”, “The Moment” truly kicks off the album with hard-hitting, classic west coast hip-hop vibes; featuring vocals from the talented Mic-Fone. DraMatiQue starts rapping with tenacity from the get-go.

The forceful delivery, the professional wordplay, the polished vocabulary sprinkled with tasteful slang; his first real 16 bars of the album left such a cool impression on me, I started the song over right after it ended. Right after comes one of my personal favorite tracks off the album, “Hangin’ On”. This particular track sounds like a real trunk-thumper, banging out a system from a low-rider, all the while containing dashes of futuristic elements of production.

The dark and grinding electronic backdrop of “Anxiety” ft. Lou-E Tha Don and IamF.A.M.E. creates an absolute banger which not only distinguishes DraMatiQue from the newer generation of rappers, but puts him ahead of the pack in terms of forward-thinking beats. “Wake up Call” comes together for a smooth ride-out of witty lyricism and soulful delivery, while DraMatiQue cuts through “Igrind” with concise authority and genuine proficiency in his craft.

What makes “Millionaire” such an outstanding project overall is how easily I could personally connect with the story and message behind the album. The album accomplishes what so many artists fail to do on their long-awaited debut, by being fully consistent with their signature style, while at the same time not being just being a musical rehash.

One more notable accomplishment of the album is how profoundly DraMatiQue can shine a spotlight on his stylistic singularity as a hip-hop artist today. Listen to how he rides the bombastic urgency of “My Barz”, or totally flip the script on the smooth and mellifluous “Make U Mine”. “Hit The Wall” literally explodes through the sound system, busting with anthemic energy.

By this time there is no stopping DraMatiQue as he comes on strong with “Who Really Want It” ft. Anthrax and Haze, before switching to the percussive “Above Water”, and then “Money Makerz” ft. Brewsta Million and Maximillie.

He showcases everything he does well in these tracks. There’s a musicality to the album’s sound that matches the weight of DraMatiQue’s adrenaline-pumping flows and wordplay. The rapper’s rhymes are designed to lay out like pieces of a puzzle until they form the big picture.

Moving forward through “Top Drop Back” ft. Boss Game and Young Walter, Really Doe, and the title track “Millionaire”, DraMatiQue’s verses connect to make sense in sequence, creating powerful impressions. With this last song alone he does separate himself from the other rappers in the industry. This is the lead single, but this is also one of my favorite songs on the album.

The futuristic bang of “Crank It Up”, is a refreshing break from some of the music that is being released today. Notwithstanding all the high energy material, DraMatiQue finds the time to introduce some honest to goodness sentimental vibes into “Pretty Lil’ One”, before closing the show with the autobiographical and self-empowering “Champion”.

DraMatiQue knows his audience well and “Millionaire” is evidence of that. In a way the album has a little something for everyone. It has the bangers for the casual fan, anthems for the streets and deeper songs for the heads. - TunedLoud!

"DraMatiQue - Millionaire Review"

Our featured album, ‘Millionaire’ by DraMatiQue, is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms! The album consists of eighteen tracks and lasts around one hour and nine minutes.

The title track, ‘Millionaire’, sits at number fifteen in the track listing. The single lasts four minutes and twenty-two seconds and sits at a steady 166bpm. The track commences with a twenty-six second introduction that combines an effected vocal line with powerful synth layers, foundational bass and a steady percussive beat; setting the tone for the proceeding verse. DraMatiQue’s vocal color is clean and powerful; seamlessly synchronising with the melodic flow of the instrumental accompaniment. The pitch-shifted vocal hook creates just the right amount of dynamic diversity to keep the track engaging from start to finish.

From the eclectic and creative arrangement of ‘Why We Rock (Intro)’, the smooth rhythmic flow amalgamated with the stylistic rap and effected backup vocals in ‘Wake Up Call’, to the insightful lyrics, memorable hook and plethora of atmospheric instrumental layers in ‘Champion’, fans of DraMatiQue, as well as those who appreciate new and creative Hip-Hop/Rap, will definitely want to hear this album. Make sure you follow DraMatiQue on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances! - Woke Chimp

"Album review : DraMatiQue - Millionaire (2020 )"

“Millionaire” is the latest project from Sacramento rapper DraMatiQue (pronounced ‘dramatic’). Released by the indie hip-hop label Newborn Records LLC (of which DraMatiQue himself is the CEO), this is his first studio album and a follow-up to his mixtapes “Kill the Game” (hosted by DJ Omega Red) and “The Burn” (hosted by DJ Smoke).

A few weeks ago, I reviewed “Shot by Agony”, an album from Miami rapper/producer Agony that borrowed heavily from 2000s hip hop, but in an intelligent, respectful, ‘carrying on tradition’ manner as opposed to simple nostalgia, satire or parody. I made mention of my strong belief that the vocal and production aesthetics of 2000s hip hop (which we can argue a majority of today’s trending rappers grew up on) will make a significant return and impact this decade. A few weeks later, I found another album to add to my ongoing case study, and as you may have guessed, it’s “Millionaire”.

Like “Shot by Agony”, this album draws lyrical, sonic and even sampling influences from 2000s (and to an extent, early to mid-2010s) hip hop. However, it establishes its own identity through passionate – and oftentimes dramatic (HA! Get it?) -performances from its host and guest performers, sticky hooks, sonically appealing, radio-friendly production and a shockingly noticeable absence of triplet flows! In other words, “Millionaire” aims for a more traditional approach to its style and sound, paying tribute to an era that might stay overshadowed by the still-influential 90s, but undeniably helped shape the hip hop we know and love today.

On the intro “Why We Rock”, DraMatiQue brilliantly sets up the aforementioned identity of “Millionaire” with a dramatic beat (produced by Real Beat Bangas) consisting of tense strings, pounding drums and crashing cymbals, a verse emphasizing his passion for the artform of hip hop and an emphatically-sung hook (yes, he does some singing on this project): “We cannot stop / Giving it all that we got / Do it for the love of hip hop / This is why we rock”.

Speaking of drama, “Millionaire” has its fair share of ‘dramatic moments’ in terms of subject matter and production. On the optimistic, inspirational track “The Moment” (produced by KloudNine Music), which features ad-libs from crooner Mic-Fone, DraMatiQue raps (and sings on the hook) about the steps he took and struggles he overcame towards this particular stage in his life and career. In an unexpected turn of events on the album, he shows the dark side to the path towards greatness on the track “Anxiety”, also produced by KloudNine and one of the album’s major highlights. Featuring great verses from rappers Lou-E Tha Don and IamF.A.M.E, DraMatiQue raps about how fear and anxiety can take a mental and physical toll on his life and career. The ominous synths and buzzing bassline on the instrumental add to the paranoia each rapper confronts on this track.

The ‘drama’ continues on “Who Really Want It”, easily one of the BEST tracks on this album thanks to its cinematic production (the climatic strings, trunk-rattling bass and Southern hip hop-influenced hook blend PERFECTLY on this beat) and aggressive verses from DraMatiQue and his guests Anthrax (not the rock band, mind you) and Haze. Things get emotional on the following track “Above Water” where DraMatiQue pines over a girl who rejected him despite his continuous efforts to treat her right. The deceptively feel-good instrumental works as a great contrast to DraMatiQue’s disenchanted lyrics, to the point that you can imagine him at a club arguing with his ex with this beat playing in the background.

Of course, not everything on “Millionaire” centers on aggression, anxiety and anguish. DraMatiQue flexes his lyrical muscles on this album, like on the track “Wake Up Call” where, over a ridiculously catchy beat produced by Genius Boy, he drops one witty, braggadocious line after another. On the third verse, he even drops the metaphor “The new Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina”, which may fly over many young listeners’ heads but will make older heads chuckle (like I did) or smile at least. Similarly, on the song “Really Doe” (which has a bouncy instrumental provided by KloudNine), DraMatiQue takes shots at rappers who try but fail to reach the level he’s at as an emcee (“Time to ring it up, like we at the mall / Don’t get my words twisted, I ain’t mad at y’all / I’m bout to have it all, and y’all gon help me do it / Y’all make dumb shit, I make real music”)

There are tracks on “Millionaire” where, even though they didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of each one, the inspiration behind a particular sample, production choice or concept is a tad bit noticeable. Take the extravagance-themed song “Money Makerz”, featuring Brewsta Million (I’m a 80s baby! I see what he did there) and Maximillie, which concludes with a scratched vocal sample from the intro to Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s” (still one of my favourite car songs EVER). On the subject of car songs, the track “Top Drop Back”, featuring Boss Game and Young Walter utilizes a sample from T-Rock’s “Pull up to Da Light” in the hook. And while I really enjoyed that particular song, especially the Southern hip-hop-esque beat from Real Beat Bangaz, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Mannie Fresh-produced, T.I. track “Top Back” every time I listen to it – which, mind you, isn’t a bad thing.

The song “My Barz” has an irresistibly urgent beat by GeniusBoy and impressive delivery throughout by DraMatiQue, but also has a prominent vocal sample in the hook that’ll instantly remind you of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”. Speaking of Weezy, one of his noteworthy lines from “A Milli” is used (quite EXCELLENTLY I must say) on the hook for the title track “Millionaire”. But in terms of the song’s universal theme of success and its undeniably upbeat delivery, both in its instrumental (arguably one of the best on this project) and motivational lyrics, Lil Wayne’s sample is merely the icing atop this….I don’t know…. gold-and-white-colored cake!

Overall, I think “Millionaire” is an impressively solid record. DraMatiQue’s honed skills as a rapper and songwriter shine throughout this project, and the guest performers and producers (all of whom did their damn jobs – and did them VERY well) succeed in providing the musical backdrops and lyrical support needed to make this album work. I’m definitely looking forward to more great music from DraMatiQue and his label in the near-future, and I’m anticipating more albums to add to my ‘2000s hip hop renaissance’ case study. In the meantime, if you’re a die-hard fan of the styles and sounds of 2000s and 2010s hip hop, or you simply want a break from the norm of today’s rap music, I highly recommend giving “Millionaire” a listen!

OVERALL RATING: Strong 3 ½ to a light 4 out of 5 stars.

BESS TRACKS: The Moment, Anxiety, Wake-Up Call, My Barz, Hit the Wall, Who Really Want It, Above Water, Money Makerz, Top Drop Back, Really Doe, Millionaire, Champion

LEAST BESS TRACK: Hangin’ On, Pretty Lil’ One

Listen to “Millionaire” in the digital platforms listed in the following link: ffm.to/millionaire2020 - Matthew Bailey, A Legally Black Blog

"Dramatique - millionaire (album review)"

Jumping right into the 18-track project given to us by California native DraMatiQue, “Millionaire” provides a unique glimpse into the vision and sound that has the potential to start a new movement in the Hip-Hop sector. First off, the production and beat selection on this album is insane (in a good way). Using the very first song as an example, which is the Intro track, the production provides a very good balance of both uplifting/inspiration and vibes that the listener can also get very hype to as well. A very intriguing track that lyrically makes a clear statement and stance, while also grasping the attention of the listener, it personally convinced me that the other 17 tracks would definitely be a worthwhile listen. After diving further into the album, one of the songs that stuck with me the most was the track “Hangin’ On” which starts off with a super nice New-York cypher type of vibe, and at this point I'm ready to hear 4:06 worth of heartfelt bars and lyrics. The vocals definitely did not disappoint coming in hot with a cadence and flow that fit the tempo and atmosphere of the song very well, as well as covering the emotional/storytelling lyrics that the production sets the track up for.

Although “Millionaire” is a true paradise for Rap/Hip-Hop lovers that cherish raw lyricism, another track that surprised me was the song “Make You Mine” which shows just how versatile DraMatiQue really is by being able to make hard and gritty tracks, while also having the ability to successfully make tracks for the ladies as well. Overall, the theme and message that make up these 18 tracks all tell a different story which I like to refer to as “music with a purpose”. Filled with memorable lines and witty rhymes, this project doesn’t directly sound like anything i’ve heard in recent times due to the fact that each track sounds like it was inspired from the originality of DraMatiQue himself, and not really biting into the sound and style that is currently popular in the mainstream as we speak. I would recommend this album to any and all Hip-Hop lovers that are looking for something new and modern while also providing a classical battle-rap style of lyricism mixed in!

Review score:8/10 - Bass Drop Magazine

"“DraMatiQue” Shared New Album “Millionaire”: Listen"

West Coast rapper, “DraMatiQue” (dram*mad*ick) has released an outstanding Hip-Hop album “Millionaire”. The rapper has shown sheer passion and power in his voice to release the exquisite 18-tracks album.

“Millionaire” is an album full of surprises and the audience will love it more because of DraMatiQue’s highly impressive and fluent rap style in it. The tracks are unpredictable and catchy at the same time that can attract the listener’s attention easily. Built under the label NEWBORN RECORDS, the tracks have exquisite hip-hop beats that sounds very impactful. Through this album, The Rapper isolates him from others and there is something so fascinating about his vocal style that immediately connects. All the songs are arranged extremely well with creativity and passion, and DraMatiQue can expect himself in the rap polls through this outstanding album. This highly anticipated debut album ” Millionaire ” is currently available now on all digital platforms via The Orchard/Sony Music.

So, Do listen to the enchanting album “Millionaire” and give a thumbs up to “DraMatiQue’s” incredible work. Also, follow him on social media platforms to stay updated on his upcoming releases. Links below:

Song Link: https://ffm.to/millionaire2020.owe

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dramati2ue/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dramati2ue

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dramati2ue - Guitaa Online Music Magazine

"MIllionaire album review"

Millionaire by DraMatiQue is an exceptional album from start to finish to showcase the California rappers West coast vibe. A tranquil and upbeat sound is mixed with masterful production quality. Clever lyrical wordplay is prevalent in tracks such as "The Moment" and "Hit the Wall" combine the theme of party anthems and a meaningful message. Songwriting quality and exquisite production values make Millionaire a hip-hop album to look out for that will appeal to fans of style and substance. DraMatiQue has a sound unlike any other with danceable rhythms and words that deserve to played loud in your speakers or headphones. - - Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

"Review - " iGrind ""

“The music on this joint is epic from the first note. I bobbed my head as soon as the beat dropped. The hook is catchy. Plus, the vocal performance is good. I'm excited because this jam will stand out on my new show. Promoting this release will be my pleasure.” - - DJ Special Blend from Chicago, Fiverr.com (Jun 27, 2020)

"DraMatiQue - " iGrind " Music Review"

Monsterproducktionz Music Review

Artist info:
Artist name “DraMatiQue” (Pronounced like the word dramatic.)

Track genre:
Hip Hop / Rap

Was a video/video link submitted?
(What is the link?)
No video.

Did the video respond with the song?

Video vs. Song:
(do I perfect hearing the song with or with out the video?)

Track info:
Grimey, street anthem, this is the first single off DraMatiQue’s upcoming new album “Millionare”. This single will be digitally released October 25th via Empimre Distribution/Engroove (a division of Universal Records). The album is scheduled for release in December of 2011.

Who was the producer?

First thoughts in the first 30secs:
(first impressions mean a lot…)
Hard hitting drums with nice panning vocals. Really smooth flow with aggressive feelings in vocal structure. “iGrind” had your traditional chorus intro, but really nice drop off into 1st verse.

Beat vs. Lyrics:
(Did the beat win or did the artist beat the beat up?)

Close battle between the beat vs. artist. I really appreciated the combo package. “DraMatiQue” definitely had his dukes up when with record button was pushed.

The hook means a lot ... here's what we thought:
Vocals were in sync with dark mellow strings floating in background.

Thumbs up:
DraMatiQue had displayed very nice punch lines. Good emotions and penmanship.

Thumbs down:
I was kind of let down on the chorus. No way saying it was a bad one, but just thought the verses outdid the chorus. It felt like something was left out to me.

Final thoughts:
My final thoughts on “iGrind” is exceptional. I always love original works and this was one of them tracks. As soon as I hit play I heard the producer had something up his sleeve. When the beat dropped into the 1st verse my ear perked up and was ready to listen to what DraMatiQue had to say. The verses were delightful and were more then enough to keep the track playing. The engineer made it hot with his mixing techniques. When listening to the track, the 3mins and 11 seconds pass by really quickly due to being lost in the mix of “niceness”.
Overall score:
(1 - 5)
4 - Monster Productions

"DraMatiQue – Returns With Another Powerful Mixtape"

n the rap game an artist must continually be releasing new music to stay in front of their fans and build up more of one. The fans are fickle and can forget about their favorite rapper as soon as another good one comes out. This is not a problem DraMatiQue has as he releases his second full length mixtape of the year. We covered the west coast rapper and his ‘Kill The Game’ Mixtape back in March. His talents are still growing as he last week put out the impressive ‘The Burn’ Mixtape. Tgis one is even better than the first as he hooks up with enigmatic host DJ Smoke and top-notch production by Ages Beats, Kajmir Royale, Narco Productions, & Beats Planet. The opener “FireBomb” lets you know right away that you are in for a powerful performance. The wobbly beat seeps into your head as DraMatiQue spits fire at all the pretenders that can’t keep up with his talent. He continues the bragging on tracks like “Jealousy” and “Da Illest”. He does happen to back it up though with rolling lyrics that burn everything in their path while still staying in a fun beat. The mixes are unique and will make you stand up and take notice on tracks like “Oh No” and “Do It Up”. He has teamed up with beatmakers that are perfect for his strong style. Let your ears experience the “new” west coast at: http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-The-Burn-Mixtape.552002.html Keep tabs on all DraMatiQue’s social media at: www.itsmyurls.com/dramatique - Indie Band Guru

"“The Burn Mixtape ” Multilayered and Sucessful ""

West Coast rap artist DraMatiQue returns with the heavily anticipated follow up to last year's smash debut. "The Burn Mixtape " is hosted by Chi-town's finest, DJ Smoke and includes features from T-Waze The Kid, Ounce, F.A.M.E., Billion Dolla Bill and more along with top-notch production by Ages Beats, Kajmir Royale, Narco Productions, & Beats Planet. I personally like this even better than "Kill The Game". I think DraMatiQue shows a lot of improvement and growth as an artist with this mixtape and it's a great concept too. Every song is placed where it needs to be in order to tell the story from start to finish. Dope beats, great hooks and of course, even better lyrics. DraMatiQue really shines when it comes to storytelling. Nowadays almost everyone drops the word 'classic' for albums not deserving. DraMatiQue brings a sound like no other in the indie hip hop world. His rhyming is unique while the music and production, perfectly complements his flow. You really have to respect him for knowing his sound and his music. He didn't drift away from the production style that made "Kill The Game" such a good mixtape. The production just sounds more mature and cohesive. The message is clear and it says something. DraMatiQue has the ability (technically or electronically) to change his voice during the hooks and verses, which I think adds really great variety to the sound and impact. There is also something extremely cosmic and raw about his lyrics that makes the album quite impressive and very visionary. Sure there are head-nodding music and club bangers which are suitable for a certain situations, but DraMatiQue definitely takes the listener deeper. Of the 17 tracks, there would be no point in searching for highlights or standouts, as I loved this mixtape from start to finish. Though "All About My Money", "Who Am I", "Burn"and "Let Em Lay" are totally irresistible. All in all, "The Burn Mixtape " is really well done. Multilayered and successful on many levels, I enjoyed the beats, the rhymes, and the context. The mixtape truly brings you into DraMatiQue's world, with a slice of life from CA to boot! - Rick Jamm

"DraMatiQue - The Burn MIxtape Review"

Following the Kill the Game Mixtape reviewed earlier this year, your eloquent hip hop papi DraMatiQue teams up with local disc wizard extraordinare DJ SMoke in an attempt to deliver you an excruciatingly thorough silence massacre extravaganza on what the contemporary West Coast talent pool has to offer, and that, naturally/luckily, is a lot to soak your awareness into. Contrary to the trend established by the previous effort, this baby here is not at all reluctant to submit to the ethos of extreme compression, - ultra-max-volume-paua, lover! - so, upon popping this devil into the player, your girl(s) and you should be prepared to take a ride on your subwooffer the moment the first kick drum expresses its decibel volumetrics, regardless of what segment of the room you started making out on. The new mixtape still packs the tremendous charm DraMatiQue is renowned for, and he did not lose anything from his natural flow, nor added anything to it that would harm it. Courtesy of his sensitivity to offer a series of glimpses on the powers and dynamics that are shaping the face of mid-tempo West Coast hip hop - the style the mixtape is abundant galore of - DraMatiQue is here to claim your fandom with extreme cunning, and I can see on your eyes that he is about to, too. Read on to know more about this. The effort practically is packed with high quality mid tempo content, - laid back mid-tempo seems to be the favorite pacing of your host, and that indeed is the most optimal pacing for the series of activities that are worth doing at a party - and with great satisfaction I constate that even amidst these carefully built selection streams, there are numerous methods you can find secondary highlights of special harmonic/rhythmic relevance. The now-traditional -and much welcomed - focus is still maintained on the relentless deliverance of inventive, yet easily approachable and friendly harmonic passages that simultaneously reflect top notch - though hyper-aggressive, even in their friendliness - production standards and a timeless retro charm that pumps all blood in the galaxy into the ethos of the C64 era. The effect is tremendous, and especially so when the secondary vocalists join the fray. Thank God & Co., this time, DraMatiQue convinced chicks with superb vocal capacities - see track 11, "Who Am I", featuring Dido, for example - to join the fray. If you have listened any of his previous efforts, or just about to reach the culmination of the recent one, then you know that your dramatic host is not out there to intimidate you, and I think it is safe to say that he won't ever deviate from the direction of offering status reports and latent/efficient social commentary. This style suits him just so well, why wave around an AK47 more than it is socially obligatory in order to establish yourself as a desirable male? DraMatiQue found out that a smile works even better! Nothing to take away anything from the AK47, yo! The majority of the themes revolve around women - which just reflects the states of earthy affairs correctly - and the content still is soaked in humor, charm, and there is an exigently expressed light heartedness observable throughout. It's an effort full of fun, and the only shortcoming it exhibits, is an urge to reveal all instruments with extreme intensity - see track 12, "Da Illest" to observe this effect, when certain segments of a superb track essentially get scared out of existence whenever the Kick Drum of Doom reveals its ungodly sonic proportions. Hell, this production ethos still has its undeniable identity, because it is so extreme, but, if you are always extreme, then you are never extreme, you are just desperate. The disc gives you a whole lot to sink a pair of ears into, and reigns as a much welcomed addition to the catalog of this talented artist. In my wildest dreams, DraMatiQue produces a record on which he is not allowed to put any meters to maximum, let's see if he heeds my tip or sends Female Ninja Assassins my way. Both variations are dandy for me! - GyZ

"DraMatiQue - The Burn Mixtape [ Artist Spotlight ]"

We just received the latest mixtape from California artist Dramatique. Hosted by DJ Smoke The Burn Mixtape is riddled with serious production, some witty lyricism and some tracks that I could see get airplay on commercial radio. Dramatique is a hungry artist and you can tell by the package he presents that he is looking to attain success. The New West Coast is what some people are calling it, the type of music that still cares about production value and how sonically viable a mixtape is to the listener. Dramatique is offering a Free Download of his latest offering The Burn Mixtape with no login information required at DatPiff.com The PwrMov.Es Top 3 Songs - Dramatique "The Burn Mixtape" 1. Who Am I (The Knowledge) 2. Fly Away 3. Stackin' Books - Pwr Moves

"DraMatiQue: “Kill The Game Mixtape ” Hits The Mark"

DraMatiQue began writing and performing songs during his high school period, quickly discovering his creativity and passion for music. Shortly thereafter, he released his first LP featuring BenFlowz. The album received rave reviews across the USA; including a feature in the indie hip hop section of “THE SOURCE” magazine as well as other music publications. The positive feedback from the album has also earned DraMatiQue recognition as GoTv networks.com’s HIP HOP OFFICIAL ARTIST OF THE WEEK as well as promotional appearances on various radio stations including the L.A. WAKE UP SHOW hosted by Sway and Tec on Power 106 FM. He has also opened for acts such as A+, Mc Breed, Talib Kweli, WuTang Clan, Mims, and Tha Alkaholiks. The debut mixtape from West Coast rap artist DraMatiQue ( drah*mad*dick ),”Kill The Game Mixtape” is hosted by DJ Omega Red and boasts features from A$e Card, Haze, Corey Drums, Official, Petey Popoff, Young C.E.O.z., and others, along with stellar production from Beats Planet, Kajmir Royale and Stompboxx Music. If you are looking for something that sounds better than the commercial radio hip hop stuff, you need to get this. It has a classic 90′s vibe but is modern and unique. The album flows track into track, nonstop. “Kill The Game Mixtape” deals out some creative and mind-blowing motifs, as DraMatiQue brings some cool story lines without compromising lyrics and without forcing himself on the beats. The lyrics, beats, and flow combine to make great music. You can tell he and the producers had fun making this album, as its overflowing with effects, samples and all the bells and whistles possible. DraMatiQue’s debut effort materializes just at the right time to give West Coast rap some renewed notability. You can tell so much work has gone into this album. Every song on this is close to perfection, the lyrics, the vocals, and the production, while a stellar job was done with the mixing; the sound is loud, full, and enjoyable, and the featured artists and guests fit perfectly. DraMatiQue’s narrative is incredibly detailed, yet easily comprehensible. Thanks to this album’s sheer density, there is something new to discover on every listen. The album is one that can’t truly be appreciated without listening completely, as you need to hear and fully understand the whole project. Disjointedly picking and choosing standout tracks would be wrong, but there are some pretty catchy works that would triumph as remixed single releases, like: “Neva Let Go ft. The Fray ( prod. by Kajmir Royale ),” “AfterLife ft. Ghost Clique Haze ( prod. by Kajmir Royale ),” “PaperChasin’ ft. Young C.E.O.z ( prod. by Stompboxx Music ),” “LemonFace ft. Corey Drums Petey Popoff ( prod. by Stompboxx Music ),” “Swaggeriffic ( prod. by Kajmir Royale ),” “Insanity ft. Dido ( prod. by Kajmir Royale)” and “Say Sumethin Dirty ft. Hersh ( prod. by Beats Planet ).” However there are a total of 16 swashbuckling tracks to wallow in. On his debut mixtape, DraMatiQue shows that he’s an up-and-coming West Coast rap artist, whose aim is broad, and who knows how to hit the marks. I suggest you pick up your own copy of “Kill The Game Mixtape” today! Rating: 5.0/5 stars - Rick Jamm ( JamSphere Magazine )

"DraMatiQue – West Coast Rapper Ready To Take Over"

We all know that getting to open for a major star in your genre can be a huge boost to your career. The key is to use that moment in front of another artist’s fanbase to make an impression and turn them on to your music. One person that has had this opportunity and may be on the verge of breaking out himself is DraMatiQue. The talented west coast rapper began writing rhymes and performing back in his high school days. Along the way DraMatiQue (pronounced like the word "dramatic”) has opened for the likes of The Wu Tang Clan, Tha Alkaholiks, Talib Kweli, A+, and Mims. He has built a nice following and has received some great reviews from top authorities in the hip hop scene such as Urb.com and The Source magazine. His style fits right along with the radio friendly mainstream but offers a fresh twist to show off his entertaining talents. Late last year DraMatiQue unleashed his first solo industry project, the Kill The Game Mixtape. Working with well-known NYC DJ Omega Red has given the record some instant credit and explores the flair of DraMatiQue’s flow. The production is solid and ready for any mainstream radio show. His metronome style on the heart wrenching track ‘Neva Let Go’ feels truly genuine. The use of a melancholy sample by The Fray shows that he is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. On ‘Afterlife’ he shows off a speedy pop flow that isn’t done successfully too often. The lyrics drift out and the listener is forced to focus so as not to miss a rhyme. My favorite track has to be DraMatiQue’s take on the LL Cool J hit ‘I Need Luv’. He definitely puts his own spin on the old school love anthem declaring it his own. Throughout the 16 song mixtape there are plenty of other solid rap songs such as ‘Dime A Dozen’ and ‘Swaggeriffic’. Go get a listen for yourself at: http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-Kill-The-Game-Mixtape.429536.html Or find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/dramati2ue - Indie Band Guru

"" Kill The Game Mixtape " Review"

Better than average Mixtape Very Impressive Beat Selection Solid Delivery and Lyrics throughout I’m not very impressed by the cover art. It looks quite amatueristic Gave me a 90’s underground horrocore type feel While the mixtape itself is a mainstream commercial attempt with beats rhymes and flow. Could have more variety of how the DJ brings in the drops Really good mixtape feel with the scratching the pull ups Intro - Ok beat but for no rapping it was alot Star is Born - Good beat nice flow This beat bangs Life is Like a Dream - Singing Chorus is really Rhymes are ok pretty good Dime A Dozen - Beat Bangs Flow is Smooth rides the beat nice Good Singing Nice Chorus Dude on 3rd verse have great flow Kill The Game - Ok Not loving the beat ok flow need more energy on the delivery I’m that Guy - Ok Beat kind of used sound though not the most original Flow seems forced on the beat one of the least favorite Neva Let Go - Remind of good west coast vibe simple flow but rides nice but would sound good in the car Knock Knock - Ok chorus alright beat overall pretty good song flow is meh…. Afterlife - Really good beat a little reggae dance vibe Great Chorus Most Marketable song Paperchasin - Very T. I inspired flow is ok nothing original but ok song 2nd verse simple rhyming but really smooth on the flow When I Move - Really liked the beat Felt the flow was really basic and dated didn’t really leave up to beat I Need Luv - I don’t think the beat sets the right vibe but pretty good redo of the track good flow Lemonface – Nice head nodder beat drums sweat Good solid flow some clever lyrics good track Swaggeriffic - This had potential but might be a year or to late Rhyme goes well with the interesting beat nice adlibs done well Really enjoy track Insanity – Not loving the track beat is meh… flow is basic Good chorus helps carry the song Say Something Dirty - Ok girl track Nice beat Good Chorus flow rides the beat has potential Murder Gram - Vocals need to be louder ok flow some clever punches Outro Strength in the production all the beats are pretty hot all through they are generally well picked Delivery is pretty consistent and rides the beat pretty well regardless the tempo Weakness is the lack of originality Nothing new is being covered in general. It’s a CD that is good to listen but is forgettable after listening It seems a good rapper who studies the game and created what is already out there. Outro is loud without not much there. For it to be long and not clear Definatly worth having in the collection overall pretty strong for a mixtape Mix could be better have lyrics cleaner the vocals are not really bumping and the mix holds it back Overall rank 7.5-8 out of 10 - Jakob22 ( Death Chamberz Music )


DraMatiQue’s “Kill The Game” kicks off with a DJ Omega Red introduction over Dr. Dre‘s “Kush” followed up by the mixtape‘s first song “A Star Is Born“. This track sets the tone for the album with braggadocios lyrics about DraMatiQue’s mic skills, letting the world know he is here for his spot. “Life Is Like A Dream” rolls in with mellow production and a smooth chorus. It’s almost a totally different vibe from the preceding track until the lyrics kick in and DraMatiQue picks up where he left off on his road to success. “Dime A Dozen” stands out as soon as it drops. This radio ready track lets it be known that DraMatique and his guest features, A$e Card & Lucrative won’t settle for less when it comes to women. On “Kill The Game” the title track of the mixtape, he returns to state his intended dominance of the game over an dreamy, unorthodox instrumental by DreamScheme Productions. “I’m That Guy” is a club ready knocker produced by Kajmir Royale. The feel of the track is very current and would fit in easily with today’s brand of hip-hop. Jumping from the club to introspective is “Neva Let Go” featuring a sample of The Fray’s “Never Say Never”. This track, which was also produced by Kajmir Royale, reflects on people DraMatiQue has lost in his personal life, including his mother to cancer, his older brother and his father. The song is a very genuine expression of his emotions and is a stand out track. “Knock Knock” takes the mood back to the streets over heavy drums by Stompboxx Music. This track is one of the more aggressive cuts on the mixtape giving something back to the streets with hard hitting features from Young Jess & Official. On “AfterLife” DraMatiQue delivers a bouncy flow over another Kajmir instrumental with features from Ghost Clique & Haze. “AfterLife” is a good concept track flipping a lot of lyrics based off horror film characters and death. “PaperChasin” featuring Young CEOz rides in with a pimped out beat by Stompboxx Music, reminiscent of a UGK style track. This song gets you moving instantly. Definitely something to bump while cruising down a long road. “When I Move” is hot. Plain and simple. The beat features an ethnic voice sample and instruments and has DraMatiQue spitting hard, laying down bars to show he is lyrically capable of holding his own against other emcees. “I Need Luv” produced by U-Neek Beats remakes LL Cool J’s track of the same name. Over 808′s, shakers and snaps, it doesn’t sound like your typical love song but lyrically he expresses his need for love for a mystery woman, who by the sound of the beat, might be waiting for him at the club. “LemonFace” is tough and kicks in the door with hard drums provided by Stompboxx Music asking mean muggers “what they looking at”. The chorus features a vocal sample, rolling bass and strings that make this song really stand out. “Swaggeriffic” brings back the radio friendly sound DraMatiQue has done a good job of blending in among the more aggressive and introspective cuts. Its a smooth but braggadocios track about his lyrical skills and material gains. “Insanity” features a sample of Dido on the chorus and is a reflective track about the life he has lived and how some of his experiences have brought him to the edge of sanity itself, a stand out track. “Say Sumethin’ Dirty” is a well done commercial cut for the ladies. Produced by Beats Planet featuring Hersh on the chorus, this track is ready for play in the clubs. “Murdergram (I Be Killin Em), the last song of the mixtape, has DraMatiQue ending off strong with a lyrical bombardment over Fabolous‘ “I Be Killin Em” letting listeners know whether he is in his home of the west coast, the east, down south or midwest, he is here to Kill The Game. Overall, the album features some great production by Kajmir Royale, Stompboxx Music, Soul Theory, Black Light Music, ID Labs, U-Neek Beats, DreamScheme and Beats Planet. DraMatiQue and his featured artists lyrically deliver with Kill The Game. A bit of a roller coaster at times with the transitions between the emotion of the tracks and a scratch happy DJ, the mixtape still delivers with quality production and lyrics. You can tell DraMatiQue is true to his desire to make good hip-hop music through his efforts and this mixtape is a clear example of hard work paying off. 7.5/10 - A. Ladson ( Digi Indie Magazine )

"DraMatiQue - Kill The Game mixtape review"

The mixtape weighs in as a legitimate sub-woofer assault, praising and resonating a particularly tasty interest in bloated, fuzzy jazz backdrops and dainty synthpop fascinations. The length is considerable, yet strategically optimized, striking up the fine and hilarious anti-balance between compositions that openly submit to the relentless chasing of ulta-lush and reverberating sounds. This is not gangtser rap, at least not the kind that invites you to re-stock on your supply of 12 gauge buckshots. It instead is the mixtape that openly seeks to reflect on the things and sentiments that CONNECT you with the entity called your neighbor. Is he a mortal threat? Might "he" be a SHE and a HOT at that?? That would be puzzling. An interesting Extra of the overall flow is the favorite and clever editing practices of your host DraMatiQue, who offers the assembled mixtape in the form of an over-the-top radio edit as if the disc jockey would have a seizure as result of sentient buckets of cocaine running rampant in the studio, and this comic book appeal doubtless conveys an over the top GTA IV appeal to the overall experience. The inclusion of certain classic sound effects - like the Thriller laugh from Jacko's Thriller - is a nice addition to a tasty, exceptionally musical fabric of a more restrained but quite emotional character. A lush, sexy hip hop mixtape. Recommended. Check out the "Kill The Game" mixtape here : http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-Kill-The-Game-Mixtape.429536.html - GyZ ( Noise Shaft )

"" DraMatiQue - Kill The Game Mixtape " Review"

I’ve had a while to listen to this mixtape from DraMatiQue. The most obvious thing that stands out is the way he presents his lyrics, he has a smooth voice and a calm, yet confident style of rapping that really make these tracks nice to listen to. Another strong point that stood out is how his lyrics flow together to stay on topic, with a solid style of storytelling that unfortunately, has become difficult to find these days. I really like how he is able to keep the listener engaged, but without overpowering the song with sheer aggression. The beat selection is fairly consistent, but each instrumental is a good fit for the lyrics and flow of each track. Overall, we’d recommend this mixtape. It’s written, performed, and mixed well to result with an overall solid product. Check this one out! Download Kill The Game Mixtape at http://www.blogger.com/profile/06734958867470544916 Follow DraMatiQue!!!@dramati2ue @DJOMEGARENDY - Breeze ( Hip-Hop Mixtape.org )

"Review of " FlowMatiQue - Rise Of The True MCs ""

The Toledo, Ohio and Bay Area-based duo DraMatiQue and BenFlowz has all their bases covered like Dusty Baker taking over the Reds.

They are a classic rap group that trade lyrics back and forth and deliver the vocals with intensity and purpose.

When you hear the urgency in their voices, it makes you want to move your head in the all important nodding motion. This is the approval that every rapper loves to see when their track is played.

Their flow and beats are solid using sounds and samples that bring back memories of early Tribe Called Quest.

It's obvious they studied the blueprint of building a rap song. And these veterans of the hip-hop game know what they are doing with the mic and the studio.

The Bay Area-inspired female vocalist gives DraMatiQue and BenFlowz an R'NB back drop, as well as radio appeal that could give the radio listener a chance to experience what “real” hip hop feels like.

The track, "Price is Right" is a throwback sample style using the theme popular TV game show of the same name. That sample will cost ya!

On the flipside, DraMatiQue and BenFlowz incorporate theatrics and long intros that take away from the listening experience.

It tends to let your mind wander back to the task at hand, then press the pause button.

Intros were fun and funny in the 90s and early 2000s, however, in this new information age, people tend to give you less time to entertain them.

One well planned intro goes along way. Less intros keep people focused on the music and give them a reason to press rewind.

The Midwest is one of the deepest pools of talent for hip-hop in the country.

DJs, rap crews, break-ance crews and graffiti artists are touring all over the world making music and money in all styles of hip-hop expression.

From a list that includes MOOD, Blueprint, Hi-Tek, Piakhan, Spitball, S.A. SMASH, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Top Authority, Prohet, GLUE, etc. DraMatiQue and BenFlowz are on the brink of being the next Midwest powerhouse.

DraMatiQue and BenFlowz live performances are high energy. They have paid dues and have opened for some of the best in the rap game.

This is a definite must buy, or should I say download. - Jonathon Phillips


" Millionaire "  (2020)

"Throwback Mixtape" (2020)

 "TakeOva Mixtape "  - TBA

" The Burn Mixtape  - Hosted by DJ Smoke " (2013)

" Kill The Game Mixtape - Hosted by DJ Omega Red " (2012)

" FlowMatiQue - Rise Of The True MC's " ( 2008 )



DraMatiQue (drah*mad*ick ) is an extraordinary West Coast rapper who specializes in the creation of cutting edge, hip-hop music for the masses...

Originally introduced to the hip-hop/rap genre at a relatively young age , DraMatiQue ( drah*mad*ick ) began writing and performing songs in high school. With a solid catalog of music that continues to receive rave reviews across the nation including a feature in THE SOURCE magazine, a coveted spot in urb.com's NEXT 1000 listing, a profile as Gotv.com's HIP HOP OFFICIAL artist of the week and a radio interview on the L.A. WAKE UP SHOW ( Power 106FM ) with Sway and Tec.  DraMatiQue has also had the opportunity to open for prominent hip-hop acts such as A+, the late Mc Breed ( RIP), Talib Kweli, Mims, WuTang Clan , and Tha Alkaholiks.  DraMatiQue's music infuses radio friendly mainstream oriented production with a fresh sound that undoubtedly showcases his remarkable talent as an innovative hip-hop artist while simultaneously entertaining the listener. 

DraMatiQue has released two well received mixtapes; Kill The Game Mixtape -hosted by Dj Omega Red & The Burn Mixtape -hosted by DJ Smoke and is currently working on several new projects while also service as C.E.O. of indie hip-hop label..Newborn Records LLC.  The highly anticipated debut album " Millionaire "  is currently available now on all digital platforms via The Orchard/Sony Music.


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